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DCOZHome Zoning Case Records Cc CASE INFORMATION Applicant/Case Name : Marjorie Hutchinson 1724 North Capitol St. : 19887 Active Variance 12/19/2018 SE07 ‘Application of Marjorie Hutchinson, pursuant to 11 DCMR Subtitle X, Chapter 10, for a use variance from the use provisions of Subtitle U § 301, to permit the conversion of an existing nonconforming non- residential use to a restaurant in the RF-1 Zone at premises 1724 North Capitol Street NW. (Square 3105, Lot 72). Case Description : CASE DOCUMENTS: ‘Application Form - SUPERSEDED - ‘SEE EXHIBIT #12 Fee Calculator Form Memo from Matt LeGrant, Zoning Administrator-DCRA Statement of Existing and Intended Use Color Photographs Neighborhood Letters in Support Petition in Support List of Names and Mailing ‘Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet Architectual Plans and Elevations Burden of Proof You may file new documents in this case online through IZIS. aa eR AEE) —_ PROPERTY INFORMATION (0072 [rewrote] _—— DISCLAIMER While DCOZ is committed to providing accurate and timely zoning information via the public case search tool. DCOZ assumes no liablty for any errors, ‘omissions, or inaccuracies in the documents provided. COZ retains the right to change any content In its public case search tool without prior notice. Please be advised that the exhibits indexed in cases not filed through IZ are provided as a convenience to the public. The electronic record for these cases should not be considered current and/or all inclusive. Keep in Cee a ae een ce ag aaa acne FORM 120 - APPLICATION FOR VARIANCE/SPECIAL EXCEPTION ‘Before completing ths form, please review the instructions on the reverse side. Print or type all information unless otherwise indicated. All information must be completely filed out Pursuant to X 1002.1 ~ Area/Use Variance and/or ¥ 901.1 - Special Exception of Title 11 DCM. Zoning Regulations, an application is hereby made, the details of which ar as follows: Type of ht eaten eatl twn Zone ‘AreaVariance | Section\s) of Title 11 OCMR- ene x LOrNols) | pists) Use Variance Zoning Regulations from Special Exception | which reliefs being sought 1724 Noon Capi 8 305 ore | | | [resent use(s) of Property: | ar oreser Proposed use(s) of Property:| cate Owner of Property: | Marjorie Hutchinson Telephone No: 2020416725 Ares of Owner | 0 cng Sean oa | Ao Nelo Conmin Slee Bu eros Ah” Woda eason a ndsnoes) | = [ep [> [ Weiten paragraph specially stating the “who, what, and whereof the proposed ations. This wil serve a he Pubic Hearing Notice: |_ Marjorie Hutchinson the owner of Jam Doung would like to move her restaurant from 1726 N.Capitol St. NW to next door 1724 N. Capitol St. NW. In order to have a sit down. EXPEDITED REVIEW REQUEST (I iy right toa hearing, agree to the terms in Form 128 - Waiver of Hearing for Expedited Review, and hereby request that this case be placed on the Expedited Review Calendar, pursuant to Y 401 (CHOOSE ONE): © park, playground, swimming pool, or athletic field pursuant to Y401.2(¢), or An adeition toa one-family dwelling o la or new or enar pursuant to¥ 402.2(6) We cerily that the above information true and coreect tothe be , Se Se ne ee eee ene ete arse ee 180 days imprisonment or both (0. Offical Code § 22-2405) Ee Name: nat Sadan Marre Hutchinson 2705181@yahoo.com Adress: | 200Gons Hoes 5 ozee 6726 iy, State, Zip: | Wotnngon. Dc. 20020 signed bythe Owner ofthe Property for whi a ae. Ta rote eee ae eT Nt oe emereannt Sener nary earn eat ee ANY APPLICATION THAT IS NOT COMPLETED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BACK OF THIS FORM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Exhibit No. 1 #dcra DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS OFFICE OF THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR August 27, 2018 M uM To: Board of Zoning Adjustment FROM: Matthew Le Grant Zoning Administrator ‘THROUGH: Shawn Gibbs, Zoning Technician SUBJECT: Conversion of a nonconforming nonresidential use into a Restaurant, Location: 1724 North Capitol Street, NW Square, Suffix, Lot: Lot 0072 in Square 3105 Zone: RF-1 DCRA Building Permit #: CO1803101 DCRA BZA Case #: FY-18-48-2 Review of the plans for the subject property referenced above indicates that Board of Zoning Adjustment approval is required as follows: 1A Use Variance to permit use of the first floor asa restaurant, which is not a ‘permitted use pursuant to U, 301 (X, 1001.4). Note: All applicants must provide the Office ofthe Zoning Administrator with submission verification, in the form of a formal receipt from the BZA, within 30 days ofthe date of this memo.