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RETRIEVALS OF THE THIRD KIND A case study of alleged UFOs and occupants in military custody BY LEN STRINGFIELD |) AUIEN HUMANOID HAND BY L,#, STRINGFIE: DESCRIPTION OF . . Feo Also Snide... Investigation close-up____} Bigfoot-Type Creature In Ohio li wuTLeR ef BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS Frank Scully —— Bea “These and may’ other fascinating quescons abou fying saucers are discus in no Toe Fv ACES ok 3s dive and imperative ae tomocon’s headlines RY HOLTAND COMPANY, INC. + 257 Fourth Aves Nw York 12 ea cd ata Foe Wes The rare dust jacket from the book BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS by Frank Scully, published by Henry Holt in 1950 is reproduced above. This was one of the first books in the field to explore the data of the crashed saucers. It was claimed this was the inside story of the Flying Discs. Theories and actualities on subjects like magnetic. propulsion, eye-witness accounts of disks discovered in the magnetic fault lines of the West, discs found on this continent and a fourth on the Sahara Desert, and the startling revelations of retrievals of craft and occupants from a mysterious Dr. Gee. The book was also involved in controversy. One side taking it lightly, the other taking it very seriously. Possibly now we are ready to take a serious look into this data of crashed saucers. We should keep an open mind and investigate every lead. Much more could have possibly been learned back in 1950, if those in the know did'nt push this book aside as a joke! Mes Dusters GROUP-DATA-ADVISORY. 4 UFO OHIO INTRODUCTION 3% Welcome to the first issue of UFO OHIO JOURNAL. With limited space at hand, I will not go in to complete detaila on what UFO OHIO is all about, This is fully explored in UFO OHIO NEWSLETTER No.l, pictured to your right. Many of you know about us and our various research projects. UFO OHIO fs ah incbeporation of two respected ufo publications: ‘THE PAGE RESEARCH LIBRARY NEWSLETTER [PRLN] published by The UFO Information Network. THE OHIO SKYWATCHER (0S) published by The Ohio UFO Investigators League Rare back issues of both PRLN and OS are for sale in this issue of UFO ‘OHIO JOURNAL. I feel we have a good solid issue for you. Both visual and full of data. Some of the material is of a very serious nature. The project is functioning on two levels of publication; One, is the UFO OHIO JOURNAL, set to publish at least three times per year. These issues will be lengthly’ and reflect research areas of wide interest levels. More room can be given to longer items and presentation. ‘THE UFO OHIO NEWSLETTER/ GROUP DATA ADVISORY is functioning as Aoguick way {o distribute Information among the network of groupe work: ing together. It is published about once a month. This newsletter will up- date everyone on group meeting activity, and act as a ufdlogical bulletin board. Your co-operation is appreciated UFO OHIO NEWSLETTER NO.1 1.50 The UFO OHIO PROJECT is independent, but has arranged to work with many other local and out of state groups. A base has been established consisting of the following group representatives to this project CLEVELAND UFO SOCIETY Lawrence Blazey NORTHERN OHIO UFO GROUP Rick lilberg UFO INFORMATION NETWORK Dennis Pilichis ‘TRI-COUNTY UFO STUDY GROUP James Rastetter FLYING SAUCER INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE Larry Moyers OHIO UFO INVESTIGATORS LEAGUE Charles Wilhelm PARA-HUMINOID RESEARCH Ron Schaffner PARANORMAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION Phil Colline CLEVELAND UFOLOGY PROJECT Gari Neff UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS RESEARCHERS ALLIANCE Psul Rozich The complete names, addresses and UFO report center number is included in the UFO OHIO NEWSLETTER/ GROUP DATA ADVISORY No.1 issue. Information on group meetings In and around Ohio is also included. We need your support and covoperation, Would you help us? If you liked this Seeue of the UFO OHIO JOURNAL, I know you are going to feel the same about Number Two. How about sending us in 3.50.and it will be sent to you as soon as it is printed, This would help us out. How shout trying out six issues of the UFO OHIO NEWSLETTER/ GROUP DATA AVISORY? The issues are 1.50 each, sign up for six issues at 9.00, and you ‘can have the first two issues featured on the right FREE OF CHARGE. We appreciate your communication. Hope to hear from you, See you next JOURNAL) NEWSLETTER issue, UFO OHIO NEWSLETTER NO.2 1.50 Dennis Pilichis edtoripublisher