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A Game of Thrones

A Total Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

Version 1.7.1
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Installation Instructions - Windows

1. Install Crusader Kings II to C:\Program Files\Paradox Interactive\Crusader
Kings II (or wherever you want, I'm just using this path as an example).
2. Download and install the latest patch (Steam should do this automatically).
3. Download CK2-icefiremod setup 1.7.1.exe
4. Run CK2-icefiremod setup 1.7.exe: The default installation path proposed by the
installer is the right one.
5. Run ck2game.exe.
6. Click the checkbox next to "A Game of Thrones" under the "Select mods to play"
7. Click "Play".

WARNING: Flicking through different dates and characters on the character selection
screen may cause wars to end inconclusively instantly when the game starts. This is
a vanilla bug, if it does happen simply restart without flicking.

Installation Instructions - Mac OS X

1. Install Crusader Kings II.
2. Download and install the latest patch (Steam should do this automatically).
3. Download CK2-icefiremod-1.7.1.zip, unpack it and open the unpacked folder.
4. Copy and paste the "A Game of Thrones" folder and "A Game of Thrones.mod" file
to your /Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. If this
folder does not exist, create it manually.
5. Go back to your /Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/ folder.
Create a new folder here and name it "A Game of Thrones".
6. Run Crusader Kings II.
7. Click the checkbox next to "A Game of Thrones" under the "Select mods to play"
8. Click "Play".

WARNING: Flicking through different dates and characters on the character selection
screen may cause wars to end inconclusively instantly when the game starts. This is
a vanilla bug, if it does happen simply restart without flicking.

Manual Contents
[1] Scenarios
[2] DLC Compatibility
[3] F.A.Q.
[4] Empire Mega Wars
[5] Dothraki
[6] New education system
[7] New combat tactics
[8] New combat traits

sending back the hands of Aegon's envoy. Can you emulate Aegon Targaryen and unite all of Westeros under one King? 7998.The Century of Blood (accessible via submod) The Valyrian Freehold has collapsed. defies the king's will. Meanwhile in the North. The destruction of Valyria has left a power vacuum in Essos. armed with three mighty dragons. 8106. some other dragonslords. the sickly Aenys has died and his half brother Maegor the Cruel sits on the Iron Throne and is intent on ending this uprising. the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. forcing the lords of Westeros to choose between the black dragon and the red dragon. Now many years later.A civil war fought between Aegon II Targaryen and Rhaenyra Targaryen for control of the Iron Throne emerges. the High Septon rose in revolt against this abomination born of incest. A Doom has befallen the peninsula that means Valyria is now gone and the Freehold destroyed. It is said that the fire and smoke was so hot that even the dragons have been consumed.The Conquest of Dorne When the Young Dragon first brought Dorne under the Iron Throne. 8195. 8043. those who had not been in Valyria when the Doom occurred. each struggling for power and supremacy over the other. 8157 .The Dance of the Dragons Upon Viserys' death in 129AL.The Bleeding Years Before the conquest seven Kings ruled in Westeros.[9] Kingsguard [10] Maesters [11] Religion [12] Night's Watch [13] Westerosi Flavour [14] Eastern Flavour [15] Form a kingdom [16] Tourneys [17] Enhanced Interaction [18] Localisation [19] Credits ------------- [1] Scenarios ------------- 7886. and crowns Prince Aegon as Aegon II.The Rogue Prince Recreate Daemon Targaryen's conquest of The Stepstones 8129. Argilac the Arrogant has spurned Aegon's offer of a marriage between his friend Orys and Argilac's daughter. Ser Criston Cole. The destruction of Valyria has strongly reduced the number of dragonlords left in the known world: House Targaryen had already relocated to Dragonstone.Faith Militant Uprising After the death of Aegon the Conqueror and the ascension of his son Aenys to the Iron Throne. has risen in rebellion against his trueborn brother King Daeron II. have survived as well. the legitimized bastard son of King Aegon IV. 7996. As a consequence Aegon has vowed to conquer to the Seven Kingdoms. House Stark faces a rebellion led by the .The Blackfyre Rebellion Westeros is on the brink of civil war as Daemon Blackfyre.War of Conquest Aegon Targaryen and his sisters have landed at the mouth of the Blackwater. proclaiming 'There will be only one King'.

