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What i want to recommend to the Coca-Cola company is that

they should have a shuttle or any form transportation inside the factory.
I want to recommend it because when i went to NRP HR plant, I found
that the distance that I’ve walk is far. Another aspect that i want to
recommend is people who handle the NRP HR Office. It is because if
employees giving the things there’s always no people in HR. it is also
because the employees need to walk long just to go to the HR RGB plant
1.These are some of the aspect that i notice to be recommended to
Coca-Cola FEMSA.

4. Same things that need improvement in office are the computers

for the interns inside the HR office and increase in bond paper supplies
and printers. The HR office need computer because we have to take
terms in using computer. The bond paper and printer in the office are
also used by the safely department. There is only one printer in the
office causing incomevience for us.

The first person that i have talked to is my co-intern in the office

who was assigned to be my partner. My partner teaches me all the
chores and tasks inside the office. I was assigned in the Labor Relations
and social Development where i interact with other departments when i
bring paperwork’s like birthday drink age. When i first bring paperwork’s,
i deliver it to the operation department where i interact with ma'am Aira
and she is one of the employees that became my friend. The second is in
the Cross duck office where i give the requests and they will then issue
the drink age. Ma'am Claudette is the person that i also communicate
with. Then after Cross duck going to finance department and Mr. Roy
will issue the gate pass to deliver the drink age for the employees and
He is also the one i spoke with. In the HR office, we are trained for
answering phone calls. I had fun in answering phone calls because this is
also our practice. When i post some announcement in the bulletin
board, i also explained it to the employees who are asking questions
about the announcement; these also serve as my communication with
the employees.

Critical Thinking.

The instructions given to us by our superior are always unclear.

They don't always give precise or exact instruction. They also do not like
to repeat what they already said in giving orders to us want us because
of that, we carefully analyze the task they have given us. We also think of
a strategy to know what ma’am really want for example when i first go
around the plant ma’am ask me to go to the PM's office to get the
papers. I ask where will i find it and then she told me that it is in the NRP
ma’am didn't specifically said the department. The only thing that i did is
to ask to the employees that I’ve encountered along the way. Later on i
finally found the PM's office without asking ma’am again.
Time Management.

As soon as ma’am gives us chores, we always do it early. For example,

the drink age for a specific month commonly took 2 days that is why we
do it earlier like the drink age for March, we started the request in feb
25 to make it on time and early. The PowerPoint presentation for the
birthday bash event was done before having the event and also the
decoration for the room where the birthday bash will be held was
prepared immediately. On my training there is no job that i have done
late. Ma’am gave me task early to make it manageable. Because of that,
we manage our time efficiently and there is no time wasted.

Interpersonal Relations

When i am at the transaction Window and there is an employee around

that needs assistance, i greet them after opening the window like “Good
morning " then i will ask what they needs. This is where my
interpersonal relations between the employees. the employees were
kind and approachable when i am delivering drink age request at the
operation department, i always come to meet and talk with ma’am Aira
and because of my frequent arrival at the department, there are many
employees i come to interact with the office was filled with fun and i
have some friendly co interns. We always help each other and if there is
a free time, i come to help Mr. Kim and ma’am Anne.

Decision Making

Before i decide on what will I do in the office, I carefully think of what i

will be doing for the task. Like for example when i am distributing stand
banners, i will check first which department needs the stand banner and
i will report the list of department who accepted to put stand banner s
and after it is approved by ma’am, i will finally distribute it to the
department. I will then decide where will i start to distribute and which
department will be first. Because of these, i learned to do my task alone
and decide on my own.
Creative Thinking

All i need is to carefully think before i do the task that is assign to me.
when ma’am gave me a task, it is about making a photo booth clipart
which will be printed in bond paper i doubt that bond paper is
applicable for a clipart because it is soft not strong enough and it will
easily crumpled and here comes my creative Thinking. My first option is
the unused folder but i think that it will be used later. When I’m
thinking of other things to make my clipart hard, i saw a 2017 calendar
that is unused and is ready for disposal. i use it to make my clipart hard.
The task is successful because i recycled the papers and they are not left


When there is work to be done, we always come to work together to

accomplish to it fast and on time like for example when we were
assigned to make a Christmas tree for the Christmas tree contest in the
company. We worked together as a team and gives effort to design our
Christmas tree the result was successful and we get the second place in
the contest. Before we come up with the design each of us give several
suggestions. All of our ideas were bond together for the improvement of
our Christmas tree.


Data encoding in the office was made faster because of computers.

Because of it i have learned more about computers. One of it using excel
when encoding different data, i don't have to use Microsoft word. Excel
is commonly used in the office i commonly use word that is why I’m a
bit slow. i also use Microsoft excel, PowerPoint in making report to
ma’am. I have enhanced my skills in designing and editing like in the
PowerPoint for the birthday bash. By the use of technology i learned
that i can use it to make my work much easier.

