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Volume 12 Issue 16 FREE November 9, 2018

Watch for
deer on
state roads
For The Island Connection

otorists throughout the state
need to be constantly aware
of roaming white-tailed deer.
Despite a persistent rumor, neither the
South Carolina Department of Natural
Resources nor any other state agency
will compensate motorists for injuries or
damages resulting from deer collisions.
Besides practicing safe and defensive
driving techniques, each motorist
should carry adequate collision and
comprehensive insurance.
As the states’ human population
increases, so increases commuting
traffic, which also increases deer-human
The South Carolina Department of
Public Safety reported approximately
2,400 deer-vehicle collisions in 2016,
similar to figures from the last few years.
These figures are lower than those reported
in the late 1990s when the incidence of
deer-vehicle collisions seemed to peak in
the state. However, this decline may have
more to do with changes in reporting
Top row: Craig Weaver, Fran Wermuth. criteria or lack of reporting for minor
Bottom row: Maryanne Connelly, Dan Prickett, Klaus Said, Christopher Widuch. Photos provided. damages than with an actual reduction in

2018 Kiawah election candidates Although deer-vehicle collisions are an

issue in South Carolina, the state is in a
much better position than most states,
M E E T A N D G R E E T S C H E D U L E D F O R N O V. 1 3 particularly states in the Northeast and
upper Midwest. Many states have 30,000
STAFF REPORT to 50,000 deer-vehicle collisions annually.
The Island Connection Sound deer management through
regulated annual harvest is the most

he Kiawah Island Municipal Election will take place alongside incumbent councilmember Christopher Widuch for effective way of curtailing deer-
Tuesday, Dec. 4. This election marks the sixteenth positions as town councilmembers. vehicle collisions, as well as, following
administration of the Town of Kiawah Island, which There will be a public opportunity to meet the candidates on some common-sense rules for driving
was incorporated on September 13, 1988. The terms of this Tuesday evening, Nov. 13 from 6–8p.m. at the Sandcastle. This defensively in deer country will make the
administration will expire December 2020. On the ballot there is event is hosted by the Kiawah Island Community Association and trip safer. White-tailed deer are masters at
one position for Mayor and four positions for Councilmembers. will allow attendees to hear directly from Town Council and Mayoral evading predators. However, these same
The candidate roster is as follows: candidates on important Town of Kiawah Island issues. Wine and predator-avoidance instincts often cause
Incumbent Craig Weaver is running against Fran Wermuth hors-d'oeuvres will be served. Questions for candidates are being deer to bolt in front of oncoming vehicles.
for the position of Mayor. solicited from the community and may be submitted at the meeting
Maryanne Connelly, Dan Prickett and Klaus Said are running or in advance. RSVP and email questions to holly.newman@kica.us. Deer Watch continues on page 5

KICA Artisan Showcase Indiana Day Fresh Future Farm

Page 6 Page 10 Page 11
2 November 9, 2018

Seabrook Island Town Council meeting

O C T. 2 3 , 2 0 1 8
Lynn Pierotti
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

articipation in Seabrook Island Administration defines two levels of Seabrook Island Utility he beamed
Katy Calloway Town Council meetings continues harassment; Level A - Any act of pursuit, in chairperson Bannwart’s direction.
managing editor to impress. Oct. 23 saw a nearly full torment or annoyance that has the Requests for reimbursement for expenses
katy@luckydognews.com house at Town Hall, and a busy agenda. potential to injure, and Level B - Any incurred in preparation for hurricane
Three ordinances were listed for first act that has the potential to disturb Florence have been submitted by SITC,
Jennifer Tuohy reading, and Ordinance 2018-09 was by causing a disruption of behavioral and acknowledged by FEMA’s federal
back for a second reading and ratification. patterns in migration, breathing, nursing, office, said Gregg.
contributing editor
Seabrook’s financial report continues feeding, or sheltering. Fines can be levied Councilmember Skip Crane said
jennifer@luckydognews.com to exhibit 2018’s roller coaster ride. based on level, but Seabrook managed to both councilmembers and the Town
Revenues were $16,000 lower than avoid them. Administrator will be making regular
Alejandro Ferreyros projected for the month of September, Councilmember John Gregg alerted submissions to the Seabrooker to
senior graphic designer owing to checks in the mail instead of the SITC to the lapse of a “stand-by” enhance communications. The Mayor
alejandro@luckydognews.com bank, and setting the stage for another contract between the Town and Rostan will be joining the effort by contributing
surplus in next month’s report. Despite Solutions (RS). The company provides monthly, he added. Crane concluded his
the peaks and valleys, SITC remains $190 debris removal monitoring services/ report by saying the Town’s new website is
Lori McGee ahead of revenue projections, though metrics to Seabrook, which the Federal taking shape, including such features as a
sales manager slightly behind the same period last Emergency Management Agency uses as a customizable calendar on the homepage.
lori@luckydognews.com year. The town spent $10,000 less than foundation for reimbursement of disaster He repeated his mantra: Old content is
anticipated in October, and $589,000 less related expenses. RS was the sole bidder being migrated and augmented by new
than anticipated for the year. The mayor on a contract initiated several years ago, content, and photographs are still needed.
concluded with the customary caution; with the option to renew in one-year He still expects a completion date by
Senior Staff Writer the bill for renovations along Seabrook increments until 2019. Although the lapse year’s end.
Gregg Bragg Island Rd. still looms. was inconsequential given the amount of Councilmember John Wells made
Lauren Rust, Executive Director of expenses incurred by SITC, Gregg moved short work of his report again this
Contributors Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network to reinstate the contract until it could month. He said the Seabrook Island Rd.
Charles Ruth gave the 2018 end of season report for her be re-bid in 2019. The measure passed barrel jump is in the final stages of being
Emily Jenkins organization’s activity on Seabrook. She, unanimously. cleared. Floodgates are being installed,
her team, and a boatload of volunteers The ad hoc committee assembled while permits for clearing adjacent areas
Betsy Turner
took a number of pictures from Seabrook to revise SITC’s employee handbook of debris are secured, so drive gently,
Martha Zink over the summer, which she shared with completed their work, Gregg advised. Wells cautioned. He concluded by
Jennifer Meshanko meeting attendees in her presentation. The handbook has also been reviewed reminding everyone the north end of the
Alan Armstrong They had some good shots, and a few by legal and seen by SITC members. It island is a bird sanctuary, including red
Dimi Matouchev statistics to go along with them: 1,252 includes several updates/clarifications knots (stopping to rest/eat during their
Diann Clark visitors were educated about strand of harassment, roles, confidential estimated 20,000 mile annual migration),
feeding dolphins, a total of 12 “educators” information, working hours, standards of and asked residents to respect the area.
spent 320 hours on the beach, and 90% conduct/penalties, and leave policy. The Mayor’s report was more dour than
of the interactions between educators Gregg said the club’s Long Range usual. He said Seabrook has approved
and visitors were positive. Approximately Planning Committee is incorporating development along/behind Seabrook
100 interactions were neutral and several some capital improvements into their Island Rd. with nine conditions.
interactions were negative, and involved strategic plan. Upgrading the pool and “1) Until a certificate of occupancy has
residents. “Unfortunate,” said Mayor transitioning the “rec-room” into a café been issued by the Town of Kiawah Island
Ciancio. are some of the examples he mentioned. for the proposed senior living facility,
However, there was no harassment of Gregg concluded with an update vehicles involved with the construction of
dolphins reported by LMMN, the very of FEMA payments to the Seabrook. the proposed senior living facility may not
result Seabrook was seeking when they SC’s portion of funds from Hurricane enter or leave the site of that facility via
engaged the organization last spring. Irma arrived in the amount of a healthy Seabrook Island Road.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric $14,000, $7,000 of which is for the

