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Anonymous is a concept. There are no members, there

is no secret club of hacktivists.
Anonymous is an idea, nothing more. If you think of it as
anything with ‘members’, or—worse—actually believe
you are part of it, you don’t understand it.

“Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader

would have to discover his own.” – Mark Twain



In November 2012, DISCLAIMER:

The Imaginary Book Co. The Imaginary Book Co.
invited the ‘Anonymous’ is not responsible for any
hacktivist collective to share of the views, opinions, or
their thoughts. statements expressed in
We wanted to try and this book. Neither can we
capture something of the verify the truth or otherwise
essence of an imaginary of anything stated. No-one
non-organisation, to at Imaginary is involved
preserve it as a time- with Anonymous. Not yet
capsule for the future. anyway. (Or are we? Mwah-
We believe we’re witnessing ha-ha…) We do not know
the birth of something anyone who participates
important, although perhaps in Anonymous activities
it’s too early to even say personally. Or at least, we
what it is yet: a new form of don’t think so. Damn, this is
democracy? Time will tell... tricky.
We assured Anonymous
we would not edit, collate, COPYRIGHT:
correct, censor, comment This book is anti-copyright:
upon, or judge what we anyone may make Fair
received. That’s for others Use of any of its content,
to do. We would simply but may not reproduce
print. We didn’t know what the book in its entirety for
we’d get, if anything. What any commercial purpose
follows is what we got. Any whatsoever. That would be
spelling or typing errors are naughty.
the individual author’s own.
First published 2013 by
The Imaginary Book Co.

Create or die.




Greetings world,
Our Governments have
WE ARE ANONYMOUS UK. failed us. They have bled
We share the collective us dry.
idea of ANONYMOUS Daily they continue to erode
worldwide; we are the our most basic civil rights
people. and freedoms. They have
imposed austerity measures
We believe in non-violent, on us, whilst those to
peaceful, civil disobedience. blame, (the policy makers,
Throughout history the the bankers and corporate
world has been controlled bodies) continue to enjoy
by big ideologies such FAT CAT lives at OUR
as religion, socialism and EXPENSE.
capitalism, to name but a
few. These are all forms of ANONYMOUS is an idea
slavery that have stopped whose time is now.
our evolution and removed Close your eyes for a
our freedom. moment and imagine a
world that you want to live in
ANONYMOUS see these — one that you feel proud
ideologies for what they to be a part of — this is
are: THE IDEA.
All your life you have known
The time for change is now. that something is not right
No longer shall the with this world.
people be oppressed by You can FEEL it in your
corruption. heart. We all can.
ANONYMOUS UK can see Anonymous are here to
why GOOD people are not re-align the people with the
in charge of this world and truth.
that is because the current You are anonymous. We are
system rewards GREED all anonymous.
and forgets about giving, it We are the ones that take
rewards the STRONG and out your trash, the ones that
does not care about the drive your ambulances, the
weak. It is like the school ones that cook your meals.
bully that no one has stood We are everyone and no-
up to — yet. one.

The time is now. In the past

year, the movement to join
Anonymous has swelled
dramatically: in the UK
alone we are over 9000!
Worldwide, over a million
and growing everyday.
You may have heard of
us as just hackers but
we have been involved
with occupy movements,
anti-cut protests and anti-
war demonstrations. We
continue to fight for your
freedom on the internet.
If you see what we see, if
you feel what we feel, then



The most dangerous man, to any government,

is the man who is able to think things out
for himself, without regard to the prevailing
superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably, he
comes to the conclusion that the government
he lives under is dishonest, insane, and
intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries
to change it. And even if he is not romantic
personally, he is very apt to spread discontent
among those who are.

H.L. Menken
Smart Set Magazine
December 1919

There is a force that

is bigger than the
government, and
that is the power of
the people coming
together and
working as one.
This is why we’re


Anonymous has no face, having to contend with the

no race, and no origin. tear-gas-and-horseback
Anonymous is a force and response with which states
as such, simply is. have traditionally been in
the habit of contending with
Anonymous is not I, you, mass action. But such a
or we. Anonymous is all thing as this is happening
without name, blame, and today, and having been
restraint. done – repeatedly,
increasingly and with
Anonymous has no leader, potentially significant
no organization. Anonymous consequences for the
is a wandering mass of both nation-state.
order and chaos.

Anonymous is here, If you want to do something,

Anonymous is now, make peaceful protest a
Anonymous will always be. plan. Don’t give them any
reason to lock you away
Expect Us indefinitely. This evil can be
thwarted with protest but
every man woman and child
Ten years ago it would have has to be in on it. Nobody
been infeasible for tens of stays home.
thousands of individuals
with no physical connection
or central leadership to
conceive, announce and
implement a massive act of
civil disobedience against a
significant Western power,
crippling a portion of its
online infrastructure in the
process – and to do all of
this in a matter of days, and
without anyone involved

Who are we?

We are

Our biggest
goal is to one
day take off
our masks in

As long as there is injustice, The puppeters of the system brothers. We will have
whenever a Targathian are obviously in a state of hearts and minds...
baby cries out, wherever panic over the exchange of
a distress signal sounds information detrimental to Anonymous unite!
among the stars, we’ll be them. They race to eliminate
there. This fine ship, this free speech and their
fine crew. Never give up... consequent exposure!! They
and never surrender. are not really interested in
what each of us had for tea.

Fight injustice...don’t
try fighting a goverment Our biggest fear is not that
they are too big....simply we are inadequate, but that
find ways to make them we are powerful beyond
irrelevent. Then they measuring is capable, if..
wither and die! no, when we unite we will
be beyond power. We will
be kind, gentle, friends,


