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Factors influencing the individual investors decision making behaviour

Pattern of Investment strategy and behaviour of individual investors in market of Nepal
Corporate governance and performance of commercial banks in nepal
Gender difference in investment behaviour in Nepal
Financial Inctvision in Nepal:A case of Panga,Kritipur
Influence of investors emotional biases on investment decision. Nepalese Investor Prespective
Socio economic Impact of Remitance.A case study of Divya Nagar VDC,Chitwan,Nepal
Critical success factors for management of risk in commercial banks of Nepal
Financial Knowledge in Investment decision in Nepalese Derivative Market
Factors affecting preference of depositors and borrowers in selecting financial instutions
Dividend Policy and Stock Price Volatility in Nepalese Stock Market
Understanding of stock market regulations and intentions to participate in Nepal Stock Exchange
Factors influencing depositors behaviour
New service development practice by commercial banks of Nepal
Decision making behaviour of Individual Investors
Profiting from technical analysis in nepalese Stock Market
Performance of IPOs in Nepalese Stock Market
Cross section of Stock Returns :Evidence From Nepalese Stock Market
Seasonality in Nepalese Stock Market
Weak form efficiency test in Nepalese stock market
Behavioural portfolio analysis of individual investors
Selected macro economic variable &stock market development in nepal
Investment Behaviour at retail investors in Nepalese Financial Market
Investors bias: Nepalese Investor Prespective
Gender difference on financial risk taking propensity
Influence of behavioural factors on investment decision and performance: A case of Nepalsese stock market
Managers perception on dividend policy in Nepal
Capital budgeting practice in Nepal: A prespective of Firms in Balaju and patan industrial areas
Quaterly earning announcment effect on stock price in Nepal
Impact of Investors demographic and personality trait on overconfidence bias
Performance of value and growth stocks in Nepal
Dividend policy and its imapct on stock price
Management perception on IPOs
Impact of macroeconomic variable on stock market return
Investors personality characteristics, demographic And behavioural biases:Availability and conservatism in Nepal
Investment mngmt behaviour of instutional investor in Nepalese stock Market
Perception of employee towards CSR and firm performance
Firms characteristics and financial performance of insurance companies in Nepal
Factors affecting investor behaviour in nepalese stock market
Influence of behavioural biases on investment decision :nepalese perspective
Fundamental ratio on determinant of stock price
Impact of inflation and intrest rate on stock market return
Nepalese investor attitude and perception towards mutual fund
Behavioural biases in employee financial decision making
Impact of parents involvemnet on behaviour of youth
Impact of demographic factors in investors investment decision
Stock market volatility of nepalese stock market
Herding Behaviour:A Nepalese investor prespective
Tangible information and stock return in nepalese stock market
Risk tolerance of individual investors in Nepalese capital market
Working capital management and profitability of manufacturing companies in Nepal
CEO compensation and performance of insuranc ecompany
Stock Returns, Volatility and trading volume in Nepalese stock Market
Behavioural detreminant of stock market participation
Dividend policy and share price volatility in Nepalese commercial Banks
Retirement saving behaviour of teachers of TU affilitated colleges
Imapct of demographic factor on financial risk tolerance of individual nepalese investors
Factors affecting behaviour biases the stock investment in nepalses stock market
A survey of behavioural factors influencing individual investor decision making at the nepalese stock market
The effect of firm sepecific variable in stock returns:A case of commercial banks of Nepal
Behavioural biases of portfolio investors decision making
Gender difference in financial literacy : A case of kritipur ward no 3
Impact of social, culture and psychological factors of investors investment decision
Financial behaviour of married investor in ktm
Individual investor perception of dividends in Nepal
Behavioural analysis of individual investor portfolio
Behavioural biases and investment decisions of individual investor in nepalese stock market
Impact of behavioural biases on individual investors decisions on IPOs
Financial risk tolerance of Nepalese Individual investor
Bank selection criteria and depositor behviour in Nepal
Financial literacy and stock market participation
Individual behaviour and security selection in Nepal
Employee perception towards corporate governance and financial performance of commercial banks in Nepal
Financial inclusion in Shrilanka,Geta-11 kailali
Behaviour dterminants of Nepalese stock investor decisions
Investors of Nepal
Financial inclusion in nepal: A case of ampur, Palpa
Capital structure decision of small and medium enterprises in kritipur municiplity