Civic Calendar
K iawah Island Town H all
Published by 21 Beachwalker Drive
Lucky Dog Publishing Kiawah Island, SC 29455
of South Carolina, LLC Phone: 768-9166
P.O. Box 837 Town of Kiawah Ways & Means Town of Seabrook Fax: 768-4764
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 Committee Meeting
Town Council Nov. 27, 2 p.m. Ways & Means Seabrook Island Town H all
Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Committee Meeting 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Nov. 13, 2 p.m. Nov. 13, 2:30 p.m. Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Future submission deadline: Town Council
Kiawah Town Hall Seabrook Town Hall Phone: 768-9121
November 14 for the Meeting
November 23 Issue Fax: 768-9830
Public Safety Dec. 4, 2 p.m. Town Council Email: lmanning@townofseabrookisland.org
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Meeting
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not Nov. 14, 2 p.m. Nov. 27, 2:30 p.m. Johns Island Council
necessarily reflect the opinion of Kiawah Town Hall Planning Commission Seabrook Town Hall Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric
Lucky Dog News or its writers. Meeting Co-op located at 3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns
Environmental Dec. 5, 3 p.m. Planning Commission Island.
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Meeting Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
The Island Nov. 20, 2 p.m.
Kiawah Town Hall
Dec. 5, 2:30 p.m.
Seabrook Town Hall Charleston County Council
Connection 4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC News Updates
Publishers of Island Eye News, Online at City of Charleston
The Island Connection facebook.com/ 75 Calhoun St.
islandconnectionnews 724-3745
November 9, 2018
2) Applicant and Big Rock, their related modifications to Seabrook Island
members and assigns, agree to comply Road. The Town shall make the final
with all of the provisions, terms, determination of the type and size of
conditions and restrictions set forth in required replacement trees and where they
Applicant’s July 16, 2018 Application for will be located.
Encroachment Permit. 7) Applicant and Big Rock, their
3) Applicant and Big Rock, their members and assigns, warrant that they
members and assigns, warrant that they will at all times keep those portions of
will pay any and all expenses incurred the pedestrian/bicycle path lying near the
by the Town of Seabrook Island, South entrance to the senior living facility in
Carolina (the “Town”) as a result of good maintenance and repair.
expenses incurred or damages suffered 8) The Town shall select and locate
by the Town and/or or its residents as a vehicular and bicycle/pedestrian traffic
result of increased storm water runoff signage associated with the Seabrook
from the senior living facility. Final storm Island Road entrance to the senior living
water plans shall be subject to review facility at the sole expense of the Applicant
and approval by the Town prior to the and Big Rock.
commencement of construction activities. 9) In recognition of the Town’s declared
4) Applicant and Big Rock, their policy of limiting access to the portion of
members and assigns, shall indemnify Seabrook Island Road at issue, Applicant
and hold harmless the Town from any and Big Rock, their members and
and all liability, claims and /or expenses assigns, agree to share their conditionally
(including reasonable attorney fees) permitted driveway with the developer of
arising out of or in any way related to the neighboring property currently owned
bodily injury or property damage (i) by Haulover Creek Development, or
occurring on Applicant’s property, at alternatively at the Town’s option, to close
or near the entrance to the senior living their conditionally permitted driveway
facility and (ii) attributable to vehicular and use a central entrance from Seabrook
traffic entering or leaving the senior living Island road that is permitted by the Town
facility. for construction on the neighboring
5) The Easement Agreement between property.”
Applicant and the Town, wherein the The Mayor said the applicants objected
Applicant allowed the use of its property to all nine conditions, filing suit in
for a bike path to Freshfields Village, Charleston’s court of common pleas
shall be amended to delete the Town’s on Oct. 19. Depending on the result of
indemnification of Applicant as set forth mandatory pre-trial mediation, a trip to
therein. Nothing in this condition or the circuit court could be on the horizon.
request therefore, shall be construed as a Mayor Ciancio and SITC are interested
waiver of any immunities granted to the in other residents who might be able
Town under the South Carolina Tort to represent Seabrook’s interests in the
Claims Act. escalating matter.
6) Applicant and Big Rock, their Town Administrator Joe Cronin
members and assigns, shall fully mitigate, said the survey associated with the
at their sole expense, the loss of or damage Town’s comprehensive plan is complete,
to trees resulting from construction of
the senior living facility entrance and SITC continues on page 5