They have already conquered the Disputed Land and Tyrosh. during the War of Conquest. As all but Balon Greyjoy and Tywin Lannister prepare to declare their allegiances. 8282.Stannis' and Robert's youngest sibling. After discovering the truth.Aerys. Meanwhile. charges south demanding vengeance.A Clash of Kings Westeros is once again at war.War of the Ninepenny Kings Trouble is stirring in Essos. a young squire named Egg starts on the long path ahead of him under the guidance of Ser Duncan the Tall. Robert Baratheon now sits upon the Iron Throne of Westeros. However. it is up to you to decide the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Word has arrived that the Band of Nine's next move will be to attack Westeros and sit Maelys upon the Iron Throne. his untested firstborn son . a group of opportunistic power seekers calling themselves the Band of Nine have set out to carve out kingdoms for themselves. her elder brother. Rhaegar Targaryen. While the Targaryens. ever the opportunist. 8211. Robert's younger brother.. Eddard Stark sent word to Stannis Baratheon. the heir to the Iron Throne. The Targaryen's are all but wiped out.Robb. and is trying to secure independence for the Iron Islands and restore their traditions of old. and calls for Eddard's head as well. call their banners against the Throne. Brandon Stark.the betrothed of the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. 8259. Blackfyres and the rest of Westeros already begin their old schemes for power. scandal regarding the boy kings' parentage has shaken the Seven Kingdoms to their foundations. Renly . The mad King .dangerous Skagosi.Roberts Rebellion Westeros is on the brink of Civil War.. Seven Kingdoms! Do you think honor keeps them in line? Do you think it's honor that's keeping the peace? It's fear! Fear and blood!" 8289. Balon Greyjoy. When you play the Game of Thrones. by the priest Tarle the Thrice- Drowned with a driftwood crown. fame or gold anew. you either win or you die. outraged by Brandon's demands had him and his father executed. but soon realises that being a King is not quite so easy as he had expected. and Daughter of the Lord Paramount of the North. has struck an alliance in the Reach in order to press the claim in his own name.The Crowned Stag Robert's Rebellion is over.Joffrey. killing young and old. is finally over.The Greyjoy Rebellion Believing King Robert's rule to be insecure. . and sends his reavers to reap the treasures of the North.. In this Scenario. supported by House Tully of the Riverlands. With King Daeron the Good killed by the plague and his eldest son Prince Baelor Breakspear slain during the tourney at Ashford his younger son Aerys I Targaryen now sits upon the Iron Throne. sits the Iron Throne. This group includes Maelys Blackfyre.. relive the central conflict of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. Lord Balon Greyjoy of Pyke has proclaimed himself King of the Iron Islands and is in rebellion against the Iron Throne. After the untimely death of Robert Baratheon. Eddard's Son . informing him that he is heir to the Iron Throne . "Honor? I've got Seven Kingdoms to rule! One king.an action that cost him his head. He has been crowned beneath Nagga's Ribs. Finally. their last scion's scattered to the free cities in the form of a young man and a babe in arms. and heir to the North. It is up to you to decide the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. 8284. lost almost three hundred years before. lords and peasants alike. declares his own independence. has kidnapped Lyana Stark . 8299.After the Spring The Great Spring Sickness that ravaged the Seven Kingdoms. Captain General of the Golden Company and the latest in the line of Blackfyre pretenders that have plagued the realm for generations.

[*] Rajas of India: Adds flavour to various far eastern cultures. Astapor. here is an overview: Expansions [*] The Sword of Islam: Adds only the ability for the player to have multiple wives as a character of the Valyrian religion. new education focus system. Asshai and the Guilds of Qarth. reincarnation events and other flavour events. gurus. but remember: Winter Is Coming 8300. as well as other flavour events. chinese portraits/buildings which are used in Yi Ti. Eastern characters and others (Pre-DLC system will be used if not enabled). dynamic mercenaries plus other misc flavour [*] The Reaper's Due: Adds improved epimedic and illness mechanics. Also add the paid quality of life features. Dornish. ---------------------- [2] DLC Compatibility ---------------------- The mod should run fine no matter which DLC is enabled/disabled. Basilisk Islanders and Sothoryos . These realms will still be active even without the DLC. the wolf flavour events and land trade routes. [*] Sons of Abraham: Enables the council of the Most Devout and their election of the High Septon. wildlings. Other DLC [*] Ruler Designer: Fully compatible with the mod [*] Customiser: Fully compatible with the mod. including various Holy Order events/decisions. However some of the DLC does add content to the mod. and some artifact/chinese flavour adapted for the mod. Meereen.txt" will re-enable vanilla music [*] West African Unit Pack/Portraits: Used for the Summer Islanders. Needed to enable renaming of dragons and artifacts. allowing a ruler to pick any of the foci available with all associated events decisions. Adds prosperity and depopulation. adventurers. Seduction focus replaces 'visit chambers' interaction when DLC is enabled [*] Horse Lords: Adds the nomad mechanics for Dothraki/Jogos Nhai (DLC now required to play these). [*] EU4 Converter: Not compatible [*] Music Packs: The mod's soundtrack currently overrides them. Yunkai. namely the Free Cities.A Feast for Crows Spoilers. custom kingdoms (exisiting titular kingdoms are still available without DLC) and a 'hero knight' flavour event [*] Way of life: Enables the focus system. [*] The Old Gods: Enables the concubine system for Drowned God. [*] Charlemagne: Adds the chronicle. crown jewell/weapon artefacts and new councillor job actions. [*] Monks and Mystics: Adds the devil worshiper societies (needs to be activated via game rules). Also adds much flavour. [*] Conclave: Adds the enhanced council/favour mechanics.. pirates and others even without this DLC. Ibben. [*] The Republic: Allows the Merchant Republic realms to be played.. including beserkers. R. however deleting "A Game of Thrones/music/songs. new rebels and runestones. Martin. Pirate.immortalised by George R. including hospitals and court physician treatment events. [*] Legacy of Rome: Adds castration and blinding capability as well as a couple of flavour events. Raiding is available for drowned god.allied AI orders and the improved child naming/prisoner interfaces [*] Jade Dragon: Adds unjust conquest casus belli. including tiger hunts. It does NOT add retinues. Also adds many religious flavour events. landless adventurer mechanics for Ironborn.

