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ROAD DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. MINISTRY OF PORTS AND HIGHWAYS DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA CONTRACT NO.: RDA/SEEP/CONT-S4 EXTENSION OF SOUTHERN EXPRESSWAY SECTION ~ 4 (ESEP-S4) FROM MATTALA TO HAMBANTOTA VIA ANDARAWEWA. WORKING DRAWINGS FOR BOX CULVERT AT CH 4+170 (REV.0) Gr (GINEERING COMPANY LTD. 28 OCT 2016 CHINA HARBOUR mesa ening he sale Ce S08 dag (6) ‘Sts he ton te Ego hati rant al eae epee Sw sop wot ng tng cg “eps al pode i ant fun ng eh eee Eoheteieteemersae Eamets ater Spon Laas arcane {5 tn 20 Khe al plant be ap ae ty en he hake as th he ‘emt pcg lca ta, i ic “| a AR gc ue falda ° o o-g 3 o 8