We love the internet

And we’re guessing you If some proposals at WCIT individuals becoming victims
do too. Think about all the are approved, decisions of blackmail by malicious
awesome things it gives about the internet would be people who control the
us: A vast communication made by a top-down, old- monitoring.
network; innovative school government-centric
businesses; a platform to agency behind closed The Internet is home to
freely speak or challenge doors. Some proposals many organized social
powerful governments; and allow for internet access movements which fight for
hundreds and hundreds of to be cut off more easily, human rights worldwide. If
hours of cat videos. threaten privacy, legitimizes we allow this, we will not be
monitoring and blocking able to use the Internet to
All this great stuff is of online traffic. Others organize the defense of our
available because the seek to impose new fees rights...
internet was designed in an for accessing content, not
open and inclusive way, with to mention slowing down If the delicate balance of
a multitude of voices being connection speeds. the internet is upset, it could
able to get a say on how it’s have grave consequences
governed. Used as a pretext to internet for businesses and human
pornography among other rights.
But the internet is in danger. things as an excuse to
censor sensitive material This must be stopped.
There’s a meeting between pages (note that there
the world’s governments are too many cases of Only governments get a
in just a few weeks, and it child pornography that are vote at WCIT, so we need
could very well decide the ignored by the police) people from all around the
future of the internet through world to demand that our
a binding international In addition to paying for leaders keep the internet
treaty. It’s called the World internet service, you’d open.
Conference on International also have to pay for
Telecommunications visiting certain sites, Watch the video, and take
(WCIT), and it’s being such as YouTube. Your action above to tell your
organized by a government- communications would be governments to oppose
controlled UN agency constantly monitored and handing over key decisions
called the International archived, meaning the end about the internet to the
Telecommunication Union of Internet privacy. This ITU. Let’s use the internet’s
(ITU). could potentially lead to global reach to save it.

PETITIONS: Featured on these

Sign the Declaration of Websites:
Internet Freedom here http:// http://anonrelations.
www.internetdeclaration.org/ net/opwcit-official-leak-
Sign the petition here http:// website-234/
www.protectinternetfreedom. http://anonymissexpress.
net/ cyberguerrilla.
Other info: source=anonymous&utm_
Watch the video here medium=twitter
https://www.whatistheitu. http://lilithlela.cyberguerrilla.
org/?ref=an org/?p=1995
Leaked documents here
http://www.wcitleaks.org/ Tools:
WebChat: http:// http://pastebin.com/
webchat.voxanon. Lwcdm5Fh
We are the internet http://www.reuters.
We are anonymous com/article/2012/11/27/
We are here to help you with un-internet-
your revolution idUSL1E8MR00G20121127

php?16867.last materials for


Greetings, World.
We are Anonymous. In the year in anticipation of this that the time has come
last days it has come to our moment. We produced and for Anonymous to remove
attention that all Internet disseminated the Syrian the last vestiges of his
traffic into and out of Syria Care Package — (First Aid evil government from the
was taken down. and Tech Guides in Arabic Internet. Even if the Syrian
and English, as well as Government opened the
Within a half hour of this software) — and there are gates to the Internet and
sudden shut down, the PBX emergency independent other telecommmunication
land-lines were degraded by media centers already set systems today, this will not
90% and Mobile connectivity up in every city of Syria. stop our operation. Soon,
was degraded by 75%. Activists and independent his people will remove him
The nation of Syria has journalists in Syria will be from this world. Let the final
gone dark. And Anonymous able to utilize these media battle for a free Syria begin.
knows all too well what centers to get news and
happens in the dark places. media out of Syria, and We Are Anonymous.
Anonymous will assist in We Are Legion.
Anonymous has done an propagating that media We Do Not Forgive.
exhaustive analysis of the to the world. Anonymous We Do Not Forget.
Internet shut-down in Syria will keep open the lines of Bashar Assad, your turn
and we have concluded telecommunication with the has come.
that the Syrian regime free Syrian people. We will EXPECT US.
has physically severed be the voice of the voiceless
the fiber-optic and coaxial in Syria. December 1st 2012.
cables coming into Syria.
Essentially, they have Anonymous will NOT allow
physically “pulled the plug this massive violation of “When your government
out of the wall”. As we the human rights of the shuts down the
discovered in Egypt, where free Syrian people to go Internet, shut down
the dictator Mubarak did un-punished. We feel this your government.” ~~
something similar, this is not is a desperate move by Anonymous Egypt
damage that can be easily a dying regime, one that
or quickly repaired. has slaughtered tens of
thousands of innocent
Fortunately, Anonymous has civilians. By turning off
been working with Syrian the Internet in Syria, the
activists for well over a butcher Assad has shown

What is Anonymous?
We are Anonymous. We are Yes, we are the glorious, system we expose as
unbounded, limitless; we are promising pulse. evidence of the existence
less a collective and more of this possibility. It is a
the idea of a collective, We will not be constricted. symbol of possibility meant
an idea communicated We refute their lies and to inspire action and hope.
through action; we are the resist their restriction. We It is a call to arms, a call
strange and circling stars, recognize the authority of empowered by each of our
ineffable and intractable, neither borders nor kings. successes in exhibiting
we are the love and lust for Instead we recognize the the faults lines which with
freedom which forms the sovereignty of the individual. hungry smiles creep up the
white hot cores and births We recognize the power and walls of their deceptive pose
the white hot light. We are beauty of a collective of free of invulnerability.
a wondrous, impalpable individuals, each employing
thing. We are as infinite and their unique capabilities It is this possibility they fear
ancient and all-pervading as toward a common end. and deny. They wish us
the human love of freedom. to disbelieve, in ourselves
We are the ever-present We seek to joyfully raze and each other. They sell
storms which rise when the entrapments which us death and wish us to be
circumstance and courage would plague our days calmed by the caress of
collide to feed upon the and fetter our freedom. its cold fingers. They wish
tainted crowns of tainted We dance round the wild us to thank them for each
kings; we dip our tongues of and expanding fires of act by which they further
mischief between the peaks liberty. We are the inchoate, negate our livelihood, by
of their corroded gold so blistering lights flooding the which they further degrade
that we may all know of and eyes of petty clerks and our spirit. They wish us
rejoice in the weakness of imposing tyrants who have to accept as impossible
the metals which have too come to see that we now that which in its very real
long been the symbols of realize what they have for possibility haunts them in
our subjugation. so long known: that neither their assumed invincibility,
they nor their system is that which crawls beneath
We choose to no longer invincible, that it is a false the widening cracks of their
serve as the cough of fatalism they sell to the armor of false luster and
canaries in your morbid public, that things need artifice, which peeks out to
mines; instead we shall be not be as they are; that a signal the precariousness
the glorious, promising pulse better world is possible. of their position; the truth is
through its rocky veins. The vulnerabilities of their of course that their power