disable the submod to bring back the other bookmarks. the Night's Watch.[*] East African Unit Pack/Portraits: Used for the Naathi [*] Mongol Portraits: Used for the Nefer and Yi Ti [*] Turkish Portraits/units: Used for Lengi [*] Spanish Portraits/units: Used for Moraqi [*] Celtic Portraits/units: Used for Ibbenese [*] All other Face/Unit Packs: Not used [*] Dynasty Coat of Arms Packs: Not used [*] Sunset Invasion: Some things may happen if enabled.To a limited extent.A.I haven't read all the books/seen all the show. however. . several different kinds of magic.Knights.A Dance with Dragons (Books) -A Clash of Kings: Spoilers . the Night's Watch. Q. To access them you have to select both the main 'A Game of Thrones' AND 'AGOT relevent submod in the launcher. especially the character history files.A Game of Thrones. A Dance with Dragons (Books) Season One. we suggest not playing the mod at all.You can play as any landed feudal noble in Westeros or Essos. the merchant republics of the Free Cities.The extra bookmarks are made as submods (this has made it easier for us to create).Is Essos in the mod? A. Note: All scenarios will have spoilers relating to 'The World of Ice and Fire' Q.What are some of the new features? A. Season Two (Show) -A Feast For Crows: Spoilers . and much more. -Don't go mucking around in the mod's source files. If it's really important to you to not know who the Lord of Winterfell in 255 was.How do I access the Century of Blood and Pre-Doom bookmarks? A. ------------ [3] F. All scenarios contain setting spoilers. If you only care about avoiding spoilers for the events of the books and show.. Slaver's Bay and the East (Republic DLC required) or Dothraki/Jogos Nhai nomads (Horse Lords DLC required) Q.. Only the extra bookmarks will be present when enabling the submod. any Wildling/Pirate warlord. Maesters. one-on-one duels between characters. Is it safe for me to play this mod? A. A Clash of Kings.Who can I play? A. our new "Megawar" system for handling civil wars.A Dance with Dragons (Books) -The Greyjoy Rebellion: Spoilers .Yes :) Q. ------------ Q.Basically Everything All other bookmarks: No Spoilers Q. you'll be safe so long as you follow these instructions: -Don't read the house descriptions on the Game Over screen.Q. -Choose your scenario wisely.Which scenarios contain spoilers? A- -The Rogue Prince: The Rogue Prince Novella -The Dance of the Dragons: The Princess and the Queen Novella -After the Spring: Dunk and Egg Novellas -The Crowned Stag: Spoilers .

My character has like 25 martial. The Wildlings receive a free Invasion CB on all their neighbors. Traits are what determines this.I'm a Wildling and I have no idea what I'm doing. This is due to the belief that the individual becoming High Septon is no longer a man but an avatar of the gods. redistributing music that is currently FotM is another entirely! If you personally own the GoT Soundtrack however.Paradox changed the style of the character frames in patch 2. there is no reason why you can't follow the following very helpful guide to adding music: http://forum. if you don't own it and want it: Buy it! Q. or I'd like to use your Duel Engine as a standalone mod.BOOK/SEASON 2 SPOILERS AHEAD: Why can't I play as Renly in A Clash of Kings? A. what have you done to it? A. Q.4. permission is granted to all who wish to do so. If you move them away the game simply adds more in their place. A. the game populates courts with random females.The Wildlings don't respect dynastic ties the way Southerners do.Why are all High Septons called High Septon I? A. Q.boards. and you may find a revolt on your hands. you'll find that power is easy to gain. The combat traits are the most important. whilst others like strong.Fabricating claims isn't working/happening too often.Why no Game of Thrones music? A.Adding the official Game of Thrones soundtrack to our mod would endanger our project.I'm making a CK2 mod and would like to use your Duel Engine or any other part of the mod.The chances of fabricating a claim have not been altered from vanilla. and they receive significant military bonuses from having high prestige.paradoxplaza. so having loads of claims or none at all in a certain period of time can happen.net/thread/213/official-submods Q.We decided that moving the start of the scenario to after Renly's death provided . weak and valyrian swords also contribute. Q. but these bonuses come at two dangerous costs. has no effect on duel outcomes.Martial ability. we made them silent sisters so they cannot be married.Yes. As a Wildling. If using content in a vanilla mod please credit "the AGOT team" Q.A new High Septon extends the practice of septons giving up their family names by renouncing any kind of individual name.Wildling higher lordships and kingdoms can dissolve on their rulers' deaths. Q. Q. don't expect any higher-tier titles you create to outlast you . Using Intellectual Property is one thing. Q. First.com/forum/showthread. Wildling provinces are ruled only at the Wildlings' pleasure. and much more difficult to keep.php?593803-Adding-Own-Music-Mini- Tutorial-(Or-What-it-s-got-code-No-don-t-run-away!) NOTE: We do not endorse Piracy.Altering or using content from the main AGOT mod for use in a submod or another vanilla mod is fine. They'll only follow strong leaders. Second. being a command rating. A.Are there supposed to be random Silent Sisters showing up in the Kingsguard/Nightswatch courts? A.What is the 'Old Frames' option in the installer? A.The official submods can be downloaded here: http://agotcitadel. selecting this option retains the old style of frames from before this. why is he losing to guys with really low martial in duels? A. Anger the people too much.

