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Basic Industry Information Major Players

Product/Services  The ecosystem is composed of few large players

(200+ employees) and a multitude of smaller
 The Philippines has a fairly long history in providers (less than 50).3
animation services. Considered to have a first
mover advantage in the Asian region, Filipino Market Statisrtics
animators have worked on popular cartoons and
animated films such as: Adams Family, Captain
Planet, Dragon Ball Z, Finding Nemo, The 22
Incredibles, Scooby Doo, and Tom & Jerry.
Entertainment companies such as Hanna Barbera,
Marvel Comics, Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers Number of Sizeable Top 5 Companies Market
Companies Share
has outsourced many projects to Philippine-based
animation companies.1
Industry Association/s
 The talent and creative instinct of Filipino animators
make the Philippines a natural partner of big
international production outfits. Aside from  Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. (ACPI)
competitive costs of services, companies can rely www.animationcouncil.org
on consistent quality and speed in delivering
output, and ability to comprehend concepts and Industry Performance
story lines better than most other service-providing
countries.2  Animation market will garner US$ 26.4 million
revenues by 2016. By service type, projects from
2D services offered for advertising & media, TV
 Some of the companies that have outsource to
local animation companies. and motion pictures will make up 55 percent of
total revenue.

Animation Services By Revenue


2D Animation 55%

3D Animation / CGI 15%

Game Development 16%

 Some of shows done in the Philippines. Others 14%

 The market is highly concentrated around the top 5

players, with competition from similar customer

 The projected 2016 revenue split indicates an

interesting dynamic where content demand from
TV channels lead clients serviced by local
animation companies with 29 percent of revenue.
Advertising and public relations related content
services with 27 percent and motion picture with
16 percent round up the top 3 customers of
animation companies.

At present , these studios are Top Draw, Toon City Animation, Toie Animation, Snipple Animation Studios
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Condensed from IT-BPM Roadmap 2022: Accelerate PH, Future Ready. IBPAP. All rights Reserved
As of December 2017

 Total industry headcount in 2015 was estimated at

Animation Services by Customers
Motion Picture Firms 16%
5000 Employment
TV Channels 29% Forecast
CAGR 13.9%
Computer Systems Design 12% 2015-2022
and Related Services

Software & Game Publishers 6%

839 1766 2035 4395
Advertising, Public Relations,
27% 0
and Related Media Services
2010 2015 2016E 2022E
Specialized Design firms 2%
Industry specific animation
4%  The animation industry is expected to grow
services (E.g. Real Estate, or…
annually at 13.9% CAGR from 2015-2022 to 70.3
in 2022. Revenue is projected 3.2X from 2015 to
2022 while employee count will grow 2.5X
compared to 2015.
Services Offered
 In terms of services offered, ACPI is gearing to 3D
 The current pool of animators can supply services services at 25 percent compared to 15 percent for
such as flash animation and web design; graphic 2D services which means the local industry is
and art design; mobile application; 3D gaming both targeting higher revenue value services.
for consoles and PC platforms; interactive games;
e-learning modules that require animation and Future Growth (2015-2022)
animation training; and full 2D and 3D animation Animation Services
that includes pre- and post-production services like 25%
in-betweening, clean-up, digital background 18%
through scanning and pre-composting, color 16%
styling, special effects creation, and digital ink and
paint application.

Markets Served Overall 2D 3D

 Service exports in animation outsourcing provide to

the following major markets: US, Europe, Japan,  Roadmap 2022 projects revenue per FTE to reach
and Australia.4 US$ 14,300 up 16 percent from 2016

Vision, Goals, Target and Milestones Yearly Revenue Per FTE ('000)
 The animation industry was estimated to have 14.30
generated US$22.3 million in revenue in for 2015.
Revenue Forecast
100 (USD Million)
CAGR 13.9% 70.3
2016E 2022E

22.3 25.5

2010 2015 2016E 2022E

4 Tholons Report : The Philippine Animation Industry Landscaper, May 2008

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Condensed from IT-BPM Roadmap 2022: Accelerate PH, Future Ready. IBPAP. All rights Reserved
As of December 2017