Tid e Char t
Date High Tide Low Tide
Nov 09 9:06am/9:13pm 2:34am/3:15pm
Nov 10 9:48am/9:55pm 3:15am/3:59pm
Nov 11 10:30am/10:38pm 3:55am/4:43pm
Nov 12 11:14am/11:23pm 4:36am/5:27pm
Nov 13 12:01pm 5:19am/6:14pm
Nov 14 12:12am/12:51pm 6:06am/7:03pm
Nov 15 1:06am/1:44pm 7:00am/7:53pm
Nov 16 2:02am/2:37pm 7:59am/8:45pm
Nov 17 2:57am/3:30pm 8:59am/9:34pm
Nov 18 3:51am/4:20pm 9:56am/10:22pm
Nov 19 4:41am/5:07pm 10:50am/11:07pm
Nov 20 5:28am/5:53pm 11:40am/11:52pm
Nov 21 6:13am/6:38pm 12:28pm
Nov 22 6:58am/7:22pm 12:36am/1:16pm

Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.

Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
wrong so use common sense.
Source: saltwatertides.com
November 9, 2018 5
civic daily
Aging infrastructure necessitates a 4-8% breeding season, or “rut,” is generally
SITC continues from page 3 increase, which Bannwart said translated Deer Watch continues from cover during October and November.
along with 2/9 components of the plan to about $4/month. When deer are sighted well ahead of the Deer movements and vehicle collisions
(population and housing). He expects a Ordinance 2018-10 was the first of vehicle sounding the horn several times, are at their peak during the breeding
Dec/Jan completion before it goes back to three items before Council for a first drivers should flicker the headlights (if no season in October and November. Also,
residents. However, he spent the bulk of reading. The measure brings Seabrook oncoming traffic is present) and reduce most vehicle collisions occur near sun-up
his time discussing development of SITC’s into compliance with state laws and the vehicle’s speed. If deer are sighted only and sun-down because deer tend to move
master plan for Seabrook Island Rd. establishes a procedure for requesting a short distance in front of the vehicle, more during these times. Unfortunately,
Consultants have been hired to address meetings to review variance requests. these same collision-avoidance techniques these are also the times that most humans
such issues as access, uses, traffic, safety, Ordinance 2018-11 allows public may spook the deer into running across commute to work in their vehicles.
and landscaping of the trail to Seabrook. notices of development standards to be the road, thereby increasing the likelihood Pay attention to changes in habitat
The aesthetics not only effect residents, sent electronically instead of being mailed. of a collision. In this instance, it’s best to types along the highway. The zone
visitors, and potential buyers, but also Ordinance 2018-12 renames the Town just slow down. between habitat types is a likely place for
add weight to the Town’s legal standing as of Seabrook Island Employee Packet to Always anticipate another deer if you deer to cross a road. Rural or secondary
more development plans evolve. “… Handbook,” and adopts the new see one or more crossing the highway roads rank highest in deer-vehicle
Mayor Ciancio stepped in to announce version discussed earlier in the meeting. and do not expect the deer to get out accidents because of the frequent curves
Jim Bannwart’s retirement effective All three measures passed first readings of the way. Fortunately, deer-vehicle and narrow shoulders. Motorists often
Oct. 30. Bannwart was first elected a unanimously. collisions typically involve damage to have little warning and therefore limited
commissioner of SIU in 2011 eventually Ordinance 2018-09 defines what the vehicle rather than human injuries. reaction time when they see deer.
chairing the utility, and was re-elected to materials can be used for “fences." SITC Most serious injuries occur when the South Carolina’s deer population
a second six-year term year term in 2017. code prohibited some materials the motorist looses control of the vehicle and peaked in the late 1990s, as did the number
He served as chair of the POA before that, Community Association’s Architectural hits an immovable object like a tree or of deer vehicle collisions. But since the
and has served the town in a number of Review Committee didn’t. The ordinance embankment while attempting high-risk year 2000, the estimated statewide deer
capacities/committees, Seabrook tour is intended to sync the two definitions, and maneuvers to avoid a deer. If a collision population has decreased approximately
guide, and was the tip of the spear on the passed its second reading unanimously in with a deer is imminent, it is best to hit 30 percent with the decline believed to
team that earned Seabrook the National the wake of planning commission review/ the deer rather than risk loosing control be a combination of changes in habitat,
Audubon Society’s coveted “Sustainable approval. “No concertina wire,” grinned of the vehicle. high antlerless deer harvests and coyote
Communities” designation. “Thank you,” the Town Administrator. Motorists should understand that deer- predation on deer fawns.
said the mayor. “You will be missed.” Citizen’s comments were a mash-up of crossing signs, (diamond-shaped signs What should motorists do if they
Bannwart plans a move closer to family in questions on business licenses, the senior bearing the silhouette of a deer), mark hit a deer? Report the incident to South
Roanoke, VA. living center, reducing fees for some work a stretch of road where deer have been Carolina Highway Patrol or local law
The last ever report by Bannwart for performed for residents on the island. All hit previously. However, these signs do enforcement, as well as to your insurance
SIU was marked by normal operations, questions were addressed in an informal, not mark specific deer trails. Deer may company. Finally, many people wonder if
“a solid month,” and less than usual conversational way. frequently cross for several miles where they can keep the deer for consumption.
water usage due to fewer visitors and There being no further business, the the signs are posted. Studies show that This is not a problem if there is an incident
the hurricane evacuation. There will be meeting was adjourned. The next meeting about 45 percent of deer-vehicle collisions report demonstrating that the deer was
no rate increase from Charleston to pass of the Seabrook Island Town Council will occur in roughly a 60-day period that killed by a vehicle and not illegally shot.
along, Bannwart said, but residents should be held on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 2:30 p.m. corresponds with the deer-breeding
expect one from SIU beginning next year. season. In South Carolina, the deer-
6 November 9, 2018
arts & events arts & events

