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Keystroke Action

Windows Key
Windows Key
Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys
Keystroke Action
Spacebar Moves Down One Page at a Time
Shift+Spacebar Moves Up One Page at a Time
5 Refresh Page or Frame
Alt+Home Go to Your Home Page
Alt+D Move the Focus to the Address Bar
Ctrl+Enter Complete an Address
Ctrl+N Open a New Browser Window
Ctrl+P Print Current Page
Ctrl+L/O Opens the Locate/Open Dialog Window
Ctrl+R Refresh Current Window
Ctrl+W Close the Active Window
Ctrl+H Opens the History Window
Cut, Copy and Paste Commands
Keystroke Action
Ctrl+A Select All (Entire Document)
Ctrl+C Copy Selected Text
Ctrl+X Cut Selected Text
Ctrl+V Paste Text
Ctrl+Z Undo Command
Formatting Commands
Keystroke Action
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+L Left Justify
Ctrl+R Right Justify
Ctrl+E Center
Ctrl+J Full Justification
Ctrl+1 Set Line Spacing to 1
Ctrl+2 Set Line Spacing to 2
Ctrl+5 Set Line Spacing to 1.5
General Application Commands
Keystroke Action
F1 Help
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+F Find/Replace
Ctrl+N Start New Document
Ctrl+G Go To (Page, Line, Row...)
Ctrl+O Open Document
Ctrl+Enter Start New Page (in current document)
Alt+F6 Switch Between Documents in Program
msinfo32 Microsoft System Information

Turn Full Screen Mode on or off F11
Cycle through the Address Bar, Refresh button, Search Box, and items on a web page TAB
Find a word or phrase on a page CTRL+F
Open the current webpage in a new window CTRL+N
Print the page CTRL+P
Select all items on the page CTRL+A
Zoom to 100% CTRL+0

Navigation shortcuts
Go to home page ALT+HOME
Go backward ALT+LEFT
Go forward ALT+RIGHT
Refresh page F5
Refresh page and the cache CTRL+F5
Stop downloading page ESC

Favorites Center shortcuts

Open Favorites CTRL+I
Open Favorites in pinned mode CTRL+SHIFT+I
Organize Favorites CTRL+B
Add current page to Favorites CTRL+D
Open Feeds CTRL+J
Open Feeds in pinned mode CTRL+SHIFT+J
Open History CTRL+H
Open History in pinned mode CTRL+SHIFT+H

Tab shortcuts
Open link in new background tab Middle mouse button or CTRL+left mouse button
Open link in new foreground tab CTRL+SHIFT+left mouse button or CTRL+SHIFT+middle mouse button
Close tab (closes window if only one tab is open) Middle mouse button on the tab or CTRL+W
Open Quick Tab view CTRL+Q
Open new tab CTRL+T
View list of open tabs CTRL+SHIFT+Q
Switch to next tab CTRL+TAB
Switch to previous tab CTRL+SHIFT+TAB

Address Bar shortcuts

Select the Address Bar ALT+D
Add "http://www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of text in Address Bar CTRL+ENTER
Add "http://www." to the beginning and the website address suffix you have specified to the end of text in
the Address Bar* CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
Open the website address that is typed in the Address Bar in new tab ALT+ENTER
View list of previously typed addresses F4

Instant Search Box

Select the Instant Search Box CTRL+E
View list of search providers CTRL+DOWN
Open search results in new tab ALT+ENTER

Common tasks

To do this Do this
Disable all add-ons Windows logo key + R > iexplore.exe –extoff
Turn on AutoComplete so that website addresses will be automatically filled in for you if you begin to type
them again Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Use inline AutoComplete
Change how tabs work in Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > on the General tab, under
Tabs, click Settings
Display the Menu Bar at the top of the screen To display temporarily: press the ALT key
To display permanently: Tools > Menu Bar
Delete cookies, passwords, form data, history, and temporary Internet files Tools > Delete Browsing
Find and install add-ons Tools > Manage Add-ons > Find More Add-ons
Print part of page Select part of the page you want to print, press CTRL+P, click Selection, and
then click Print
Change website address suffix* Tools > Internet Options > Languages