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Orientation of the Subject/s

June 7, 2018 - Thursday

7:00 - 1:50 - VI – Magsaysay, Aguinaldo, Quezon, Ramos, Macapagal

I. Orient learners in particular subject area

II. Subject Orientation - English and MAPEH

Materials: Power point presentation

III. Procedures:

A. Preparatory activities
1. Teacher will give instructions about the routines before the lesson

B. Orientation Proper
1. Teacher will use power point to discuss with pupils the required knowledge and
skill for the subject.
2. Teacher will also discuss the rating system
3. Teacher will emphasize the requirement/s for the subject

C. Concluding Activity
1. Teacher will show examples of the activities
2. Groupings

IV. Reminder:

Get ready for the lesson tomorrow.