is wholly derived from our amalgamated; we are bound undone delusions. We

continued willingness to by and to illusion. And our embrace of combusting
submit to them; thus we ghostly binds depend on our kingdoms. Our actions shall
are smothered by our willful provision of the thread ramify the agents of this
own submission, and a of self. combustion.
lacking awareness of the
mechanisms by which it is They would have us bound We have often bartered an
perpetuated; a spurning to the rocks of our despair acquiescence of self for
or fearing of sight. Their and accepted futility, to a the promise of momentary
structures may claim to be modern ennui and idleness. relief offered by their
invincible only so insofar They would have us corrosive goods. Yet we
as they remain invisible, purchase and nurse our own now see that they have
only insofar as they are hungry, preying birds, and sold us a true plague but
successful in selling us offer up gladly our writhing a false cure, a cure which
the thin, spurious skin of wounds and gasping organs, in its falseness burns to
delusion, in which wrap to revel in the tearing of increase the felt truth of this
up our doubts, a thin flesh, to reveal in our own plague. But we do not seek
spread clouding which just destruction. false advancement of false
barely obtains the desired amelioration; we do not
occlusion of the true face; They would have us oil seek to come on our knees
the face of the void on which our chains and sing of the to the latest showing of their
they ride, the face of their nobility of their binding meretricious wares and
precarity and dependence; strength and imposing wagging tongues.
the true face which they gleam. And to them we say:
so dearly fear our eyes will we refuse. They shall now We seek to uproot this
find. For they have founded bask in the unbound fires poisonous growth; we seek
their vicious, expansive of our unbinding. And as to uproot the very nature
palaces on a crafty folding the people and the land are which fosters this malicious
of air, a transparent trickery warmed and emboldened growing. We shall toil with
which gains efficacy only in by this fiery unbinding, their luminous blades forged in
its ruthlessness; a spiraling oppressive deceptions and the enflamed hearts of the
structured void, a structure dark clusters of coercion free and resisting, blades
which now frays, for as our dissolve into an ashy, which will not bend under
eyes rise we come to see revelatory wind. We lift our the desperate pressing
that we are bound only faces warm and bright to of their gnarling claws
by loose ends wickedly the revelatory ash of your and sparkles, for such

blades are of a world and We have come to oppose you to join us, to act with us.
substance which transcends them, we have come Each day launch off your
the powers of their cruel to present the option of hopeful bright balconies
implements. resistance, to, with our acts, a million little rockets of
make the case for it viability. resistance. Assist us as
We are the ever-expanding It this option which has long we ravage them by the
awareness, we are the haunted and stirred the same electric hands and
ever-expanding fount from deepest unstill waters of the calculations which they wish
which flows the ancient subjugated and oppressed; to see us ravaged by.
acts of resistance and we merely present in our
freedom. They would have action one way which this They think all these lovely
their liveried rats gnaw the long extant option can be gathered nodes, the night
people unopposed, gnaw realized, and we ask that glow of all these unfolding
the bones of the poor and all join us. These rulers and flowers speaking in a wiry
tired in an unopposed elite cabals fear life, they wind, are but another tool to
death revelry. They would fear the people, the love of aid them in their oppressive
profit off the sale of this freedom and resistance to ventures, by which their
exposed marrow and these tyranny with which we are power may be increased,
terrible cries. They would innately imbued. They fear their fortunes grown, their
make a lugubrious lamp oil the awareness we spread enemies crushed, our
of the fat and blood, they through our actions. The freedom curtailed.
would spend their days awareness that, when they
bathed in the morbid light tell us of the weakness of We say it is for quite the
of anguish exacted, would our being and the futility of opposite purpose that
swell their palace halls our actions, they lie; when these gathered nodes join
with augmenting mirrors they tell us of the absolute hearts and sing. We act
to seal the fate and fear strength of their position and to show this to the world.
of the nervous, trembling the justness of their actions, And their hegemonies shall
onlookers, to extract they lie. Their strength quake under the force of
submission under threat of stands only in our belief in, our laughter, under the
violent fate from false black and submission to, it. We no strain of the seriousness
suns. And they would have longer believe, and we will and determination in
us all accept with a smiling no longer submit. our struggle. It is just
deference and surrender of one medium for action,
freedom. To all you who love freedom of course, but is it not a
and resist tyranny, we invite special joy to see their own

armies of malignant formula in name. And think of all which forever roils in the
freed from malignancy and those who toiled in history, hearts of us all and rebukes
turned against the forces who labored courageous us for our submission and
which would deform us and untiring and unknown, inaction; that which when
all? But this as we said is to make for us what life and witness to the unlocking of
merely one expression of freedom we now hold; those possibility is enkindled and
our passion and purpose. who persisted and held at inspired to act itself. Toward
Although we believe such bay for one day longer the this universal enkindling we
electronic actions, the forces of fear and injustice act. Thus, we are legion.
smashing and hacking, which encircled them in
frenzied numbered in insufferable swaths At every turn we are witness
dancing, the quick clever of cruel-toothed, dark to the horrors of injustice, at
logic unspooled into the smiles, those who threw every turn we are set upon
world, the elegant employ themselves courageously by the unceasing cries of
of tactical maths, while into these merciless mouths those they wound with their
we believe them both of suffering so that we may cruel injustices; these cries
effective and promising, now yet have the chance carve their horrors against
a venue deserving of to act. our days, they clot our joys
further investment and and compel our resistance.
development, that which can Be you Anonymous in They speak in tongues of
be said to be Anonymous name or spirit, be you blood and terror, and mark
appears in many forms. struggling with us declared indelible atrocity across the
or undeclared, it is all the face of human history. Thus,
Our forces often rise same; it is the common we never forgive.
undeclared. Sparks of end we seek which drives
resistance with which us forward; it is the love of And under sound of these
we feel solidarity are freedom and the wish to see terrible cries they act with
continually birthing hope all at last free. a renewed passion to turn
and truth and beauty all their cruel screws against
across the hopeful fields Our actions speak directly to the flesh of a writhing,
of this embattled world. that most human, universal withering populace;
All love of freedom and love of freedom which they seek an absolute
action toward liberty may may be feared, terrorized, submission and compliance,
be considered to be acts of repressed, but which is an inescapable state of
Anonymous, even if they never quieted in entirety or degradation; they seek an
are not designated as such extinguished absolutely; that omnipresent power that

shall leave no corner of our We will all become great

being unsubjugated; one in the striving courage
that shall never be sated, of struggle. We will work
and that will always strike together against the forces
toward conquest if even of constriction and cruelty;
for a moment the eye of we adopt all enemies of
awareness is turned from its freedom as our own. We
devouring maw; they seek will circle, luminous, potent,
to devour our awareness unceasing, like a thousand
and remembrance, the eternal, furious stars, bright
awareness of our potential, with bliss and rage, their
the remembrance of our palace grounds of brutality,
past courageous struggles to deliver a heat and hope
and victories; the awareness with which may be built the
of their treachery, the fall of tyrants. Tyrants have
remembrance of their crimes fallen, and they shall once
and cruelty and betrayal. more fall. They shall fall
They wish to make of us a under this bright, furious,
malleable oblivion suited undying light. They shall fall
to and receptive of the under the light of freedom.
intricacies of their dooming
of humanity. Thus, we never Thus, expect us.

