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"equal and Rxact Justice to all Men, of Whatever state or 'Persuasion, Feligious or political.



shall honor God, or honor the Papacy on him that justifieth [maketh righteous]
American Sentinel. above God. It is a question as to whether the ungodly, his faith is counted for
men shall depend upon Jesus Christ him- righteousness." Rom. 4 :4, 5. " There-
PACIFIC PRESS PUBLISHING COMPANY self, alone, for salvation, or whether they fore by the deeds of the law there shall
shall depend upon the Catholic Church no flesh be justified in his sight : for by
Entered at the New York Post-Office. for salvation. It is a question as to the law is the knowledge of sin. But
whether men shall bear the signet of the now the righteousness of God without the
ASSOCIATE EDITORS, CALVIN P. BOLLMAN. Creator of the heavens and the earth, or law is manifested, . . . even the
that of the Papacy ; whether they shall righteousness of God which is by faith of
BY the plain considerations of scripture receive the sign of the living God or the Jesus Christ unto all and upon all that
we have found, and all may find, that the sign of the Catholic Church—" the seal believe: for there is no difference. For
Sabbath question, which has been the of the living God " or " the mark of the all have sinned and come short of the
leading question of the country all sum- beast ; " whether we shall serve Christ or glory of God; being justified freely by
mer, instead of being a question merely antichrist. his, grace through the redemption that is
of days—of one day or another, of the in Christ Jesus; whom God hath set forth
THERE is a difference between God and to be a propitiation through faith in his
seventh day or the first, of Saturday or the Papacy ; a difference between Jesus blood, to declare his righteousness for the
Sunday—as such, is a question of rival Christ and the Catholic Church. The remission of sins that are past, through
institutions representing rival powers. one is " the Sun of righteousness," the the forbearance of God; to declare, I say,
other is the "man of sin;" the one is at this time, his righteousness ; that he
THE seventh day which God made the the revelation of " the mystery of godli- might be just and the justifier of him that
Sabbath, by resting upon it, by blessing ness," the other the revelation of " the believeth in Jesus. Where is boasting,
it, by making it holy, and by sanctifying mystery of iniquity; " the one is " the then ? It is excluded. By what law ?
it, which he declared from Sinai is the Prince of life," the other is "the son of Of works ? Nay; but by the law of faith.
Sabbath, and of which in Judea he de- perdition." Now, just as there is a dif- Therefore we conclude that a man is jus-
clared himself to be the Lord ; this—the ference between God and the Papacy, tified [made righteous] by faith without
Sabbath of the Lord—God has set to be between Christ and the Catholic Church, the deeds of the law." Rom. 3 : 20-28.
the sign by which men may know him so there is a difference between the way And " if by one man's offense death
the only true God and Saviour. It is the of salvation provided by Jesus Christ reigned by one ; much more they which
sign which God has set, by which men and the way of salvation provided by the receive abundance of grace and of the gift
may know what Jesus Christ is to men. Catholic Church. And the difference of righteousness, shall reign in life by one,
It is the sign of the power of God in Jesus between the way of salvation provided by Jesus Christ." Rom. 5 :17. "Look unto
Christ to create men new creatures, to the Lord and that provided by the Catho- me and be ye saved, all the ends of the
give them rest from all their toil, to make lic Church, is just as great as is the dif- earth : for I am God and there is none
them better, to bless them, to make them ference between God and the Papacy or else." Isa. 45: 22. "Hear and your soul
holy, to sanctify, to save them. between Jesus Christ and any pope that shall live." Isa. 55:3. " Speak ye unto
ever lived. the rock, and it shall give forth his
THE Sunday, which the Catholic Church,
" by her own infallible authority," " has THERE are a number of points upon water." Num. 20:8. " And that Rock
substituted" for the Sabbath of the Lord, which this difference might be demon- was Christ." 1 Cor. 10: 4. " O taste and
which she has declared to be "holy," and strated; but for the present occasion we see that the Lord is good." Ps. 34 : 8.
which she " sanctifies "—this is the sign shall dwell on only one, and that is, that " For God so loved the world that he
of the " salvation " provided by the whereas the salvation provided by Jesus gave his only begotten Son, that whoso-
Papacy ; " the man of sin," which has Christ is of GRACE ONLY, manifested ever believeth in him should not perish
opposed and exalted itself above God, in through FAITH ONLY, and that the gift of but have everlasting life. For God sent
the place of God, showing itself that it is God; the salvation provided by the not his Son into the world, to condemn
God. This is the sign that the Catholic Catholic Church is of force only, mani- the world, but that the world through
Church has set, to show what that church fested through penance and "the law and him might be saved." John 3:16, 17.
is to men. It is the sign of her power to State authority." " And if any man hear my words and
bless, to make holy, to sanctify, and to believe not, I judge him not; for I came
save. Now to the evidence : " By grace are not to judge the world, but to save the
ye saved,, through faith, and that not of world." John 12:47. This is the way of
AND all this is what the Sabbath ques- yourselves, it is the gift of God : not of salvation provided by Jesus Christ.
tion means. The question as to whether works, lest any man should boast." Eph.
men shall observe the Sabbath of the 2:8, 9. " To him that worketh is the Now for the other. Everybody knows
Lord, or whether they shall observe Sun- reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. that penance is the very keystone of the
day, is the question as to whether men But to him that worketh not but believeth Catholic structure of doctrine as to the
266 SIENT1INIL-42.1L., VoL. 8, No. 34.

way of salvation—that without penance due to his sins •, and it may be that it was AND such has been her course from the
the system is even, in the church's own the first time that he repented and received first day that she ever succeeded in gain-
estimation, an empty shell. So closely pardon of his sins."—Id. p. 198. ing the help of the law and Sate authority.
connected, indeed, is penance with justi- This was when she and Constantine en-
fication, yea, so essential is penance to WELL, then, when the guilt of sin, and tered into alliance to bring men by force
justification, that Cardinal Gibbons, in the everlasting punishment due to it, are to the Saviour, and so to render them fit
his book, "The,Faith of Our Fathers," both forgiven, if there still remains a subjects of the kingdom of God, by bring-
in discussing " The Sacrament of Pen- debt to be paid by the sinner, then is not ing them to the Catholic Church. A pas-
ance," uses all along "penance" as 'syn- the sinner's justification, his- salvation, in sage or two from the history of that' time,
onymous with " forgiveness of sins " and the last resort, accomplished by himself ? and that procedure, will be proper to cite
"justification."—See pp. 391-394, 411, 413. And as this debt is to be paid in punish- here. Eusebius, the favorite bishop of
And, in fact, the Catholic version of the ment, and that punishment inflicted by Constantine, and who took a leading part
Scriptures reads, " Do penance," where the the sinner himself upon himself, then is in all that scheme of securing to the
Protestant version reads, "Repent." It is it not evident that the justification, the church the help of the law and State
therefore in order in this place to inquire, salvation, of the sinner, in the last analy- authority, has told us not only what the
What is this doctrine, this " sacrament " sis, is accomplished not only by himself, object of it was but how the object was
of penance ? In answer, we quote from a but by punishing himself, and therefore accomplished. In speaking of Constan-
book entitled, " Catholic Belief : or A by force—force exerted upon himself by tine and his great goodness and his like-
Short and Simple Exposition of Catholic himself to save himself. This is not the ness to the Saviour, he says :—
Doctrine ; " by the Very Rev. Joseph Fah salvation provided by Jesus Christ. The That preserver of the universe [Christ] orders
Di Bruno, D.D., Author's American Edi- salvation provided in Jesus Christ is these heavens and earth, and the celestial kingdom,
tion, edited by Rev. Louis A. Lambert, wholly of the Lord, not of self. The consistently with his Father's will Even so our
author of " ' Notes on Ingersoll.' Imprim- emperor whom he [Christ] loves, by bringing those
mind that was in Jesus Christ empties whom he rules on earth to the only begotten Word
atur. John, Cardinal McCloskey, Arch- self wholly that God may appear wholly. and Saviour, renders them fit subjects of his king-
bishop ofweYork; Imprimatur. Hen- dom."
