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Quiz 3 AE 407 Modelling and Simulation Tuesday, 23rd Oct 2018. 15:35-16:45.

18 Marks
Part 1 –
Q1) Derive equation of motion of an aircraft in Velocity (V), angle of attack (α) and sideslip angle (β)
using the equations given below. Fx, Fy and Fz forces acting in body x, y and z axis, m is mass of the
aircraft. u, v and w are velocities in body fixed x, y and z axis. (6)

 u   rv  qw  F  u  V cos  cos
    1 x v  V sin 
 v    pw  ru    Fy 
 w   qu  pv  m  F  w  V cos  sin 
     z

Q2) What is an analogous system? Find electrical analogous system of a mechanical system
consisting of mass, spring and damper with their respective governing equations. (4)
Q3) A glass filled thermometer at temperature ̅ is dipped in to a liquid bath at temperature ̅+ ,
derive the governing equation for the rate of change of thermometer liquid temperature. Write all
the assumptions and other quantities required for derivation. (5)

Q4) Why axis system fixed to the body is preferred for angular motion dynamics? Justify your answer
with relevant equations of motion. (3)
Part 2- Only scientific calculators and hand written formula sheet are allowed for this part. Use
separate answer book for this part after completing Part 1. – 20 marks
Q1) During a flight following measurements were made.
Angle of attack 10 deg
Side slip angle 10 deg
Pitch angle 10 deg
Roll angle 5 deg
Yaw angle 45 deg
Find Elevation angle, azimuth angle and bank angle (3)

Q2) Mathematical model of an aircraft is given below:

Air density = 1.225 kg/m3 Mass=1000 kg Wing Area = 16 m2 g=9.8 m/s2

Aircraft is trimmed at α = 0.035 rad for constant altitude level flight.
a) Determine the air speed, thrust and elevator angle for the given flight condition (use exact
equations)? (6)
b) During the level flight due to some failures, engine does not generate any thrust and also
elevator angle is jammed at the trim condition. Will the trim condition change during engine
failure? If changes what will be the new trim condition? (8)
Show all the steps in above calculations.

Q3) For six degrees of freedom of aircraft motion description 12 ODEs are required. Write the
equations related to kinetics and kinematics with its justifications. (5)

Q4) Under what conditions you will include earth rotation in the equation of motion? Justify your
answer with relevant equations. (4)