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NATIONAL COOPERATIVE HIGHWAY RESEARCH PROGRAM NCHRP Report 4 Fatigue-Resistant Design of Cantilevered Signal, Sign and Light Supports Birra reece en coo- team sreriae! National Research Council ‘TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH BOARD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 1998 oFricers ‘Chalrwoman: Shr Boas Genel Maneer AC Trot ‘Vice Charman: Way Shot Commision, Gora Dart of raporaion Excite Director: ler Sine. Je. Transportation Research Bord, MENMHERS ‘THOMAS F- BARRY. I. Secretary of Teampottin, ride Deparment of Traprtaion [BRIAN 1 BERRY, Ld Vie Berner Repent Profesor, Bn Center or Deepen Sabie, Univer of ea at lls SARAH C, CAMPBELL, Presiden, TrasMonsemen, ey Washington BC E.DEANCARLSON, Serer auc Daren of Trnypsriton JOANNE. CASEY, Presiden: ternal Azciaten of Nort Ameria, Grebe, MD JOHN W, PSHER, Diver, ATLSS Enger Resch ener Leigh Uneraiy {GORMAN GILBERT, Prev ItatefrTransrttionResecch ond Eaton Neh Corona St iver DELON HAMPION, Chairané CED, Delon Hanpton& Asc, Wokingon DC LESTER A. HOEL Hoon Profesor, hil Fepaering, Unser of Virgina JAMES LAMMIE, Director, Pars Brinch nc Ben York NY THOMAS F.LARWIN, General Monger. Sun Diego Metrepoan Tran Deeper Board BRADLEY L. MALLORY. Serta ofTromporaion Pesan Dapartmet of Troigrtation JEFFREY J. MeCAIG, Presiden ond CEO, Trina Corporation Cala Alberta, Cate JOSEPHA. MICKES, Che noe, Misr Dapotment of Trapotton [MARSHALL W. MOORE, Director Nor Dats Deparment of Troupin ANDREA RINIKER, Bure Diet, Port Taco JOHN M, SAMUELS, V7. Operations Ploming & But Nook Souther Corporation Nef VA LES STERMAN, Eewine Dicer, Eas Wert Gateay Coordinating Count Lou MO {AMES W. vis LOBEN SELS,Directir, CALTRANS (ist Chat (996) MARTIN WACHS, Director, Unies of Calon Transporation Centr, Universi of Calorie Berkley DAVID WINSTEAD, Serta, Maran Department of Transportation DAVID N. WORMLEY, Deo of Enincerig, otsanin Sate Unvery Past Chat, 1957) MIKE ACOTT, Presid Mtns Anhalt Pavement Aston (fis) JOE. BALLARD, Chef Eine and Commander US Amey Corpo apne es fic) [ANDREW H. CARD, IR. President ond CEO, America Atmel Manis Atociation ex fie) KELLEY S.COYNER, Acting Adair Reteach ond pial Programs US. Disarm of Fiorini) MORTIMER L. DOWNEY, Depry Serr. Ofte ofthe Serta US. Deparment of Transporation (ex a9) [FRANCIS B. FRANCOIS, Excve Director Amerson suction of SH nd Traniortation Oficial (Ta) DAVID GARDINER, asian Administrator US Eniranmentl Protection Agony ox fF) {AME .GARVEY, Feral Aviation Advisor, US, Deparment of Transportation exc) JOHN GRAYKOWSKI Acting Mote Adniiatr, US Department of Tromptatin (fk) ROBERT A. KNISELY, Drury Deir, Buren of Tanpotation Stasis, US Deparment of Tampon x of) GORDON 1. LINTON, Federal Trait Admini, US Deparment of Tension fo) RICARDO MARTINEZ, Nevo Mighnay Taf fey Administrator, US Departmen’ of Taupin ox fl) [WALTER B.MECORMICK, Pree an CEO. Ameicon Tracing Atscation fe. (efi) \WILLIAN W. MILLAR, Presiden, Americn Pac Tron Auction eof) JOLENEM. MOLITORIS, Fecal Rad Adminitraty,US Department of Tonpertton ec) KAREN BORLAUG PHILLIP, Snir Vie Presiden, Asocaton of Ameriean Ralls eo) VALENTINI RIVA, Pree, American Concrete Paemen Assaton (GEORGE D. WARRINGTON, Acieg Presid ond CEO, Natl Raa Pasener Corporation (x Tico) KENNETH R, WYKLE Flea ighnay Adina, US Depoonet of Trentino) NATIONAL COOPERATIVE HIGHWAY RESEARCH PROGRAM Transporation Research Bord Exctve Connie Sabena fr NCHRP. [SHARON BANKS. AC Trani (Charson) [FRANCIS B. FRANCOIS, Anrrican