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Name of the Student Body Konsult
Club/Committee/ Interest Interest Group
Number of Senior Members 5
Number of Junior Members 10
No. of Evaluation tasks that 4-5
would be carried out
No. of Group tasks 2
No. of days required to conduct 10
all evaluative tasks
Major Evaluation Parameters Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills, Presentation Skills,
Communication Skills, Business Acumen, Industrial
Awareness, Punctuality, Eye for Details, Out of the
box solutions

Please respond to the following questions: (Keep the questions intact, start the responses
from next page)
A. Kindly list down all the tasks sequentially.
a. Task 1: Write an SOP for Konsult Membership. Highlight your USP
and what do you plan to bring to the table for Konsult(max. 400
b. Task 2: Prepare information fliers/brochures about any 1 company
which visited the campus last year for Summers.
B. Explain each task (the explanation should contain the format of the task, intended
purpose of the task, its relevance to the student body)
C. Any other policy that the student body follows in the evaluation / election /selection
tasks or in the final rating or in the team composition (mention the different roles, if
any in the team)