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Classroom Rules and Regulations

1. Come to school early and regularly.

2. Wear your complete uniform and ID
3. Maintain the cleanliness of the room and corridor every day.
4. Successive unexcused absences and tardiness is subject to
disciplinary action or expulsion.
5. Avoid “vandalism”
6. Reading undesirable materials is strictly prohibited.
7. Ask permission from your teacher before going out of the classroom.
8. Bring your packed lunch.
9. Observe silence during class hours.
10. Bring plastic for garbage purposes.
11. Form a line when passing in and out of the classroom to avoid
untoward incidents.
12.Show courtesy to every member of the school personnel and fellow
13.Keep your surroundings “spic and span”.
14.Study and do your assignments every day.
15. Avoid cheating whenever there are tests.
16.Go home directly after class hours.
17. Wear your foot rags.