riot's Edwardus, Card., Archiep. West- BUT not only is this self-inflicted pun-
monast : Benziger Brothers, printers to Such was the object. Now as to how it
ishment to pay up for the sins already was accomplished : This the same bishop
the Holy Apostolic See." It is stated committed, it is to " act as a check to pre- relates by preserving to us the very edict
vent us from again falling into sin." And of Constantine himself, A. D. 323, as fol-
Penance, by which the sins that we commit after as I am to punish myself, to keep myself lows :—
Baptism, are forgiven.
from sinning again, it is again myself Victor Constantinus Maximus Augustus, to the
Now, as " baptism " is to be adminis- saving myself from myself ; again it is heretics: 11] lerstand now, by this present statute,
tered to the infant " at the earliest possible salvation accomplished not only by the ye Novatians, Valentinians, Marcionites, Paulians,
moment" ("Faith of Our Fathers," p. sinner himself, but by punishing himself, ye who are called Cataphrygians, and all ye who
devise and support heresies by means of your pri-
313) it is evident that all the sins that a and therefore by force—force exerted upon vate assemblies, with what a tissue of falsehood
Catholic can possibly commit are " after himself by himself to save himself from and vanity, what destructive and venomous
baptism." And from this it certainly himself. Thus completely is it demon- errors, your doctrines are inseparably interwoven;
follows that as " penance" is that " by strated that the salvation provided by the so that through you the healthy soul is stricken
with disease, and the living becomes the prey of
which the sins that we commit after bap- Catholic Church is " salvation " not of everlasting death.
tism are forgiven;" and as without for- the Lord but of self; not by grace but Forasmuch, then, as it is no longer possible to
giveness of sins no person can be justified by force; not through faith but through bear with your pernicious errors, we give warning
or saved; then penance is the very nucleus penance. by this present statute that none of you henceforth
presume to assemble yourselves together. We have
of the way of salvation provided by the directed, accordingly, that you be deprived of all
Catholic Church. To a person who has So far however the application of this the houses in which you are accustomed to hold
grown up without " baptism" he can way of salvation is only to the cases of your assemblies ; and our care in this respect ex-
only obtain "the grace of justification," those who are hers and who can be led to tends so far as to forbid the holding of your super-
apply this self-inflicted punishment. How stitious and senseless meetings, not in public
forgiveness, by, among a number of other merely, but in any private house or place whatso-
things, " a resolution to approach the about those who are not hers, and who ever. Let those of you, therefore, who are desir-
Sacrament of Penance."—Catholic Belief, cannot be led to adopt this way ? Oh, she ous of embracing the true and pure religion, take
p. 75. is perfectly logical, and as "the fear of the far better course of entering the Catholic
temporal punishment often helps to Church, and uniting with it in holy fellowship,
whereby you will be enabled to arrive at the knowl-
THAT is what penance is in definition, strengthen the resolution of amendment," edge of the truth. In any case, the delusions of
now what is it in practice ? What are she has recourse to the temporal power, your perverted understandings must entirely cease
works of penance and what are they to the help of the law and State author- to mingle with and mar the felicity of our present
ity," so that she herself may succeed in times; I mean the impious and wretched double-
really for ? Here is the official statement, mindedness of heretics and schismatics. For it is
under the heading, "Works of Penance : "— inflicting the due amount of punishment an object worthy of that prosperity which we enjoy
In the case- of those who have fallen into mortal —of penance—to " act as a check to pre- through the favor of God, to endeavor to bring
sin after baptism, when the guilt of such sin and vent men from again falling into sin." back those who in time past were living in the hope
of future blessing, from all irregularity and error,
the everlasting punishment due to it are forgiven, This is not only the logic of the case but to the right path from darkness to light, from van
there still very often remains a debt of temporal it is the doctrine of " the church." Pope
punishment, to be paid by the sinner. This debt ity to truth, from death to SALVATION. And in
remains, not from any imperfection in the power Leo XIII. only a little more than one order that this remedy may be applied with effectual
of absolution in the Sacrament of Penance, nor year ago, definitely published to all the power, we have commanded (as before said), that
from any want of efficacy in the atonement of world for the world's instruction, that— you be positively deprived of every gathering point
Jesus Christ, but because by God's will, chastise- for your superstitious meetings ; I mean all the
The church uses its efforts not only to enlighten houses of prayer (if such be worthy of the name)
ment for past sins helps us to compensate for the the mind, but to direct by its precepts the life and
imperfection in our repentance, and serves as a which belong to heretics, and that these be made
conduct of men; . . . and acts on the decided over without delay to the Catholic Church;' that
correction. The fear of temporal punishment often view that for these purposes recourse should be had;
helps to strengthen the resolution of amendment ; any other places be confiscated to the public service,
in due measure and degree, to the help of the law and no facility whatever be left for any future
it acts as a check to prevent us from again falling and State authority. —Encyclical of May 15, 1892.
into sin, and excites us to make reparation for the gathering; in order that from this day forward
scandal given. So " the church " sets forth her " pre- none of your unlawful assemblies may presume to
From this we see, whilst the God-man, Jesus cepts" to direct "the life and conduct of appear in any public or private place. Let this
Christ, has, by atoning for our sins, done f7hat we edict be made public.
could not possibly do for ourselves, He has not dis-
men." But as there are many men who
will not voluntarily conform to these pre- Thus the very first fruit of her original
pensed us from doing, with the help of his grace,
what we can, to punish ourselves for the offenses cepts, she requires the State to make her recourse to the help of the law and State
and outrages we have offered to God. Good sense precepts a part of the " civil " law with authority only the further, and the more
tells us that this is but right and just. —Catholic the due penalty attached, so that " the emphatically if need be, illustrates that
Belief, pp. 191, 19Z the way of salvation provided by her, is
fear of temporal punishment" may duly
So essential, so indispensable indeed, is " act as a check to prevent the people of force only.
penance to salvation in the Catholic sys- from falling into sin." And so she has
tem, that even the dying thief, whom the "-recourse to the help of the, law and AND right there too, was set up her
Lord Jesus himself pardoned on the cross State authority," in directing by her pre- sign of her power and authority " to com-
—even he is taken up by the Catholic cepts the life and conduct of men into the mand men under sin." Right there was
Church and made to do penance, when way of salvation which she has provided. set up her own sign of the way of salvation
he, " in the spirit of penance, suffered the And still it is all of force only, and but the provided by her. Right there she by
torment of his crucifixion, and the cruel logic of her own essential doctrine 9f " the help of the law and State authority"
brooking of hie lia2.1?s, as pcir.ialtivs justly penance which is its.ele only force, PUbStit‘ited her owu $tinclay for the Sab.
