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Dear Professors and Class Beadles,

We have attached the proposed schedule of exams.

In the past, we have allowed professors and students to schedule their exams. When we had a small
population and professors handling only one section, this was possible. Today, we have several professors
who handle several sections of the same course, or in some cases several sections of different courses. In
many cases, the professors want to conduct these exams at the same time or at times very close to each

The professors and the students CAN move the schedules, subject to the availability of rooms on a first-
come-first served basis. This semester, we will be using the auditorium. The illumination will be improved
by the time we have exams. The mornings of weekdays are the periods when the greatest number of
rooms are available. The last day for submitting the FINAL schedule of exams is on NOVEMBER 16
(Friday). The beadles can approach Ms. Roselie Esguerra to check on room assignments on or before
November 16.

There are no schedules for the elective courses, or for those courses which are not usually offered during
the first semester. We have tried to ensure that blocks do not have conflicting schedules of exams. If your
course sequence is off, there will be some conflicts.

We have tried to keep November 26 (Monday) as a review day, but it is impossible. Exams on Monday will
begin in the evening. November 30 (Friday) is a holiday and December 2 is a Sunday. There will be time
for students to review during these days. The last day for exams is on December 4 (Tuesday). The 115-
students will leave for their recollection at 1230 on December 4, there will be no exams in the afternoon
of Tuesday for 115-students.

If after trying to negotiate and adjust the schedule and the exam schedules cannot be moved to
accommodate all the students, the student should approach Roselie Esguerra and indicate the conflicting
schedules. In these cases, the exams will be held one after the other in a special room designated by the
associate dean. The office will coordinate with the professors of the two courses which conflict with each

The deadline for submission of grades is on Dec 10, 1700 hrs for faculty members who will ask the staff to
input the grades and Dec 12, 2000 hrs, for professors who will input their grades online. December 13 is
the grade consultation day. Dec 10 is the staff party at the Taft Campus. Professors will email the grades
to Ronel Saligumba ONLY. There will be no staff present in the BGC Campus after 1200.

This gives us one day (December 14)to collate the data prior to enrollment (checking of retention policy
and additional courses/sections to be offered based on outcomes of the first semester).

Online enrollment is on Dec 15 (Saturday), up to 1500. From 1500 to 1800, manual adjustment will be
held for students who had signed up for the 5YR/evening program. Manual enrollment will occur from
Dec 17 (Monday) to Dec 19 (Wednesday). There will be NO manual enrollment when classes start on
January 3 (Thursday).

Returning students must see Melchor Allauigan on or before November 29 to process their documents.
All holds on your records (fees, clinic, discipline) must be addressed on or before November 10. We are
here to help, please see us immediately so we can assist you. DO NOT WAIT for the enrollment period.
If the staff are unable to enroll you based on your pre-enlistment sheets because of the holds on your
records or if the holds are not lifted by December 19, you will not be able to enroll for the second semester
of AY 2018-2019.