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The 38 Poor Man’s JAMES BOND ORIGINAL POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND, REVISED, CORRECTED, ENLARGED Ku rt Saxo i ULTIMATE BOOBYTRAP POTASSIUM CYANIDE PDF by Mr White 21 March 2002 enjoy and share . FULL AUTO CONVERSION: AR-15, MARK 1, MINI-14, STEN GUN FIREWORKS & EXPLOSIVES LIKE GRANDDAD USED TO MAKE EXPLOSIVES, MATCHES, & FIREWORKS PYROTECHNY-WEINGART AMERICAN PYROTECHNIST WE SHALL FIGHT IN THE STREETS ARSON BY ELECTRONICS U.S. MARINES & ARMY HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vo The NEW IMPROVED 1 POOR MAN'S Poor Man's JAMES BOND Vol. 1 JAMES BOND INDEX Page 105 Kurt Saxon YOU ARE THE LAW! by Kurt Saxon Due to budget cuts a Missouri sheriff's department clo- ses down at 5 pm, Callers get a recorded message saying, in effect, “Defend yourself as best you can until tomor- row" vialent crime rose 12% in 1996. Prisons are so crowded, thousands of criminal psycho- tics are qiven early parole. Cases of murder, rape and every other vicious crime have been reported as a direct result of loosing these animals. Mental are so selective that an applicant has to prove his eligibility by killing at least one of the examiners. The fellow who killed 21 McDonald's custo- mers a couple of years ago had. been refused mental help just a few days previous to the massacre because he seemed in pretty qood shape, all things considered. Most police agencies are understaffed, overworked and their officers prone to battle fatigue, It is increasingly hard to get a collar put away for the period determined by his offense. Officers often ignore crimes they feel our Liberal courts would allow to be plea-bargained out of the over-crowded docket. There are even cases of cops ignoring a mugging while staked out. for a Large drug bust. So you can actually be atlacked, robbed, raped, maimed or killed while a cop looks on. Drugs have become such a Eixation with our lawmen that their suppression has effectively emasculated police sworn to “Protect and Serve". Besides, every cop who makes a drug bust is, in effect, working for the drug dealers. Their valiant, though counterproductive efforts serve only to drive up the prices of drugs. This greatly increases your chance of being mugged or burglarized by losers need- ing more money for a fix. The only solution to the drug problem is total legali- zation. This would take the profit from the trade. The losers who prey on society to support their habit could then destroy their already inferior brains at little cost and no danger to the taxpayer. Why should billions be taken from our economy by the Drug Enforcement Agency, junkies robbing to support their habit and court time? Who cares if a loser, born tp no purpose, destroys his brain? Wouldn't your Child bé ‘less likely to get on drugs through peer pressure if one of his already hooked peers had nothing to gain? And’ would- n't you rather a junky blow his mind with over-the- counter narcotics than maim or kill you or one of your loved ones for the money to buy from a pusher? Our great andparents could buy any narcotic over-the- counter. Drug-induced crimes were too rare to document, Drug addicts not only had no need to prey on societ ty to support their habit but they soon died, taking their in- ferior selves out of the gene pool. Now, babies are born showing withdrawal symptoms. Hun— dreds of thoussnds of degenerates are breeding like rats, both out of iqnorance and to get more Aid to Dependent Children so as to buy more drugs The Secret Secret Agent’s Lab! Just imagine you were the real 007. After saving your country a dozen times, you are in disgrace. This is is be- cause, at a party, you gave the queen a playful goose, causing her to spring into the punch bowl. So you were fired. No longer the clever gad- gets, the fancy and lethal cars. And all those girls? Now even Moneypenny won't give you a tumble. Poor baby. But you've still got all those enemies you've made dur- ing s0 many movies. You are now cut off from MI-5 and on your own. Now you'll have to equip yourself to survive and defend your nation, Unauthoeri- zed and even forbidden to en- gage the foe, you must keep your activities secret from police, landlords and especi- ally relatives living with you. Of course, while making all your own weapons, you'll need a cover story to explain your workshop and lab. Aside from the other volumes of THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND, I advise you to get GRANDDAD'S WONDER- FUL BOOK OF CHEMISTRY and all the volumes of THE SURVIVOR. With ali this information, you will be able to create an ars- enal while leading others to think you were only trying out the old formulas and crafts. Although the chemistry book shows how to make many com- pounds from simple, easy to get chemicals, you may want to order many chemicals and Lab PpOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 1 2 This was exemplified on a recent Phil Donahue show. stace was crowded with cribs of "boarder babies". These were the pitiful offspring of junkies who were too far gone to Care Eor their socially doomed young. “What to do about the situation?" was the theme of the segment, Somehow, a rational caller got through who said that all their mothers should undergo mandatary sterilization, Phil moved on without