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Demonstration Lesson Plan in English Grade IV

Demonstration Lesson Plan in English Grade IV

I- OBJECTIVES: Within the allotted time, pupils are expected to:

a. Identify and use adjectives in the sentence;

EN4G – IIIa- 13
b. Answer comprehension questions correctly;
c. Participate to the discussion attentively;
d. Show kindness to other people;


Reference: English IV for You and Me (page146)
Teacher’s Guide
pp. 218 -219
Learner’s Material
pp. 226 -228

Materials: picture, chart, PowerPoint Presentation

Values Focus: being kind to others

A. Preparatory Activities:

1. Drill:

Project One-WISH

Word: circular
Pronunciation: \ˈsər-kyə-lər
Syllabication: cir·cu·lar
Part of Speech: adjective
Meaning: having the form of a circle
Sentence: The building features a circular atrium.

2. Review:

Directions. Identify the noun in each sentence.

1. Annie built castle in the sand.

2. Tommy swam in the ocean
3. Las Pinas is known for beautiful and colorful parol.
4. The table is square.
5. The pencil is long.
B. Developmental Activities:
1. Motivation:

Show a picture of a boy helping an old woman.


What do you see in the picture?

What did the boy do in the picture?

2. Unlocking of Difficulties:
Directions: Give the meaning of the underlined word in the
1. The boy is begging for some food. The underlined word means.
a. to give something
b. to ask for something
c. to command someone
2. A kindhearted man always receives a reward.
a. cruel
b. good
c. violent
3. Setting of Standards
4. Presentation of the Story
Once upon a time, there were two friends, John
and Roy, who went to a farm to plant sugarcane. Each
of them carried food for their lunch and bottle of water.
Roy went ahead. Afterwards, he met an old woman.
“Please give me food for I am hungry”, the old woman
begged. “Go away, old woman, I have no food for you”
Roy shouted at the old woman.
Meanwhile, his friend John was washing his face in
stream when he saw the old woman, “Please give me food
for I am hungry,” the old woman begged. Immediately,
John opened his bag where he kept his food and shared it
to the old woman. Then he gave her water. The woman
thanked John for the food. Then she said, “You have a kind
heart so I will give you a reward. Go to a tree with a large
stone under it. Remove the stone and you will find a bag
filled with money. John was surprised but he thanked the
old woman and went to the tree that she described.
He found the large stone, removed it and found a
bag filled with money. He was so happy and went running
back to the old woman and thanks her again. But the old
woman was gone. “Thank you, old woman, thank you,
Lord” John shouted to the wind. Then he went happily back
home and bought delicious food and nice clothes for
himself and his family. A kindhearted man always receives
a reward. It may not always be as money, but in other
forms such as admiration, respect and love from others.
5. Comprehension Check-Up
1. What is the title of the story?
2. Who are the characters in the story?
3. How would you describe John in the story?
4. What did the woman ask for?
5. Why do think John helped the old woman?
6. Is John a good boy? Why?
7. If you were John, would you do the same? Why?
Why not?
6. Values Infusion
What have you learned from the story?
If you see someone begging for food, what will you do?
7. Discussion
Present the sentences.
1. The old woman begged.
Ask: What kind of woman is she?
The word old describes or it modifies a woman
Ask: The word woman is what part of speech?

2. You have a kind heart so I will give you a reward.

Ask: What word modifies heart?

3. Go to a tree with a large stone under it.

Ask: What kind of stone was described?

4. He went back happily home and bought delicious food

and nice clothes for himself and his family.
Ask: What are the words that describe foods and clothes?

Adjective is a word that modifies or describes a noun and its

pronoun. It paints a clearer picture of the noun.

Activity 1. Arranging Jumbled Letters.

Directions. Arrange the jumbled letters to form a word that
match with the picture.
nnfuy (funny)
fsreh (fresh)

lveoyl (lovely)

soemhnad (handsome)

ftso (soft)

Activity 2. Sing A Song

Listen to the song “Everything at Once”
Take note of the adjectives.

8. Generalization

What do we call with word that describes the noun and

9. Application
Differentiated Activity
Group 1 – Adjective Tree
Choose all the adjectives from the given list. Write the
adjectives on the leaves and branches of the tree.
Group 2 – I Like It!
Using the Y Chart, describe the animals found in your
activity box.
Group 3 – You Complete Me!
Complete the poem by adding the correct adjective.
Recite the poem in a very creative way.
“All Things Bright and Beautiful”
Group 4 – I Can Sing!
Compose a song or yell using adjectives.
IV. Evaluation
Directions: Identify the adjectives used in each sentence. Write your answer on
your paper.

1. Mrs. Aguilar is a pretty lady.

2. There are five players on the court.
3. My brother receives a blue polo shirt for his birthday.
4. That tree is now green because I watered it every day.
5. If there is one heritage Las PInas is famous for, it is the Bamboo Organ.
V. Assignment
Look for 3 things inside your house. Write 2 sentences to describe each.

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