Support local artists SIAG November meeting


The 2017 Showcase featured locally made sweetgrass baskets, paintings

and photography. Photo courtesy of KICA.

BY EMILY JENKINS The showcase and sale will feature

For The Island Connection a wide selection of original paintings Morning on the Piazza, watercolor on canvas.
and photographs, as well as handcrafted

pottery, jewelry and home decorations. BY BETSY TURNER of Elegant Tranquility.” She was born in
ocal artists, crafters and creators will The first day of the event (Nov. 16) will
exhibit their wares on Kiawah Island For The Island Connection Montreal, Canada, and became a U.S.
include a beer and wine bar along with citizen in 2016. Besides watercolor, she
this fall at the Lowcountry Art and light hors d’oeuvres.

Artisan Showcase. This semiannual works primarily in acrylics and gouache
“The event is free and open to the he Seabrook Island Artist Guild (an opaque watercolor) and has studied
event, which is hosted by the Kiawah is thrilled to welcome Helen K.
Island Community Association (KICA), public,” said Cook. “So whether you live with Dick Phillips, Brent Funderburk,
on Kiawah or elsewhere, we hope you’ll Beacham, an internationally Milford Zornes, Mira Lehr and other
takes places at The Sandcastle on Friday, known watercolor artist and teacher
Nov. 16 from 4-7 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. come out and support our local artists.” greats. Her work is in numerous worldwide
who now lives in Summerville, to our collections. In 2019, Beacham will be
17 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. The Sandcastle is located at 1 Shipwatch meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 1 p.m.
“The Lowcountry is home to some Rd. on Kiawah Island. For more teaching workshops in Venice, Cinque
at the Seabrook Island Lake House. Terra and the South of France.
amazingly artistic individuals,” said event information or questions on this event, All are invited to attend and enjoy her
organizer and KICA assistant director of contact the Sandcastle at 843.768.3875 or presentation and demonstration of Visit the Art Guild’s website at
Recreation, Amy Cook. “The showcase is a sandcastle@kica.us. For details on this and watercolor painting. SeabrookIslandArtistGuild.com to learn
great opportunity to support many of these other upcoming island events, visit KICA. more about the organization and upcoming
Beacham describes herself as a “Painter
local artists and artisans all in one place.” us/events. events.
November 9, 2018 7
arts &events

Garden club visits Citadel Herbarium

For The Island Connection

paper and glues are used, of course, to mount the dried

specimens beautifully.
Many schools are getting rid of collections, and
Dr. Porcher’s collection, begun in 1972, was moved to
Clemson in 2004. The Citadel collection was reestablished
in 2006 with a US Fish and Wildlife contribution in 2011
as well as from the College of Charleston in 2014. There
are now 3,600 specimens plus 1,600 still to be identified.
There is a digital file so students from far away can study
the collection.
The Herbarium is used by numerous Citadel
biology classes. Thirty-three cadets work there and 15
graduate students as well as 10 College of Charleston
graduate students. They work with the Army Corps of
Engineers and the Marine Corps Air Station in rare
plant monitoring, and survey non-native invasive plants
in Charleston County parks. They have done biology
surveys of the Daimler plant, and donated property on
the Black River where they have found rare plants. They
Example of a preserved specimen at the Citadel Herbarium. Photo by Martha Zink. have studied the three different types of Sweetgrass found