Their crimes, with proud

and preening and sickly
eyes, strike against the very
core of our humanity, a core
which has before, under
stress of similar blows, risen
to resist, and which shall
rise to resist again; to be
realized in resistance. We
will all soon experience our
greatness and courage,
collectively and individually.

Greetings, World.
For far too long, Anonymous or you will know the full the coming days, and we will
has stood by with the rest and unbridled wrath of transmit it to you by every
of the world and watched in Anonymous. And like all the means at our disposal. We
despair the barbaric, brutal other evil governments that encourage you to download
and despicable treatment have faced our rage, you will this package, and to share it
of the Palestinian people NOT survive it unscathed. with your fellow Palestinians
in the so called “Occupied to the best of your ability.
Territories” by the Israel To the people of Gaza and We will be with you. No
Defense Force. Like so the “Occupied Territories”: matter how dark it may
many around the globe, we know that Anonymous seem, no matter how
have felt helpless in the face stands with you in this alone and abandoned
of such implacable evil. And fight. We will do everything you may feel — know
today’s insane attack and in our power to hinder that tens of thousands
threatened invasion of Gaza the evil forces of the IDF of us in Anonymous are
was more of the same. arrayed against you. We with you and working
will use all our resources tirelessly around the clock
But when the government to make certain you stay to bring you every aid and
of Israel publicly threatened connected to the Internet assistance that we can.
to sever all Internet and and remain able to transmit
other telecommunications your experiences to the We Are Anonymous
into and out of Gaza they world. As a start, we have We Are Everywhere
crossed a line in the sand. put together the Anonymous We Are Legion
As the former dictator of Gaza Care Package — We Do Not Forgive
Egypt Mubarack learned which contains instructions We Do Not Forget
the hard way — we are in Arabic and English that To the oppressors of
ANONYMOUS and NO- can aid you in the event the innocent Palestinian
ONE shuts down the the Israel government people, it is too late to
Internet on our watch. To makes good on it’s threat EXPECT US.
the IDF and government to attempt to sever your
of Israel we issue you this Internet connection. It also
warning only once. Do NOT contains useful information
shut down the Internet into on evading IDF surveillance,
the “Occupied Territories”, and some basic first aid and
and cease and desist other useful information. We
from your terror upon the will continue to expand and
innocent people of Palestine improve this document in

Welcome to the 21st Century

Humanity has come a potential to hear the voice of Your empowerment
long way. We live in a a loved one from a place on threatens this notion. Your
world where the moment a the other side of the planet. connection to a vibrant
thought meets a medium, marketplace of ideas
be it speech or text, audio or What puts this power in threatens the tradition that
video, it can be in the hands your hands? your actions should be
and minds of anyone on the dictated by where you sit.
planet instantly. No longer It is a spiderweb of Today, you have the power
hindered by the limits of connected computers, to pick your path, network
freight or post, something as weaving from the with allies and choose your
simple as an idea can ignite metropolitan New York to own means to meeting
the hope and ambitions of the slums of Sao Paulo and your goals. Unfortunately
a global population within everywhere in between. there are many people in
minutes of its formation. The desire for freedom and positions of power who
will to demand the respect resent this new reality, and
Your access to information of basic, natural rights can are actively working to stop
is not limited to the number topple regimes of every such free flow of information
of books in your nearest shape and flavor. and communication.
library. Your access to
opinions is no longer limited This power, however, This same technology allows
by the number of channels challenges traditions and states to be more intrusive
or stations you can tune. proeedures that have long than ever, and governments
Your only limit to facts, the been held in esteem. Where are making the most of
very building blocks of truth, once nations required these new abilities. We
is your desire to seek it. the auspices of religion have witnessed intrusions
or heritage to command on privacy that would have
You are dynamic and power and exalt one, or a been dismissed as dystopian
agile; you are free. few, above their fellow man only a few decades ago. Left
today they rely mostly on the unchecked by democratic
These conditions are notion of geography. They control, and unconstrained
emergent and new. Where claim that certain rights, by national sovereignty or
the richest Pharaohs freedoms and liberties stem respect for fundamental
of Ancient Egypt could from the state, which claims human values, the legitimate
not manage it within power derived from where actions of corporations or
their lifetime, even the you were born, or where you governments can easily turn
impoverished now have the stand now. into abuse.

The more
Yet the same tools that
facilitate these actions
provide us with the ability to
fight back and safeguard our

they try and

human rights. It can give us
the power to expose crime,
corruption and government

invade our
abuse that would otherwise
remain hidden.
There is a new paradigm
emerging. Born from the

internet, a personification of
it, if you may.

It was made with hope for

the more
what will be and disdain
for what will happen The
pioneers of this paradigm,
individuals with common

purpose, have come
together. We are nowhere,
and we are everywhere. We
are powerful and unbound,

we will
dynamic and agile. We
accept all ideas, as we are
all of them, yet are none of
them at the same time.

Who are we?

We are Anonymous.
So are you.
TYLER platform has been TYLER is a secure, no cost
activated, Anonymous says. and decentralized online
leaks release platform
The message that is going that is build to replace
on the internet is that the Wikileaks. The idea of the
Anonymous platform TYLER TYLER platform got initiated
has been activated. The after Anonymous told the
platform is activated as of world that they will not be
8:17 AM December 7th, supporting the Wikileaks
2012. initiative anymore.