As a leader, i should be a great example for my members and i should

accept everyone’s suggestions or ideas. Even though i don't experience
being a leader yet. But i have a co intern. i teach her the different things
in the labor Relations and social Development and i also act as a leader
to her by means of bonding and also teaching different things to her.
The job in the office was hard and it was exhausting. i ask my partner if
she's okay doing the task alone. She said that she learned enough from
the things i though her. I was very happy then, because in my former co-
intern taught me everything so that i can teach my new partner what
I've learn to my former co-intern. As an acting leader to my partner she
also taught well enough of every day's task in the office.

Stress Management.

Sometimes, i get stressed when they gave me a bundle of work. Doing

the job alone became cramming because I’d need to do it on Time
when i experience these scenario. When there is a job undone in the
office, we still worry about that job even if were in our home.
Sometimes i can’t sleep well enough because of that, Because of
overthinking of which will be done first, its affected so much that it
cause us to be slow at work. to cope with this problem , i created a list
of all the task given to me in order of which will be first to make it much
easier to manage.
Openness to Change

At first, we always prepare in planning of what will be done in our

company Birthday bash. Because of birthday bash, the employees have
a chance to get together and have fun because of the foods and games.
But because of the decrease in the company's budget the birthday bash
is now gone. It was now change to drink age the employee claim. It is
compose of different drinks or beverages. Many became puzzled why
the birthday bash is gone because it is fun. I also became sad because
when there is an event like it, I saw how their hard work is their job was
changed to fun and excitement. the employees still get 2 cases of drinks,
Now, the common event happening in the company were just meetings ,
they already accept the fact that it is now gone.


Because I was assigned to labor Relations and social Development, I

learned many things. Not just being creative about things but also in
communicating with other employees. One of my successful works and
one that made my supervisor happy was when I was told to make props
for the monthly birthday bash of Plant 1 and I suggested that we make a
photo booth clip arts. I thought really hard on how to do it and how i
can make it simple and yet creative. So I edited clip arts in PowerPoint
and showed it to my supervisor for her approval. She approved it but
because she printed it in colored paper i had to paste it in hard paper. I
saw an old calendar so I used it instead of throwing it to the garbage so
it wouldn't get wasted. My task was a success.
Initiative and motivation

Because of my job training I learned many things about an office I also

learned how i can make my job efficiently. Whenever I get my task done
quickly and I don't have anything to do, I ask Sir for tasks I can still do
with my free time. One time, he asked who can go to the HR office of
the other Plant to receive BIR form that employees will submit. I
volunteered to come because i know how to do it. Many employees
submitted their BIR form and I was there to assist them. I did my job
happily and successfully.

Integrity and honesty

We need to be honest in our job and always be truthful this is one that I
learn when i was handling the job of claiming BIR forms in NRP HR office
and issuing employee cedulas. Because many employees were issued
cedulas there was excess money due to unclaimed changes. Even
though I was hungry that time, having it for myself didn't even slip my
mind because I believe in the saying “Honesty is the best policy".


As an OJT intern I do and finish my tasks as best and as efficiently as I

can. Just like when I did the task of claiming employee BIR forms, I did it
right and timely because I was the one who volunteered for it and I
needed to be dependable as an employee. Whenever we have a task
needed to be done as soon as possible we do it overtime for its timely
finish. As an employee of an organization, we need to be dependable in
order for the organization to function.

We frequently see confidential papers in the office .But even if I see it, I
just pretend that I didn't see anything at all, because it is confidential.
Just like 201's of the employees, because we are the one who file it. It is
unavailable to read something in it; because it is confidential i just don't
mind it. Sometimes I heard what our boss are talking about but instead
of gossiping. I just keep it to myself. We must not gossip about it and tell
it to anyone. They say that when you leave your workplace leave
confidential details too.

Commitment to observing

Yes, I am listening and following their instructions and understand what

is the task about. I understand what organization they have. I also listen
in other's suggestions when we have a work that is needed to be done.
In the department HR they are jolly that’s why i understand their
behavior in communicating with other Interns, they have suggestions for
us and I respect their ideas. I learned many things about technologies
like money encoding and printing at new technologies printer and
scanner. Am i reliable? I think yes, because every time I'm not doing a
task in the office I help in my co-intern to get their job done.

My Career plan.

Because we are graduating soon and start a new challenges in life. I

think my Career in three years or five years will be in photography this is
one of what I really like. For me, to achieve my dream I need to learn
photography i will create my own Photoshop. I want my goals to be
achieved and be a photographer. I will do my best to achieve my goals in
2. Anlyze the Business Potential

The Location of Coca-Cola's company factory is strategic because it is

located in an urban area and is at a high way which means that it can be
easily seen by prospective client and its delivery route is easily

Location and environs

Coca-Cola's company factory is located at Pulong Sta.Cruz Sta.Rosa

Laguna. Is location in the city is strategic in connection to its company
operation and target market. Because of its accessibility to its delivery

2. What are the features?

Coca-Cola's company factory is utilized as its production plant and office

space. Therefore minimizing a rental cost of office space.