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Revised 1117/13

Grading Rubric for Dispositional/Code of Ethics Essay Portfolio II

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CATEGORY 1 2 3 4
Length of Paper Less than Three Three double-spaced pages Four double-spaced pages Five or more double-spaced
double-spaced pages pages

Introduction There is no clear The introduction states the The introduction clearly states The introduction is inviting,
introduction to the purpose, but does not the purpose of the paper, encourages the reader to learn
purpose of the paper or adequately preview the previews the structure of the more about the candidate's
its structure. structure of the paper and paper, but does not engage the ideas, and clearly states the
does not engage the reader. reader. main points and the purpose of
the paper.

Coverage of Code of Information includes no Information includes few of Information includes most of Information includes a
Ethics reference to the Georgia the Georgia Code of Ethics the Georgia Code of Ethics for thorough delineation and
Code of Ethics for for Educators eleven Educators eleven standards. synthesis of the Georgia Code
Educators eleven standards. of Ethics for Educators eleven
standards. standards and clearly articulates
the dispositions of moral and
ethical educators.
Integration of Does not include Offers few examples of Offers examples, values, and Offers quality details and
Experiences, Beliefs, examples of personal experiences, values, and beliefs to illustrate the examples about personal
and Values experiences, values, or beliefs to illustrate commitment to most experiences, values, or beliefs
beliefs related to commitment to dispositions, dispositions, morality or to illustrate support of
dispositions, morality or morality or ethics. Examples ethics. dispositions, morality or ethics.
ethics. add little to the discussion.
Incorporation of There are no connections There are few connections Most connections between the There is a strong connection
Wesleyan 's between the writer's between the writer's writer's expression of ethics between the writer's expression
Conceptual views on ethics and expression of ethics and and morality in conjunction ethics and morality in
Framework and morality in conjunction morality in conjunction with with Wesleyan's Conceptual conjunction with Wesleyan's
Dispositions with Wesleyan's Wesleyan's Conceptual Framework and Dispositions Conceptual Framework and
Conceptual Framework Framework and are included. Dispositions.
and Dispositions. Dispositions.
Sequencing/ Points are not in logical Few points are in logical Most points are made in a All points are made in a logical
Transitions order. The paper lacks order; the way they are logical order; the way they are order; the smooth flow
organization. The presented makes the writing presented sometimes makes effectively maintains the interest
transitions between difficult to follow and less the writing difficult to follow of the reader and increases the
paragraphs and/or ideas interesting. Some or less interesting for the ease of reading. A variety of
are unclear or transitions work well; but reader. Transitions show how clear transitions are used. They
nonexistent. connections among ideas are ideas are connected, but there clearly show how ideas are
fuzzy. is little variety. connected.
Conclusions There is no clear The conclusion is The conclusion is The conclusion is strong and
conclusion; the paper recognizable; but does not recognizable; ties up almost all leaves the reader with an
ends with no summary tie up several loose ends. loose ends in a summary understanding of the writer's
statement. It simply statement. points; offers a summary
ends. statement, looks forward to the
future, uses a quote, cites a
unique experience, etc.
Mechanical Errors Many grammatical, Several grammatical, One or two errors in grammar, No grammatical, capitalization,
spelling, or punctuation capitalization, spelling, or capitalization and/or spelling, or punctuation errors;
errors; errors interrupt punctuation errors; the punctuation; the paper is easy the paper is exceptionally easy
the flow. errors interrupt the flow. to read. to read.
Proper Use of Most sources are not All sources (information and All sources (information and All sources (information and
Citations accurately documented. graphics) are accurately graphics) are accurately graphics) are accurately
documented, but many are documented, but a few are not documented in APA format
not in APA format in APA format
A score of 27/36 with no ones is required