This is a vanilla bug.Support the Empire . defensive or civil) every Lord Paramount/King sworn to the Empire becomes /de facto/ independent. In addition. like the Iron Throne. So for example they can declare for the Empire if their Lord rebels. Likewise rulers in the 'liege loyalist' faction will always support their direct liege. which is accessed by right clicking on the shield/coat of arms of the province. if it does happen simply restart without flicking. 5.Flicking through different dates and characters on the character selection screen may cause wars to end inconclusively instantly when the game starts. no longer work the same way they do in vanilla Crusader Kings II. This is only possible if the rebels are using one of the following casus belli: * A claim on the Empire.Support the Rebels. Lords who are already at war when the war begins must remain neutral until their current crisis is done with. 4.Hodor? A. Q. to strike out on their own.Seize the opportunity and declare independence Rulers in the 'crown loyalist' faction will always support the emperor. all Lords who are at peace and are still /de jure/ vassals of the Empire will become /de facto/ vassals once again. 2. or to stay neutral and bide their time. . and the great houses must all decide whether to support the Empire.Remain neutral.better balance. The old setup with Renly alive and the original events is still possible to play by manually moving the start date to 11th Feb 8299.Hodor. . Q. the realm fractures. The goal of this system is to simulate the personal power and control the great houses have in civil wars. and is presented with the following options: .Why are my wars ending inconclusively sometimes? A. * A war to depose the Empire * A war to overthrow the Empire * A war to weaken a vassal * A war of independence . Here are the details: 1. When an emperor tier ruler goes to war. Q. all Lords Paramount/Kings are regarded as being /de facto/ independent from the Empire. When a war ends. to support the rebellion. 3.Ruined provinces are now colonised via a province decison.How do I colonise a ruin? A. Such lords who are direct vassals of a Lord Paramount or the Emperor can choose to go against their liege's choice. When a war begins (this includes all wars. Any lord who is still fighting their own war at the end of the empire's war must finish that war before being re-vassalized. lower lords (count and duke tier) can participate in this system. For the duration of any such war. ---------------------- [4] Empire Mega-Wars ---------------------- Wars in 'Empire' tier titles. offensive.

7. Dothraki Raid Cannot be used against other Dothraki characters. ---------------------- [5] Dothraki ---------------------- Dothraki now use the nomad mechanics that come with 'The Horse Lords' DLC. Khals that have . Dothraki Invasion Can usually only be used against another Khalasar. and any captured prisoners become slaves. and severely damages income and levy size in the province. there is a chance that the province will become Overgrazed. When a kingdom gains their independence.com/forum/index. and will also give the Empire just cause to imprison them. Any lord who neighbours a kingdom fighting for independence may choose to defect from the Iron Throne and swear their fealty to the new king instead. may offer a tribute to stop the war. adds that province to the Khal's "demesne".paradoxplaza.com/topic10234. they gain a decision that allows them to crown themselves King or Queen once again. The larger the Khalasar.html DOTHRAKI NOMADISM Nomads may move their main camp more often than regular rulers. the Khalasar's Slave Camp gains a level. The Overgrazed modifier. Targets a province. plus a tribute is paid.php? threads/development-diary-archive. While a Khalasar Occupies a particular province. Doing so immediately destroys their old Occupied Camp. and when they break away. DOTHRAKI CASSUS BELLI Acquire Grazing Lands Can only be used against Dothraki Domain characters and traditional Dothraki Sea lands. Independence wars for Lords Paramount are different from those fought by standard vassals. A foreign ruler who raids the Empire's allies or neutral Lords during a war will lose opinion with the Empire. For general information on these mechanics the following links are helpful: Horse Lords Dev Diaries: https://forum.6. lasts for some time. The Lords Paramount each rule one of the traditional Seven Kingdoms. 9. and makes the new province the Khal's capital. A neutral Lord can either choose a side or declare independence at any time. all lords who supported them will become their vassals. When a raid is declared the target. Targets a foreign realm.857027/ CK2 Wiki: http://www. If an Empire manages to reach maximum crown authority this system is disabled.com/Nomadism Dothraki Dev Diary: http://citadel.Desert provinces will become Overgrazed almost immediately.ckiiwiki. the quicker this will happen. The chance of this event occuring also depends on the terrain of the province . while Plains can last for some time. moves any and all Camp Buildings in the old Occupied Camp to the new one. 8. once applied. If victorious. This is done via diplomatic interaction with the chosen emperor or rebel leader. if rich enough. If victorious.prophpbb.

