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In the name of Allah, most compassionate and merciful

In the name of Allah, most compassionate and merciful Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Public

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Public Works and Housing Deputy Ministry of Public Works



Copyright 2002

Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Deputy Ministry of Public Works

Central Office for Building and Construction - 5 P.O.Box 56095 Riyadh 11554

These specifications have been prepared by the Special Committee for Updating the General Specifications for Building Construction, affiliated to the Central Office for Building and Construction.

  • 1 01. Moharram 1403H

st Edition –

  • 18. October 1982G

  • 2 24. Sha’ban 1423H

nd Edition –

  • 30. October 2002G

All rights, including translation into foreign languages, reserved.

No part of these specifications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronically or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Deputy Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Responsible Members of the Special Committee for the Revision of the General Specifications for Building Construction

General Supervision

Dr.-Ing. Habib Mustafa Zein Al-Abidin

Assistant General Supervisor

Eng. Ebrahim Suleyman Al Najashi

Project Manager

Arch. Eng. Abdulrahman M. Al Mufarrej

Project Organizer

Eng. Mohammed Ali Al Hejairy

General Requirements

Dr.-Ing. Habib Mustafa Zein Al-Abididin

Dr.-Ing. Helmut Isendahl

Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Gockel

Dipl.Ing. Arch. Helmut Wolf

Eng. Christopher Willmot

Arch. Eng. Abdulrahman M. Al Mufarrej

The Architectural Divisions

Arch. Eng. Abdulrahman M. Al Mufarrej

Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Helmut Wolf

Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Gockel

Dr.- Ing. Magdy Kamel Moustafa Kamel

Eng. Mohammed Ali Al Hejairy

Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Bernhard Multhaup

The Structural Divisions

Dr.-Ing. Habib Mustafa Zein Al-Abididin Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Gockel

Dr. -Ing. Magdy Kamel Moustafa Kamel Dr.-Ing. Helmut Isendahl

The Mechanical Divisions

Eng. Bahgat Kamal Abul Saad Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Gockel

Eng. Mohamad Adel El-Massarani Eng. Ismail Kamil

The Electrical Divisions

Eng. Christopher Willmott

Eng. Ahmed Hussein Ghanem

Checking of Technical Terms and Expressions

Dr. -Ing. Magdy Kamel Moustafa Kamel

Dr.-Ing. Hafez Mahmud Kayali

Eng. Mohamad Adel El-Massarani

Dr. Eng. Khaled Al-Sayed Hasan

Eng. Bahgat Kamal Abul Saad

Eng. Mazen Diarbakerli

Data Base Design and Programming

Dipl.-Kfm. Horst Reimann

Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Gockel

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Meyer Programmer Ebrahim Mohammad Sangary

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Schlipkoether Programmer Mubarak Said Al Qahtani

Programmer Emad Saleh Al Atiqi Eng. Mohammed A. Al Junidel

Eng. Adel A. Al-Juwayed


The role of the Public Works Ministry in designing government projects and supervising their construction, and the technical challenges which have accompanied the construction renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enabled the Ministry to gain much expertise and practical experience. The Ministry, motivated by instructions of HRH The Minister of Public Works and Housing, and directed by HE Dr. Habib bin Mustafa Zain Al Abideen, released its first edition of the volume “General Specifications for Building Construction” in the year 1403H /1982G Those specifications were received with tremendous welcome and acceptance. Large numbers of engineers and engineering departments and offices, as well as contracting companies, in the local, regional and Arab Countries, started to apply them. Furthermore, due to the absence of similar specifications that match these specifications in terms of thoroughness and details in the field of building industry within the Arab World, the Council of the Housing and Development Ministers adopted these specifications in the year 1992 as the first step to produce uniform Arabian Specifications.

The widespread application and utilization of these specifications has required the Public Works Ministry to be responsible for their updating and development. Consequently, the ministry has recruited a large number of experts and engineers to perform this work. More than 50 individuals specializing in the various fields of engineering, programming, technical expressions and terminology, and translation have been employed.

Updating and development have focused on the following points:

  • 1. Keeping in step with modern innovations and technologies, which have marked the material equipment, machinery and building techniques locally and internationally.

  • 2. Updating the Reference Standards with priority given to Saudi, Gulf, and International standards.

  • 3. Utilization of the sorting and classification system most commonly used in the field of construction worldwide.

  • 4. Employment of a standard numbering, coding, and filing system which allows for easy recall and exchange of information.

  • 5. Regulations and bylaws released by Official Agencies.

  • 6. Preservation of the environment and public health.

  • 7. Encouragement of National industry.

  • 8. Development of a bilingual database (Arabic/English) for use with Personal Computers.

The internationally recognized framework known as “Masterformat” released by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) has been adopted in order to organize the sorting and numbering in the new edition of the specifications in a manner that insures the easy flow and exchange of information among specialists and the community of the building industry at large. The new edition involves 12 main divisions, which have been selected from the 16 divisions approved by the CSI. It is worth noting that our selected divisions have not overlooked any of the recognized basic works in building construction. These divisions are:

Division 01:

General Requirements

Division 02:


Division 03:


Division 04:


Division 05:


Division 06:

Wood and Plastics

Division 07:

Thermal and Moisture Protection

Division 08:

Doors and Windows

Division 09:


Division 14:

Conveying Systems

Division 15:


Division 16:


Each Division comprises a number of related Sections.

