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MOBILE GANTRY CRANE SB Series 15 30 50 70 100 US Tons

Why being single is so good.

Engineered for your unique lifting needs. You need to match the right machine to your
operation — not the other way around. With a single-beam, rubber-tired SB Series gantry crane from
Shuttlelift, you’re getting more than just a crane; you’re getting an innovative, customized lifting solution
that is designed and built to your specifications. And that means you’ll save money while boosting both
efficiency and productivity.

Unparalleled cost savings. The SB Series gantry cranes’ portability means you can use them both
indoors and outdoors. With one machine, you can utilize every square inch of your yard and facilities
— without spending money on expensive infrastructure. In addition, they’re able to work in tandem with
conventional lifting methods. They’re not as complex as traditional gantries with spreader bars, which

YOU ASKED FOR IT! means less training for operators. And, with minimal maintenance schedules, they require less downtime
for routine service.
The NEW Single Beam Gantry Crane solution from Shuttlelift.
YOU ASKED FOR IT AND WE DELIVERED. At Shuttlelift, we The SB Series is ideally suited to today’s marketplace, in which

believe that you need more than a lifting-equipment vendor. You components are getting longer, tandem picks are becoming Increased operational efficiency. Not only are SB Series gantry cranes designed for high-duty
need a partner, one who will work with you to design a machine more common, and plant managers are looking for a more cost- cycle, they improve operational efficiency through their impressive maneuverability, stability, reliable
handling and user-friendly operation. They can handle single and tandem picks, easily managing your
that meets your specific requirements. For more than 20 years, effective way to do business. Plant managers also will benefit
most demanding duty cycles.
we’ve been dedicated to superior engineering and from the Shuttlelift partnership. Our engineering team

customer-driven improvements, developing world- INTRODUCING THE NEW will work closely with you to ensure that your

class lifting solutions as unique as our customers. SB Series gantry crane meets your needs and

And we’ve done it again with the revolutionary new SERIES

surpasses your expectations, and we’ll continue Built to last. SB Series gantry cranes are built for long-term use, and our team will work in partnership
SB Series, a lineup of single-beam, rubber-tired gantry to partner with you as your business moves forward. with you throughout your machine’s many years of valuable service. Each state-of-the-art SB Series gantry
cranes that will improve material handling and operational Welcome to the next generation in lifting solutions.
crane comes equipped with an industry-leading warranty; CustomerCare services; and a highly trained
worldwide dealer network. And, whether you require maintenance schedules or seek specific parts and
efficiency while reducing manpower and operator risk.
service, you can rely on the Shuttlelift team to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Let Shuttlelift custom-build a SB series gantry crane to meet your specifications,

delivering the crane that’s right for you!

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No Stability Concerns
Because the load is lifted directly under its frame, an SB Series gantry crane can lift loads without the stability concerns
associated with boom cranes. Compare this to the stability-limited rated loads or factory-calculated capacity charts that
operators of crawler cranes, all-terrain cranes, rough-terrain cranes, reach stackers and forklifts need to determine the
maximum safe load for working and traveling speeds. With an SB Series gantry crane, you won’t need to worry about
misinterpreted charts or about substantial lifting-time preparation. SB gantry cranes also require less operator training, and
you’ll benefit from reduced load damage expenses.

Pick & Carry Operations

Pick and carry operations are easy for an SB Series gantry crane, which allows you to operate on a variety of surfaces
— from concrete and asphalt to unimproved dirt and gravel. Without the stability concerns associated with boom cranes,
you’ll also have increased efficiency and productivity while enjoying an extra margin of safety.

Traversing Capabilities
Reach stackers and forklift cranes are good at handling loads of certain sizes. The SB Series gantry crane, on the other hand,
can be customized to lift your material based on specifics such as width and height. And once it’s lifted, the SB gantry crane
offers better maneuverability for accurate load placement.

Flexibility Indoors and Outdoors

As an alternative lifting solution, SB Series gantry cranes offer impressive cost savings. Compared to overhead cranes
or rail-system cranes, SB gantry cranes reduce the amount of money you’ll need to spend on a building’s foundation or
infrastructure. The SB gantry crane can be fitted to your existing facility, and you’ll have the additional flexibility of using
the machine indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs. This mobility gives you additional functionality. Rather than
requiring you to adjust your operation to suit fixed equipment, we design and build our machines to suit the unique needs
of your business.

Structural Integrity
Shuttlelift’s SB Series gantry crane and its sister SL and ISL Series mobile gantry cranes provide unique lifting solutions, and
we’ve designed them to structurally withstand heavy loads better than most through our articulated pivot trunnion, which
allows the crane’s frame to flex without putting additional strain on its structure. With our cranes, you can work in a variety
of site conditions and over uneven terrain with a load while keeping that load safe and secure.

Tandem Lifting
We’ve gone a step even farther with the SB Series. With its single-beam structure, an SB gantry crane has a tighter turning
radius than a traditional gantry crane when picking in tandem. You can use two SB gantry cranes to lift in tandem, or a single
machine can work in conjunction with other mobile gantry cranes or other lifting equipment.