AUGUST 31, 1808. Amv ,1-CAIN
bath of the Lord, set up this sign of her Papacy ? Will you keep the Sabbath of to the mind's eye at least, the daylight will shine as
long as the world lasts. This Nation may be torn
power unto salvation instead of the Sab- the Lord, or the Sunday of the Catholic into fragments, or other nations and races may oc-
bath of the Lord which he had set as the Church ? A. T. J. cupy the land in some era far away, but the fact
sign by which mer may know his power will still remain that there was a Nation of free
to create and to save. Thus says Eusebius men on this continent which first rent the shackles
Chicago Correspondence. that priestly domination had been forging for cen-
again:— turies and solemnly decreed that no man should
Suffrage, Law, and Legislation, at the dare intercept the radiance of the Almighty upon
All things whatsoever that it was duty to do on
the Sabbath, these we have transferred to the World's Fair. the human soul.
Lord's day. In the face of the religious laws in the
THE proceedings of the various branches
And again, referring to what " Christ " of the Worlds Congress Auxiliary, in statute books; in the face of the enforce-
had accomplished in Constantine's Sunday session at the Art Institute, the past week, ment of those laws in many States in the
law, which was enacted to please " the have been interesting and suggestive. Union ; in the face of the marvelously
church," the same bishop says :— The different branches of the Congress' of organized effort to secure the complete
Who else has commanded the nations inhabiting the Department of Government, in session enforcement of these laws and the in-
the continents and islands of this mighty globe to this week, have been: The Department creased severity of the laws themselves;
Congress of the National American Wo- in the face of the strange and unexampled
assemble weekly on the Lord's day, and to observe
it as a festival, not indeed for the pampering of the
body, but for the comfort and invigoration of the men Suffrage Association, the Congress contest over the religious question of the
soul by instruction in divine truth. on Jurisprudence and Law Reform, the Sunday closing of the World's Fair as it
Thus plainly is it apparent how and why General Congress of Suffrage, in Republic, has made itself public through the pro-
and when, the Sunday of the Catholic Kingdom, and Empire, the Civil Service ceedings of Congress, and courts, and the
Church was substituted for the Sabbath Reform Congress, and the City Govern- public press; in the face of a remarkable
of the Lord ; and how this sign of the ment Congress. It probably was not in- religious opinion delivered in a well-known
power of the Catholic Church to save, tended that any particular branch of the case from the supreme bench itself; in the
was set in the place of the sign by which general subject of suffrage and ballot re- face of the fact that a portion of this very
men may know the power of Jesus Christ form should monopolize the attention of congress of the week, in which Justice
to create and to save. And thus plainly the congress during the week, but never- Field's paper was read, has been dccupied
does it appear upon every count that the theless, the fact has been, that the wo- by a consideration from its secretary and
Sunday institution is the sign of salvation man's suffrage question has overshadowed others, of the extra-judicial work of the
by force only, while the Sabbath of the all else in interest, enthusiasm, and occu- International Law and Order League and
other " voluntary organizations to aid the
Lord is the sign of salvation by the grace pancy of attention.
and gentleness of Jesus Christ only As in previous subjects in which women constituted authorities in the enforcement
through the benign operations of his Spirit. have been interested, in the different con- of the laws;" in the face of all this and
gresses which have assembled here, much very much more that might be enumer-
greater enthusiasm has been shown in the ated, what a pitiful thing it is that a
Now, which of these two ways did the organization of the congress and in the member of the bar of the United States,
churches and Congress of the United bringing forward of papers, presentation as high in place and authority as Judge
States take ? Did they leave every man of speakers, and the general working up Field, should be so blind to the cloud of
free, as Jesus Christ does, to choose for of interest, attendance, and the filling of intolerance with which this land is already
himself the way of salvation, and the sign time by speakers who are known to their covered, and through which there is no
of it ? Or did they, by " the help of the constituency, and able to command their rift to let the daylight, and complete lib-
law and State authority," go into the way erty in civil and religious affairs, shine
of salvation by force, and set up the Sun- In the opening address of welcome, again as long as the world lasts.
day institution, the sign of salvation by William Dudley Foulke, on behalf of the W. H. M.
force, in the place of the Sabbath of the committee, said, among other things:— Chicago, Aug. 11.
Lord, the sign of salvation by the love and
grace of Jesus Christ ? Which did they The subject which will arouse the greatest inter-
est in this congress is that of woman suffrage. It A Confederacy for Evil.
do ? Everybody knows which they did. used to be said that women •did not care for the
They set up as the sign of salvation to right of ballot; but no one who was present at the FOR years and years the " leaven of
this Nation, the sign of the salvation pro- congress last May and saw hundreds of women as- hypocrisy " has been working in the re-
sembled and displaying the utmost eagerness in the
vided by the Catholic Church—the sign women's movement will fail to see that the time is ligio-social fabric of this country. With
of- salvation by force. And then, as approaching when women will take an equal part increasing wealth has come increasing
though they would proclaim to all, the with men in the affairs of government. Women worldliness and desire for worldly power
world, and demonstrate before all people, will bring some inconveniences into our politics, on the part of the churches. This has
but they will bring, on the other hand, an over-
how certainly this is so, the same church whelming wealth of public spirit, far greater than just as naturally led to a decrease of the
leaders who, by the force of threats, had men present at this moment. Their unselfish inter- real power of God and spiritual life. As
required Congress to set up the sign of est in public questions will be of great value. a result, the churches to-day are in large
salvation by force, followed it up swiftly In the World's Congress on Jurispru- measure turning toward human laws for
by loud calls, even by telegram, to the dence and Law Reform, a 'paper from help, and are seeking to accomplish, by
head of the Government of the United Judge Thomas M. Cooley was read, on the the force of legislation, what they have
States, to furnish' armed troops with which administration of civil justice, which was failed to do by the power of the gospel,
to enforce, at the point of the bayonet, the a philosophic discussion upon the civil namely, to convert and control Men's con-
proper observance of, and respect for, the law of this country and its derivation. sciences.
sign of the salvation provided by the Another paper from David Dudley Field, And so gradually has this change come
Catholic Church—the sign of salvation by Justice of the United States Court, was about, that many honest-hearted Christian
force. Right worthily indeed have they also read at length in the course of which people are loath to believe that anything
vindicated their right to wear the badge Justice Field said :— of the kind has even yet occurred. To
of papal salvation, the sign of salvation the thoughtful ones, however, the evidence
by force. In the category of individual rights I conceive is very conclusive on this point, and the
that the greatest achievement ever made in the
cause of human society is the total and final sepa- more so, from the fact that the drift of
LET them wear it as they have chosen ration of the State from the Church. If we had religious thought has been in this direction
nothing else to boast of, we of this country made it for several years.
it. It becomes them. It belongs to them. an article of organic law that the relations between
But, oh! will the people of the United man and his Maker was a private concern into Almost a decade since, the New York
States wear it, upon whom these men have which other men had no right to intrude. To Independent (February 14, 1884) published
presumed to force it? Will the people of measure the stride this made for the emancipation with hearty approval, a very significant'
the United States tamely submit to the of the race, we have only to look back over the article from the pen of Bishop A. Cleve-
centuries that have gone before us and recall the land Coxe, D D., under the caption,
wearing of the badge of papal authority dreadful persecutions in the name of religion which
and of papal salvation, which, by apos- have filled the world with horror. Think of Tor- " A Christian Alliance the Demand of our
tate Protestantism, has been forced upon quemada in Spain; the martyrs suffering at the Times." After referring to the restrictive
stake or in prisons in many other lands; the exiles conditions of the National Reform Asso-
them ? Choose ye this day whom you will driven from France by the revocation of the Edict
serve. Will you honor God, or honor the of Nantes; and the slaughtered saints whose bones
ciation and the Evangelical Alliance, so
Papacy in the place of God ? Will you lay scattered on the Alpine Mountains. Amid all far, at least, as cooperative work was
receive and wear the signet of the Creator our shortcomings it will remain forever to the glory concerned, the article suggested the for-
of the States that they allow no man to step be- mation of a new organization, to be called
of heaven and earth and the Saviour of tween his fellow-man and his Maker. Clouds of
men ? or will you wear the sign of the darkness do indeed often seem to cover the land, the " Christian Alliance," which should
man of sin—the mystery of iniquity—the but there is one rift in the clouds through which, combine and consolidate into one body all
gigNfirliNitLe Vol,. 8, No. 84.

