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2010/2011 Season.

Dear Prospective “Tenants 4 Turns” Participant,

Two years ago Stevens Pass introduced the Tenants 4 Turns housing program to
great success and is making it available again this season. As you may have already heard
our Tenants 4 Turns program is a community-based employee-housing program that offers
ten free lift tickets or a seasons pass (with a $50.00 charge) to homeowners and renters who
rent a room or rental unit to Stevens Pass employees for the winter and do so following the
program guide lines. The intent of this program is to help employees find local housing and
insure that Stevens Pass can meet our staffing needs so that we can offer the high level of
customer service our guests have come to expect. Following are this year’s program

• Rental openings must be posted with the Stevens Pass Employee Housing Department prior to
filling vacancies to qualify for tickets or pass (hereafter referred to “Vouchers”). Agreements
made with tenants prior to signing up with the program are not eligible for the vouchers.

• Homeowners and Landlords must fill out the Tenants 4 Turns housing program questionnaire
and the General Liability Release Form to participate in the program (pages 3 and 4 of this

• Homeowners and Landlords must provide and sign a rental agreement with the Stevens Pass
Employee(s) that will be renting from you. This rental agreement must be for terms no longer
than four (4) months. If you and the tenant would like to continue the housing arrangement after
the initial 4 month term up. You are free to do so outside of the Tenants 4 Turns program.

• These listings are made available to prospective renters only after they have accepted a job with
Stevens Pass.

• Ten lift ticket vouchers will be awarded for each address at which Stevens Pass employees are
housed, regardless of the number of employees residing at that address. Vouchers are not refundable;
not for resale; cannot be carried over to the following season; and are not transferable for other resort
offerings or services.

• In lieu of the ten lift tickets, program participants may choose to receive one season pass voucher,
for a $50 fee, valid at Stevens Pass. Season Passes are not refundable; not for resale; cannot be
carried over to the following season; and are not transferable for other resort offerings or services.

• Vouchers are not available to landlords/homeowners who are already renting to Stevens Pass
employees. The purpose of this program is to find temporary housing for our non-local
seasonal employees. The intent of the Voucher is to offset the restrictions set by the Tenants 4
Turns program.

• Regarding sub-leasing and the Tenants 4 Turns program. The lease/rental agreement that you have
with your land lord must state that you can sub-lease. Failure to have written permission from your
Landlord will result in removal from the program and deactivation of all vouchers.

• Housing must be within the Stevens Pass Employee Transit System. The bus route follows US
Highway 2 to the Stevens Pass summit from both the west and east. On the west side, the route
starts at the Monroe Fair Ground Park and Ride. From the east side, the route begins at the Big Y
Park & Ride near Peshastin. Housing should be within walking distance (required to rent to
international students) or be within 10 miles (i.e. 15-20 minute drive in snowy conditions) of a
Stevens Pass bus stop. For a list of current bus stops please contact the Stevens Pass Housing

Department. Qualifying for the Tenants 4 Turns program is under the sole discretion of Stevens

• Homeowners or landlords must call Justin Tremlin in the Stevens Pass Employee Housing
Department at (206) 812-7375 to inform him of the employee(s) they are housing. Upon receiving
the call, a copy of the lease agreement, a signed terms and conditions form and after
confirming that the individuals are Stevens Pass employees, Vouchers will be issued

• If you fill your rental with someone who is not a Stevens Pass employee, please call the Employee
Housing Department to have your rental taken off our list.

• Stevens Pass retains the right to exclude listings or change program guidelines.

• Owners of multiple unit dwellings, realtors, and property management companies may fall under
different guidelines than single-family residences.

Stevens Pass would like to inform you that most ski industry employees generally earn approximately
$700 to $900 per month, take home and do not have large reserves of cash to spend at the beginning of the
work season. While we understand the inherent risk involved in renting property and the importance of
protecting your property, please keep this in mind when determining an appropriate rental and deposit
amounts. That said we do believe that it is very important that you collect a damage deposit before allowing
employees to reserve the rental or move in. We understand in some cases this can be difficult, especially in
the case of renting to an International student. It is however very important that you protect yourself and
your property. Deposits can be done thru Western Union or a mailed certified check. Please note, waiting to
collect the deposit when the employee(s) arrive is not recommended.