The cross section of stock return-Test of CAPM and rama french, Three factor model
Capital anomalies in Nepalese Stock Market
Factors related to risk tolerance of household in kathmandu city
The attitudinal-Determinant of adopting the heard behaviour
Firms Specific determinants of capital structure: A case study of Nepal
Factors influencing the investment performance of Nepalese investor in Stock Market
Investor's awarness,risk tolerance and behaviour in Nepalese Capital Market
Knowledge attitude and Satisfaction on personal financial Managemnet :A study on Nepalese Doctors
Effectiveness of microfinance provision to small enterprise:A case study of Kohalpur municipality,Banke
Influence of Demographics and personality trait on the behaviour bias
Financial literacy and retirement planning of commercial banks employee
Influence of personality characteristics on the risk tolerance and investment decision
A behavioural approach to working capital management
Size effect on value and growth stocks
Relationship between market return trading volume and return volatility:Evidence from Nepalese stock market
Cross section variation of stock return:Impact of firm size and book -to-market equity ratio
Manager influence on factor influencing dividend decisions in Nepalese Commercial Banks
Financial Inclusion:A case of Steevt Vendors of Kathmandu
Lunar effect : Analysis on Nepalese Stock Market Return
The impact of big five personality traits and moods on investment performance
Cost efficiency of Nepalese Commercial Banks
Impact of govermnet expenditure on economic growth of Nepal
Saving and investment behaviour among individual householdin Kritipur Municipality
Implication of Knowledge and attitude in financial managemnet practices of recently married individuals
Capital infracture decision of small and medium sized enterprises:Empirical evidence from Nagarjun municipality ,Nepal
Determinants of dividend payout ratio : evidence from the Nepalese private commercial banking sectors
Impact of cashflow reporting on the investors's investment decision making and performance
Investment pattern of financially literate person
The effects of economically neutral behavioural variables on Nepalese Stock Return
Financial Inclusion : A case study of lubbu , lalitpur
Applicability of markowitz portfolio theoryin Nepalese stock market
Predictor of financial coeltness: Examination of mediating effect of financial stress on financial wellness of employees of comm
Factors affecting individual investor behaviours: A study on management teachers in Kathmandu Valley
Post retirement plan and factors influencing retirement planning behaviour
Factors influencing selection of equity share of individual investors in Kathmandu
Stock market literacy,trust, sociability and stock market participation in Nepalese investors
Heuristics and stock buying decision of informed investors:evidence from Nepal stock Market
Financial intermediation and the real sector in Nepal
Impact of Social factors on individual investor's investment decision
Ownership, governance and bank performance : Nepali Experience
Consrants in corporate investment : Evidence from Nepalese non- financial enterprise
Working capital management Preditors of firms in Balaju industrial area and its impact on the financial performance of the firm
Influence of financial literacy and behaioural biases on portfolio diversification
Factors affecting stock return volatility
Intrest rate pass through in Nepal
Nexus between worker's remittances , unemployment , labor, migration and economic growh in Nepal
Impact of fiscal policy on economic growth : case of Nepal
Social interaction and stock market parity
Factors influencing investment decision : A case of individual investors in Nepalese Stock Market
Political events and stock returns in Nepal
Management Accounting techniques and rational decision making in manufacturing organizations in Nepal
Impact of intellectual capital on organizational performance : A case of non-financial companies listed in NEPSE
Impacts of bank specific and macro economic variables on deposit and lending of Nepalese Commercial Bank
Effect of microfinance on women entrepreneurship- A case study of Rupandehi district
Culture and management of Financial Activities : A comparative study of Nepalese and Japanese married couples living in Japa
Determinants of inflation in Nepal
Theory of planned behaviour and risk propensity to measure investment intention among Nepalese investors
Financial performance and CEO reviceneration in Nepalese Commercial Banks
Analyzing performance of commercial banks in Nepal :Camel approach
Money Management knowledge among non management background students of Tribhuvan University
Gender difference in household financial managemnet in Nepal
The determinants of access to credit facilities for farmers:A case study of Naubise VDC , Dhading
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and lending of Nepalese Commercial Bank
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dy of Nepalese and Japanese married couples living in Japan

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