A new form of
democracy is born.
We now police
those who would
police us.
We are watching
you, Big Brother...
Anonymous has told known as PM2012, is
Cyberwarzone that they well known by people that
will launch a new video are following the steps of
on 11/12/12 that will be Anonymous.
revealing the #PM2012

The video will try to warn

the people for the upcoming
leaks and Anonymous is
trying to keep the people
calm when the leaks are
leaked. The PM2012 video
is a call to remain peaceful.
Project Mayhem, also

Why I am part of the Anonymous collective

I have always been was and still am a curious or be a computer wiz kid,
passionate about free mind, full of questions, I don’t have to hand over
speech, knowledge, sharing never satisfied until I get any money, labels and
that has the ability to reach to the bottom of stuff, so borders don’t exist with
everyone regardless of when I got a pc a couple of Anonymous, I don’t even
who they are and will stand years ago and got myself have to give a name, I am
against anyone who wants on the net, well, I was in my just a curious mind being
to quash that. Since I was a element, perfect and full of part of a collective of other
kid, I’ve always suspected information. I’d known about curious minds wanting the
that the world I existed in Anonymous for a couple same thing, and that to
was fake, shallow and an of years, but I like to get all me its a breath of fresh air
illusion, but never had the my facts before opening my and a spectrum of colour.
knowledge to understand mouth and had a lot to catch Anonymous is everything
what was wrong, although up on. And now Anonymous I have wished to be real.
I had many questions, no is my home, it’s a perfect fit Anonymous is a collective
one could answer them, as if it was made for me. like no other, I’m proud to be
not even my family; nothing a supporter and help where
made sense because I have never had the I can.
logic and reason were opportunity to speak out
not entertained in the and stand up for what I
world around me, which believe in, but Anonymous
is scary for a kid that can has given me the perfect
think. I can’t and never opportunity on a plate.
have just accepted what I never excelled in the
I’m told without question, education system, now
which got me into lots of I know why. Education
trouble as a kid. There is isn’t about indoctrination,
a surface tension, which regurgitation and dumbing
people in general did not down so I would never have
look at or even consider it succeeded at it, too many
existed, acceptance without questions; it’s about real
question or blind faith. knowledge, stimulation,
Strange and unnerving if questions, curiosity and
your only guidance was real progress, all of which
an environment that was Anonymous provides. I don’t
fake and without reason. I have to have qualifications

The Betrayal Of Wikileaks

Anonymous Press prison accused of supplying. Hammond and Manning
Release We have continued to risk stand accused of supplying.
Thursday - October 11, 2012 lengthy prison sentences by Since yesterday visitors of the
8:30 PM ET USA attacking dozens of web sites Wikileaks site are presented
in the UK and Sweden to a red overlay page that
Greetings World, bring attention to Assange’s demands they donate money.
plight. And most recently, This page cannot be closed,
In December of 2010 when we received word and unless a donation is
Anonymous came to the the UK Police were about made — the content like GI
defense of and began to raid the UK Embassy it Files are not displayed.
supporting the organization was Anonymous who rallied
WikiLeaks and it’s besieged hundreds of people to go We are aware that the
founder Julian Assange. to the Ecuador Embassy in donation paywall can be
As many will remember London to defend Ecuador’s circumvented by disabling
this initially took the form sovereignty and Julian. Javascript. However, this
of several online protests is not the point. Neither is
against MasterCard, VISA To this day, not ONE single Anonymous concerned
and PayPal — for which 14 WikiLeaks staff are charged that WikiLeaks is asking
brave Anons in the USA stand or incarcerated. However, for donations. However, we
indicted. During that time we Anonymous has 14 indicted do see a serious problem
also launched the first ever (facing 15 years) for online in the way WikiLeaks
DdoS by Anonymous against protests defending WikiLeaks is implementing this for
a western government — and one (Jeremy several reasons. First of all,
when we attacked the Hammond) in prison and the casual user (which is
Swedish Prosecutors office facing 20 years for allegedly the majority) usually have
in defense of Julian. Since supplying the Stratfor GI Javascript enabled and
that time, Anonymous has Files. Not to mention the thus will be blocked by the
been a steadfast ally of both heroic Bradley Manning who donation page and denied
WikiLeaks and Assange. now rots in Ft. Leavenworth the content. Additionally,
We have provided some Prison facing life. Despite the casual user does not
of the biggest leaks since that fact, WikiLeaks has know that he needs to
the infamous cables were chosen to dishonor and disable javascript to get to
disclosed, incuding the Syria insult Anonymous and all the content without paying
Files and the GI (Stratfor) information activists by — sorry, donating. They
Files — for which Jeremy prostituting the Stratfor Files may not even know what
Hammond now rots in a and other disclosures that javascript is, let alone how to

disable it. Lastly, regardless site but for every single file. media a detailed dossier
of any workarounds, the fact Enough! We have numerous of all the un-ethical actions
remains that a meretricious disclosure platforms of our perpetrated by WikiLeaks
page is placed for the own, and in the future we will that we have ignored for so
majority of visitors that cannot deliver Anonymous related long. A Dox if you will, on
be closed. The obvious leaks via these platforms. WikiLeaks. We will deliver it
intention is to force donations (See list at end). to the media in a few days,
in exchange for access. This Anonymous has had not for vengeance — but as
is a filthy and rotten, wholly enough. The conclusion justice for our fallen Anons
un-ethical action — and for us is that Anonymous whom WikiLeaks has chosen
Anonymous is enraged. cannot support anymore by this action to dishonor and
what Wikileaks has become. disgrace.
We have been worried about We will NOT attack the web
the direction Wikileaks is assets of WikiLeaks, as they We Are Anonymous
going for sometime now. are media. We do not attack We Are Legion
In the past year the focus media. Any future attack We Do Not Forgive
has moved away from on the WikiLeaks servers We Do Not Forget
actual leaks and the fight attributed to Anonymous
for freedom of information is a lie. But what we will WikiLeaks we gave you a
and concentrated more and do is cease from this day chance, now it’s too late to
more on Julian Assange all support of any kind EXPECT US.
and a rabid scrounging for for WikiLeaks or Julian
money. When this “paywall” Assange. No longer will --------------------------------------
appeared last night, there Anonymous risk prison to
was a brief and intense defend WikiLeaks or Julian Anonymous Global - www.
exchange online between Assange from their enemies. AnonymousGlobal.tk
Anonymous and WikiLeaks. No longer will Anonymous
Within two hours all of the risk prison to supply material AnonLeaks - www.par-anoia.
“paywalls” were removed. At for WikiLeaks disclosures. net
that point Anonymous was Anonymous turns it’s back
willing to let this pass, for the on WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has HackerLeaks - www.
sake of peace in the over all with it’s actions this past 48 HaxorLeaks.tk
movement. But now tonight, hours betrayed Anonymous,
as if taunting us to rage — and thus has lost it’s biggest LocalLeaks - www.
the “paywalls” reappeared and most powerful supporter. LocalLeaks.me
not just on sections of the We are preparing for the

