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1. What is FMT?
FMT stands for Fixed mobile telephony. It allows one to make and receive calls through the VOIP
APP installed in the smart phone connected to any data network (wired/wireless broadband).
2. What is VOIP or SIP?
VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. This is the
open–standard set of protocols for the packet technology utilized in this value Added Service (VAS).
3. Why it is called LFMT i.e. limited FMT?
With LFMT, subscriber can receive and originate his fixed line calls through the APP installed in his
smart phone connected on WI-FI to his BSNL broadband modem (within WI-FI range). It is restricted
to BSNL data service (broadband, ILL, etc.) as the path for the VoIP data packets.
4. How it is different from voice calling on WhatsApp?
In LFMT, customer can make / receive calls from any other LFMT as well as non-LFMT numbers like
NGN, Mobile, ISD, NLD numbers whether BSNL or non-BSNL. Whereas in WhatsApp, the called party
should be online on WhatsApp at the time of calling.
5. What is the number allotted for LFMT, and what is the use of the virtual number allotted?
In Chennai TD, the virtual number allotted is in 2999 level (of NGN switch) and can presently be used
for voice calling service in the smart phone using BSNL Wi-Fi network. In future it can be utilized for
other NGN services too.
6. Does it need GSM connectivitylike 3G/4G?
No there is no need to have a SIM or GSM connectivity for availing this service. Customer just need
Wi-Fi emanating from a BSNL broadband modem.
7. Does it work with smartphone having SIM of non-BSNL service provider?
Yes. LFMT works independent of any SIM. Any smart phone having non–BSNL SIM can also be
configured with LFMT facility. No need to even have SIM inside the smartphone, since SIM
functionality is not used at all !
8. Are there any fixed monthly charges?
No separate fixed monthly charges for limited FMT services at present.
9. What are the charges for outgoing calls?
Call charges as per their existing basic voice plan, standalone or combo (which may be included in
the combo LL+BB plan). Since the VoIP data flows through the broadband pipe, which is usually on
an unlimited tariff plan – there are no additional charges usually. For example, in 1199 combo plan,
which has unlimited voice as well as data, outgoing calls will not incur any charges at all. In case of
1091 combo UL plan, which does not have any free voice calls, one MCU will cost Re 1/1.20. In 995
combo plan having 400 minutes free; one MCU will cost Rs 1/1.20 for on-net / off-net calls. For the
BB only customers and leased line customers, LFMT call charges will be Rs.1.10/MCU.
10. What are the charges for incoming calls?
There are no separate call charges for the incoming calls (apart from the VoIP data flowing through
the broadband pipe).
11. What are the advantages of LFMT?
The service will give better voice quality where mobile signals are poor such as high-rise buildings or
peripheral areas or deep indoors. Limited movement within the house or residence. secondly, the
large phonebook/recording/logging and other features of a smartphone can be utilized for
making/receiving landline calls too.
12. Will it work outside the building viz home/office?
No, usage is restricted within customer premises (office/residence) through his own BSNL
Broadband,as long as it is within the range of a WI-FI emanating from a BSNL BB modem – this may
extend indoors as well as outdoor.
13. Does it support Windows phone?
No, It supports only Android and (Apple) IoS, at present.
14. Can it work on dynamic IP?
No, static IP is absolutely required (essential for VOIP packet routing)
15. Can it work with a feature-phone?
No, since it is APP-based, which requires a smart phone, in order to download the soft client.
16. What is the cost of one static IP?
Presently, rental for static IP is NIL . Static IP worth Rs. 2000. per year is being provided free of cost.
17. Can more than one smartphone be linked with one static IP?
Yes, any number of connections can be registered on single static IP. However, at a given time, only
one smart phone can be active on LFMT call.
18. Can simultaneously new virtual LFMT no as well as old line no be both co-exist at the same time?
Yes, both can be simultaneously used. Calls on the virtual LFMT# will be accessed through smart–
phone, whereas calls on the old physical line no. will be accessed on the physical landline (bfone)
19. Can it work from any other WiFi device like laptop or phablet?
Yes, it can work from any type of smart WI-FI calling device like laptop, phablet, which can download
soft client.