the Christian forces of the world and they are kept under the most sacred but they must be delivered to the secular powe
to be " exterminated1"—St. Thomas, "Theologia,"
direct them against the materialism and secrecy by the Roman Catholics. vol. 4, p. 90.
unbelief of the present day. 4. Before many years your country will
But, inasmuch as wide differences in be drenched with the blood shed by these The 30th December, 1870, I forced Bishop
principles and measures would necessarily secret Roman Catholic societies, armed Foley, of Chicago; to swear before the
occur in any such organization, the bishop, with the best modern weapons, forming court of Kankakee that this was the pres-
in words that now seem to have been well- an army already more than half a million ent law of the church of Rome towards
nigh prophetic, suggested " Church Con- of men. the heretics,. Wherever they are the ruling
gresses" as a remedy for this inevitable 5. To prove that there is no danger, putvet.
condition of affairs. To illustrate his point you tell us that the Roman Catholics are 11. You must forget that the few years
he says :— not insane. before the last terrible and so bloody civil
Surely the Roman Catholics are not in- war, several prophets had been sent by
For example, this " Christian Alliance " may our merciful God to warn the northern
agree to sustain the Sunday laws. Differences of sane when they take possession of New
views as to the " Christian Sabbath " may seem to York, Boston, Washington, St. Paul, St. people against the approaching storm, and
clog the effort, but then, it will call a "Congress," Louis, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Mobile, to reproach them for their yieldings and
and give freedom to all Christians to compare their coward concessions to the slaveholders.
ideas, and to reach a good understanding. San Francisco, Chicago, etc., etc., and
drive away almost all the Protestants You remember that, with a burning elo-
If these words were significant when from the positions of honor, power, trust quence, these prophets foretold that those
they were first written, they are doubly and money. concessions made to the merciless slave-
so now. Such an " alliance ' (not Chris- 6. You are right to tell us that the Ro- holders would be paid with the blood and
tian, alas, but unfortunately, very much man Catholics are not insane when, with the tears of the northern people!
the opposite of it), while not theoretically their marvelous, mysterious, diabolical How were these prophets answered ?
established in name, has been practically deceptions, they persuade every year more Just with the very words you use to-day :
at work for some time in fact. The than ten thousand (10,000!) of the very " There is no danger !"
" Church Congress " has already been best Protestant families to entrust the " The southern men are not insane! "
called, it has been decided to sustain the education of more than ten thousand " We are two northern men against one
Sunday laws already existing and frame young Protestant ladies to the nuns of in the south !"
all the new ones possible, while the una- the Pope, who soon make them Papists, And those who saw and foretold the im-
nimity with which the partisans of the and then get their millions of dollars for pending danger then were rebuked and
Sunday movement are already beginning the holy (?) church. called fanatics. They were accused of
to call down the wrath of Heaven upon • spreading false alarm—they were even
all who oppose their ideas, furnishes a 8. You are perfectly correct when you driven away from their towns and cities;
reliable index to the " freedom " likely to tell us that the Roman Catholics are not more than that—a good number of them
be given to those whose " differences of insane when, being ordered by their were stoned; and even put to death as
views " are such as to " clog the efforts " church to destroy the great principles of fanatics and disturbers of the peace.
of these would-be regulators of public liberty, equity, tolerance, self-respect and The ministers of the gospel were the
morals. " Say ye not, A confederacy, to patriotism, which are melting Romanism most in earnest in those days, as they are,
all them to whom this people shall say, as the rays of the sun melt the ice and unfortunately, to-day, crying peace ! peace !
A confederacy." Isa. 8: 12. snow, they so obstinately and sternly aim and put the people to sleep till the echoes
J. W. SCOLES. at destroying your schools where your of the land reverberated the booming of
Graysville, Tenn. young men learn those great principles of the cannon of Sumpter. You know the
liberty, equity, tolerance and self-respect rest. . . . Yours truly,
which are the death knell of Romanism in C. CHINIQUY.
A Warning from " Father" Chiniquy. the United States if they stand.
9. It is evident to every one of your A Nation Cannot Be Christian.
[The following was written for the Interior, a readers that the Roman Catholics are not
Presbyterian paper published in Chicago, but was insane when, not being more than the
rejected. " Father " Chiniquy, appeals to " all the A CHRISTIAN is a follower of Christ,
papers which take an interest in the present and
eighth part of the population, they not and since Christ is not divided, but is
too successful efforts of Popery to take possession only rule your press, command your "the same yesterday, and to-day and for
of the United States, to reproduce this warning armies, man your navy, but they are forc- ever," there can be only one standard of
letter. "1 ing you to yield, yield, yield, day after Christianity, and that is the life of Christ.
Editor of the Interior:—I consider it a day, till very soon the American Protest- " Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not
duty to address you a few remarks on ants will have to take the background the things that I say ?" the Saviour asks.
your article of 25th of May last, -"The everywhere, and let the Roman Catholics The beloved disciple says: " He that saith
Rumor." rule this country- for the benefit of the he abideth in Him, ought himself also so
1. You are right when you say that the Pope. to walk even as he walked." 1 John 2: 6.
letter of Leo XIII. ordering the Catholics 10. But those Roman Catholics who are " He hath showed thee, 0 man, what is
to kill the Protestants on the 5th of next not insane know very well that there are good; and what doth the Lord require of
September, is a hoax. But you are sadly many Protestant Americans who think thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy,
mistaken when you say that they, the that the time has quite come to put a stop and to humble thyself to walk with thy
Roman Catholics, do not prepare them- to those concessions, privileges and yield- God ?" Micah 6: 8, margin. " Take my
selves for the impending bloody conflict ings in favor of Rome—if they do not yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I
which they are provoking. want to become as strangers in their own am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall
2. It is an undeniable fact that the country. find rest unto your souls." Matt. 11 : 29.
Roman Catholics are forming secret and The order has come from Rome to Meekness, then, is an essential quality
military companies under the names of sharpen the swords and the bayonets—to of a Christian. Hear what Jesus says :
Hibernians, St. Patrick's Cadets, St. Pat- prepare the powder and the bullets, in " I say unto you that ye resist not evil;
rick's Mutual Alliance, Knights of St. order to get rid of those who will refuse but whosoever shall smite thee on the
Peter, Knights of Columbkill, The Sacred to be ruled by the priests, the bishops right cheek, turn to him the other also."