For example: Division 08 includes eight Sections. They are:

  • 08100 Doors and Frames

  • 08200 Wooden and Plastic Doors

  • 08300 Special Doors

  • 08400 Entrances and Storefronts

  • 08500 Metal Windows

  • 08600 Wooden and Plastic Windows

  • 08700 Hardware

  • 08800 Glazing

Further, each Section incorporates seven Parts as follows:

Part 1:

General: This is mainly concerned with the references, quality control, submittals, programs,

Part 2:

and maintenance. Products: This gives a breakdown of material used in addition to their properties and place of

Part 3:

installation. Execution: The most significant items in this Part are the execution and installation of the

Part 4:

works, field quality control, as well as cleaning and protection methods. Methods of Measurement: This indicates the measurement units and the measuring methods

Part 5:

that shall be used for the Bill of Quantity. Basis of Payment: This indicates the work that shall be completed for each item of the Bill of

Part 6:

Quantity. It also indicates the ancillary works to be included in the unit price rate. Annex: Tables and Figures: Those relevant to the individual Section.

Part 7:

Annex: Specifier Information: Additional information for the person who prepares project specifications particularly with regard to selection of items and additions which may be necessary.

The new edition of the General Specifications for Building Construction, which comprises 12 Divisions, is provided as follows:

  • - Published in book form in both Arabic and English languages, as individual divisions

  • - Published as CD ROM in both Arabic and English languages in MSWord format.

Later on it will be published as a bilingual (Arabic/English) MSAccess Database for Personal Computers (PC).

It is worth mentioning that the effort of updating and developing these specifications encountered many difficulties and challenges during the preparation, verification, reviewing of technical terminology and expressions, and control of the translation. However, with the help of Allah, then the instructions of HRH The Minister of Public Works and Housing, and the persistent efforts of the Central Office and members of the Committee that supervised the updating and development processes, presided over by HE Dr. Habib bin Mustafa Zain Al Abideen, Deputy Minister of Public Works, this work is now complete as a first draft.

The Ministry of Public Works, headed by HRH Prince Miteb bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Minister of Public Works and Housing, places this new edition (first draft) of the General Specifications for Building Construction in the hands of those involved in and concerned with the construction industry, be it commissions, government organizations, universities and educational institutes or engineering offices, contractors, architects, and engineers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf States, and all member Countries of the Arab League.

We hope that we will be provided with their comments and recommendations which shall be met with our full attention and care. Those comments and recommendations that are deemed appropriate shall be incorporated in the final edition, which shall be issued during the coming two years.

Comments and Recommendations may be forwarded to the following address:

Ministry of Public Works and Housing Deputy Ministry for Public Works Central Office for Construction and Building – 5 P.O.Box 56095 Riyadh 11154 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Or, through our e-mail as follows:


We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to HE Eng. Muhammad bin Hamid Al Nagadi, Assistant Deputy Minister for Public Works, the General Directorate for Technical Affairs, Computer Department, and the Saudi Arabia Standards Organization for their commendable close cooperation with us during the updating and development process.

Notwithstanding the amplitude of this Work and the tremendous efforts that have been exerted therein, nevertheless, it may only be measured as a humble accomplishment as compared to the responsibility of developing the construction industry in the Kingdom and in the whole Arab World to keep in step with new international trends.

Central Office for Construction and Building Deputy Ministry of Public Works



Dr.-Ing. Habib Mustafa Zein Al-Abidin Dr.-Ing. Helmut Isendahl

Check of Terms

Dr.-Ing. Hafez Mahmud Kayali

Final Check

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Schlipkoether


Division 01: General Requirements

Summary of Work Allowances Measurement and Payment Modification Requirements Alternatives Co-ordination and Meetings Project Co-ordination Field Engineering Architectural and Engineering Design Regulatory Requirements Identification Systems Reference Standards and Definitions Alteration Project Procedures Submittals Quality Assurances Construction Facilities and Temporary Controls Material and Equipment Starting of Systems Contract Closeout Operation & Maintenance Data

Division 02: Sitework

Earthwork Paving and Surfacing Water Distribution Sewerage and Drainage Irrigation Systems Landscaping

Division 03: Concrete

Concrete Formwork


Concrete Reinforcement


Cast-in-Place Concrete


Precast Concrete


Division 04: Masonry

Unit Masonry

Division 05: Metals

Structural Steel Metal Fabrication Expansion joint cover assembly

Division 06: Wood & Plastics

Heavy Timber Construction Architectural Woodwork

Division 07: Thermal & Moisture Protection

Waterproofing Dampproofing Water Repellents Insulation Fireproofing Manufactured Roofing & Siding Membrane Roofing Flashing and Sheet Metal Roof Specialities & Accessories Joint Sealers

Division 08: Doors & Windows

Metal Doors and Frames Wood and Plastic Doors Special Doors Entrances and Storefront Metal Windows Wood and Plastic Windows Hardware Glazing

Division 09: Finishes

Lath and Plaster Gypsum Board Tile Terrazzo Stone Facing Acoustical Treatments Special Ceiling Surfaces Wood Flooring Resilient Flooring Carpet Painting Wall Coverings

Division 14: Conveying Systems

Dumbwaiters Elevators Escalators Hoists and Cranes

Division 15: Mechanical

Basic Mechanical Materials & Methods Mechanical Insulation Fire Protecting Piping Fire Pumps Wet Pipe Sprinkler System Dry Pipe Sprinkler System Pre-action Sprinkler System Combination Dry Pipe & Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems Deluge Sprinkler System Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems Stand Pipe & Hose Systems Plumbing Piping Plumbing Specialities Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Equipment Pool & Fountain Equipment Special Systems Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Heat Generation Refrigeration Heat Transfer Air Handling Air Distribution Controls Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Division 16: Electrical

Basic Electrical Materials & Methods Medium Voltage Distribution Service and Distribution Lighting Special Systems Alarm & Detection Systems Clock & Program Systems Voice & Data Systems Public Address & Music Systems Television Systems Controls Testing