Dealing with law enforcement

IF AN AGENT IS AT YOUR although there are many each officer is from, where
DOOR exceptions and new they searched and what
laws have expanded the they took. If others are
Do Not Let Them In government’s power to present, have them act as
Do not open the door, not conduct surveillance. witnesses to watch carefully
even a crack. Clearly state You do not have to let what is happening. If the
through the door, ‘I am police or agents into your agents ask you to give them
exercising my right to remain home unless they have documents, your computer,
silent. I do not wish to speak and produce a valid search or anything else, look to see
with you without an attorney.’ warrant. A search warrant if the item is listed in the
If they claim to have a is a written court order that warrant. If it is not, do not
warrant, ask to see the allows the police to conduct consent to them taking it
warrant before you let them a specified search. If you are without talking to a lawyer.
in. If they have a warrant, present when agents comes
you are being raided. to your home, you should Roomates, Parents, and
ask to see a warrant. The Bosses Can Give Consent
Do Not Give Consent warrant must specify in detail If you live with other people,
“The right of the people to the places to be searched they can give the consent
be secure in their persons, and the people or things to to search common areas
houses, papers, and effects, be taken away. including shared bathrooms.
against unreasonable Beware of questions like They cannot give consent to
searches and seizures, “Do you mind if I come in?” your private areas.
shall not be violated, and As simple as this sounds, Parents can give consent to
no Warrants shall issue, this can be interpreted as the search of their children’s
but upon probable cause, consent to search your private spaces.
supported by Oath or home. Any area of your workplace,
affirmation, and particularly including your personal
describing the place to be Tell the agents you do not locker or desk drawer, can
searched, and the persons consent to the search so be searched if your boss
or things to be seized.” that they cannot go beyond gives consent.
-4th Amendment, US what the warrant authorizes.
Constitution Ask if you can watch the IF YOU ARE SERVED
The Fourth Amendment search; if you are allowed WIITH A SUBPOENA
restricts the government’s to, you should. Take notes,
power to enter and search including names, badge Grand Jury Subpoenas
your home or workplace, numbers, what agency A grand jury subpoena is a

written order for you to go active individuals and social the prosecutor is prohibited
to court and testify about movements. This practice from using your testimony
information you may have. is aimed at prosecuting or any leads from it to bring
You are not allowed to have activists and, through charges against you. If a
a lawyer present and can be intimidation, discouraging subsequent prosecution
required to answer questions continued activism. is brought, the prosecutor
about your activities and bears the burden of proving
associations. Federal grand jury that all of its evidence was
Because of the witness’s subpoenas are served in obtained independent of the
limited rights in this person. If you receive one, immunized testimony.
situation, the government it is important that you retain You should be aware,
has frequently used grand the services of a progressive however, that they will
jury subpoenas to gather attorney, preferably one use anything you say to
information about activists who understands your manipulate friends into
and political organizations. goal of defending the sharing more information
It is common for the FBI political movement and about you by suggesting
to threaten activists with a friends. Most lawyers are that you have betrayed
subpoena in order to elicit trained to provide the best confidences. If you appear
information about their legal defense, often at the before the grand jury you
political views and activities expense of others. Beware do not have the same
and those of their associates. lawyers who advise you to protections as in a trial: you
There are legal grounds cooperate with grand juries, have no 5th Amendment
for stopping subpoenas, testify against friends, or cut right to remain silent (if you
and receiving one does not off contact with your friends invoke your right to remain
necessarily mean that you and political activists. silent you may be held
are suspected of a crime. If Cooperation usually leads in contempt) and no 6th
you do receive a subpoena, to others being subpoenaed Amendment right to counsel
call the NLG Hotline at and investigated. You also although you can consult
888-NLG-DANK (888-654- run the risk of being charged with one outside of the grand
3265) or a criminal defense with perjury, a felony, should jury room.
attorney immediately. you omit any pertinent
The federal government information or should there Grand Jury Non-
regularly uses grand be inconsistencies in your Cooperation
jury subpoena power testimony. Frequently If you receive a grand jury
to investigate and seek prosecutors will offer “use subpoena and elect to not
evidence related to politically immunity,” meaning that cooperate, you may be

charged with civil contempt. any questions. Maintain nor shall private property
There is a possibility your right to silence during be taken for public use,
that you may be jailed or the search – clearly state without just compensation.”
imprisoned for the length of that intention if you are -5th Amendment, US
the grand jury, in an effort to asked any questions. Say, Constitution
convince you to cooperate. “I am exercising my right to
(Regular grand juries sit for remain silent; I request a Whether or not you’re a
a basic term of 18 months, lawyer.” U.S. citizen, you have
which can be extended up If possible, make note of rights under the United
to a total of 24 months.) It is any items that are seized States Constitution. The
lawful to hold you in order and any areas that are Fifth Amendment gives
to coerce your cooperation, searched. every person the right to
but unlawful to hold you as remain silent: not to answer
a means of punishment. In IF YOU ARE QUESTIONED questions asked by a police
rare instances you may face BY LAW ENFORCEMENT officer or government agent.
criminal contempt charges. Remain Silent. Say
Remain Silent something like, ‘I am
IF YOUR HOME IS “No person shall be held remaining silent. I want to
RAIDED AND/OR YOUR to answer for a capital, or speak with a lawyer.’ It is
EQUIPMENT SEIZED otherwise infamous crime, very important to request
unless on a presentment or a lawyer; once a lawyer is
Ask to see the Warrant indictment of a Grand Jury, requested, law enforcement
If an agent claims to have except in cases arising in are not allowed to continue
a warrant, ask to see it. It the land or naval forces, an interrogation without
must be signed by a judge or in the Militia, when in lawyer present. Do this
to be valid. A search warrant actual service in time of immediately when an agent
should be specific as to the War or public danger; nor approaches you. Do not
area to be searched and the shall any person be subject answer ANY questions,
object(s) to search for. for the same offense to even simple, seemingly
Do not consent to an agent be twice put in jeopardy benign ones.
searching any areas not of life or limb; nor shall be
specifically included in a compelled in any criminal This is easier said than
search warrant. case to be a witness against done. Agents are trained
Just because an agent has himself, nor be deprived to get you talking: they
a search warrant doesn’t of life, liberty, or property, have learned the power of
mean you have to answer without due process of law; persuasion and the ability to

