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PO BOX 1401 FREELAND, WA 98249


The meeting was called to order at 2:03pm by President, Gary Uhlig. Other Board
Members present were Vice President, Lance Porter, Treasurer, Frank Worster,
Secretary, Martha Fleming, Glen McConnachie, Nancy McCallum, John Githens, Eric
Rembold, and Wil Surface. Mike Downey arrived a short time later. Brad Smith was

Present in the gallery was Lu Surface.

The August 15, 2008 minutes were reviewed. Wil moved and Frank seconded to approve
the minutes with corrections. The motion passed. The Draft Minutes for the Special
Meeting on August 26, 2018 were reviewed which will be presented at the next Annual

Frank presented the August Financial Statements. Eric moved and Glen seconded to
approve the August Financial Statements as amended. The motion passed. A discussion
followed regarding the charges for past due water accounts. Frank presented the annual
contract from Edwards and Associates which takes us through the end of the fiscal year
(March 2019). The fee estimate is predicted to be $700.00 a month. Frank will pursue
looking into competitive services.

Frank led a discussion on Past Due Payment Policy Revision. Frank will revise the
policy per discussion suggestions which the Board and our attorney will review.

Lance presented the CPG (Clubhouse, pool, Grounds) Report. The sign in sheets for the
pool showed increased usage. Issues that need to be addressed are a possible pool stress
crack reported from the tile setter, covering the pool in the winter, focusing on better
heating, a seasonal pool cover to lower costs and a site person to come and give
professional advice. A small work party worked on prepping and painting the clubhouse.
Thank you to the volunteers!! The lawn mower leaks were fixed by Wil. He is
continuing to work on the belts and blades when needed. Nancy acknowledged all the
work (hundreds of hours) that Wil has done on the clubhouse grounds.

Lance presented an update on the Shoreline Improvement Project reading an email from
Lisa Kauffman regarding the timeline of the project. The new completion date has not
been confirmed. Plantings will be completed weather permitting. Some in the fall and
the remainder in the Spring.
Glen reported that he has no bids on grading a ditch at the pump house. There is actually
no need for a fence around the pump house. He also reported that it would be extremely
expensive to have a reserve study done. Glen will talk to King Water further on this

The next Board Meeting will be Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 6:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Fleming

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