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Examiner’s Sheet

Speaking - Making a decision

Option 1
I am on the school committee and we are thinking
of ideas on how to make our school more
environmentally friendly. Find out what my options
are, and then offer me advice on which method we
should choose.

You should look at the pictures below and ask:
• What are the options?
• What are the advantages of each option?
• What are the disadvantages of each option?
Option 2
When you have all the information you need, explain
which option you have chosen and why. Be ready
to explain why you didn’t choose the other option.
Remember to use information you learn from asking
questions to explain your final choice.

After you have shared your advice, you will be asked
more questions about the topic.

Options We can start a recycling program to help reduce the Our school can use another power source, like solar
amount of waste at school. energy, to reduce costs in the school.
Advantages - Recycling paper saves trees, and therefore slows - Solar energy will not pollute the environment as it
down global warming. does not produce smoke or use up energy sources.
- Recycling can help reduce the need to manufacture - It will provide low cost electricity, heating, and
paper, plastics, metals, and glass. This would save warm water.
energy needed to manufacture new products.
Disadvantages - Students will have to be trained into sorting their - The use of solar energy depends on how much sun
waste into separate containers. is available.
- Containers can fill up quickly and they have to - The initial cost of the equipment can be very
be emptied on a regular basis and transported to expensive.
recycling plants.

1. Do you recycle at home or at work / school? What do you do to 2. In what ways can schools help protect the
protect the environment? environment?
3. Even though most people know what needs to be done to protect the environment, few people actually make the
necessary changes to their lives. To what extent do you think this is true?

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