Martial 10 * 27% Botched * 46% Classic * 27% Impressive . classic. Tutored by a steward (Stewardship Education) . the race of Zorse riders east of the Bone Mountains. with your odds of success improving with every other skill level up to 24. NOTE: Conclave DLC users retain the new education system introduced in this DLC. the offensive power of the tactic increases by 25%. likely to be poor) Any formal education will now cost you money. also utilise this nomadic system. No formal education (A random education trait. Every tactic now has five levels of success: failed. Martial skill now has a much stronger effect on the outcome of a battle. One major difference is they are not allowed to make opne war on one another. and Martial 8 or below to executed a Failed tactic. ---------------------- [7] New combat tactics ---------------------- Combat tactics have been changed. and the defensive power of the tactic increases by 10%. . when your child reaches the age of six. If victorious the enemy is vassalised. Some examples: . At each level. impressive. ------------------------ [6] New education system ------------------------ The education system has been dramatically altered to incorporate both Maesters and the new combat prowess traits. and instead can gain grazing lands via small scale looting. Dispute Can be used against clans which are in a blood feud. Groomed for court (Diplomatic or Intrigue Education) . Your child's educational path is no longer based on their guardian.Martial 24 * 5% Botched * 15% Classic * 55% Impressive * 25% Legendary You must have Martial 16 or above to execute a legendary tactic. JOGOS NHAI The Jogos Nhai.become 'Greatest Among Khals' however can use it against anyone. Groomed for command (Martial Education) . The chance that you will successfully execute a particular tactic depends on your martial skill. If victorious the enemy is humiliated and grazing lands lost. Instead. botched. and legendary.Martial 0 * 17% Failed * 52% Botched * 23% Standard * 8% Impressive . you will choose their education from among the following options: .

.Master Warrior Your personal combat prowess affects a few things. Both of these are .------------------------- [8] Combat Prowess Traits ------------------------- In addition to the standard education traits. This job had a chance of improving/lowering your children stats depending on the learning of your Maester.Skilled Warrior .if you're willing to risk injuring them. so don�t be surprised if you try to change him and you have no candidates! -If you don't have a character with the Maester trait you can use the decision in the intrigue panel to send for one. including your chance of a successful ambush. which is located where the 'send gift' button is in vanilla.. with a chance of highering/lowering troop morale if you have troops raised. After an average of 8-10 years there they will gain the Maester and bastard trait and be sent to a random court. players have a choice between choosing a great fighter. -Maesters have two jobs that they perform automatically: one is 'tutor children'. or by forcing them to train with you . Your master at arms also has an action to train your children. he will arrive after a few days and automatically fill the council position. If you agree they will go to the Citadel barony in Oldtown. a croney or one of the sons of the nobility. Choosing the son and heir of a powerful lord might lead to some drama. The other is 'Tend to wounded'. only a character with the Maester trait can fill that position. A human player can also appoint characters to the Kingsguard through the personal interaction menu.. -------------- [9] Kingsguard -------------- The Lord Commander is a High Lord (duke) level vassal of the Iron Throne When a new Kingsguard is needed. characters may now have one of four personal combat traits: . You can raise a child's personal combat prowess by having them train under a skilled fighter. With each option generating 3 possible choices. Going to war with the kin of your Kingsguard might lead to some more drama.Poor Warrior .. Assuming there are any suitable candidates. here are the main details: -The council position for court chaplains has been replaced by Maesters. -One of your courtiers may at any time ask to train at The Citadel. Sorry.Trained Warrior . No spoilers! ------------ [10] Maesters ------------ Maesters have a special place in the mod. Kings who tore the realm on a daily basis will have difficulties filling the ranks.