make a person feel scared, say can be used against you talk to a lawyer before
guilty or rude for refusing and others. If you are asked you decide to answer any
their questions. any questions, you should questions, even if they make
Agents will often try clearly state that you will not promises to you.
and get you to talk by answer any question without
suggesting that you must an attorney present. Don’t Talk
have something to hide, or If you do start talking, It’s pretty unbelievable, but
that they only have a few remember that you can the police can lie to you at
questions that they need always stop an interrogation this stage in the game. The
answered before they can by saying you want to speak can promise you things that
move on. Agents will also try with your attorney. they have no intention of
to manipulate information delivering in exchange for
out of you by telling you that your cooperation. Do not
they have you nailed, but IF YOU ARE ARRESTED talk to them without a lawyer
they will go easy on you if that you trust. It will not help
you talk to them. Don’t Panic you.
These are tricks. You, Being arrested is one
alone, are not in a better of the most frightening Procedures
bargaining position than an experiences a person Procedures differ in different
experienced agent or officer. can have. Your liberty states, but you should
For example, one trick is probably your most expect to be brought before
they might use is asking cherished possession. a judge for a probable
you questions they know If you are arrested, you cause hearing and a bail
the answer to (e.g. “do you do not have to answer setting within 72 hours of
know person X”). If you any questions. You your arrest. If given the
instinctively say “No,” you should affirmatively and opportunity answer honest
may be lying to a federal unambiguously state that questions about your
officer, a felony punishable you wish to assert your right employment education
by five to eight years in to remain silent. Ask for a and civic activities with the
prison. lawyer right away. Do not assistance of your lawyer.Do
say anything else. Repeat to not answer any questions
Don’t be intimidated or every officer who tries to talk about the case. If necessary
manipulated by an agent. to or question you that you say, “I am asserting my right
It is always best to not talk wish to remain silent and to remain silent.”
without an attorney present. that you wish to speak to a Remember: If you say
If you do talk, anything you lawyer. You should always something to a police officer,

FBI agent, or in court that If you are concerned that

is not true you can be you might be targeted
charged with another crime. because of your activism,
Remaining silent is your reporting, or research, you
best option. should consider transferring
important information to
IF YOU WANT TO TRAVEL a secure server (via ftp,
INTERNATIONALLY dropbox, etc.) before you
re-enter the United States
Don’t Bring Sensitive Data so as to mitigate the result
If you carry any sensitive of potential confiscation.
information with you when
you travel, you should Encrypting Your Harddrive
be aware that the Fourth Some people use full disk
Amendment does not seem encryption to protect their
to apply at border crossings. harddrives when they travel
There have been many internationally. It is an open
reported cases of security question of law whether
researchers, hackers, and or not you can be forced
activists being detained or ordered to reveal your
for hours and having their passphrase. We do not
laptops, phones, and recommend bringing your
memory cards confiscated, laptop when you travel
sometimes indefinitely, internationally because the
without any reason given, consequences are unclear.
much less a warrant. Here is a presentation from
It is not clear what rights defcon about international
you have to retrieve travel and encryption:
your property from the http://www.youtube.com/
government in such watch?v=ibQGWXfWc7c
situations, though there
is ongoing litigation and
some attempts by congress
to legislate reporting

Project Mayhem 2012

‘Dangerous Ideas #1 and #2’: evidence of illegally and
http://pastebin.com/sLL- iMAGIne together we leaK
wJbtz it ALL.
Project Mayhem 2012 Tyler: And you know it because
http://pastebin.com/Wt- TYLER knows it.
15GXTn Expect us.

TYLER forum discussion:

http://galatorg.com/index. Twitter:
php/forum/31-tyler RA2012: http://twitter.
TYLER pad discussion:
http://pad.telecomix.org/ep/ pm2012org: http://twitter.
pad/view/TYLER/latest com/pm2012org

You are Anonymous.

You are Project Mayhem Tumblr:
2012. PM2012: http://pm2012.
On the 10 days that go from tumblr.com/
12-12-2012 to 12-21-2012,
the World will see an RA2012: http://ra2012.
unprecedented amount of tumblr.com/
Corporate, Financial, Mili-
tary and State leaks that will
have been secretly gathered
by millions of CONSCIEN-
TIOUS citizens, vigilantes,
whistle blowers and insiders
worldwide, dormant cells of
a global ‘Fight Club’ from all
countries, patiently waiting
for the time to SWARM the
Egregor’s Consciousness in
perfect synchrony.
iMAGIne YOU purchase a
USB drive.
iMAGIne YOU take it to your
work place.
iMAGIne YOU collect

#OpNewBlood ‘Anonymous’ guide to Anonymity’

Okay, We need to talk. ‘anonymous’ with minor tech Now I expect that you
related issues. already know what detox
I know you don’t know me means. If you don’t know,
and I’ve no idea who I’m Why? start Google (you’ll need it
talking to right now. later on anyway).
Because most of it can be
Anonymous as it should be. done in the mind. Right, I think you roughly
know what detox means
Sadly, a lot of new people Part one will be about now. (If you still don’t, it’s
(‘newfags’ < if you take this ‘dedox’, the second on the some way to get all the bad
as offensive, stop that from actual mind changing bit. stuff out of your body).
now on) don’t seem to know
how this works. I don’t want You do need to follow both Now combine detox with
you to be(come) one of actions for this to have any d0x.. Good, I see you sort
them, so I’ll teach you a few effect. of understand where I’m
things. going to.

This might get long, and Dedox. Now go to Google. What I

maybe difficult & not fun, but want you to do, is to search
if you ain’t willing to change This is the easy part. someone...
the way you act/think, well..,
You can stop reading right You might be wondering, Search yourself. This
about now and I’ll see you in ‘Hurr, dedox? You mean sounds odd I know but trust
court. On TV... detox..?’ me, you’ll learn from this.