n a beautiful October day the Kiawah Island It is an annotated voucher system, a teaching collection in the Lowcountry, each of which basketmakers use for
Garden Club visited the Citadel where they met for research in taxonomy and molecular biology. Students different basket parts.
Dr. Joel Gramling, professor of plant ecology can research classifications and have found rare specimens Following the visit to the Herbarium, the garden
and curator of the Citadel Herbarium. An herbarium is a amongst the collection. club was given an extensive “insider” tour of the Citadel
dried plant collection and the place where it is kept. Dr. Gramling explained how plants are preserved: A grounds by Tristan Arrowood, a recent Citadel graduate
Dr. Gramling learned from the master, Dr. Richard plant press consisting of a frame, cardboard ventilators, who will be attending medical school. The day was
Porcher. Dr. Porcher’s definitive book, The Guide to and blotter paper is filled with plant specimens and put capped by lunch at the Marina Variety Store.
the Wildflowers of South Carolina, was based on 1960s into a drying cabinet at 95-113 degrees F. The removal On Dec. 14 the Kiawah Island Garden Club will
data but has been updated with Dr. Gramling’s research. of moisture and insects is key so mothballs and a gather for a fashion show at the Sandcastle to which the
His reference collection is used by the Army Corps of dehumidifier are used. If a collection is donated it is put Seabrook Garden Club is invited.
Engineers, the Nature Conservancy and biology students. into a freezer in a moisture free bag to kill pests. Acid free
November 9, 2018 9
volunteer spotlight daily

Abbie Brubaker SeaCoast Sports first to

carry Schiller water bike
T H E R I D E D O E S N ’ T E N D AT

Abbie Brubaker. Photo provided.

Schiller Bikes S1-C. Photo provided.
For The Island Connection

bbie Brubaker is a college student Abbie enjoys working with the other The Island Connection
who hopes to make a difference volunteers and staff members. "Ms.

in the educational system by Wendy, the Youth Programs Coordinator, eaCoast Sports and Outfitters, The S1-C is the first premium water
becoming an elementary school teacher. and the other volunteers are so kind. located in Freshfields Village at the bicycle to offer performance, portability,
As a volunteer with Our Lady of Mercy Wendy is accommodating and she works entrance to Kiawah and Seabrook fast assembly, and easy storage. It features
Community Outreach's Yes, I Can! After so hard to make the after-school program Islands, announces their new partnership design elements not available on any other
School Program, she is already making an a wonderful and accepting place for all. with Schiller Bikes. This partnership water bicycle made today anywhere in the
impact by helping local students succeed Every time I come the children are so features the S1-C, the finest water bicycle world including premium stainless steel
in school. excited to tell me about their day at school built in the world. Manufactured in the and anodized components, integrated
Abbie, originally from Georgia, has and show me all the cool things they have United States, the S1-C is a premium bike steering on handlebars, and a small
lived in five different states before moving learned," says Abbie. that is also an ultra-portable boat. footprint that allows for easy storage and
to South Carolina for college. She is Abbie makes sure to greet each student “SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters is transport.
a senior at the College of Charleston by name and lets them know she cares about honored to be selected as the first retailer Jessica Shiller, Founder and CEO of
majoring in Elementary Education. In them and is interested in how they are doing. in the Carolinas to offer the Schiller Schiller Sports, knew that “this was a
addition to being a student and volunteer, Abbie believes kindness can change the S1-C. We have been selling and servicing compelling next step for us. We currently
she is also a server at Groucho's Deli. world for the better, and OLMCO has a some of the best bicycles, kayaks, have retail partners in many states and
"I have always been an active lot of caring people. and paddleboards in our 13+ years in several countries, but we wanted to find
participant in my community," says Abbie. "If you were to get involved with any Freshfields Village on Kiawah Island. a high quality dealer in the Carolinas. We
She has been a Sunday school teacher and part of this organization, you will not Now we have the opportunity to sell this feel lucky to have found SeaCoast Sports
a lacrosse coach for young girls. Over a be disappointed. I have met some of the premium bicycle that is also an ultra- and Outfitters on the South Carolina
year ago, she received an email from the kindest people through OLMCO, and portable boat. We were absolutely blown coast to feature our water bicycles.”
college notifying students OLMCO was I really feel like part of the community away when we realized that the S1-C’s
recruiting volunteers. Abbie not only when I come here to help out. Right from SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters is located
compact frame and modular design allows
volunteers with the after school program, the start people are welcoming and excited at 585 Freshfields Dr. on Johns Island. For
you to go from land to water in under 10
she also volunteered during summer that you are there and it makes you want more information visit SeaCoastSports.com.
minutes,” says Loren Beadle, Owner and
camp. to keep coming back!" she exclaims. CEO, Island Sport.
10 November 9, 2018
daily daily

AARP TaxAide seeks Calling all Hoosiers

volunteers 8 T H A N N U A L I N D I A N A D AY AT
H E L P P R E PA R E 2 0 1 8 R E T U R N S
STAFF REPORT Volunteers can serve in other ways as
The Island Connection well, like organizing client paperwork,
managing computer equipment, acting