Heart, etc. Those secret societies are not and the cardinals of the holy (?) church. Again : " Love your enemies, bless them
only drilled, but they are well armed, When you say to the Protestants, that curse you, do good to them that hate
some of them with arms bought by them- " There is no danger," you must have you, and pray for them which despitefully
selves; some got from the governors who forgotten that the Jure Canonis says use you, and persecute you ; that ye may
bought their votes under that condition. positively : " It is not a sin nor a murder be the children of your Father which is
They parade your streets several times a for a Catholic to kill a Protestant." You in heaven. Matt. 5 :39, 44, 45.
year under the name and mask of State must also have forgotten the declaration Again the Master said: " If ye forgive
militi of St. Thomas, who has lately been put not men their trespasses, neither will your
3. I was a priest of Rome twenty-five among the Doctors of the Church of Rome, Father forgive your trespasses." " Then
years, and have been a citizen of the and whose works have been approved by came Peter to him and said, Lord, how
United States since 1856. During that all the Popes, and by Pius IX. in particu- often shall my brother sin against me,
time I have lectured in more than three lar. These are his words :— and I forgive him ? till seven times ?
hundred of your largest cities, towns and Though heretics must not be tolerated because Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee,
villages, and I have had many opportu- they deserve it, we must wait till they are twice until seven times; but, until seventy
nities of being acquainted with the unde- admonished to submit to the holy church. But if,
after a second admonition, they persist in their times seven." Matt. 18: 21, 22. He said
niable facts which I proclaim here, though errors, they must not only be excommunicated, also, " If he trespass against thee seven
AtsatIgT 81, 18DR. gnNTINMILa e6o
times in a day, and seven times in a day authority of several churches, particularly visit the Fair on Sunday ? Even if Sun-
turn again to thee saying, I repent; thou the Methodists, to dictate his policy in day were the Sabbath, would he answer
shalt forgive him." Luke 17: 4. reference to certain public questions, an- their petitions ? Nearly the whole world
All this was practically illustrated in swered these would-be guardians of the is breaking the Sabbath of the Lord—the
the life of our Lord: He left us an ex- people's morals in the following, which seventh day, but does the Lord destroy
ample that we should follow in his steps. has the ring of true Americanism:— the world ? Would he destroy it if his
He, " when he was reviled, reviled not The fundamental principle on which the whole disciples were to call upon him to do so ?
again, when he suffered, he threatened fabric of our political institutions is based, guar- His answer would be the same as he gave
not; but committed himself to him that antees to each citizen the greatest possible degree to his early disciples. It is because of
judgeth righteously." 1 Peter 2 : 23. " He of individual liberty consistent with a just preser-
vation of the natural rights of every other individ- his love and mercy that he allows his
was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet ual. Sabbath to be trodden upon, that the
he opened not his mouth." His only honest in heart may eventually see that
words concerning those who were tortur- It is the uncontroverted right of every they are going wrong and turn and serve
ing him were, " Father, forgive them, for man to persuade men to accept the beliefs him.
they, know not what they do." and practices of conscience that he holds National Reformers profess to serve
Such love and forbearance as this are to be right, but when compulsion is re- God. They profess to be Christ's disci-
not natural to man, yet they are possible. sorted to, then tyranny enters and we ples, and yet they petition him to send
All this Christ did as a man, but not with have established the Inquisition and re- the accursed cholera upon the land rather
the strength of man. " God was in kindle anew the fires of persecution. than have the World's Fair a success.
Christ reconciling the world unto him- W. E. CORNELL. Why ? Because it is open on Sunday.
self." As God was in Christ, so may They have set themselves up as judges of
Christ dwell in our hearts by faith, that Contrary to the Spirit of Christ. the consciences of men. If they had their
we also may "be filled with all the fullness way every person who refused to believe
of God." Eph. 3 : 17-19. This cannot be ACCORDING to the teaching of our as they believe would be put to death, for
done for a people as a whole, but only as Saviour, it is not right for his professing they call upon the President to send troops
individuals. It is not accomplished by disciples to call down his vengeance upon to Chicago to prevent the gates of the
any formal statement of belief, to which those who are not doing, his will, or rather Fair from being open on Sunday. What
all give assent, or subscribe their names, upon those who are not doing what those does that mean? It simply means that
but by Christ's dwelling in each man's professing Christians think is his will. the troops are to shoot the people down
heart, through his personal faith. Each He does not approve of it, neither does he if they persist in having that Fair open
one must be able to say for himself, "I am answer their prayers. He tells us he on Sunday, and National Reformers would
crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live; came to save men's lives and not. to de- do it themselves if power was given them.
yet not I, but ChrL .-c.th in me; and stroy them. We read in Luke 9: 51-56, But, thank' the Lord, they have not the
the life which I now live in the flesh, I these words :— power yet. They must wait God's ap-
live by the faith of the Son of God, who pointed time.
loved me, and gave himself for me." Gal. And it came to sass, when the time was come The spirit of Satan is certainly at the
that he should be received up, he steadfastly set his
2: 20. face to go to Jerusalem, and sent messengers back of the National Reform movement,
Then how would it be possible for an before his face: and they went, and entered into a as every man and women with an honest
entire nation to become Christian ? Only village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him. heart can see. Where are the churches
by every person's becoming converted, And they did not receive him, because his face was to-day that they would join in such a
as though he would go to Jerusalem. And when
and a follower of Christ. But in that his disciples James and John saw this, they said, satanic movement ? Is it not true that
case the nation would cease to occupy a Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down Babylon has fallen, and seeing that it is
place among the governments of earth. from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias true, what is the duty of God's people ?
How so ? Because no government on did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Let the Lord answer : " Come out of her,
Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For
earth could follow the instructions of the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, my people, that ye be not partakers of her
Christ, and remain in existence. Just but to save them. sins, and that ye receive not of her
imagine a government acting according to Did the disciples do right in asking that plagues." Rev. 18 : 4.
the injunction, " Love your enemies; " or fire might come down upon these people ALFRED MALLETT.
" Resist not evil." Its place would be who would not do just what they thought
known no more, and it would be absorbed they ought to ? They certainly did not. Blue Laws Revived in Massachusetts.
by others. Earthly governments can be That spirit is contrary to the Spirit of
maintained only by force, and violence is Christ. Man cannot discern the thoughts IN the town of Somerville, Mass., about
foreign to the character of Christ. So it and intents of the heart. God alone can three 'months ago, Henry D. Padelford,
is utterly impossible that there should be do this. Therefore man cannot judge his one of its most prominent druggists, was
such a thing on this earth as a Christian fellow - man righteously. God is the arrested and fined twenty-five dollars for
government. This does not mean that Supreme Judge of the conscience. What keeping open store on Sunday. Consider-
civil government should be abolished; on kind of a world would this be if men had able feeling, which in some cases amounted
the contrary, it is imperatively demanded the power to punish others if they did not to indignation, was aroused over this ac-
in the present condition of things; since believe as they believed ? Let the fore- tion at the time. This had partially died
there are so many who will not behave going quotation answer. down, however, when the smoldering;
without the use of force. In the world If the spirit of persecution is not the flickering flame of bigotry burst forth
to come, when the kingdoms of this world Spirit of Christ then whose spirit is it ? anew.
