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SYLLABUS AUGUST ​13, 2018 - ​MAY ​24, 2019 

9th Grade ELA

Ms. Kylie Gempler

Email: ​kylie.gempler@somersetnv.org

Course Description

The 9th grade English Language Arts Course will teach students to develop and strengthen
reading, writing, and language skills through extended practice in accordance with the Nevada
Academic Content Standards. The study of various realms of literature will include reading,
analyzing, and comprehending a wide variety of literary forms including: short stories,
nonfiction, poetry, drama, novels, spoken, and visual texts. Students will also be able to
demonstrate a command of the conventions of standard English grammar, mechanics, and usage
by editing and revising their work. Students will also review punctuation, capitalization, spelling,
and usage, as well as logical thinking and various modes of composition. This course will teach
students to effectively use both written and oral skills to present information and evidence
appropriate to purpose, audience, and make strategic use of digital media in presentations to
enhance engagement and understanding.


Course Objectives

This course seeks to have each and every student develop both academically and socially in the
English classroom. Through close readings of selected texts, both fiction and non-fiction,
students will gain a deeper understanding as to how to analyze and critically think about texts
and apply that knowledge to the “real world”. Furthermore, students will develop college level
writing while improving their current skills and knowledge. This means students of this class
will be actively reading, writing, and discussing texts with their peers to foster heightened levels
of critical thinking, peer-collaboration, and speaking skills. Various activities that will help
facilitate these goals will include debates, essays, literary responses, and presentations.

Department-Wide Grading Criteria

Summative Assessments ( Tests/ Projects/ etc): 60%

Formative Assessments (Quizzes/Assignments): 40%

Required Materials

In this class, you will required to read, write, and speak about various topics. To do these things
well, you must be well-prepared. The required materials are...

❖ A three-ring binder (1-1.5”)

❖ A three subject notebook
❖ Pencils
❖ Highlighters (orange, blue, yellow, pink)
❖ Pens


To Kill A Mockingbird
Harper Lee

Romeo and Juliet



Classroom Rules/Expectations
In order to promote active attention and presence in the classroom, students are not allowed to
have electronic screens of any sort displayed. Students are also not allowed to chew gum and
must place backpacks and bags on the floor at all times. Warnings will be given before penalties
are enacted. All students are required to follow the school-wide rules along with the following
rules for our class:

● No foul language
● Show respect (for yourself, your classmates, and your instructors).
● Keep your hands to yourself.
● Respect the space and property of others.
● Be prepared.
● Be on time.
● Be responsible.
● Have all required materials during class (binder, book in-use, pens/pencils,etc.).
● Be accountable for yourself and any home learning assignments that are due.

Plagiarism is the unauthorized, un-cited use of another person’s words and/or ideas and is
ILLEGAL. Cheating (copying, “sharing”, use of cheat notes or information in a written, verbal,
or electronic nature) is against school and classroom policy. Any such act will result in a call
home and to the administration. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. I am here to help you succeed, so
please let me know what I can do to help!

Classroom Procedures

● Everyday, when students arrive to class, they will immediately be seated and begin the
GIG (Get it in Gear) assignment on the board. They must also write down in their daily
planner what is on the CBC Board (Date, Objective, Agenda, Essential Question, and
Practice). This is to be done EVERY SINGLE DAY.

● Home practice from the previous night is typically checked or collected upon entrance of

● Google Classroom is where you will find all announcements and practice details. Please
use google classroom often; as it will be where you will post and submit various
assignments.​ CLASSROOM CODE: ​ ​ 9th ELA: ​uhu0ua



On-going communication is​ encouraged​​ in order for this class to be meaningful and successful.
Please feel free to come talk to me with any concerns you have about the class, your grade,
course work, time constraints, and other topics. You may contact me by email or face to face!

Disciplinary Actions

Breaking of any of the school and/or classroom rules will result in the following actions:

1. Verbal Warning
2. Teacher-Student Conference
3. Teacher-Parent Contact (letter, email, and/or phone call)
4. Citation 1- Student fills out a refocus form and parent/guardian is contacted
5. Citation 2- Student fills out a refocus form and parent/guardian is contacted
6. Citation 3- Student fills out a refocus form and parent/guardian is contacted. Student is then
seen by administration

**Please refer to the school handbook regarding specific details regarding minor and major

Course Overview​​:

Unit 1: Coming of Age

Unit 2: Defining Style

Unit 3: Coming of Age in Changing Times

**Text: ​To Kill A Mockingbird-​ Harper Lee

Unit 4: Exploring Poetic Voices

Unit 5: Coming of Age on Stage

**Romeo and Juliet-​ Shakespeare


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Thank you for taking your time to read through the course
description and syllabus with your child. I am confident that together, we can make this a
productive and exciting year filled with new experiences and learning. I am excited to go on this
journey with you and your child, but one of the ways it can be successful is to keep the lines of
communication open. Please set up a google account to access your child’s assignments on
google classroom. Also, please feel free to send me an email with any concerns or questions that
you may have.


For Student: I acknowledge I have read and accepted all the above as the rules and
policies of the classroom.

Print Name:______________________________



Date: ________________________

For Parent: I acknowledge I have read the syllabus thoroughly and accept the rules
and policies of the classroom.

Print Name:______________________________