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18 il ’s Tobility 2 S | 2 = = pe Luthic Guro Ordo Dobilis Mathic Gurope’s 1 )obilitu by Michaél de Vefteuil, lan Hargrove, and Robin Steeden For use with Ars Magica Fourth Edition Oye UUTES GREDITS “Authors: Michael de Verreuil, lan Hargrove, and Robin Steeden. Developer, Editor, and Graphic Designer: Jeff Tidball Editorial Assistance: Jobn Nephew and Michelle Nephew Cover Illustration: Jeff Menges Taterir llustrations: Jaume Fabregat i Villela, Eric Hots, Cris Keefe, Jenna Lefevre, Thomas Manning, Maleolm McClinton, David ‘Monette, Jim Pavelec, Eric Pommer, J. Scote Reeves, and David White. Some images from Medieval Life llsrations (Dover, 1996), and Viking Designs (Dover, 199). Some additional images are ©1999-2000 wwwarttoday.com. Cartography: [an Hargrove and Eric Hotz (Other Contributions: David Chart (research rules), Damelon Kimbrough and company (the “Underling” Flaws) Commentary and Playtesting: Robert Angeloni, Massimiliano Bariola, Glenn Berry, Samuel Bidal, Phil Capernaros, David Chart, Anne-Gaélle Darmont, Jérome Darmont, Lorenza Emblico, Rich Evans, Femando Figoni, Dan Fleener, Denis Frappa, Damelon Kimbrough, Massimo Lusignani, Miguel Medina-Peca, Christophe Pique, Didier Rabour, Roderick Robertson, Alan ‘Smithee (x6), Alana Smithee, Bernardo Tacchini, and Francesca Vigand Special Thanks: Bob Brynildson, Jerry Corrick, Notma Keller, and Jeff Menges About the Authors Michaal (it's called a"dieresi") de Verteul isa profession- al intelligence analyst and amateur medievalise who is looking forward to regaining control of his life ater cwo years of living and breathing the 12eh and 13th centuries Plans wo write further ‘Ars Magica sourcebooks are currently on hold as he ponders ‘more productive alremative uses for is valuable spare time chat Ihave nothing to do with writing Ars Magica sourcebooks (like ‘elaunching a French translation of the fourth edition, fiddling with an Ars Magica calender/almanac, visiting Ars Magica e- felends, and perhaps even actually playing Ars Magica). Tan Hargrave is an employee of the Canadian government (he could cell you what he does, but he'd have to kill you) who has been playing and running roleplaying games since he was eighteen. He is mated with two children (luckily his wife i also 8 gomer) and also enjoys mucking about on his computer and hitting people with sticks in che Society for Creative ‘Anachtonis Robin Steeden works for the Canadian government as ‘computer programmer, He has heen running and playing in role- playing games for nearly ewenty-ive years. When he's not gam- ing he is off skindiving in the Caribbean, He lives in Orcawa with his ancient and venerable cat Darkstar, and his almost as ancient bur much Jess venerable computer Gordon. Tans of Ars Magica discuss che game on an e-mail discussion lis To sub sere, send the command “subscribe ars- magica” (no quotes) inthe body of an eral message to mojordomotoda berkeley. To sb- scribe ro a digest verion of thelist, send the command "subscribe ars magicadiget” (a0 quotes) to the sre addres. Project: Redcap archives and links co many ofthe fan-eeated Ars ‘Magica pages on the Woeld Wide Web. To get co Project Redcap point your browser at hap[fwenetforward com/poboxes Redcap. Enata forthe fret printing ofthe fourth edition of Ars Magica i aval: able on reques. Send 2 selt-addresed, amped envelope ro PO Box 151233, Roselle, MN, 55113. Upto-date errata i alto posted onthe ‘Atlas Games World Wide Website ‘Ars Magica, Odo Nobils, Mythic Europe, Covenans, and Charting [New Realms of Imagination ae trademarks of Trent, Ine. Alas Games and the Atlas Games logo are crademaris af John Nephew ans Trident, Inc, Oner of Hermes and Tremere are trademarks of White Wolf, ne: ad ae used with permision {©2000 Trident, Inc. a Alas Games. All rights reserve Repreduction of chis work by any means without writen permission fom dhe publisher, excepe shore excerpts for che purpose of eviews, is expec probit, ATES PO Box 131233 ¢ Roseville, MN 55113 info@atlas-games.com * wwwatlas-games.com ISBN 1-887801-82.0