Stevens Pass has not developed guidelines regarding the cost of rental and lease agreements but
recommends that they be within the range of $200 - $300 a month, per room, plus utilities.

For new participants to the Tenants 4 Turns housing program, we would also like to take this
opportunity to inform you that many of our employees are moving to the area from distant locations
making email the most cost effective and convenient means for them to contact you. You may receive
emails or calls from across the nation or other countries. These people may not be able to meet with you
face to face before their desired move-in date or be familiar with the place we live in. Sending photos and
discussing the town/community you live in can go a long way in finding the tenant(s) that is right for you.
Please understand that Stevens Pass goes to great lengths to insure we are hiring only the highest quality,
most responsible candidates to fill our positions and we would hope that you would still consider these
prospective renters.

Stevens Pass is looking forward to another great winter season and would like to invite you to be a part
of it. As always, we welcome any ideas you can come up with to help our Tenants 4 Turns program grow
and improve. If you have any questions or concerns about this season’s program please feel free to contact
Justin Tremlin in the Employee Housing Department. Again, thank you for your interest in Stevens Pass
and for your support of our employees!


Justin Tremlin
Employee Housing Manager
Stevens Pass LLC
Office: 206-812-7375
Office: 206-812-4510 ext 4284
E-mail: jtremlin@stevenspass.com

Please fill out the following questionnaire to be included in the Tenants 4 Turns housing program.

You may e-mail (jtremlin@stevenpass.com), mail or fax this form to

Stevens Pass Employee Housing P.O. Box 609 Leavenworth WA, 98288.
Fax: (206) 812-4517 attn: Housing. If you have any questions please call (206) 812-7375


Mailing Address:

Email Address:

Physical Address of rental (if different from mailing address):

Phone number employee can reach you:

Dates room /apartment/house will be available:

Rent per month: Is First and/or last months

rent required?:
Is the rent per person, per room or entire apartment:

How many people are looking to rent to?

Are utilities included?: If no, how much per month:

Is a deposit required?: If yes, how much:

(Highly recommended)
*Is smoking allowed? *Are pets allowed?

Does the accommodations have a Washer/Dryer?:

Will the renter(s) have their own bathroom/shower

or will it shared with the “host” family?:
Is the property furnished?: Is snow removal included?:

Additional comments or special requests you would like to include?:


The undersigned is participating in the “Tenants 4 Turns” employee-housing program. The undersigned
participant(s) does hereby release and forever discharge Stevens Pass LLC, its employees and Board of
Directors from any and all responsibility and liability as herein after enumerated, and further agrees to
indemnify and hold harmless Stevens Pass and all persons acting for Stevens Pass against all claims, costs
and attorney's fees arising out of or in any way connected with the Tenants 4 Turns employee housing

• All rental/leases agreements are between the landlord/owner and the tenant. Stevens Pass is only a
facilitator of the “Tenants 4 Turns” housing program and is not involved with any landlord/home
owner and tenant disputes.

• Any intentional or unintentional damage, injury caused in whole or in part by the tenant, whether
alone or together with or in association with others, to any person or persons or the property of any
person or persons, whether it be personal, real or mixed;

• Any financial or other obligation incurred by the landlord/home owner during the duration of the
program, including without limitation, obligations or liabilities incurred by a tenant in the

• Any intentional or unintentional injury to the participant, whether or not it results in sickness,
death or disability, caused from sustaining any injury or contracting any illness, which shall
include, but not be limited to, bodily and emotional injury resulting from the acts of another
person or persons, disease, epidemic, hospitalization, surgical operation, medical treatment, taking
of any medicine or drugs, or any other cause connected therewith;

• Any and all claims of whatever nature for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, irregularity or
expense arising from government restrictions or regulations, war, rebellion, weather, acts of God
or governments, or any other like reason;

Any claims, including but not limited to those enumerated in the preceding paragraphs, which arise out of
the landlord/home owner/tenant relationship.


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