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Task 2

Active Learning Environments

Salama Majid Sultan

Practicum 3b
Antoinette Wiseman
October 18, 2018
TP Task 2 – Active Learning Environments

Planning activities that allow students to clarify, question, apply, and consolidate new

What is an active learning environment? What are its benefits? How does it link to the
inquiry cycle?
An active learning environment is the environment that increases students' integration into

work and makes learning fun and joy that motivates students to produce and diversify. The

benefits of this environment support and deepen the absorption of learners of the scientific

material and increase the effectiveness and participation of learners in the educational situation

and then increase their self-confidence and this is through the support of the teacher. The

active learning environment are link to the inquiry cycle; “because the student has different

possibilities until he has the main concept of the lesson” (Manoli et al., 2015, p. 3)

Reference Manoli, C., Pedaste, M., Mäeots, M., Siiman, L., De Jong, T., Riesen, S. A. N.
V., . . . Tsourlidaki, E. (2015). Phases of inquiry-based learning:
Definitions and the inquiry cycle. Elsevier, 1-16. Retrieved from

Choose 3 lessons to observe to answer the following questions:

What was the prior

What was the impact of the
What was the activity? learning to this
activity i.e. no. of ss engaged?
Hand Activity: The lesson was about Activity let them know how
The students putting their hands on number 5, and we link they can count from 1-5 and
the paper to draw, after they see it to this activity that write the number in order.
that they have five fingers they each hand has five
write the numbers at the top of fingers.
each finger.
X-ray activity: The lesson was about The activity was a craft activity
The student was doing an x-ray by sound /x/, and the to teach the student how x-ray
drawing their hand on dark green word x-ray was one looks like, and also, we use an
paper using white color, and of the key words of re-cycle material.
sticking Q-tips. the lesson.

The lesson was about It was the most fun activity to

Tracing number 0: number 0, and in this them; because they enjoy it, and
They get a tracing work sheet of lesson, they must I planned for this activity to be
number 0, and they use are to trace know what number 0 in different way not just using a
the number by dip the car on the mean, and how to pencil to trace the number, but
acrylic paint, and trace it starting write number 0. to teach them how to write the
from the green dot. number using hand-on activity.