Cab hold melees in the Northern style .Followers of the drowned god can offer up their prisoner's as a sacrifice .A follower of the Drowned God can go on reaving trips and may freely raid non- believers to gain gold and prestige...If you dont have any candidates for this position you can use the 'Send for Holy Man' decision to obtain one. -At any one time the Citadel barony in Oldtown will have 16 characters called Archmaesters. OLD GODS .. representing the conclave of the Citadel. The chosen one can unleash shadowy terrors upon their enemies.The High Septon is elected using the Sons of Abraham cardinal mechanics. and the Perform Charity action from vanilla .Each Faith of the Seven realm has a set of crown laws called Faith Authority that ranges from minimum to high.Pious followers may gain the favour of the red god.There is a priest court position who has two job actions: Convert populace.R'hllor can use fire magic to look into the flames and reveal plots . . If there are less than 16 a random Maester in all Westeros will be selected to be promoted. .. who can be warred against on high faith authority RHLLOR .Characters can request a religious education. ------------ [11] Religion ------------ .Those Favored by R'hllor may now heal themselves or others.If the Old Gods DLC is enabled they can also use the concubine system to take salt wives. maybe even becoming his chosen one.Followers of the Beyond-the-Wall Old Gods faith can freely raid .. where in this case the cardinals are the Septons of the Most Devout . .If the High Septon has at least 70% moral authority he can excommunicate characters. which the North and Iron Islands are more resistant to.Ironborn who are saved from drowning might have their life totally changed.Plus other powerful magic. A new one is selected by the conclave when needed.Followers of the Old Gods can acquire Greensight and maybe animal companions . . and he cannot be appointed. DROWNED GOD .If respected by his vassals. FAITH OF THE SEVEN .The one chosen by R'hllor may claim Lightbringer and remove disfigurements and malformations from themselves or others. -The King on the Iron Throne's Maester is called the Grand Maester.Can commision a sepulcher/tomb (adapted from DLC runestone chain) . selected from the Archmaesters and other Maesters at the citadel and is automatically moved to the King's court. .You can send your daughters to the silent sisters .automated as you cannot have more than 5 councillors per province. an Ironborn King can also freely invade other lands . and eventually gain a preist trait.Rulers may be approached by a red priest who will try and convert them to the Red God . . The higher the authority the more powers the High Septon holds within the realm .

be prepared! .Knights A valuable warrior of the faith will get the option to be knighted. the Lord of the Eyrie use his moon door and the Northmen must swing the sword.City Watches You can appoint the commander of the city watch of King's Landing. with his nasty modifiers. You can reforge your generic sword into one from a predefined list.. so if you want to send someone to the wall for no reason the usual tyranny penalties apply! However. and might stay for several years. People with the "Obtain a Valyrian Steel Sword" ambition now have access to a special event chain.. Find the Horn of Winter and keep the wildlings from uniting. If the Nightswatch falls to the widlings the lords of westeros will be able use the 'restore nightswatch' CB against them. rebuilding the 19 Forts of the Watch and perhaps even a legendary horn to be discovered.Cyvasse! . The commander of the Bloody Gate in the Vale can be appointed in the same way.Special executions Boltons can flay their enemies. Dynasts always have priority when inheriting swords. . people you can freely execute for whatever reason can be sent to the wall via decision at not tyranny cost.Restore Old King Harren's Castle Return this mighty stronghold to its former glory. with small chances to lose/gain them in battle.Valyrian swords Swords will be passed down from generation to generation. .Ironborn Culture Various events for finger-dance/gold-price/reaving.. you will need to be very rich to commence such a task. .----------------- [12] Night's Watch ----------------- You may notice that the Night's Watch is playable. Oldtown and Lannisport. and has greater interaction with with the wildlings through the 'Great Ranging' CB. .csv and replacing the gfx in gfx/traits . . Renaming the sword in valyrian. .Trial by combat Some of your prisoners might demand it. Also dragon riders and the fire obsessed have some 'special' options.Westerosi Climate Winter is coming. You can do this by giving an unlanded male courtier with at least 10 martial the honourary title. you can mod this predefined list by. an 'on the wall' defender event perk. ---------------------- [13] Westerosi Flavour ---------------------- . The 'banish' diplomatic action gives you an extra event for men where you can send them to the wall.Trial by court You can investigate a vassal prisoner and decide if he is innocent or guilty ....

or in our case Kingdoms.. and so they can hold archery tournaments. If you would like to pick your own cadet house name. These realms can freely raid and have a free invasion CB. .. The Trident 4.html If your dynasty is falling on hard times and you lack an heir then you may legitimise one of your cadet dynasties. Kingdom of the North. .prophpbb. maybe even resulting in becoming a Dragon rider.Targaryens Targaryens (and Blackfyres) get many unique events. referring to locations of course. . ------------------- [15] Form a kingdom ------------------- Lord Paramount's are the vanilla King Tier.com/topic2821. and so if your heir is not strong enough your realm may disintegrate. . Major powerhouses will probably stay the major powerhouses. . yet the blob is less stable then the HRE. Archery is large part of their culture. simply rename the appropriate dynasty in Agot/common/dynastys. However pirates only follow strong rulers. Kingdom of Mountain and Vale 3. They can also inbreed freely. and the Iron Throne is a giant De Jure Empire (similar to vanilla HRE). In addition you can create 8 more De Jure Empires. and so practice Seniority.Dragons Acquire rare petrified dragon eggs which trigger special events. 1.Mini-stagnating Westeros The fingers will never be more powerful then kings landing. More information. .. ---------------------- [14] Eastern Flavour ---------------------- .Piracy The lands of the Stepstones and Basilisk Isles are infested with pirates. including 'coin flips' and Valyrian legends. it can be easily broken by civil wars (read about the "megawars" mechanics). 2.. . There are 8 kingdoms you can create. where the three Triarchs share power and are elected in yearly elections.Cadet Houses A worthy bastard or a bastard from a powerful dynasty can be granted lands and a name of his own.You can play cyvasse. http://citadel. The Rock .Mantarys The people of Mantarys often suffer from a variety of issues and deformities.Volantene Triarchy The Free City of Volantis has it's own unique election system.Summer Islands The Summer Islands are a feudal realm that revere their elders.

