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Logan Bodnaruk

(403) 928 8679


Re: Educational Assistant, Positive Behaviour Supports Team

The psychological and physical development of children – particularly in those with emotional
and behavioral disruptive tendencies – is an area of work that I am extremely passionate about.
Upon graduating from McGill University with a major in Psychology and a double minor in
Behavioral Neuroscience and Politics, Law, and Society, I have been searching for an
opportunity that will allow me to both utilize the skills I have acquired through volunteering
and employment and the knowledge I have gained from my undergraduate degree. Throughout
my degree I have developed an appreciation for the value of hard work and an ability to time
manage effectively. Balancing volunteer work, holding a part-time job, and full course load each
semester has provided me with the drive and willingness to complete work efficiently.

Over the past school year, I have had the fantastic opportunity to work as the Behavior
Assistant at Mother Teresa School Elementary School in the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of
Education. It is a role that was established to work with and support students that have
developmental disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, and mental health disorders that
attend the school. This position has given me one on one and hands on experience with
children who have behavioral and emotional dysregulation, and the skills and tools needed to
handle these situations effectively. In addition, my responsibilities included the development
and implementation of behavior and safety support plans and interventions to ensure both
student and teacher success. My communication, organization and interpersonal skills have
developed to a high level, allowing me to handle conflict and maintain positive affiliations with
co-workers, community support workers, teachers, and parents. This has given me the
knowledge of the professionalism required to work in this field. Acting as a point of contact for
all students on my case load, I’ve grown to understand that the success of the student and
family is dependent on everyone working together for the child. Given the nature and diversity
of my program, I have gained extensive knowledge in the psychological and physical
development of children and toddlers – making me eager to continue to apply these methods
in an occupational capacity.

I am confident that I will prove valuable to Medicine Hat School District No. 76 and am eager
and willing to learn any skills needed to contribute to the overall program. Thank you for your
time and I hope to meet with you to discuss how I can be beneficial to your team. I look
forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Logan Bodnaruk