addressing himself to the only real- istic solution suqgested, Nor did any in his audience re- fer to it. Both Phil and his entire studio audience seemed to believe that something should be done to help those ruined children. Of course, nothing could be done, but preventing more of the same was out of the question. So more women will have more ruined babies, They will also spread AIDS through dirty needles and prostitution and have more babies while Phil and his Liberal audience Yammer their impotent sympathy. But I digress. Getting back to the subject of you, the private citizen being the law, is my purpose, Not too long age, officers engaged in public relations would lecture civilians on how to keep from being injured by social predators. Their advice was non-resistance. "Give him what he wants and he may not hurt you", This no longer holds true. Increasingly, more predators are those prematurely released from nuthouses and prisons. They ate criminally psychotic and consider the bodily in- jury of their victims the icing on their cake. They have no €ear.of punishment since they are used to prison or have papers saying they are mentally ill and so are not responsible, So why shouldn't they tear you to pieces aft- er they've gotten your wallet or raped you? One argument against resistance ta the mugger, armed robber or rapist is that a show of caunter-force micht make him mad at you. But, Pear Heart, is not a ‘monster threatening your life already mad at you? This brings to mind a classic news account of a rape, befere the word "rape" was in common use. "He boat her up, Krnecked her teeth out, threw her downstairs, breaking her leq, and then attacked her". Getting back to your being the law; you've heard of the term "Citizen's Arrest". This means that a citizen witnes— sing a crime where there are no police present is legally empowered to arrest the lawbreaker. Such arrests have only been made in the case of non-violent offenders. I've never heard of a muqger of rapist being treated to a citizen's arrest. Even so, if the citizen making the arrest failed to “read him his rights" would not he be released? So forget citizen's arrests. Also, don't be bothered by any objections to taking the law into your own hands, When you are confronted by an assailant you are the law. More— over, in anticipation of being forced to act against an attacker, go armed. With your Chances of being a victim going up all the time, the penalties for carrying a concealed weapon become less important. Even so, as a California police captain told me years ago, "Better to be judqed by twelve than carried by six", Besides, if you aren't accustomed to be- ing searched, how would carrying a concealed weapon make you more likely to be searched? As the crime rate rises, the Liberal media continues to intimidate the citizen who would exercise his duty to eli- winate predators. Bernhard Goetz is still being tried for sheeting four vermin, Berny's only crimes were in not kil- ling them all and in then giving himself up. A lesser crime was in his pleading self-defense. I hate that term. If you limit your action to defense, which he didn't, an attacker can break through your defense The idea is to attack with the intention to maim or kill your attacker. What most people don't realize is that a mugger, rap- ist, burglar, etc., chooses his victims for their vulnera- bility, He's not a challenger. He doesn't want any resis- The POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 1 supplies ready-made. Your best source is the hobby chemical companies advertizing in the Classifieds of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Of course, such companies have removed just about all of the oxidizers like the chlor-— ates and nitrates, plus acids and anything else a child may do damage with. But they do offer the full range of lab equipment such as rubber tub— ing, glass tubing, retorts, flasks, test tubes, etc., that you may not want to take the trouble to make yourself. An even better source for chemicals is your local phar— macy. It would be best if it was one near a hospital, as they usually have more chemi- Cals in stock, such as strong ammonia, formaldehyde, etc. You don't just walk up to the pharmacist with a list of chemicals and lab gear. Most of his time is spent filling prescriptions and he makes a good living at it. He would make a profit ordering chemi- @als and lab gear for you but not enough te interrupt his routine. So you have to be very clever and get to his ego and also his unorthodox interests, Every pharmacist is some- what of a mad scientist in his own fantasies. You must get him to accépt your own in- terest in weird projects with- out arousing any suspicion or taking up too much of his time. You cheery start by saying a few words to him on a couple of occasions when you see he's not too busy. Most pharmacists are really nice guys but if he's just an old poop, go on to the next one. Your best bet is to show him a copy of GRANDDAD's Woh- DERFUL BOOK OF CHEMISTRY, esp- ecially the section on chemi- cal magic. Tell him you are interested in stage magic with chemicals but don't know how to get the chemicals. You may even loan him the book. At any rate, it will be your best smokescreen, giving you a le- gitimate, if odd, excuse for wanting just about any chemi- Cal you feel a need for.