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Parol ART

Group 1(Tangalin’s Company)

Standards Project Ideas

Art Appreciation The Group will create a documentary
The course wants students to (1) about the “Parol Making” on how it is
Discover the value of art in man’s life, made and why they are making this.
and how art is related to society. (2) It Thought this documentary we can
wants to answer "How does the language understand their way on making and also
of art facilitate critical appreciation and we are able to know why they are
enhance cultural breadth and human making “Parol”.
We will create a 5-minute video and
During the course, students discover and probably a printed material to share with
familiarize themselves with traditional our classmates as well as other learners,
and contemporary art forms in the artists, and art educators, through
Philippines – including artists, mediums, posting their projects in the internet, or
processes, motivations, problems in the by creating a blog.
field, and their solutions.

Goals of the Project

Main goals
• Discover and share information about “Parol Making” and artists, including
the mediums they use, and techniques/processes.
• Integrate technology in the classroom learning of the Arts

Additional goals
• Use technologies that I/students have not used before
• Integrate theoretical knowledge with reality

What can the class learn from our video?

1. What is a Parol?
2. How they make a Parol?
3. Why do they make Parol?
4. Why we can consider “Parol Making” as an art?

Challenges Solutions
1. We do not have a good video camera. 1. Borrow one from a classmate, or from
a friend, or probably rent from a shop
(if available).

2. The group has no enough time and 2. These aren’t problems. Time can be
money to spend. managed properly by ordering priorities.
All downloading and editing can be done
using just a single computer. We won’t
need to spend a lot for this.
3. We do not know how to properly edit a 3. We can ask for our friends that can
video edit and also we can pay a person who
can edit.
4. We don’t have enough knowledge 4. Research and ask for suggestions.
about the Topic

Framing Questions

Essential Question What role do the arts play in our lives?

Content Questions Who are the artists in your community/ locality, and
what are some of their works? What are the mediums
they are using and what is their process?

Questions to be used for interviewing

1. For you ma’am/ sir what is a Parol?

2. Why are you making a Parol?
3. What is the difference of our Parol to other countries?
4. Do you consider a Parol as art?

Timeline and Sequence of Activities

Date Task (plus details)

Oct. 4 Brainstorming, (to access prior knowledge)
Oct. 5 Conduct initial Research in the Library and in the Internet.
Oct. 10 or 13 Start Filming
Oct. 10 or 13 Filming, additional changes
Oct. 15 Editing
Oct. 22 Submission

Roles of Members

Member Name Initial Role(s) Actual Role(s)

Tangalin Hans Vaughn (Leader) Researcher Editor/ Director
Dalisay Emjay Researcher Security/ Field Director
Ayangco Claire Denise Researcher Interviewer
Ignacio Ian Researcher Editor
Volante Aubrey May Researcher Interviewer
Rosales Angelica Researcher Camera man
Pedroso Aeron Justine Researcher Security/ Field Director