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Second evaluation

Word Wisdom 8 i-world B1+


1. Write correct or incorrect if the meaning of the underline word is used correctly or incorrectly.
(5 points)

1. ___________________ The cloud mass appeared to be moving slowly.

2. ___________________ Henry used his pedometer to measure angles.

3. ___________________ Not much interest accrues in a checking account.

4. ___________________ The barometer showed the outdoor temperature.

5. ___________________ As the rain continued, our chances for holding the picnic


2. Fill in the blanks with the correct word (5 points)

decimated multitude consolidate extent

statistics partition ration monitor

a. The surprise attack ____________________ the resistance troops.

b. A ____________________ divided the two rooms.

c. Tony loved his probabilities and _________________________ class.

d. The doctors will _____________________ my blood pressure.

e. The weather map showed the _____________________ of the storm’s reach.

2. Read the interview with Angelica Martin, a teen activist, and mark the sentences T (true), F
(false), or NS (not stated). (5 points)
a. Angelica has been an activist for two years. ____
b. She knew about the problems facing orcas in captivity before she saw the movie. ____
c. She quit school to be able to concentrate on campaigning. ____
d. She says it is important to do what you say you are going to do. ____
e. She plans to carry on working as an activist. ____

3. Read the interview again and answer the questions. (10 points)
a. What is the movie Blackfish about?
b. According to Angelica, why do the orca whales become aggressive?
c. Which two achievements does Angelica feel good about?
d. What would you read about if you visited Angelica’s blog?
e. What does Angelica learn as part of her Communications course?
4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in parentheses. (5 points)
a. If you buy a dog, it is your ____________________ (responsible) to look after it.
b. It makes Pete very sad when he hears about cases of animal ____________________ (cruel).
c. Cats tend to be more ____________________ (act) during the night than during the day.
d. The white rhino is facing ____________________ (extinct) unless people take action soon.
e. Some people don’t like snakes, but I think they are ____________________ (beauty) animals.

5. Complete the second sentences so that they have a similar meaning to the first sentences,
using the word in parentheses. (5 points)
a. You shouldn’t postpone training your puppy. (put)
b. Do monkeys transmit information to their
babies? (pass)
c. Activists should not stop campaigning for animal
rights. (carry)
d. Whenever my dog hears fireworks, she leaves very quickly. (takes)
e. My parents raised me to always be kind to
animals. (brought)

6. Underline the correct options to complete the sentences. (5 points)

a. We want the government to consider changing/to change the animal rights laws.
b. I hope becoming/to become a veterinarian when
I am older.
c. My family has stopped eating/to eat red meat.
d. Tomorrow, activists plan demonstrating/to demonstrate against bad treatment of animals.
e. Have you finished watching/to watch that
documentary yet?
7. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. (10 points)
Diana 1) ____________________ (always/love) animals and 2) ____________________
(volunteer) at the animal shelter Lucky Paws for the last three months. She 3)
____________________ (already/ fall) in love with lots of the animals but so far she 4)
____________________ (manage) to resist the temptation to take them home! The shelter 5)
____________________ (care) for animals for the past 15 years. It‘s usually easy to find homes
for young animals, but it’s harder with the older ones,“ says Diana. “For example, Serena, the
black cat over there. We 6) ____________________ (look) for a home for her for months.” Diana
7) ____________________ (just/create) a Facebook page for the shelter to help them find
homes for the animals. Thanks to her experience Diana 8) ____________________ (decide) that
she wants to work with animals after high school. She 9) ____________________ (not choose) a
job yet, but she 10) ____________________ (think) hard about her options for a while now.