20. Which are the SIP soft clients that be used?
In Google play store, several SIP soft clients are available for free download. Zoiper is recommended
(39.71 MB)
21. Can it be used in office/corporate environment?
Yes, it can be used in office/corporate environment, where WI-FI emanating from BSNL BB modem is
22. How to apply for LFMT?
A specific CAF (Customer Agreement Form) – BB with LFMT, is available in any of the CSCs (Customer
service centre) of BSNL ChTD may be filled up & submitted, with the required documents.
23. Is night free calling facility available?
Yes, night free calling facility is available for LFMT calls too: between 9 pm to 7 am to any phone,any
network, anywhere in India,are free of call charges.
24. Is Sunday free calling facility available?
Yes, Sunday free calling facility is available for LFMT calls too: All calls for 34 hours straight (9 p.m of
Saturday to 7 am of Monday) to any phone, any network, any where in India, are free of call charges.
25. Is Family & Friends scheme applicable?
Yes, Friends & Family scheme is under implementation for LFMT calls too.
26. Presently I do not have a BSNL landline. Iwould like to have LFMT. How?
Request for a new BSNL landline with broadband. Preferably choose a combo unlimited BB plan. For
this two CAFs are to be filled up. - one for LL and another for BB selecting the LFMT option. Lline will
be provided if the address is in a feasible locality. You have to arrange for a BB modem as well as
CLIP instrument, preferably by purchasing from BSNL CSC (Customer Service Centre)
27. Presently I have a BSNL LL without broadband. Iwould like to have LFMT. How?
Request for BSNL broadband on existing BSNL line, visit any CSC, fill up the BB CAF, selecting the
LFMT option. Arrange for a BB modem, preferably by purchase from BSNL CSC.
28. I already have a BSNL landline with broadband. I would like to have LFMT. How to proceed?
Visit any CSC and fill up the BB CAF, selecting the LFMT option. You will get SMS and email for
logging in to portal site for configuration and activation.
29. I already have a static IP on a BSNL broadband, used for VPN or CCTV. Can I still go in for LFMT?
Existing Static IP can be utilised for LFMT too. When static IP is due for renewal then, it will be
renewed free of charge.
30. Is there any additional deposit for this?
No additional deposit for LFMT. If sufficient security deposit is not available against existing plan,
required gap amount needs to be paid - to reach a level of Rs. 500. for Local+NSD, or Rs. 2000. for
31. Are there any free calls provided?
Free calls are as per already existing basic/broadband standalone/combo tariff plans.
32. Is there any registration or activation charge?
Presently, no registration or activation charge, as a promotional facility for limited period.
33. Is LFMT applicable to any BSNL wireless broadband plan?
Presently, LFMT is applicable to all wireless broadband plans.
34. What is the legal position of using this facility?
These are no known security or legal implications at present.
35. Is a similar service to LFMT provided by any other telecom service provider in India?
Presently, this is a unique service provided by BSNL only.
36. Will there be a separate bill for LFMT service?
No. It will be an integrated bill for both the primary physical landline as well as the secondary LFMT
(virtual) number. Both share the same customer account number.
37. Is LFMT provided for broadband only connections too?
Definitely yes. It will be very useful in (BBO) pure BB only (voiceless) connections, for getting
landline-like voice facility. It would be of great advantage to such customers, who can get superior
voice-calling facility, even though they are not having conventional voice interface. The existing BB
modem with WiFi can serve the purpose. The tariff is almost the same too – uniformly Rs, 1.10 per
MCU, whether on-net or off-net.
38. Can LFMT be provided for ILL (Internet Leased Line) customers?
Of course yes. A BB modem with WiFi can serve the purpose. It would be of great advantage to such
customers, who can get superior voice-calling facility, even though they are not having conventional
voice calls. The tariff is almost the same too – uniformly Rs, 1.10 per MCU, whether on-net or off-

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