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ASSIGNMENT# 2 Siti Sarah bt Mohd Yusoff2 65415
C ase Study 1: De scribe the coding the ory applie d in the natural all be ings on e arth
with re le vant e xample s. (2 % marks) A natural re source s inve ntory (NRI) compile s and
de scribe s important, naturally occurring re source s within a give n locality.
C ultural re source s, such as historic, sce nic, and re cre ational re source s, are ofte n
include d in an NRI, as we ll. The inve ntory has two basic purpose s: 1) to provide
the building blocks for compre he nsive land-use and conse rvation planning, and 2 ) to
allow natural re source information to be include d in local planning and zoning. The
scope of the NRI is de te rmine d by the community. At its simple st, an NRI is the
compilation and de scription of e xisting natural re source s data. At its most
comple x, it include s de taile d analysis of re source s or ne w data colle cte d
spe cifically for the inve ntory. An NRI is not a static docume nt. As ne w and re vise d
data be come available , the inve ntory should be update d to insure its comple te ne ss
and accuracy. Until an inve ntory has be e n conducte d, many communitie s don�t have a
cle ar picture of whe re the ir natural (and cultural) re source s are locate d, which
re source s are significant to the community, and why. The compilation of maps, data
table s, and de scriptions in an NRI contribute to a be tte r unde rstanding and
appre ciation of the community�s natural re source s and provide the foundation for a
wide range of planning and conse rvation applications.
C ase Study 2 : De scribe the coding the ory applie d in the human be ing�s daily living
life and manual busine ss activitie s with re le vant e xample s. (2 % marks) As we move
forward with te chnology, we live by and with gadge ts, and not only that. For
instance , as we wake up, or we live at a hote l for a night, the re fre shing hot
showe r that we e njoy which use s a wate r he ate r is te mpe rature -controlle d by a
pre se t microproce ssor that monitors output te mpe rature and wate r flow. Ne xt, as a
drive r or pe de strians, the traffic light on any road dire ct us with an inte ral
microproce ssor. Some time s traffic lights are on a time r, while those in busie r
inte rse ctions have an inte rnal compute r linke d to the crosswalk button, se nsors
that signal whe n cars are waiting, and surrounding traffic lights.Me anwhile tall
buildings with more than 4 le ve ls, ge ne rally have e le vator. Without containing a
mini compute r, mode rn e le vators wouldn not have automatic doors, se nse if some thing
or some one is blocking the door, or take you to the prope r floor base d on which
buttons are pre sse d. Not only that, compute rs continue to make house hold chore s
e asie r. The compute r-powe re d washing machine is saving time and e ne rgy. The
compute r �brain� of mode rn washing machine s is programme d to monitor load we ight,
adjust wate r allotme nt accordingly, and se t the re quire d spe e d de pe nding on the
stage of the cycle . Now if only we could program drye rs to fold fitte d she e ts.
C ase Study 3: De scribe the coding the ory applie d in the information communication
te chnology with re le vant e xample s. (2 % marks) IC T, or information and communications
te chnology, is the infrastructure and compone nts that e nable mode rn computing.
Although the re is no single , unive rsal de finition of IC T, the te rm is ge ne rally
acce pte d to me an all de vice s, ne tworking compone nts, applications and syste ms that
combine d allow pe ople and organizations to inte ract in the digital world. In IC T,
coding the ory plays role whe re we use data compre ssion which atte mpts to re move
re dundancy from the data from a source in orde r to transmit it more e fficie ntly.
For e xample , Zip data compre ssion make s data file s smalle r, for purpose s such as to
re duce Inte rne t traffic. Data compre ssion and e rror corre ction may be studie d in
combination. Be side s that, e rror de te ction is applie d and functions whe n the re are
data re dundancie s. Me anwhile data transmission is whe n we transfe r from a file from
a place to anothe r digital outle t. Data storage is the re cording of information in
a storage me dium.
C ase Study 4: (2 % marks) Using Microsoft Exce l�s Autofilte r, de ve lope d a list of
sale sme n commission information. Information should at le ast include sale sman ID
and his name , type of product sale , sale s volume and quantity, date of product
sale s, commission, e tc. C ase Study 5: (2 % marks) Using the data list as available in
the case study 4, stude nt re quire d to furthe r the analysis with Pivot Table (3
Dime nsion) .