have become the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus said, " Ye know not what manner The alleged ground of Mr. Padelford's
and his Christ, civil government will of spirit ye are of," and in the next verse arrest was selling candy to children and
come to an end; for God's government is he shows that it is not his Spirit by the cigars to smokers, on Sunday; this time
a moral government. Then the peace and following words : " For the Son of man orders were issued closing barber shops
love of God will reign in every heart. is not come to destroy men's lives, but to and drug stores, and preventing the deliv-
E. J. WAGGONER. save them." Then whose spirit is the ery of ice cream on Sunday. Accordingly
persecuting spirit ? In another scripture the Somerville News came out under date
Not a Civil Question. the Lord said to those who were profess- of June 17 with the whole issue printed on
ing to serve God : " Ye are of your father blue paper, and headed, " Blue Law Edi-
THE question of morals and conscience the devil, and the works of your father ye tion." At the heads of four columns on
should be relegated to moral and reli- will do." So the spirit of persecution, the first page are printed the following
gious agencies. Questions of conscience being contrary to the Spirit of Christ, " Blue Laws," with dates : October, 1632,
suffer enormously when there is an at- must be of Satan, and when men pray for " That noe person shall take any tobacco
tempt to legislate upon them. It is not destruction to come upon their opponents publiquely, under paine of punishment,"
within the province of religion per se, to the Lord does not hear them ; but there attaching a penalty of I d (one penny) for
enter the realm of civil law, and it is just is one who hears them, and that one is violation thereof ; November, 1637, " That
as much out of place for the civil law to Satan. He it is who will destroy men's no person shall sell any cakes or buns,
come in and compel the enforcement of lives, and he would be only too glad to . . . upon paine of 10s fine," excepting
any matter of conscience, as for instance answer their prayers if the Lord would the selling of cakes " made for any buriall
the observance of the Sabbath. allow him. or marriage, or such like spetiall occa-
The present governor of Iowa, whose Now, what must the Lord think of those sion ; " September, 1634, " That noe per-
life at the last gubernatorial contest was professing his name to-day who are calling son, either man or women, shall hereafter
almost made . a burden, by the assumed to him to send destruction upon those who make or buy any apparell either woolen,
06 A.mniticAN VOL. s. go. 84.
silke or lynnen, with any lace on it, silver, The demonstration being satisfactory tion of Christians than it is from "Sun-
gold, silke or thread, under the penalty of to their own minds everybody must bow day opening." But the " Achan " lies
forfeiture of such cloathes, etc. ;" and a in silent submission or take the conse- further back. He does not dwell wholly
notice dated Nov. 8, 1666, that the sheriff quences. Any number of men bound to- in Chicago. The stealing began when
had been removed from office, fined £50 gether to enforce unjust laws, can be as pagan influences drove the Sabbath out of
and imprisoned "For allowing Baptist cruel as one prince, if the same power is the Christian Church and put Sunday and
conventicler in his house." given to them. Just let these men, with many other holidays in its place. The
The following extracts from the News such a spirit, get the laws they are seek- wicked theft was continued when Puritan-
will give the situation. In the first page ing for, and how quickly we would see our ism stole the name of the Sabbath and
editorial entitled, " Blue Law Sunday ; glorious land of liberty filled with vio- sought to make Sunday sacred by pasting
Somerville's first Experience in Puritani- lence from one end to the other. How the sacred name thereon. The Statesman
cal Ways," is the following:— soon we would learn by sad experience, keeps up that theft and indulges in many
Last Sunday our citizens had their first experi- that, indulgence to rebels has never been prevarications to make the theft appear
ence of the coming Blue Law era of this city. In the virtue of law. 0. OPPEGARD. honest. There is the real trouble. The
compliance with the order issued by Chief of Police Eau Claire, Wis. days of ignorance on these points are
Parkhurst, the barber shops were closed and the
unfortunate that did not get shaved on Saturday, passed and God cannot be cheated by the
went without it until Monday. The druggists thin guises the Statesman weaves. Hence
(with three exceptions) also closed their stores and Christians Destroying the "Christian defeat follows defeat, and Congress, the
had hung in conspicuous places signs, " Closed on Sabbath." Congress of a " great Christian Nation,"
account of the Blue Law," and of a similar charac-
ter. cannot save Sunday from ignominy. The
THE Christian, Statesman does not Statesman is doing excellent work in
Then follows an enumeration of cases spare its lurid rhetoric in denouncing the undermining and ruining the Christian
where ice cream was refused to sick per- World's Fair officials for their part in Church by its false claims concerning Sun-
sons (to well persons too, forsooth), in- Sunday opening, but it is compelled to day and the false accusations against the
ability to obtain liquor for a case of poi- acknowledge that Christians, in their
soning, prohibition of labor to a provision organized capacity, as well as in individ- Sabbath. Go on if you will. Plenty of
packing company, railroad employds, etc. ual cases, set the example which the Chi- defeats await you, they lie in ambush all
While these little grievances may be con- cago directors have followed. along the path you have chosen. How
In its many must you suffer before you will
sidered serious enough by those bearing issue for July 8, 1893, the Statesman cease fighting God and truth ?—Evangel
them, yet the same spirit at work in Som- said :— and Sabbath Outlook.
erville will work vastly more serious re- We frequently hear of a minister going to the
sults, if it is not zealously opposed and pulpit from a Sunday train. Why not prelude
driven to the wall. Not mere policy and the sermon with theft or adultery, or murder, the THE China Mail, publisled in Hong-
expediency for the present, as many regard commands against which are in the same code and
much briefer than the Sabbath law ? We will be kong, has this to say about the attitude
it, but principle is involved. Once let the glad to give evangelical ministers who use Sunday of the churches in America towards the
spirit of bigotry get hold of the civil law trains, half a column each toftexplain, over their anti-Chinese law :—
and persecution is sure to follow. The own signatures, if they dare, how they harmonize Now that it is too late, the various churches are
a ride on a Sunday train with either the Old Testa-
State is ruined and religion is suppressed. ment very indignant and emphatic against the Geary
Religion and morality cannot be forced spirit law of the Sabbath, or the New Testament
of the Lord's day. Most preachers who use
law. The Methodists announce that they have
decided to make a " vigorous fight" against it. If
upon an individual. Sunday trains explain that they do so only in they had fought with only a little vigor a year
A whole bundle of truth is wrapped up emergencies? But do they steal in emergencies? ago, and brought the great political power of their
in the following humorous editorial:— No man can do as much good by a sermon as he denomination to bear on Congress and executive,
can do harm by going to it, or from it, -on a Sun- they could have beaten the Exclusion act easily.