“Our SB Series gantry cranes provide versatility, reliability and Unlike competitive lifting methods, the new SB Series to a single pick point. And now, with manufactured
single-beam, rubber-tired gantry cranes are ideally components being built to longer lengths, it has
an extra measure of safety. That’s a formula that will allow you to suited to a broad range of industries, and we’re become increasingly common to transport these
improve your operations and grow your business.” literally discovering new applications every day! Our items by tandem lifting. Shuttlelift’s SB Series
SB Series gantry cranes can manage loads from 15 gantry cranes also can be used in conjunction with
— Kurt Minten, Shuttlelift’s Director of Industrial Sales to 100 U.S. tons, perfect for single-point picks. To do a conventional rubber-tired gantry crane that may
the same with a traditional gantry, for example, you already be on site, regardless of brand.
would need a spreader bar frame to bring the unit

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The BackUp Operator Cab

provides important backup to the
Shuttlelift’s Articulated Pivot wireless remote control in the event
TrunNion allows the crane’s frame to that the remote is lost or damaged.
articulate while it travels over uneven For easier, safer, more efficient
terrain without causing structural damage operation, the cab controls feature
or risking the safety of the load. The Main Frame’s the same layout as the remote.
low-alloy steel
and box-section
design maximize the
crane’s durability.
WITH Bottom Beam-Mounted Winches below
the lower side beam, the operator can easily see
the winding of the cable, and you can perform
needed maintenance without having to climb a
ladder or rent a manbasket.
Our Wireless Remote Control
increases operator visibility of
the load, improving operational
safety and ensuring maximum
maneuverability. The remote is laid
out in the same format as the backup
operator cab controls for an extra
measure of efficiency and safety.

We wrap our hoses in Cordura covers

to protect them from harsh elements and to
extend the life of your investment.

Powder-Coated Carbon Steel

Hydraulic Tubing and Zinc Plated
Shuttlelift’s Easy-Access
BOLTS & Pins mean that our fasteners resist
Engine Compartment allows all
routine maintenance points to be corrosion and oxidation when exposed to the
easy to reach. elements. Simple touches like these ensure
that Shuttlelift’s cranes offer the highest
possible quality.



With Shuttlelift’s Automatic Patented all-wheel ELECTRONIC
GRADEABILITY through additional wheel motors SB 15 30,000 lbs / 13,610 kg
Variable Throttle (AVT), built-in steering provides maximum that allow its SB gantry cranes to travel over
engine programming automatically flexibility, maneuverability and SB 30 60,000 lbs / 27,220 kg
inclined, uneven or sloped surfaces. This increases
adjusts engine speed to draw only the precision handling while operating in the crane’s traveling efficiency, and it allows you to SB 50 100,000 lbs / 45,360 kg
power you need to complete the task confined spaces. maximize your yard space by utilizing areas once SB 70 140,000 lbs / 63,500 kg
at hand, significantly reducing fuel deemed unusable. SB 100 200,000 lbs / 90,720 kg

6 7
SERVICE YOU can count on.
Premier technology, worldwide support.
Working with Shuttlelift’s dealer network gives you two important benefits: the ability to
order parts online, and easy access to a worldwide customer service team that’s dedicated
to helping you find the part you need, when you need it. Our substantial investment in
information services and web technology means we can offer the very best in customer
service, ensuring that our customers are always able to keep their equipment in prime
operating condition. Shuttlelift will continue to invest in service and parts capabilities that
add value for our customers, and we diligently staff our service department with qualified,
experienced professionals who care deeply about our customers’ ongoing success.

Shuttlelift Our dealers make the difference.

49 E. Yew St Shuttlelift has an experienced worldwide network of dealers to help install your
equipment and provide ongoing maintenance and repair service. Our dealers are highly
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 USA qualified lifting professionals who have been carefully selected to be members of our
Phone: 920.743.8650 team. We’ve chosen these dealers because they fully embrace our commitment to
Fax: 920.743.1522 offering the best customer service in the industry. A Shuttlelift gantry crane is a serious
investment for your business, and we understand how important it is for your machine
E-mail: sales@shuttlelift.com to be up and running. We keep this in mind each time we hand-pick new dealers, as they
will represent our product and the respected Shuttlelift name with care and integrity
www.shuttlelift.com around the world.


Shuttlelift cares about your business.

Even the best gantry crane in the industry needs to have a support system, and that
system has to work everywhere. That’s why Shuttlelift has developed a comprehensive
program to provide world-class parts, service, technical training and support. No matter
where you are, there’s a Shuttlelift dealer and service team ready to provide you with the
parts and service you need to get your crane back into operation with minimal downtime.
With Shuttlelift’s CustomerCare program, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best-
built and best-supported mobile gantry crane in the world.

Information contained within this brochure is believed to be correct at time of printing. Not all
accessories shown in photos or described may be available as standard equipment or as an
option. Options, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

1-11 Printed in USA @ 2011

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