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1) At its annual conference in 2013, this MNC announced plans to hire people diagnosed with
autism, with a target to have 1 per cent autistic work force by 2020. Name the company and
the rationale it cited for doing so.
The German technology major SAP made this announcement. The company had
discovered that some people with autism have abilities that are extremely well-
suited to performing some vital information technology tasks.
2) This company was founded in 1908 by a housewife in Germany who was looking for a way
to brew the perfect cup of coffee with none of the bitterness caused by over brewing. She
used her school going son's blotting paper, which became the key ingredient. It is now a
Euro 1.3 billion company with subsidiaries across the globe. Name the founder and the
Melitta Bentz, from Dresden Germany, founded the Melitta Bentz Company along
with her husband, Hugo, in 1908. It sells coffee, coffee filters and other
equipment related to the coffee business.

3) This brand was established in 1838, when the founder opened a factory in Germany for
supplying chicory to the coffee industry. Later he began to experiment with drying
vegetables and seasonings, to preserve nutrition and flavour, leading to the product line by
which this brand is recognised now. Name the founder and the brand.

Knorr Soups. It was founded by 1838 by Carl Heinrich Knorr. The first Knorr®
dried soups was launched in 1873.

4) This drug was marketed by the company as a sedative for coughs. It was synthesised by a
chemist working for a German pharmaceutical company in the late 1890s. It got its name
when the workers of this company volunteered for a drug test and said it made them feel
'heroic'. Name the drug and the company.
Heroin. It was developed by Felix Hoffmann in 1898 when he was working with

5) This brand was first manufactured as an insecticide in the 1870s by a German immigrant to
Australia. It is said that he came up with the name for this brand with a little help from his
French wife. It is a combination of a French word and German word. It also has a lovely
rogue mascot. Name it.
Mortein. It was founded by J. Hagemann. Its name is a combination of the French
word 'mort' (dead) and the German 'ein' (one). Its mascot is known as the
loveable rogue Louie the Fly.
6) BMW slogan

7) ID the LOGO

8) What is common to these brands — Golf, Polo and Derby,

These are all cars manufactured by Volkswagen.
9) Name the company that was forced to hire an outsider as its CEO for the first time since its
inception in 1847. It was reeling under a global bribery scandal.
10) What happened for the first time on August 5, 1891 at Hotel Hauffe in Leipzig, Germany?
The first American Express Travelers cheque honoured

11) Name the company from its logo and also mention what the logo represents.

BASF, the chemical company. The little square and the big square signify a
lock and key representing the customer's need and the BASF solution.

12) Q.In early June 2012, Tumblr featured its first major brand advertising campaign
in conjunction with this company.This company launched an official soccer
Tumblr blog and bought placements on the user dashboard.This launch was only
two months after Tumblr announced it would be moving towards paid
advertising on its site.Name the company.


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