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Week: 2

DATE: 10/11/2018 DAY: Thursday

CLASS: 3 Emerald SUBJECT: English LESSON: 8 Written TIME:

THEME: People and Culture 9.30-10.30 am
TOPIC: Family Ties
FOCUS SKILLS: Writing Textbook
CONTENT Main Skill:
STANDARD: 1.1 Grammar focus lesson on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills i-THiNK MAP:
are not explicitly covered. Not Applicable
1.3 Recognise features of spoken genres on familiar topics
Complimentary Skill: Reading
3.1 Understand a variety of texts by using a range of appropriate reading CROSS
strategies to construct meaning. CURRICULAR
LEARNING Main Skill: Choose an item. ELEMENTS:
STANDARD: 5.1.1 Grammar focus lesson on listening, speaking, reading and writing Values
skills are not explicitly (indirectly) covered.
Complimentary Skill: LEARNING
LANGUAGE/ Present simple and present continuous Stative verbs
LEARNING By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to Not Applicable
OBJECTIVES: 1. Recognise the present simple, present continuous and stative verbs.
2. Match at least 3 sentences with the use of present simple and present
continuous. VLE:
3. Underline at least 2 stative verbs in sentences. Not Applicable

ACTIVITIES: PRE-LESSON Being co-operative
a) Teacher writes 2 sentences on the board - present simple tense and in a small group.
present continuous tense.
b) Pupils have to define, identify the tense, underline the verb and what is
differences in meaning.
c) Teacher assigns pupils to complete the Task A & B within 5 minutes.
d) Pupils have to conduct peer assessment to check the answer.

Activity C: Identifying verb
1. Teacher explains on stative verb.
2. Pupils read the sentences and underline the verbs.
3. Pupils compare their answer with their shoulder partner.
4. Teacher and pupils discuss the answer as a class.

Activity D : Filling the Gap

1.Pupils have to read a set of rules and fill in the missing words.

Activitity E : Stative and Actions Verbs

1. Teacher explains to pupils about what is emotion, state of mind and
possession verb by giving some examples
2. Teacher assigns pupils in pairs to read the instruction of the task and
discuss the 2 sentences.
3. Pupils check the answer as a class ( traffic light )

Activity F: Multi choice question

1. Teacher reemphasizes on stative and action verb.
2. Pupils read the sentences and determine any adverb of frequency and
time expression. Pupils answer the questions individually.
3. Pupils check the answer as a class. (traffic light)
Activity G: Filling in the gaps
1. Pupils look at the photo of the girls, state how they might be related and
justify their answers.
2. Pupils read the text and answer the question related to the text.
3. Teacher reminds the pupils to pay attention to the verbs whether it is
action or stative verb.
4. Pupils answer the question individually and then compare their answer
with their shoulder partner.
5. Pupils discuss the answers as a class.

1.Pupils write 2 sentences. 1 sentence using the stative verb and present
simple and the other using an action verb in the present continuous by
using vocabulary introduced in the unit.
2.Pupils compare answers with their shoulder partner and give their
individual feedback.