How old Sol steamed up last Sunday The issue day train. The excuses made do not satisfy other The General Association of Congregational Churches
was made fair and square, and we will venture to people, nor the offender himself. of Massachusetts adopted a. resolution at Boston on
say that there was more hungering and thirsting At this season of the year there is special danger Thursday in which they " beg the Chinese to sus-
after ice cream and soda than after righteousness! that churches that have protested against a large pend judgment upon Christian ethics until the
Sunday picnic at Chicago, will advertise their in- Christian people of the land have asserted them-
It would be no more absurd to pass a consistency by holding small ones in camp-meet- selves. What were the Christian people of the
law that every one shall be hungry for a ings and assemblies. The mother Chautauqua laud doing when the Geary law was pending ?
certain article of food at five o'clock every keeps the Sabbath and most of her children, but at They were moving heaven and earth to avert the
other day, than to pass a law that they Sedalia, if newspaper reports are correct, one of the judgments of the Almighty on a nation that would
Sunday-school assemblies, on the 25th of June, open a World's Fair on Sunday. They were assert-
should hunger for righteousness every opened its gates with an admittance fee, and a ing, as a distinguished Congregational clergyman
first day of the week. One law should be preacher—just like the World's Fair, to that extent has said, that it was a great boon to a Christian
just as successful as the other; both would —and no doubt in the fact that Sunday pleasuring nation to have a President who began the day with
make hypocrites and fools. But is not followed the sermon. We are glad the pastors of family prayers in the White House, no matter
Sedalia set themselves against this attempt to sanc- whether he rose from his knees to sign or veto a
the State dipping into just such absurdi- tify the Sunday show business, and we hope that if
ties when it makes a Sunday law? "Keep bill that outraged religion and humanity alike.
any other assembly or camp-meeting brings such a This was the real display of "Christian ethics"
the State and Church forever separate." scandal on Christianity, its officers will be called to upon which the Chinese are now asked to suspend
Massachusetts is following the evil ex- account in the church or in the courts. It is one judgment. Perhaps they will consent to do so,
of the strange things that, while a man who steals though the Founder of the Christian religion did
ample of her sister States, and soon her a dollar is " churched," a man who steals time not feel compelled to in his day, and had some
records will be stained with blots like from God and man is not even reproved. A particularly unpleasant things to say of the pious
those of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mary- greater peril to the Sabbath even than Sunday- and respectable churchgoers of his time who made
land. Let other States take warning, and opening at Chicago, is the widespread Sabbath- long prayers for a pretense, and were especially
breaking of Christians. It is this Achan that sound on the Sabbath question, but cared nothing
root out the dangerous weed of bigotry causes our defeats and delays our victory. about justice and mercy.
before it kills the tender plants.
W. E. HOWELL. Undoubtedly these Sunday-breaking The criticism is just. If one fourth the
preachers would answer the Statesman effort had been put forth in opposition to
History Repeats Itself.
as they do the Evangel and Sabbath Out- the Geary law that was expended to
look, when it presses the claims of the secure governmental recognition of Sun-
THE truthfulness of the statement made Sabbath, by saying that the " Old Testa- day sacredness, the churches would not
by Gibbon, in his history of the " Decline ment law ' has nothing to do with Sun- now be deploring its existence and its
and Fall of the Roman Empire," Vol. 4, day, and that there is no command in the probable destructive effects on Christian
page 528, has probably never proven it- New Testament to regard Sunday. Should missions in China. But if the missions in
self more true than in the case of the they do this their plea would be half true, China are devoted to inculcating the su-
Boston preachers, calling upon the Presi- which is more than can be said of the perficial Sunday " Christianity " which
dent of the United States to use troops to words of the Statesman while it asserts has of late become so popular in this
enforce the closing of the World's Fair that the fourth commandment requires country, their destruction would be small
on Sunday. Speaking of the time of men to keep Sunday holy, and that the loss to the cause of vital piety. However,
Justinian, A. D. 519-565, Gibbon says :— preacher who rides on a Sunday train is we do not believe that the religion of the
as wicked as he would be if he committed cross, so far as it is represented in heathen
Toleration was not a virtue of the times, and in- a theft before going to the pulpit. The lands, has degenerated as it has in this
dulgence to rebels has seldom been the virtue of
princes. But when the prince descends to the nar- mock piety of the Statesman has no foun- country. Not having the civil arm upon
row and peevish character of a disputant, he is dation. which to lean, Christians in China have
easily provoked to supply the defect of argument Nevertheless it is true that the danger not yet forsaken their Lord for Baal, nor
by the plenitude of power, and to chastise without
mercy the perverse blindness of those who wil- to Sunday, and to all Sabbathism, and all gone down to Egypt for help. It is only
fully shut their eyes against the light of the dem- confidence in the Bible, is far greater be- in " Christian " lands that the followers
onstration. cause of the false and inconsistent posi- of Christ thus deny him.
AUGUST 31, 1893. Amiwn,rc_A\_N- SIWINT'll IN 11-<a__,., 271



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Wagner Buffet Sleeping Cars on fast express trains between
Brave and True, by J. TRAIN DAVIDSON.
CHRISTIAN LIFE SERIES. New York, Kingston, Albany. Utica, Syracuse, Roches- Talks to Young Men.
ter, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Detroit,
Cleveland, and Chicago. " This is one of the books the wide distribution of which
cannot be too greatly desired."—Presbyterian Journal.
Four excellent books of which we can give no better idea Excellent Service to the World's Fair. Each of these books is complete in itself, and so
than by quoting the table of contents of one. The first, "Chris-
tian"Living," contains nine chapters, as follows:— N. B.—Send six cent stamp for copy of Summer Excursion can be sold separately at fifty cents each; but
Book, containing list of summer hotels and boarding houses in as they are all about equally good, and desiring to
I. The Appropriation of Christ. II. Christ's the Catskills and along the line of our connections.
encourage the dissemination of such literature, we
Proprietorship. III. Reciprocal Indwelling. For tickets, time tables and information, apply to any West offer the four for $01.75. They are all bound
IV. "Sins" and "Sins." V. The Will. VI. Shore ticket agent, or to alike, and put up in a neat box present a very at-
Guidance. VII. The Fullness of the Spirit. H. B. JAGOE, G. E. P. A. A. A. SMITH, N.E.P.A. tractive appearance. They will form a valuable
VIII. Our Work for Christ. IX. Concluding 363 BROADWAY, N. Y. 300 WASHINGTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. addition to any young man's or youth's library.
Words. E. J. WEEKS. G. A. F. J. WOLFE, G. A.
The second book of this series, "The Present Tense of the
Blessed Life," has seventeen chapters and treats of the many C. E. LAMBERT, Gen'l Passenger Agent. THE PHILOSOPHY. OF THE PLAN OF
promises of present help and blessing. The Christian should 5 Vanderbilt Ave. New York City.
live in the present as well as for the future. Jesus not only
promises future salvation but he gives present victory.
The Future Tense of the Blessed Life," deals with promises
of future blessings. The first chapter is "A. Cluster of Grapes;" EAGLE BRAND By " an American Citizen"
the text is Zeph. 3: 17. "The Lord thy God in the midst of thee
is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he Is something that every Christian ought to read. It is a val-
will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing." Truly THE uable book, though not entirely free from remarks which indi-
this is a rich cluster of promises. Is cate wrong ideas. But as these occur only incidentally, and
The title of the remaining book, "The Shepherd Psalm," unequaled are in no sense essential to the author's course of reasoning,
will sufficiently explain to every Christian the character of this they are unimportant. The book can be safely put into the
volume. What follower of Christ is not familiar with the for House, Barn,
hands of any one, and would be especially valuable in dealing
Twenty-Third Psalm and where is the trusting Christian who Factory, or Out-Buildings, with the candid skeptic.
does not love to dwell upon it ? and costs half the price of shin-
About one hundred and sixty pages each, bound in blue vel- Nearly 200 pages, Bound in Cloth.
