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The title of this journal is “Writing instruction in first grade: an observational study”.
From the title we can understand journal’s context in general. It consists of explaining
observation and research about writing skill in first grade classrooms.
2. Abstract
I have got a point from the abstract, the scientist have done observation in 50 first
grade classrooms. In observation, they analysis more than 10 schools to become objects their
observation. Besides that, writing is the most difficult skill that other skills such as speaking
listening and reading. Students need long time write their own story or idea on the paper.
Unfortunately, in the journal explains that students were given 30 minutes for finishing their
writing. It is not effective at all.
3. Introduction
In United States, there is no curriculum or standard that provides an instructional
roadmap for teachers and students. But instructional decisions are made at the state level—in
fact the US Constitution restricts that power to the states. It becomes a polemic for the
teachers who need standards may require students to engage in new writing tasks and to learn
new skills and knowledge. The teachers also need to revise their approach to writing
instruction in response to the standards. So, it is going to be better when government create
standard so that increase students writing skill.
4. Method
Researchers use cross-sectional observational design and spending time 3 years
consists of 1 year developing the observational protocol then 2 years devoted to data
collection. I believe spending for 3 years is enough for getting accurate result of the
5. Results
The result of the journal is absolutely complete with a lot of data they have gotten
before. That data is large and indicates differences among teachers in terms of allocation of
time to writing instruction. It includes descriptive analyses of the focus of writing instruction,
grouping, and teacher instructional activity are presented in tables and descriptive statistics
for schools in instruction, teacher instructional activity and grouping are presented also. I do
not understand enough reading the result this journal. But, I’m sure it is very accurate and
complete journal and responsibility.
6. Discussion

Basic writing concept conducted in leaning autonomy when the students are
consciously believe that their skill, knowledge, experience and environment support to
develop writing skill. There are many factors that can influence the low of student’s ability at
writing, such as internally and externally. Internally consist of motivation, interest,
personality, element language, etc. externally consist of teacher’s ability, facility of school,
learning media include learning strategy improved their ability in mastering a learning
7. Conclusion
Teaching and learning is one of the needed in everywhere whether done by teachers or
students. Everyone needs to learn more about the knowledge, technique and the method.
Teacher should be able to manage the time and take full of control, in order to the students
can make some perception and they will think by hardly to understanding and knowing their
students ability.