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Student name: Asma Abdulla

Date: October,24 Time: 11:10 to 11:50

Purpose of visit: Observing

Form of visit:

Pop in observation Team Teaching Guided Teaching

Pre-lesson tutorial Post-lesson tutorial Focused observation
Announced lesson Unannounced lesson Other: _________________
observation observation

Strengths Areas for Development

Commitment to the Controlling the students in the
Profession Commitment with her job, she was activities area.
organizing and preparing everything
for the lesson.

Planning for Learning

She was planning for the lesson and She should have more activities for
have all the materials. the lesson.

Managing Learning Focus more in controlling the

She manage the students in the students in the activities area.
lesson, the circle time and the
ending of the lesson.
Implementing Learning Develop her implementing in learning by
Implementing the lesson in a good searching about more ways to engage the
way that let the students be students in the lesson
Assessment Let students answer her in different
Asking the students some questions ways such as; volunteering and jump
related to the lesson. ball answering.

Reflection on Practice She know her weakness for this Describe more on her reflection and explain
lesson and she will focus on them with sentences.
for the next time.

Next steps Action Points

-She had good starting for the lesson in the circle
-Focus on areas for development. time and she engaged the students in the lesson.
-Try to develop her skills for teaching more.