lum cloth, 50 cents each, or four for $1.75. gles, tin or iron. It is ready for use, and
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ples, and state size of roof. Address,
48. Doucl Street, New York-City, Darr, 9,155 DUANii 6rxxisr, Nxw YORK, N. Y. 43 Dowd street, New York City.
272 A.ItlIOLLEtiCAN SENTIN IF 1Th. Vol.. 8, No. 34.

inary one rather than real. If the saloons can intrench himself behind the same breastwork
can be closed on Sunday, they can be of argument, as that put up by the Seventh-day
Adventists. He can triumphantly demand the
closed all of the time. It is difficult to text of Scripture which repeals polygamy.
conceive of a man who should want liquor
And everybody else can just as emphatic-
sold on all other days of the week but not
NEW YORK, AUGUST 31, 1893. ally demand the text of scripture which
on Sunday. Sunday-closing is a half way ever commanded polygamy. It is true
measure; but it can be attained no more that polygamy was permitted under the
ligr. ANY one receiving the AMERICAN SENTINEL without
having ordered it may know that it is sent to him by some quickly than the ' whole loaf.' Leaving
friend, unless plainly marked " Sample Copy." It is our invari- Theocracy, but it never was commanded
able rule to send out no papers without pay in advance. except out of account its flavor of religious legis-
by special arrangement, therefore, those who have not ordered as a moral duty. If polygamy had ever
the SENTINgi, need have no fears that they will be asked to pay
for it simply because they take it from the post-office.
lation, it is unsatisfactory. No wonder been as plainly commanded as is the ob-
that many good men have not enough servance of the seventh day, or com-
WILL the gentleman who has sent us a faith in it to write their name on a peti- manded at all, then might men reason-
communication from Muddy Lane, Mo., tion in its behalf." ably demand as plain a repeal, but as it
please send us his name ? was only permitted like divorce, " be-
IT now transpires that, as reported some
cause of the hardness of your hearts,"
time since, President Cleveland did write
IT is announced that the Supreme Court neither Mormons or any other National
a letter of congratulation to the Pope,
is to grant a re-hearing on the Geary law. Reformers ought to insist that it stands
upon the occasion of the golden jubilee of
As one of the five justices who sustained on a par with the Sabbath of the Lord.
his episcopate. When President before,
the law has since died, it is thought that
Mr. Cleveland sent the great " Infallible " A WRITER for the Christian Index (Bap-
the court may reverse itself and declare
a copy of the Constitution of the United tist), in an article in its issue of June 29,
the law unconstitutional.
States. Such acts are entirely out of has the following:—
ASIDE from the merits of this law from place in the chief magistrate of this If we cannot persuade men into our way of
a purely civil and politic standpoint, it country. As an individual, Mr. Cleve- thinking about religious matters, let us concede to
ought not to be difficult for the court of land has a perfect right to thus truckle to them the same rights of opinion which we claim
last resort to decide against the act if it Rome, but as President he has no right to for ourselves. If I cannot conscientiously visit the
World's Fair grounds on Sunday, or read Dickens
would only adopt the same course of rea- do anything of the kind. or Thackeray or Shakespeare or the secular news-
soning pursued in the case of the Rector papers on that day, that is my affair. My more
WHAT is the matter with England ?
and Vestry of Trinity Church vs. the liberal minded neighbor dare not interfere to force
there they have a Sunday law, and yet me by law to accept his views on the subject. No
United States.
"A startling discovery," says The Free more have I the right to force my views upon him.
IN the decision of Feb. 29, 1892, in the Church Monthly, " has been made with re- I may endeavor to courteously persuade him to my
way of thinking; but the time is long past for
case just referred to, the Supreme Court gard to the condition of Methodism in the appeal to the civic magistrate in such matters.
held that Congress could not exclude midland counties of England. In Bir- About the most unprofitable business that any gov-
clergymen because this is a Christian Na- mingham alone there are 21,000 empty ernment can engage in, is legislation on religious
tion. If that reason is potent in the one Wesleyan sittings. On the census Sun- subjects. Let it preserve order and allow men to
case it ought to be also in the other. No- day the chapels were found to be two- think and act for themselves on matters of con-
body can defend the anti-Chinese law from thirds empty in the morning, and not two- science.
a Christian point of view, and the " Chris- thirds filled at night." It seems that it This is in our opinion sound sense. It
tian sentiment of the country" is clearly takes something more than a legal Sunday is a pity all professing Christians cannot
against it. The attorneys for the Six Com- to fill the churches. see the truth of this statement. The
panies ought to lead the justices around to Lord can certainly take care of his own
their side of the Chinese question, and ask REV. J. J. RANSOM, a correspondent of without the aid of civil law. His Spirit
them to adjust their Church and State the Nashville Christian Advocate in a is the medium he uses to bring men to
goggles and look the Geary act over communication to that paper of July 20, him, and his Spirit he gives to all those
again. quotes a young minister as saying in justi- who truly follow him. It is only when
fication of the boycott on the Fair: "We they are without his Spirit that they
THE series of religious congresses will want to show them that we can't be run appeal to civil law. Paul tells us that
open in Chicago, September 11, and con- over." Mr. Ransom's only comment is: the " weapons of our warfare are not car-
tinue seventeen days. The object of this " there spoke the natural man." But that nal," and "this is the word of the Lord,
so-called parliament of religions, is thus means a good deal when we remember . . . Not by might, nor by power,' but
stated by J. H. Barrows, D. D.: "To that the " natural man " is but another by my Spirit." The Spirit of the Lord is
furnish a great school of comparative term for the " carnal mind," which is de- the weapon the Christian should use to
religions; to bring the different faiths clared to be " emnity against God: for it fight the powers of darkness, and with
into contact and conference; to deepen is not subject to the law of God, neither this he will succeed, but not by civil
the spirit of brotherhood ; to bring out indeed can be." enactments.
the distinctive truths of each religion; to
THE new President of the American READ the " ad," on another page, of
show why men believe in God and in the
Sabbath Union, Rev. Geo. S. Mott, has a " Little Folks Bible Gallery," and " Bible
future life; to bridge the chasms between
series of articles running through The Pictures and Stories for Little Folks."
Christians of different names and reli-
Soldier, a South Carolina paper, in which We have examined these books and can
gious men of all names; to induce good recommend them.
he says of a divine command for Sunday
men to work together for common ends,
observance :— AMERICAN SENTINEL.
and to promote the cause of international
We admit there is no such command. But if we
peace." are to be limited by such a demand, all of us shall Set for the defense of liberty of conscience, and therefore
uncompromisingly opposed to anything tending
THE Sabbath Recorder (Seventh-day
soon find ourselves in a very entangling predica- toward a union of Church and State,
ment. Let us point to one as an illustration. either in name or in fact.
Baptist) thinks that it might be right under Polygamy is an institution recognized in the Old Single copy, per year, - - - $1.00.
" certain conditions," to make a law shut- Testament. Its conditions were provided for by In clubs of 5 to 24 copies to" one address, per " year, - - 90c
25 99 " " " - - - 80c
ting up dramshops on the first day of the divine enactment. Now polygamy is utterly pro_ it
100 to 249 " " " " - - 75c
250 to 499 " " " " " - - - 70c
week, but says : " In our own experience hibited by the Church, and it is a crime punished ii 500 to 999 " " " " "
.. 65c
by the State. Yet there is no positive divine com- 1000 or more " " "
and observation, however, the conditions mand recalling that permission of polygamy which
To foreign countries in Postal Union, - - 5 shillings
never appear. The situation is an imag- was granted in the Old Testament, The Mormon 43 I3ond Street, New York City,