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Student name: Jawaher Yousif

Date: October,15 Time: 8:00 to 8:45

Purpose of visit: Observation

Form of visit:

Pop in observation Team Teaching Guided Teaching

Pre-lesson tutorial Post-lesson tutorial Focused observation
Announced lesson Unannounced lesson Other: _________________
observation observation

Strengths Areas for Development

Commitment to the
Profession Controlling the students in the Focus more on the students in the
circle time and the activities. closing.
Planning for Learning
She plan the lesson well and focus Using specific vocabularies in the
on the student’s understanding. lesson plan.
Managing Learning
Using counting strategy to manage Should raise her voice more while
the students and let them focus. counting.
Implementing Learning
Implementing the learning well as Make more excited activities for the
she wrote in the lesson plan. lesson.
She make an assessment related to Don’t use the assessment for all the
the lesson. children.

Reflection on Practice
Her reflection was good for the Should talk in the reflection in detail.
lesson she taught.

Next steps Action Points

She was engaging the students well in the lesson,

Make more challenging activities. she made an assessment that let them be excited
to try it.