ARP TaxAide is looking for as interpreters or making sure everything
compassionate and friendly runs smoothly. There is a role for everyone.
Volunteer Tax Counselors for the An orientation will be held in December
2019 tax season. This is a free program with a five-day, IRS-qualified training
that makes it easier for older, low and program in January. Tax counselors
middle-income taxpayers to file their tax receive extensive free tax training to do
returns. basic tax returns and become certified
Local volunteers from Seabrook by passing the IRS exam. There will
Island, Kiawah Island and the Charleston be additional training in computer tax
area train as Tax Counselors for the six preparation. Once certified, you will be
Charleston sites. Last tax season they expected to volunteer at one of our tax
assisted more than 1,000 of our neighbors. sites one half-day per week during tax
Volunteers of all backgrounds and ages
are welcome and you do not need to be Please consider joining the team.
an AARP member to volunteer, nor do For further information, please visit
you need to be a retiree. Familiarity with the TaxAide website or contact the The 2017 Indiana Day winning Indoor Basketball Hoops team, (l-r) Dave Krumwiede,
income tax returns is helpful and the Charleston Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Jim Bannwart, Ron Ciancio, Susan Coomer, Sherri Goodwin, Valerie Luzadder and
availability of a laptop computer is useful Ditterline, at sditterline@yahoo.com, or call Mark Doane. Photo by Valerie Doane.
but not required. 843.568.0305.
For The Island Connection

eabrook Island residents are preparing and soft drinks (BYOB). Participants are
for the 8th Annual Indiana Day also asked to donate $5 to cover costs
on Dec. 11 to celebrate the 202nd associated with the event.
anniversary of the state’s admittance into The event takes place at the Oyster
the Union on Dec. 11, 1816. The gathering Catcher Community Center on Seabrook
has become an annual event, which Island beginning at 6 p.m. and will last
includes food, drinks, games, prizes, and until 8:30. If you have a connection
singing all with a lot of Hoosier gusto. (born, raised, lived, educated, traveled
Participants (Including spouses and through; anything works) and would like
significant others) are asked to bring a to attend, please contact Max Willis at
hearty appetizer to share. The organizing 843.768.8301 or mwillissc@yahoo.com.
committee will provide plates, utensils,
November 9, 2018

Fresh Future Farm feeds


Fresh Future Farm located off of Rivers Ave. in North Charleston. Photo by Diann Clark.

