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School : Senior High School

1 Meeting Curriculum : KTSP Subject : Natural Sciences Grade/Smt :
Time Subject Material: Teacher : Danastri Shahnaz Putri Year :
1 x 20’ Work and Energy 2013/2014
Standard of Competence
Analyze the natural phenomena and their arrangement within the scope of the point object
Basic Competence
Analyze the relationship between work and energy within conservation law of mechanical energy
1. To explain what is the meaning of work and energy
2. To formulate work is done by a force
3. To formulate the relationship between work, force, and energy into the equation
4. To solve the problems of work and energy
1. Students can explain what is the meaning of work and energy
2. Students can formulate work done by a force
3. Students can formulate the relationship between work, force, and energy into the equation
4. Students can solve the problems of work and energy
Learning methods
Question and answer, experiment, explanation, and lecture
Learning models
Cooperative Learning (TGT)
Learning Approach
Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Activity 1 : Method is applicable
Using ITC - Observation - Individual -
Game √ Question and answer √ presentation √
Experiment √ Discussion √ Group presentation √
Assessment activities is applicable
Experiment - Revision exercise -
Question and answer √ Group presentation √
Observation - Home work -
Individual presentation - Discussion √
Scenario/Teaching Learning process
Duration Activities
Teacher’s Students’
Introduction 2 minutes a. Teacher opens the class and checks a. Students answer
students’ attendance teacher greeting
b. Teacher recalls the previous lesson b. Students remember
material about the meaning of work. about work
c. Teacher motivates students by asks them c. Students have
what will happen if teacher pushes the hypothesis from
chair those questions
d. Teacher explains the purposes of this d. Students hear
lesson. teacher explanation
Main Activities 10 minutes a. Exploration
Teacher gives a lecture accompanied by a Students listen teacher
question-answer back to reveal knowledge explanation and
about work and energy answer the question
from teacher
b. Elaboration
1. Teacher divides students into some groups 1. Students listen
(each group consists of 4 students). teacher commando
2. Teacher asks each groups’ representative to and make some
take worksheet groups
3. Teacher leads the students to do discussion
with their own group 2. Students discuss the
4. Teacher asks students to present their worksheet
discussion result in front of the class 3. Student present
their discussion
c. Confirmation result
1. Teacher gives appreciation to best group
2. Teacher guides student to find the 1. One group receives
conclusion of the lesson the appreciation
2. Students find the
conclusion by their
Closing 8 minutes 1. Teacher gives mini exam to students. 1. Students write
2. Teacher says that the result will be down the answer of
informed on next meeting problems on their
3. Teacher closes the lesson paper
2. Students listen to
the teacher
Reflection Resources
Question and 1. Tipler, Paul A. 2004. Physics for Scientists and Engineers. New York : WH
answer the Freeman and Company.
benefit of 2. Worksheet
material/subject 3. Students Problem Sheet
4. Students Book
Kanginan, Marthen. 2007. Fisika untuk SMA kelas XI Semester 1. Jakarta :
Indicators Type of Instrument Instruments
1. Students are able to explain about 1. Question-answer, written test Student Problem Sheet
work and energy clearly
2. Students participate of discussion in 2. Students’ activity Psychomotoric,
the class Affective
3. Students are able to solve the mini 3. Written test Cognitive
Minimum Mastery Criteria of Learning : 76

Semarang, July 16th 2013

Head Master of Senior High School Teacher,

…………………….. Danastri Shahnaz Putri