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• The new ruling council • Bishop Stanisl-aw Ryl-ko Group of the Movement

of the International received Father Bernard for a Better World, which is

Coordination of Christian Michon, director of the commemorating the fiftieth
Worker Youth (CIJOC) was Foyers de Charité, on anniversary of Pius XII’s
received by Cardinal James 15 October. “Proclamation for a Better
Francis Stafford and by World” in 2002.
Dr. Lucienne Sallé on 2 June. • Bishop Stanisl-aw Ryl-ko
and Prof. Guzmán • Bishop Stanisl-aw Ryl-ko
• Cardinal James Francis Carriquiry met with the and Dr. Lucienne Sallé
Stafford and Dr. Lucienne Sallé members of the executive took part in the 34th general
met with the representatives council of the International assembly of the Conference
of the International Federation Forum of Catholic Action of Catholic International
of Catholic Men (FIHC-Unum (FIAC) on 19 October. Organizations (CIO) held
Omnes) on 8 June. in Bangkok (Thailand) from
• Cardinal James Francis 2 to 9 December. A message
• Dr. Lucienne Sallé Stafford received the from the Holy Father was
participated in the meeting president of the Teresian sent to the participants.
of the executive committee Association on 9 November.
of Caritas Internationalis • Prof. Guzmán Carriquiry,
(CI), held in Rome on 12 • Bishop Stanisl-aw Ryl-ko Fr. Miguel Delgado Galindo
and 13 June. visited the Communautè and Dr. Roberto Ragusa
des Beatitudes “Marthe intervened at the
• The congress of the Catholic et Marie de Béthanie” presentation of a book on
Fraternity of Covenant at Nouen-Le-Fuzelier Chiara Lubich in Rome
Communities and Fellowships (France) on 17 November. on 3 December; the book,
of Charismatic Renewal was Chiara Lubich: la dottrina
held at the sanctuary of • Prof. Guzmán Carriquiry spirituale, dedicated to the
Our Lady of Divine Love and Dr. Lucienne Sallé founder of the Focolare
in Rome from 20 to 27 June. received the new president Movement, is published
Bishop Stanislaw Rylko and director of the in Italy by Mondadori.
participated in the work of International Catholic
the congress, in the course Centre for UNESCO • On 8 December Cardinal
of which Cardinal James (CCIC) on 21 November. James Francis Stafford
Francis Stafford presided presided over the celebra-
over a eucharistic celebration. • Fr. Miguel Delgado tions of the thirtieth anniver-
Galindo and Dr. Roberto sary of the foundation of the
• Prof. Guzmán Carriquiry Ragusa met the represen- Sodalitium Christianae Vitae
received the leaders of the tatives and ecclesiastical in Lima, in Peru.
association Talleres de Oración assistant of the Équipes
y Vida on 20 August. Notre-Dame (END) • In the course of the year
on 23 November. various meetings were had
• Prof. Guzmán Carriquiry with the founders of the
took part in the international • On 30 November Neocatechumenal Way and
council of Communion and Prof. Guzmán Carriquiry with some of their assistants
Liberation (CL) at La Thuile received one of the represen- with a view to the drafting
from 27 to 29 August. tatives of the promotor of their Statutes.