For The Island Connection

riends gathered recently in support most elaborate chicken coup ever seen,
of Fresh Future Farm, whose shelves made of earthen mud, hay, wire and
were depleted after last month’s grape vine. Within the garden is a unique
double hurricane shut down. outdoor space used for nutritional and
Established in late 2014, Fresh Future garden classes for school children, the
Farm sows healthy food to harvest neighborhood, and the public.
community and independence. Located It has been amazing to watch the farm
on Success St. in North Charleston, The grow and anyone who finds themselves
Farm leverages unused city assets to create passing through the Chircora-Cherokee
food and job opportunities that will neighborhood just off Rivers Ave. should
transform the current food desert into a stop and take in this beautiful productive
more self-reliant and robust community. space. Buy some fresh eggs and fresh
The last grocery store in the area produce while you are there.
closed in 2005 and left the families in For information visit FreshFutureFarm.
this low wealth area unable to purchase org.
healthy fruits and vegetables as well as A special thank you goes out to Barrier
basic grocery items. In this short time Island Eco Tours and Captain Robert
they have transformed two city lots into Hopkins for embracing the farm and our
fresh fruit trees and bushes, rows of need to support and help others. Together
seasonal vegetables, bee hives and the $700 was raised to help restock the shelves.
November 9 Island Connection Calendar December 9
ONGOING MORE INFO: Local, mixed community Wednesdays Thursdays & Sundays proceeds benefiting Lowcountry Autism stage. Tickets online at go.cofc.edu/ SATURDAY, NOV. 17 WHEN: 8 a.m.
WHAT: Southbound: Photographs of and chorus, open for membership. Season runs WHAT: Kids Fishing Tournament WHAT: Live Music Foundation’s local programs. Tickets $25 secondmondaymusic or at the door. MORE INFO: Triathlon with a team
about the New South October through March. For information WHERE: Bohicket Marina WHERE: 48 A Wine Bar in advance/$30 at the door. Purchase WHAT: Bohicket Half Marathon and 5k twist. Teams comprised of one swimmer,
WHERE: Bohicket Marina
WHERE: Halsey Institute of contact Director of Music, Van McCollum at WHEN: 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m. online at LAFinc.org. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 14 one biker, and one runner. Cost is $50 per
Contemporary Art 404.401.0678 or vanmccollum@bellsouth.net. MORE INFO: A Fishing Tournament just MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines WHEN: Registration starts at 6:30 a.m., team. Registration forms are available at
WHEN: Oct. 19 - March 2 for kids ages 4-14. Two rounds of fishing. by the glass every day. For details visit WHAT: 100th Anniversary WHAT: Love and Armadillo Migration race at 8 a.m. the front desk of The Lake House. Event
MORE INFO: An unprecedented Tuesdays Arrive at least 15 minutes before your FortyEightWineBar.com. Commemoration of WWI WHERE: Seabrook Island House MORE INFO: Sponsored by the shirts are limited, size and availability are
exhibition co-curated by Mark Sloan, WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and desired round. It’s only $7 per participant WHERE: The Citadel War Memorial WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Charleston Running Club, and with help not guaranteed after Nov. 5. Note, this
director and chief curator of the Halsey Activities which includes all bait and fishing rods. Saturday WHEN: 11 a.m. MORE INFO: Presented by Andy Offutt from Bohicket Marina & the Kiawah event will be capped, so sign up early to
Institute of Contemporary Art, and WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House Every tournament produces 3 winners WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market MORE INFO: A ceremony honoring Irwin, sponsored by the Town of Kiawah Seabrook Exchange Club, the run starts ensure your team will participate. For more
Mark Long, professor of political science, WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. which will receive a tournament shirt, bait, WHERE: Charleston Collegiate SChool, Citadel alumni who made the ultimate Arts & Cultural Events Council. Tickets and ends at Bohicket Marina. Proceeds information please contact Jamie Mogus
both of whom are on the faculty of the MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- bucket and bragging rights. Questions call 2024 Academy Rd. sacrifice for their country during World are available online at www.kiawahisland. benefit the Charleston Running Club. Mixson at jmogus@sipoa.org.
College of Charleston. For info visit hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- 248.719.0076. WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. War I. The commemoration will take org/events or at the Municipal Center After Party at Bohicket Marina features
843.768.9166. refreshments with a waterfront view.
SouthboundProject.org. led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and MORE INFO: Charleston’s only year- place after the general protestant service at SATURDAY, DEC. 8-9
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for WHAT: Timbers Kiawah Concerts in the round farmers market, highlighting Summerall Chapel. Ceremony will include RunSignup.com/Race/SC/JohnsIsland/
Mondays information and to purchase tickets for the date Courtyard produce and locally produced goods readings by members of The Citadel FRIDAY, NOV. 16 Bohicket5Kand10K to register. WHAT: Foundations of Healing Touch
WHAT: Family Trees and museum house you would like to attend. WHERE: The Courtyard between Hege’s and foods. Live music, kids activities. Military Living History Society as well as a Class
benediction by Chaplain Joe Molina. WHAT: Treasure Trek THURSDAY, NOV. 22 WHERE: Roper St. Francis Cancer
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, and Java Java (Freshfields Village) JohnsIslandFarmersMarket.com for details.
WHAT: Kick-it at Bohicket WHERE: The Charleston Museum Center, 2085 Henry Tecklenburg Dr.
3673 Maybank Hwy. WHEN: 6-8 p.m.
WHEN: 6:30-10:30 p.m. WHAT: Turkey Trot WHEN: 8:30 a.m-6 p.m., both days
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. WHERE: Bohicket Marina MORE INFO: Join Timbers Kiawah in Third Saturday of WHAT: Family Fun Day
MORE INFO: 2018 Fundraising Gala WHERE: The Lake House
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the WHEN: 6:30 p.m. The Courtyard every Wednesday for live the Month WHERE: Terrace Lawn, Gaillard Center MORE INFO: Healing Touch is
to benefit The Charleston Museum’s WHEN: 8 a.m. beneficial in calming anxiety and reducing
process of clearing title for heirs’ property MORE INFO: Face painting, a balloon music with Chris Dodson, outdoor kids WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee WHEN: 1-3 p.m.
educational programs for Title I schools. MORE INFO: 5K race will start promptly symptoms of depression, decreasing
by defining the family tree. For more artist, DJ and sand art bracelets. Co- games, local art and beverages provided WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah MORE INFO: Free event, open to
Evening includes live music, scavenger at 8 a.m. from the Lake House and will pain, strengthening the immune system,
information or to make an appointment sponsored by The Town of Seabrook Island by Timbers Kiawah. The series will run WHEN: 9-11 a.m. public. Family friendly activities include
hunt, floating raffle, live auction, hors take runners through the front half of the enhancing recovery from surgery,
for an initial assessment call 843.810.1036 & Bohicket Merchants Association. For through Wed., Aug. 29. MORE INFO: This free event will feature cookie decorating station and create your
d’oeuvres and refreshments. Proceeds Island. Event shirts are limited; availability complementing care for neck and spine
questions call Todd at 248.719.0076. antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and any own tie-dye t-shirt station. Guests can
support programs that bring Title I school and size are not guaranteed after Monday, problems, supporting cancer care,
WHAT: Farmer’s Market WHAT: English Conversation Club other cool cars. Coffee and other refreshments warm up with homemade apple cider
children to the Museum and send Bragg Nov. 5. Cost is $20.00 Registration forms
WHERE: Freshfields Village First and Third WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library available for purchase by Java Java Coffee and grilled cheese. RSVP encouraged at
are available at the front desk of The Lake
deepening spiritual connection, a sense
Tuesdays GaillardCetner.org. Boxes and our educators to local schools. of well-being, easing acute and chronic
WHEN: 4 - 8 p.m. WHEN: 2 p.m. House. If you have any specific questions
Tickets $75 members/$100 non-members. House. For more information please conditions, and supporting resiliency
MORE INFO: Shop locally grown organic WHAT: The Charleston County Public MORE INFO: Practice speaking English about the event, please contact Bruce
Visit CharlestonMuseum.org to purchase. contact Jamie Mogus Mixson at jmogus@ in health care providers. Call to register
produce along with specialty food products, Library Bookmobile with a small group. Beginners to advanced Stemerman at bstemerman@gmail.com. MONDAY, NOV. 12 sipoa.org.
delicious treats, fresh seafood and Lowcountry WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s learners welcome. A children’s program 843.388.1834. Tuition $245.00 by
WHAT: World Affairs Council of WHAT: Lowcountry Art and Artisans Dec.01/$295.00. after Dec.1.
crafts. Or come hungry and enjoy BBQ, take- WHEN: 10-11 a.m. and/or craft will be provided during the SATURDAY, NOV. 10 Showcase SATURDAY, NOV. 24
away dinners, sweets and more. MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the club meeting. Registration is not required; Charleston
first and third Tuesdays of the month. The WHAT: Mad Hatter Fur Ball WHERE: Citadel Alumni Center WHERE: The Sandcastle
call 843.559.1945 for more information. WHAT: 8th Annual Sprint Triathlon Relay
schedule for the summer is June 19, July 3 WHERE: Francis Marion Hotel WHEN: 5:15 p.m. reception, 6 p.m. WHEN: Nov. 16, 4-7 p.m. and Nov. 17,
WHAT: Charleston Coastal Choir WHERE: The Lake House
program 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
WHERE: Church of Our Savior & 17, August 7 & 21. Thursdays WHEN: 6:30-11 p.m.
MORE INFO: Hosted by the Kiawah
WHEN: 1 p.m. WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and MORE INFO: Pet Helpers largest MORE INFO: Dr. Bryan Ganaway of the
fundraiser of the year. Music by Plane Jane History and International Studies Dept. at Island Community Association. Friday
and an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter the College of Charleston will present Nov. night features beer and wine bar with light
WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House
theme. Live and silent auction, delicious 11, 1918: World War I Ended. A Century hors d’oeuvres. Event is free and open to
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
food, cocktails and fun for all! Order Has Passed but the Great War’s Aftermath public. For details visit KICA.us/events.
MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half-
hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- tickets online at PetHelpers.org or email Still Shapes our World. Dr. Ganaway is a
furball@pethelpers.org for info. graduate of the University of Miami and WHAT: Supper with Santa
led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and
received his Ph.D from the University of WHERE: James Island County Park
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for
WHEN: 5:30-6:30 p.m. and 7-8 p.m.
information and to purchase tickets for the date SUNDAY, NOV. 11 Illinois. For details visit WACCharleston.org.
MORE INFO: Breakfast for dinner in
and museum house you would like to attend.
WHAT: Oysters for Autism WHAT: Charleston Latin Jazz Edisto Hall, to meet Santa and have a
WHERE: Bowens Island Restaurant Collective professional photo. Participants can enjoy
WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn
WHEN: 4-7 p.m. WHERE: Simons Center for the Arts, 54 the Holiday Festival of Lights. Registration
WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel,
MORE INFO: Oysters, High to Saint Phillip St. includes tickets to the festival train, the
Freshfields Village
Lowcountry BBQ, chili and fixings from WHEN: 7:30 p.m. carousel and climbing wall. Children
WHEN: 6-8 p.m.
Sullivan’s Restaurant. Beer, wine and MORE INFO: Presented by the College encouraged to wear their favorite pajamas.
MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz
Mamasita’s Margaritas will be available for of Charleston School of the Arts. General Advance registration required for Supper
every Thursday evening in the lounge of
purchase. Local musician Jack Triebold admission $15 for adults, $10 for students with Santa. Only 100 tickets will be sold.
the Andell Inn Hotel. Drinks and food
will open the event and lowcountry with school I.D. Admission is free for Tickets are $25 for ages 12 and under, or
available. No cover charge. 843.793.6050.
favorite Bateman’s Stud Farm will keep CofC Faculty and Staff. The Collective $50 for adults (ages 13 and up). Purchase
the party going. Silent auction with will announce the program from the at TheParklandsFoundation.org
November 9, 2018
financial focus