Action fate High and Traportaion Ofcie DAVID WORMLEY, Pease State Unies LESTER A. HOE, Univer of Virginia KENNETH WYKLE, Fda Highway Admiisration Project Pane 1058 Pit of Male and Consrction Aen of Speciation, Proce, and Practes [OWN PANAK. DS Engineering. Austin (Chal) JOHN NYDAME, Univer of Wyoming CHAO HU, Detnore DOT ROGER D. TILL sigan DOT F.WAYNEKLAIBER, love State Untwry KRISHNA K. VERMA, FHWA WAYNE SHACKELFORD. Grose Depurtent of Tramportaion ROBERT E SKINNER JB, Tranporaon sar Board ALLEN F.LAFFOON, Maur MiphiayandPanportton Department, [CLARENCE MABIN. Custom Enncerig Ie, Independonce, MO Program Saf ROBERT J. REILLY, Director, Coopermine Resch Programs [CRAWFORD F.JENCKS, Manager NCHRP DAVID. BEAL, Senor Pregnm cer LLOYD R. CROWTHER, Ser Program Officer BRAY DER. Seno Progam Ofer [AMIRN. HANNA, Sir Progra Ofc EDWARD, HARRIGAN, Senior Progam Ofer WILLIAM WRIGHT, FHA Lion Represent D, WILLIAM DEARASAUGH, TRB Lino Representative RONALD D. MeCREADY. Senor Porta Ofer KENNETH OPIELA Senor Program Ofer HELEN CHIN, Asan Eor JANIE FEAR, Auton Ear HILARY FREER, Ais ator REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE Form Approved OMB No. 0704-0188 Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 1 our response, including the ine for reviewing instructions, searching existing dha sourees,pthering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the callestion of information. Send comments regarding this burden ‘timate or any oe aspect ofthis collection of information, including suggestions for reel this burden, to Washington Headquarters Services, Directorate for {information Operations and Reports, 1215 Jefferson Davie Highway, Suite 1204, Aringlon, VA. 22202-4302, an wo the Office of Management and Budget, Paperwark reduction Project (0704-0188), Washington, DC_ 20503, 1. AGENCY USE ONLY (Leave | 2. REPORT DATE 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED blank 1998 Final Report 4, TITLE AND SUBTITLE NCHRP Report 412: Fatigue-Resistant Design of Cantievered Signal, Sign end Light Supports E99-126690 SG AUTHORS: MA, Knit oa | 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESSIES) [ATLSS Engineering Research Center Lahigh University Bethlohom, PA 5 FUNDING NUMBERS 10-38 8, PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER HR 10-38, 9, SPONSORING/MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) “American Assocation of State Highway and Transportation Oficials ‘444 North Capitol Sueet, NAW. Suite 249, ‘Washington, D.C. 20001 10, SPONSORING/MONTTORING AGENCY REPORT NUMBER. 111, SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES. Sponsored in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration 128, DISTRIBUTION/AVAILABILITY STATEMENT Available from: Trangporttion Research Board 2105 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20418, 1b, DISTRIBUTION CODE: nlite 13, ABSTRACT (Maximum 200 words) ‘This report contains the findings of 8 study on fatigue resistance of cantilevered signal, sign, and ight supports. the fatgue-esistant design of these structures are included. The contants ofthis report wil be of mmedia engineers, traffic engineers, and manufacturers. rest to bridge and structural Recommended spacitcatons for 16, SUBJECT TERMS Bridges, Other Structures, and Hydraulics nd Hydrology 18, NUMBER OF PAGES 16. PRICE CODE 17, SECURITY CLASSIFICATION | 18. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION | 19, SECURITY CLASSIFICATION Unclassified (OF THIS PAGE Unclessitiod ‘OF ABSTRACT Unclassfiod 20, UMITATION OF ABSTRACT