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Starter A 6 Present simple of be: affirmative and negative
Possessive ’s
Families Give information about people

Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives

Starter B 8 Present simple of be: questions and short answers

Demonstrative pronouns
Question words
Use question words
Pronunciation: th sounds /T/ and /D/

Starter C 10 Present simple of have got Describing people Describe people

Starter D 12 a/an, some and any with countable nouns

there is, there are
At home
Prepositions of place
Say where things are
Pronunciation: the schwa /@/

Around the world 1 14 Present simple: affirmative and negative (I, you, we, they)
Present simple: affirmative and negative (he, she, it)
Present simple: questions and short answers
Countries, nationalities and
Daily routines
Reading: London – The world in one city
Listening: Sharif’s day
Study strategy: prediction
Compare answers
Practical English: find out words, spelling
and meaning
Country and language fact sheet
Language point: also

Build your vocabulary: Pronunciation: Present simple 3rd person

plural forms singular: -s and -es /s/, /z/ and /Iz/

Consolidation A–D+1 22

Possessions 2 24 Adverbs of frequency

Object pronouns
Verb + -ing
Free time and money
Study strategy: using the
Reading: Spoilt!
Listening: Super collectors!
Say how often you do things
Talk about likes and dislikes
Practical English: ask for and give opinions
Internet profile
Language point: punctuation

Glossary Pronunciation: Strong and weak forms:

Build your vocabulary: do /du:/, /d@/ and does /dVz/, /dəz/
phrases with prepositions

Going places 3 32 Present continuous: affirmative

Present continuous: affirmative and negative
Present continuous: questions and short answers
Holiday activities
Geographical features
Build your vocabulary:
Reading: Go, go, go!
Listening: Survive!
React to news
Practical English: ask for information about
a place
Holiday email
Language point: and, but, because and so

Present continuous v Present simple definitions Pronunciation: m /m/, n/n/, -ng /N/
Study strategy: checking grammar rules

Consolidation 2+3 40

Look good, 4 42 Countable and uncountable nouns

much, many and a lot of/lots of
Food and drink
Health and lifestyle
Reading: Super Size Me
Listening: Perfect People
Agree and disagree
Practical English: order food
Essay on your opinions (alcohol)
Language point: paragraphs (essay)
feel good too, too much, too many and (not) enough Build your vocabulary: Study strategy: guessing and checking Pronunciation: eat /i:/ and drink /I/
Indefinite pronouns make and do meaning

Names and places 5 50 Past simple of be

Past simple: affirmative and negative (regular verbs)
Past simple with ago
Famous people
Irregular verbs
Build your vocabulary:
Reading: Sorry – what’s your name?
Listening: Strangeville USA
Study strategy: multiple-choice listening
Use past time expressions
Practical English: talk about a trip
Pronunciation: Strong and weak forms:
Biography (past)
Language point: giving details

Past simple: affirmative and negative (regular and irregular verbs) name, star and fan was /w@z/, /wQz/ and were /w3:(r)/, /w@(r)/
Past simple: questions and short answers

Consolidation 4+5 58

Ambition 6 60 can/can’t
can/can’t and could/couldn’t
Likes and preferences: would love, would like, would prefer,
Build your vocabulary:
Reading: Prodigy – Paying a price for genius
Listening: Job pod!
Study strategy: reading for gist
Talk about skills
Practical English: do a part-time job
Formal letter (job)
Language point: formal letter: format
and phrases
would hate growing up Pronunciation: Syllables and word stress
have to/don’t have to

Life in numbers 7 68 Questions with How...

1st conditional
Numbers and time
Build your vocabulary: days
Reading: Lucky numbers
Listening: Numerology
Say numbers and years
Make predictions
Practical English: do a survey
Report about a survey
Language point: expressing quantity

and dates Study strategy: asking and answering clearly

Pronunciation: I’ll /aI/ and will /I/

Consolidation 6+7 76

Sport for all 8 78 Imperatives

be going to: affirmative and negative
will v be going to
People in sport
Sport: collocations
Build your vocabulary:
Reading: Driving Ambition
Listening: Disabled people and sport
Ask about intentions and arrangements
Practical English: talk about intentions and
Preview of a sports event
Language point: adverbs of certainty

be going to: questions and short answers suffixes: jobs and groups Study strategy: fluency practice
Present continuous: future arrangements Pronunciation: o sounds: /Q/, /@U/, /V/ and /u:/

No fear 9 86 Present perfect: affirmative and negative (never)

Present perfect v Past simple
Present perfect: questions and short answers (ever)
Past participles
Build your vocabulary: -ed
Reading: Feel the fear!
Listening: Danger at work!
Talk about experiences
Practical English: react to what people say
Pronunciation: Homophones
Article about an adventurer
Language point: using different tenses

and -ing adjectives

Study strategy: learning past

Consolidation 8+9 94

plus Everyday listening & speaking pp.98–106 Irregular verb list pp.126–127
plus Culture & CLIL pp.107–115
plus Literature pp.116–125