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Safety Climate Survey Questionnaire

Safety Climate in Scientific Laboratories in

Engineering Universities of Pakistan
This questionnaire has been developed to assess and analyze the Safety Climate in Scientific Laboratories in
Engineering Universities of Pakistan. Safety Climate is a set of perceptions and beliefs held by an individual
and/or group about health and safety. Shocking lab accidents at universities and increase in consequential losses
compel to improve safety climate. The data collected from this questionnaire will be analyzed statistically and
results produced will help to provide the recommendations for improving safety climate at laboratories. The
questionnaire will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The information will be gathered in confidence and shall
not be disclosed in any form with anyone. Please give your opinion by providing a tick mark (✓)

Section 1: General Information

1. What is the name of this university?
2. What is the number of employees in this university? <200 > 200
3. What type of ownership is this university? Public Private
4. Does this university employ a safety manager? Yes No
5. Does this university have safety committee? Yes No
6. Does this university have updated Safety Policy? Yes No
7. Does this university have updated SOPs for lab equipment? Yes No
8. What is your gender? Male Female
9. What is your age? (Years)
10. How long have you been working for this university? (Years)
11. What is your current job title? Manager Faculty Staff Student
12. Have you ever experienced a laboratory accident? Yes No
13. Have you ever received safety training? Yes No
14. Are you satisfied with safety condition of university laboratories? Yes No

Section 2: Safety Climate Scale

Please fill this section using 5-Point Likert type scale defined as below.

1 2 3 4 5
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

QUESTIONS 1 2 3 4 5
VC’s Safety Commitment and Action
1 He/she clearly directs to allocate resources to improve safety facilities.
2 He/she clearly directs to provide a safe working environment.
3 He/she regularly declares safety policy.
4 He/she clearly directs to employ a regular safety manager.
5 He/she effectively participates in safety committee.
6 He/she frequently visits the labs and realizes the safety condition.

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7 He/she sets an evident example of health and safety leadership.
8 He/she rewards employees for meeting health and safety rules.
Manager’s Safety Commitment and Action
9 He/she clearly directs to inspect the safety facilities.
10 He/she clearly knows the importance of safety training.
11 He/she frequently praises workers' safety behavior.
12 He/she encourages employee’s involvement in improving safety.
13 He/she often communicates safety issues to employees.
14 He/she effectively communicates health and safety policy to employees.
Employees' Safety Commitment
15 You understand the importance of personal protective equipment.
16 You understand standard operating procedures and willing to follow them.
17 You are prepared to maintain the housekeeping of your work place.
18 You are ready to report near misses/accidents held at work place.
19 You are enthusiastic to improve the safety at work place.
20 You are enthusiastic to propose suggestions regarding safety at work place.
21 You are ready to accept physical examination routinely.
22 You are clear about your responsibilities regarding health and safety.
Perceived Risk
23 During work, you have no risk of slip, trip or fall.
24 During work, you have no risk of electric shock.
25 During work, you have no risk to be pinched by a machine.
26 During work, you have no risk of exposure to extreme heat condition or fire.
27 During work, you have no risk of getting in contact with hazardous.
28 During work, you have no risk of getting in contact with infectious material.
29 During work, you don’t have to carry heavy objects.
30 During work, you don’t have to encounter extreme work pressure.
Emergency Response
31 You obviously know the location of personal protective equipment.
32 You obviously know where the emergency switch of the machinery is installed.
33 You obviously know the location and procedure to use fire extinguishers.
34 You obviously know the location and procedure to use first-aid facility.
35 You obviously know the emergency escape route.
36 You obviously know the procedures to handle electric shock.



Thank you for your precious time

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