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Action Plan

Action Objective Person/Group Responsible Date to be Assessment

Completed by
Math PD Teachers will receive updates to Primary teachers (K-2nd) August 24, 2018 none
primary math curriculum in order PD given by me
to begin planning for instruction.
Connect new To assist the Technology Liaison Tech Liaison & myself August 31, 2018 none
Port in connecting new port replicators,
Replicators as well as Promethean boards for
Tech Liaison To assist teachers with technology- Tech Liaison Alternate (me) Ongoing none
Alternate related items (predominantly
laptop and Promethean board
issues), as well as attending
meetings and relaying information
to staff.
Submit To propose my internship plan of School Principal August 31, 2018 none
Proposal action to my principal for approval.
Introductory  Teachers will be able to Staff members September 14, Introductory
Screencast identify the stage of the 2018 Survey
SAMR & ACOT model they
are on currently.
 Teachers will know the
purpose of my internship and
gain an idea of my vision and
Technology To discuss jobs of the committee Technology Committee: September 17, Add 1 tech tool
Committee and begin brainstorming ideas for Myself, STAT teacher, 2018 to the Tech Tool
Meeting technology PD sessions. Librarian, Tech Liaison Cheat Sheet on
the shared drive
PD: Creating Teachers will be able to create and Staff October 3, 2018 Follow-up survey
Tests & share tests and quizzes on
Quizzes on Schoology.
PD: Newsela Teachers will be able to create an Staff October 22, 2018 Follow-up survey
account with Newsela in order to
utilize this tool in the classroom.
PD Teachers will participate in a trial Staff December 10, 2018 Follow-up survey
Opportunity: version of Learning A-Z and
Learning A-Z utilize this tool in the classroom.
PD: Padlet Teachers will be able to utilize Staff November 8, 2018 Follow-up survey
Padlet in the classroom as a
collaborative tool.
End of  Teachers will be able to Staff November 21, 2018 none
Internship identify their current level on
Survey the SAMR and ACOT models.
 Teachers will be able to give
feedback on Tech Tip sessions
and reflect on past sessions.