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Fall 201810 EPC 3903

Professional Development Plan for Teachers

Name: Nada Arif MST:Adellean Al taher MCT: Antoinette Wiseman

School: New World American Private School Semester: Fall 201810

Rationale/Reflection of previous practice: Insert your paragraph

Your Professional Learning Goals requirement is to write in full detail what your strategies are going to be
in the classroom.

During my Teaching Practice in last semester I had weakness and some goals that I didn’t achieve it,
so this semester I have some professional learning goals that I want to improve it and achieve them.
My goals for this semester are; use creative activities for the lesson, the strategy I am going to use is
create challenging activities for the students to encourage them. Second goal is organize the students
while doing the activities and the strategy I will use is change their places and using group activities.
Third goal is having enough materials for activities and the strategy is provide extra materials for
each activity so every student will have the chance to try all the activities.

Antoinette Wiseman
Fall 201810 EPC 3903

Professional Learning Goal and Activities

Area Professional Learning Strategies Evidence of Target Date Date Achieved
No. Goal Progress Towards
1. Use creative Create challenging activities November
activities for the for the students to encourage 7,2018
lesson them

2. Organize the Change their places and using November

students while group activities 7,2018
doing the activities
3. Have enough Provide extra materials for November
materials for each activity 7,2018

Student Signature: ___________________________ Date: __________________

MCT Signature: _____________________________ Date: __________________

Antoinette Wiseman