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Pro tip for anyone having issues with any 9.0 ROMs.

After a full wipe, (data,

system, cache) mount your system in TWRP, advanced -> file explorer. Look for the
'System' folder. There might be a 'lost+found' folder. DELETE that. Then try clean
installing again.

For whatever reason after full wiping, this folder repopulates whatever 9.0 GAAPs
you've tried on your phone, right after you've ONLY just flashed your ROM (with no
GAPPs). This can cause conflicts and issues!

So if you've had:

- crashing of the pixel setup wizard

- crashing while setting up your phone in the setup wizard
- incorrect dark theme colors

Give this extra step a shot.



#Dirty Flashing
1 - Flash both rom and gapps
2 - Wipe cache and dalvik cache
3 - Reboot


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[SCRIPT][GUIDE] Reduce google play services battery drain [] by Choristav

Originally Posted by paulkono View Post

Out of curiosity, what's the reason behind disabling FusedLocationService and
FusedProviderService? Don't they help battery consumption or is Google simply using
it as another analytics gathering tool?
Both. They are used in Google Maps app mainly the FusedLocation but if you don't
use them, there's no real harm uninstalling them or blocking wakelocks of them.
Also location wakelocks from Google Play tend to be the most draining even if you
disable location or reduce location to device only which is why Amplify is Handy.
So removing the fused location would reduce battery drain and increase potential
battery life.
Although being completely Googleless saves more battery life and you get to be more
private but the only thing left that takes privacy is your cellphone provider,
unless airplane mode or so. But having a separate phone for calling can be one
method. It is possibly to be almost completely Googleless on android and still have
an alright experience by using Fdroid and Yalp store. If you still want google
stuff but less battery drain and less analytics, MicroG is another solution.
Although limiting wakelocks via Amplify is good enough if you still use Google Play
and uninstalling or freezing apps like Fused Location.


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It looks like the new download may fix the battery drain issues I was experiencing.
I lost about 3-5% over a total of 8 hours last night, where before I was losing
around 20-25%. I'll test more with my two phones and let you know. Thanks much,

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Comentez o data la 2-3 ani pe filelist , insa LASATI ACTIVATOARELE va trebuie

licenta!!!WIN10 e ultima varianta care va fi din cate zic oficialii MS.Cum o ai
1. Instaleaza WIN7 Prof, partitionarea HDD/SSD sa fie MBR, FARA NET!
2. Activeaza cu un activator by DAZ
3. Conecteaza netul , descarca WINDOWS UPDATE ADVISOR
4. Fa update la WIN 10 PRO, dureaza...ore!!(1 ora pe I5)
5. Activarea va fi automata Licenta OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)!!
Adica legata de placa de baza restul puteti schimba in PC/LAPTOP!
6. FA cont MICROSOFT pt salvarea echipamentului
6.a.!!!!Verifica cu MANAGE MY MICROSOFT ACOUNT daca sistemul e salvat pe serverele
7. La orice reinstalare de WIN10 activarea se va face cand va conectati la cont.
Se pare ca au uitat sa opreasca licentele upgrade desi anuntasera end-ul in 2016!!!
P.s.? Pe WIN8 nu merge pt ca are partitionare GPT si se activeaza cu KMS care este
depistat la UPGRADE, BAFTA!!! :innocent: NU DATI BANI LA AMERICAN(mai bine donati
pe FL)I!!