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LED Highbay Gen1S

The intelligent lighting

solution with your
facilities future in mind.
Lumiqs™ LED Highbay Gen1S is specifically designed for facilities with highbay lighting requirements. Three levels of performance are
available, offering the flexibility to suit the specific needs of almost any facility. All with an aim to reduce energy consumption and deliver
energy cost savings of up to 85%. Integral Passive Infrared and light sensors monitor occupancy and daylight levels, ensuring that the
LED light is only illuminated when needed and only at the brightness required to maintain the desired level of illumination. Work zones of
luminaires can easily be created, with wireless communication between grouped products enabling unified group behaviour and/or predictive

Lumiqs™ believe that lighting should provide maximum performance and efficiency, but with a minimum of fuss and complexity. Our solution is
designed to be installed and commissioned quickly to operate intelligently and seamlessly, delivering long-term benefits. The attractive energy
savings when coupled with significantly reduced maintenance costs, help to deliver a payback period on average of only 2 - 3 years on the
initial capital investment.

“The smart way to save up to 85%”

• PIR sensor • 433Mhz Wireless communication
• Light sensor • Gripple™ Installation
• Light levels - Off 0%, Standby 15%, Neighbour 30%, On 100%
• Infrared remote control commissioning
• Fast fix electrical wiring connection
• 4 x rotatable light bars

• Optimal performance for greater energy savings.
• Suitable for new builds, retro-fit or timeline replacement.
• Standby low level lighting
• Adjustable to Wide Area, Aisle, T-Junction & Crossroad
• Simple hanging and electrical installation
• Create work zones, grouping and predictive aisle illumination

• Warehouse • Storage units
• Factories • Cold storage units
• Production areas
• Distribution centres
• Garages / Workshops
• Sports facilities
LED Highbay Gen1S
Product specification: 13,000 lm 24,000 lm 30,000 lm
Dimensions: 447 (L) x 447 (W) x 87 (H) mm

LED Brand: LumiLeds LUXEON Seoul Semiconductor

LED Quantity: 128 pcs

Lens on lamp: Transparent PC

Material (Body): Panlite

Heat sink: Aluminium extrusion

Power connection: Openwise, 3-pole

Installation: 2 point suspension via Gripple™ Y-fit (inc) or bracket accessory

Performance specification: 13,000 lm 24,000 lm 30,000 lm

Operating temperature (°C) -40 °C to +45 °C

Storage temperature (°C) -20 °C to +75 °C

Rated voltage (v): 220 - 240 Vac

Frequency range: 50/60 Hz

Protection rating / class: IP44 / Class II

Power consumption: 230vac: 110W+/-5% 230vac: 180W+/-5% 230vac: 235W+/-5%

Driver efficiency: 230vac: >90% +/-5%

Power factor correction: 230vac: >0.90

Standby (W): <0.5W

Open circuit protection: Yes

Short circuit protection: Yes

Thermal protection: Yes

Beam angle: 55° +/- 5%

Installation height: Up to 14 metres

On-time adjustment: 30 secs, 3 mins, 5 mins

RF communication range (433MHz): 150 metres (open space)

Typical driving current (mA): 480mA 550mA

Luminous flux (@Ta=25°): 13,000 lm 24,000 lm 30,000 lm

Lamp efficiency: 118 lm/W 133 lm/W 128 lm/W

CRI: 80 (min) 70 (min)

CCT: 4000K / 5000K

4 x Rotational light bar: Centred 0° (default) rotate out: 10°, 20°, 30°

Median useful life L70: >60K hrs >54K hrs

Median useful life L80: >60K hrs >54K hrs

Median useful life L90: >60K hrs 34K hrs

Mounting bracket
Remote control

All data, dimensions and specifications shown are indicative and subject to change without prior notice.

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