Key to consistent investing?

Paying yourself first
BY DIMI MATOUCHEV quite similar if you have a 401(k) or other
For The Island Connection retirement plan at work. You choose a
percentage of your earnings to go into

onsistency is a key ingredient of your plan, and the money is taken out of
success in many activities, including your paycheck. (And if you’re fortunate,
investing. And one technique that your employer will match some of your
can help you become a more consistent contributions, too.)
investor is paying yourself first. But even if you do have a 401(k), you’re
Many people have the best of intentions probably also eligible to contribute to an
when it comes to investing. They know IRA, which is a great vehicle for your
how important is it to put money away for pay-yourself-first strategy. You can put in
long-term goals, especially the goal of a up to $5,500 per year to a traditional or
comfortable retirement. Yet they may only Roth IRA (or $6,500 if you’re 50 or older),
invest sporadically. Why? Because they so, if you are able to “max out” for the year,
wait until they’ve taken care of all the bills you could simply divide $5,500 or $6,500
– mortgage, utilities, car payments and so by 12 and have either $458 or $541 moved
on – before they feel comfortable enough from your savings or checking account
to write a check for their investments. And each month into your IRA. Of course,
by the time they reach that point, they you don’t have to put in the full $5,500
might even decide there’s something more or $6,500 each year, although some IRAs
fun to do with what’s left of their money. do require minimum amounts to at least
open the account.
How can you avoid falling into this
habit of intermittent investing? By paying You might think such modest amounts
yourself first. Each month, have your won’t add up to a lot, but after a few
bank move money from your checking years, you could be surprised at how
or savings account into the investments much you’ve accumulated. Plus, you may
of your choice. By taking this hassle- not always be limited to contributing
free approach, rather than counting on relatively small sums, because as your
your ability to send a check, you can help career advances, your earnings may
ensure you actually do contribute to your increase significantly, allowing you to
investments, month after month. boost your IRA contributions continually.
By moving the money automatically, In any case, here’s the key point: When
you probably won’t miss it, and, like most you invest, it’s all right to start small, as
people who follow this technique, you long as you keep at it. And the best way
will find ways to economize, as needed, to ensure you continue investing regularly
to make up for whatever you’re investing. is to pay yourself first. If you do it long
enough, it will become routine and it will
You already may be doing something be one habit you won’t want to break.

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