The Iron Isles ------------- [16] Tourneys ------------- The tournament system has been revamped..No neighbouring Lord is holding a tournament . The Stormlands 7. ------------------------- [17] Enhanced Interaction ------------------------- Formerly achieved through the now redundant 'Personal Interaction' menu.No Lord in a neighbouring 'duchy' is holding a tournament During a tourney the competitors will engage in a number of jousts against their opponent until one of the competitors is unhorsed leaving the other the victor. allowing any Lord to hold one. Characters now also have a 'medal tally' on their screens. Tourneys can be especially fatal for you if your rival is taking part.Not at war/mega-war .Your liege or your liege's liege is not at war LOCAL TOURNEY: Lord Same as above with the additional conditions: .Bestow a Knighthood .Assign bribed characters a mission .Command vassals to end wars . Be warned that tourneys can be dangerous and one could end up with an injury or worse. Here are the requirements for holding a tourney for each rank of Lord: GRAND TOURNEY: King/Lord Paramount .No Lord in your 'duchy' is holding a tournament . Dorne 8.Slave interactions . the mod adds many new diplomatic interactions.Force children to train . The Reach 6.Make a lowborn a noble .Appoint characters to the Kingsguard .Follows the Seven religion .Granting of swords and eggs .No High Lord in your region is holding a tournament . including: .Forced marriages .is not attending another tournament .Visit a character's chambers . keeping track of their tourney record.Has not held a tournament in the past 10 years .Send an Insult .Torture .Plus much more ----------------- [18] Localisation .No Lord Paramount or King in your realm is holding a tournament REGIONAL TOURNEY: High Lord Same as above with the additional conditions: .5..

Events. Etel: Grell-conversion Work. General Coding Support. Graphics. New Plots. Riverland Content.----------------- The mod is currently translated into French and partially into Spanish. Faceless Men. Am�liorez la traduction du jeu de base (Vanilla) en t�l�chargant le patch correctif Lingua Franca (premier lien dans le premier post: http://forum. Iron Islands content. Forresters. AI Work. Balancing. Bugfixing. History Work. bug fixes. the_hdk: Crownlands initial Content. Bugfixing. Kingsguard. Dynasty tracing. Ogaburan (Ran Miller): Events. Misc. Bugfixing. Localization. Dragons. Jenks: Event scripting JadenNooby : Rhoynar+ water magic events Graphics: Edric_Storm: Dynasty CoA Artist. Balancing. Bugfixing. DNA. history improvements. allez dans Mes Documents/paradox/crusader kings 2/mod/AGOT/Traduction dynasties/FAQ 3. Rodri: Event. Knuckey: Project Leader. White Walkers. New Skinchanger trait icons and misc icons. "Megawars" Scripting & Coding: Galle: Events. DND. Harrenhal restoration. Testing. Bugfixing. Nightswatch/wildlings content Sunspear: Coding. North Content. Personal Interaction. Hereditary Valyrian Swords. Nightswatch/wildlings content. Make a Noble. Reforged Swords. Toccs: Essos work. Dynamic CoA Generator Graphics (higher res. Zarine: General Coding Support. blackninja9939: Event Scripting. Stiener (DanJonMin): CoA placeholders. Team Management. Misc. Legitimise Cadets. General Coding Support. Trial by Combat. DNA. Qartheen Portraits. CoA Graphics. Graphics. Trial by court. Riso: Merged features from mods like CK2+ and Better Rebels. Dynamic CoA . DNA. Comradebot: Farwynd skinchanger events. Coding. Graphics. Please report any errors/omissions on our forum. General Coding Support. Misc. VSS Quest. New CoA Template (leather version). New Ambitions. Title Flags. StoneTheCrow/Tycho: Valyrian Swords. Events. New CoA Templates (fabric banner and hide versions). New Battle System. Many History Updates/Improvements. Minor Families Filler. Fighting Traits and the Duel Engine. Scripting. General Coding Support. Waylit: Special siege events mod.. Misc.reseau-. Far East map creator. Localisation. -Traduction fran�aise opitimis�e: 1. Events. new designs). Balancing. Translations. New Education System. Graphics. Bugfixing. Bugfixing.correction-ck2/) et en mettant son contenu dans le dossier Programmes Files/Paradox Interactive/Crusader kings 2/localisation 2. Rescue CB. Bugfixing. Fashbinder: Event scripting/balance. HuskyWolf: Scripted a bit and added some traits.. Rabid Bogling: Dynasty CoA and Title flags Artist. misc. Wolfgang Pauli: Maintenance Events. General Coding. R'hllor Magic. Conquest of Dorne Events. General Coding Support. suivez les instructions de la FAQ pour avoir les dynasties et cultures en fran�ais ------------ [19] Credits ------------ Cabezaestufa: Founder/Map creator. Westerland & Frey. Knights. Ironborn event ideas Tompalmer : Event scripting. Positioning Tool. Dynasty CoA Artist. black_imperator: Events.

