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Remedies in law

1. The only remaining access to common (constitutional) law under

original jurisdiction lies in the Admiralty Courts under “Savings to
Suitors” through Rule 9(h). The Political maggots had to leave this
“escape hatch”, else they could legitimately be charged with treason.

2. Suits in Admiralty are under the exclusive original jurisdiction of the

(Article 111) district courts of the United States of America….which
is not the same thing as Article 1 (administrative) or Article IV
(territorial) “United States District Courts”.

3. At present there are only 13 judges vested with original jurisdiction

Article 111 judicial authority and who are properly bound by original
jurisdiction Article VI oath. They are the judges of the Court of
International Trade and they have the authority to sit the bench in
any case in any court anywhere in the United States of America.
(The CIT is in New York)

4. Any case (state or federal) can be re-opened and/or removed to the

Admiralty as a Libel in Review, Counterclaim and Injunction under
(common law remedies) “Savings to Suitors.” Or an original action
in Admiralty can be brought in much the same way.

5. The Admiralty courts have exclusive jurisdiction over the res

(property) in Maritime Law. The State courts can have concurrent
jurisdiction only over the personam of the parties. The entire subject
of insurance (of any kind, including SSA) falls within the Maritime
aspect of Contract (common) Law. Hence, the phrase “law of the
contract.”. Today (Maritime) insurance touches every part of an
average American’s life. Even the nation’s currency is (Maritime)
6. Trust entities (“strawman”, etc.) are treated as corporation entities
because they are artificial creatures without inherent conscience or
sentient volition of their own. Corporation entities are treated in the
Admiralty as “vessels” (for similar reasons). For Maritime insurance
(contract) purposes, each “vessel” must not only have a hull (body)
number, but each “vessel” must also be “personified” with a name

7. What most people think of as federal, state and local “government”

today is, in truth, nothing more than a bunch of affiliated (Maritime
insured) corporation entities (“vessels”). Each entity (Justice Dept.,
Judicial Dept., Treasury Dept., United States, State of ______, I.R.S,
SSA, FBI, etc.) has its own Federal Employer Identification Number
(FEIN), which number cannot be obtained without certification of
corporation “vessel” character/status (Form SS-4).

8. The most compelling evidence of proof of the corporation status,

which can be obtained via public disclosure request (FOIA), is
written verification of the FEIN assigned to a particular
“government” agency/department.

9. The officers and crew of these corporation vessels, whether elected,

appointed or hired, are nothing more than corporation (public)
“policy” employees (without Public Law authority) and are,
therefore, subject to removal/employment termination for any
malfeasance, misfeasance or non-feasance, including false
personation (of a Public Law officer).

10. The most compelling evidence of proof of the (corporation)

“employee” status of any of today’s so called “civil servants” is
written verification of their individual membership account in the
(state) Public Employee’s Retirement System (PERS) or the Federal
Employee’s Retirement System (FERS). You won’t be able to get
any account balances or other more personal information, but
verification of the existence or non-existence of the account is not
“exempt” from disclosure under FOIA.
11. With this sort of evidence in hand, the issue (in court) then becomes:
by what lawful authority do (or did) you, a mere employee of a
mere corporation, exercise legitimate Public Law power to my

12. The procedures in Admiralty courts are not so dissimilar from those
of other courts. It is mainly understanding the actual body of law
being applied to the case without confusing it with what you think it
ought to be. The de jure government of our nation is, for the most
part, dormant. And its Officers are, for the most part, vacant. The de
facto “government” and its employees can be brought to task only in
the Admiralty courts (under Contract Law).

13. Admiralty jurisdiction has another aspect which, for various valid
reasons, directly corresponds to Law Martial. It is that aspect (in a
corrupted ‘quasi” or “colorable” form) which is currently in use by
the federal corporation “vessels” most people tend to think of as
federal, state and local “government.” There is a distinction to be
made between a “criminal action” (Public Law exercise of the
collective power of the People) and a “penal code violation”
(exercise of federal corporation “public policy” authority). A Public
Law crime requires an actual victim (corpus delicti). A federal
corporation “(Public) policy” offense only requires an
infraction/violation of the corporation’s penal code. The easiest way
to make the distinction between the two is: the punishment for a
(real) crime makes no provision for amercement (bribe). The penalty
for a federal corporation’s penal code violation typically includes
time in the “vessel’s” brig/stockade or a “fine” or both. Thus, the
Maritime insurance/Contract Law becomes apparent.

14. It is a fundamental precept of English/American jurisprudence that

“justice shall be administered without purchase.” In other words,
“justice” is not for sale or hire. That is why those who advocate
(practice law) on behalf of incompetent persons; e.g., the insane,
infants, etc., must do so pro bono and be appointed by the court on a
case by case basis (which is how practitioners lawfully acquire the
character/status of “officer of the court.”
15. That is also why those who advocate (practice law) for hire on behalf
of a corporation entity must do so under “license” issued by and
under the official Seal of the State(s)….which an attorney’s BAR
card ins not. The BAR card carries no more legal significance than a
AAA membership card….which is not a “license” (to drive) issued
by and under the official Seal of the State(s). The State Bars, without
exception, are all federal corporation “vessels” affiliated to the
federal corporation “vessels” styled as “LEGISLATIVE

16. The BAR number assigned to each member is (or can be referred to
as) a mixed war Letter of Marque (document) number, by which they
are seemingly authorized to make inland raids and seizures (in the
capacity of privateers) upon “enemies” of the (corporation) “state”.
(Ref: the Trading With The Enemy Act).

17. When in the Admiralty courts, one must use the proper terms to
properly identify the parties and their actions. The Maritime insured
federal corporation vessel styled as “(insert TITLE/NAME)”
operates inland under U.S. tax registry number (insert FEIN). The
officers and crew thereof are Maritime insured “employees.” Get the

The foregoing has very little directly to do with restoring and

maintaining one’s individual sovereign character/status. It does,
however, help one to understand the true nature of the game (and its
rules) in which we find ourselves and the remedies available.

Yours in Liberty,

/s/ - Gus

Augustus Blackstone
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June 2, AD 2007