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NOSTRO account is defined as “OUR” account with other Bank.

NOSTRO is an account set up on our

system that reflects our view of an account we have established with another bank in another country.
The Nostro account would usually be held in the currency of that country.

Example: ICICI holds NOSTRO account at Bank of America in USD. In ICICI perspective it’s NOSTRO,
whereas for Bank of America its VOSTRO.
From ICICI front, a mirror account of NOSTRO is opened internally in T24 to keep track of transactions.

VOSTRO Account is other Bank’s account opened in OUR books. Therefore when OUR Bank opens an
account with other Bank, it is a VOSTRO account in the books of other Bank however for books of OUR
Bank it is a NOSTRO Account.

In simple words, other Bank/Country based account in ICICI will be opened as a VOSTRO account.

TOO FEW ACCOUNT CHARS" on creating new ACCOUNT record

This should be hooked to the checkdigit type defined in COMPANY . . .