Amok: Much of his artwork used for event pictures: http://en. Hobbes MkII: Historical character histories Cidellus: Historical character histories Tompalmer: Historical corrections and community management. Initial Content: ThePiglet. Religion Icons revisionist: Ghiscari Dynamic CoA.deviantart. hibludij: High Valyrian clothes tem: Basilisk Island. Molleby. Pekay Eras Biographies: Vystas. artifact images and many other graphics improvements talias: Trait icons. Merela. zaxonemesis German: Loomis Sparqman. AlecTrevelyan006. Rubidium. DiTo/DiToMz. Patency. Quentyn Tully. Darkhorse27. 'Shoshon The Elegant'. Sand. HuskyWolf Original Music : Aur�lien Benharrats ( http://www. Pageman. JON SNOWSTARK.Overhaul. jankmaster98. BFKelleher. C_moore. Hobbes MkII.ru/gallery Starkweather: Valyrian children portraits. Hawke. Fegelein. Ereksen.com Arko: Interface improvements Choccy: Valyrian/Rhllor CoA foxwillow: Dynasty CoA Artist LancelotLoire: Old White Walker portraits Attiris: Holding images and other misc graphics Lysten: Northman portraits Misc CoAs/Graphics: HMAS-Nameless. Beast Fededorian : Brindlemen portraits Database: Chrisjm89: Historical character histories. Titular Kingdoms Peuri: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design). EDAP. lesh Clash of Kings Scenario: Tompalmer: Scenario Design Lead Mug bubule. Suwan . fastrike. Knuckey. ThatOtherGuy642. Wilsonator. Bysne. Vystas. Ysalaine. Smoesville. blackninja9939. Lestival. 'Legitimized Jon Snow'.Graymarch. Sand. KnightKing Spanish: Osuna. tompalmer. deloswerty. Lord Riusma. wuschbaam. Juanen. StGeorge: Icons & Loading Screens. Hroppa. Helios Ra.aurelien-b. SerJaecerysStorm. Stannis. Lhazar flags Midnighty: Summer Islands flags Mavrosh: Map textures (lava. azaghal. SinStar87. Jazthesentinel. MBjarno. DarkReborn: Ghiscari portraits. jimthepocket. pulcherada. Paillard Dany Quest: Loafcake. dauncosony: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design). white walker portraits. black rock and red earth): http://mavrosh- stock. TMSaxon. Sothoryos flags. Titular Kingdoms Jorian Drake: Dynasty CoA and title flags artist.fr/) Translations & Localization: Werther (French Lead) French: R. Myrik_Justiciar. Graymarch. MBjarno. Yunyuns. Nacodaco. Maginor Wiki Links: Rhoedon. Pand�mie.amokanet. Micxzu. Hawkin. Lingvort. BiatchDeluxe. Nerfherder: Portrait improvements. Velho e Bom Joe: City models and textures. kuczaja: Qarth flags. pottman Special thanks for french proofreading: Merela.

Martin for his awesome books . including many CoA graphics Paradox Interactive for their great game George R.com for various names Captain Gars and Divine. from which we took many things (spoiler warning) Culturally Different Cities for our Dornish city graphics CK2+ Friends and Foes for trait ideas & iconography templates The Prince and the Thane for some of our ambitions Alphanos's shortcuts mod Dungeons and Sieges mod Lupus Agnum mod NB+/New Borders mod Elder Kings mod Ransom all minimod fantasynamegenerators.Testing: 'Dom (JonSnoooow)' Saint_Esteban 'Ser Ham' Smoesville Karuga ItsAtrap Dingo lychnidos Kingsgrave DadeRoyal 'Benjen Coldwater' daddytorgo philosophert nudu Greatjon Zirael Narf GoogleSearch xoatl 'Daemon Blackfyre' EDAP SerBrightflame SinStar87 hjkh123 fastrike Soulbourne Slavicist Mitza8 tirion1987 Tiranasta Pekay Galrun stale TheCed ZeroXemnas djtzen erbkaiser Green 'Solid Snake' Special Thanks To: Grell74 for his original Crusader Kings mod. R. Paradox User mod Coordinators La Garde de Nuit for help with the French translation Westeros.org for all it's information and resources.