Still here? You’re partially right. and yet What I want you to search
you ain’t . are the following things:
Let me explain. Everything
I knew you wouldn’t be so Related
stupid to just leave. In this online world, personal To
details are called ‘d0x’ which Yourself.
Right. First things first. is basically some lame
1337-term for documents.. (Previous/old) usernames,
This will be a two part (don’t ask..). emails, your own name, the
system on making you place where you live, your

phone number, your mobile the other, less nice kind of (Hackers abuse soft-/
number, any other thing that people, the ones with the hardware that ain’t updated)
relates to you. badges).
My personal advice would be
I can make a long story Take a piece of paper and the Secunia PSI, but you can
out of this, but I won’t write down EVERYTHING do it manually too (takes a lot
because a lot of it is on > you find. You’ll needs this of time though + the PSI is
http://school0fanon.tumblr. later on. free, so why not?)
anonymous-d0x-yourself- Once you’ve noted You’ll probably see some
publicly-now-all-of-you < everything, try to delete/ stuff that you wouldn’t have
already. remove/change everything expected. Doesn’t matter,
you don’t need. some *ware just doesn’t tell
Don’t do it publicly though, you when it’s updated.. Try to
as the title suggests. Unsubscribe from mailing- update as much as possible.
lists, change password & (Remember, every detail
Just keep this to yourself. email into something useless counts and hackers really do
Hint: both search like *name* if possible. Remove ANY try ANYTHING to hack you).
and *”name”* (remove stars) personal data. including
And watch out with sites you possible posts. I would also advice you to
don’t trust. check for viruses and all that
Okay, once you changed while you’re at it. Note: if
Okay now you know what’s what’s possible (remember, you’ve already downloaded
on the internet because of you can always mail the ‘hacker tools’ secure these
you and about you (Rule #2, admins of sites to request now or expect to download/
If you don’t put something the deletion of accounts) install them again..
online, your friends love to you’re pretty much done for
do it for you, bastards..) this part. What I would recommend is
to do a scan with HitmanPro
As the article says, change/ Just be really, really sure. first (after all, it’s free) and
delete anything you find Doing it again won’t be too do a second scan with the
which you don’t actually bad. Sophos VRT (Virus removal
need. tool) afterwards.
Old forum accounts with Now that this is set, it might You should be up-to-date,
some personal details are a be useful to start to check safe and secure now.
true treasure to d0xers (and programs on updates.

Ready to go the the next org/?p=3322&page=2 & book. pick 4 random

part? Because this was only http://www.cyberguerrilla. pages and use the first 3-4
the easy part... org/?p=3322&page=3 characters of every 20th
word on the page.
if you don’t know how to
“The mind thing” work with TOR yet. (It might be useful to note
this down somewhere
This is basically the hardest Start TOR. secure.)
part, yet the one that makes
the most sense. Now let’s start with a new Use the same method for
email. Yes, new. the ‘secret answer’ , but a
Your online you won’t be different outcome.
you. Keep this in mind. You can pick basically any
As an Anon, you won’t be email client you want, but Basically, make yourself
yourself. you can also go for the more some sort of weird cryptic
secure & anonymous ones thing that only YOU know.
This doesn’t mean you can’t like hushmail.
state the things you think. So I prefer it if you don’t use
It means that you won’t be Setup for a rather secure & the above method, but if you
you, to the rest of the world. anonymous email: have at least 40 books with
a lot of pages, it’s worth a
Remember that info you Create it like this shot..
wrote down about yourself “username@mail.domain”
earlier on? You can’t use or You don’t need to use
link to ANY of that. Remember, this can’t be books, just find your own
one you already made special ‘secret code’
Lol no really, you can’t. once. This includes with the
username, and make sure it Now that you’ve got a email
All these things track back doesn’t links to anything on (don’t fill in any personal
to you. Online & offline. the paper. (if in doubt, check details please..) you can
And once things are linked, it, search it, research) continue with the rest.
you’re screwed..
Make sure the password Just remember this;
First read ain’t related to anything
either. if you can’t think of Always keep it on 1 email an
http://www.cyberguerrilla. anything, take the closest account.

Always use your method for use this (in combination

passwords and secret/safety with the rest of the www.
questions. cyberguerrilla.org guide)
Always use/register Anon and you still get caught then
related things with TOR.
See you in court. On TV...
Now the hardest thing for ...
most people is the final step. ...

Not being you. And maybe on the day we

get you out.
This is basically really
simple, but people tend to Shoutout to:
forget it and f*ck up, get
jailed etc. @Doemela

Don’t share pictures online @SchoolofAnon

with metadata/exifdate still
in them. Everyone who helped with
(If you don’t know what #OpNewBlood so far.
this is or how to remove it,
search it with Google on In memoriam of Matt Telfer
TOR) (MLT of TeamPoison) A lot
Don’t share geolocations of people will miss you M...
with tweets.
Don’t use real names of
people. P.S. Buy a VPN!! you can
Don’t share personal details get them cheaper with
to anyone. BITCOINS and BITCOINS
Don’t speak to people you you can get for pretty much
know in real life. nothing by mining them
Avoid links. yourself!
Always keep the above in
mind. Use Mullvad.net to get a
cheap VPN with Bitcoins!
If you want to know how
Just be anonymous from to mine Bitcoin using your
now on, because if you computer just Google it!!

We live in a time that far and added to our food and Not since the late sixties
surpasses George Orwell’s water with the sole design to and early seventies have so
nightmarish vision of render us more dumb, more many raised their voices in
Nineteen Eight-Four and compliant. Our education unison in protest to what is
hurtle toward an even more has been degraded into occuring and set to occur.
hellish future. This future, a primer for slavery. As Protests, protest groups,
the New World Order, is engineered economical webpages and forums
desired by only the power situations plunge the appear each day.
hungry tiny minority on top majority into poverty and One movement that has
of the pyramid. For the rest sickness, healthcare and arisen, from humble
of us, potentially destined the social systems which beginnings on the internet,
to be bound in abject once gave some aid and are Anonymous. Many
slavery, life will not be worth protection to the sick, still see this movement
living. Over the last three poor, elderly, and disabled as solely a loose-knit
decades the push toward are beng dismantled. group of hackers, young
this end has esculated and The numbers of people anarchic geeks. It is NOT.
is gathering speed.. World being rendered homeless It has expanded and
events are manufactured increases by the day, as grown into a force which
and dis-information spread does the suicide rate. governmental bodies,
by the mass media fills mass media, pedophiles,
our ‘news’ papers and is As the push toward a more and all manner of corrupt
broadcasted into in our terrifying future accelerates, institutions and individuals
homes incessantly in an simultaneously, more now fear. Furthermore, it
attempt to manipulate our and more people are is evolving and growing
minds. Governments kill expressing anger, more and still. Its members and
their own citizens. We more are questioning and followers are world-wide,
are being divided and awakening to the diabolical of all ages, of varying skills
conquered. We are all under machinations going on. and it is open to all. I am,
constant survelliance and At present we still have for instance, a sixty year
monitored, and under threat some freedom to express old woman who would not
of being micro-chipped, viewpoints and are able have a clue of how to hack
which, by a flick of a switch to exchange information, into a computer. I have,
could be turned off at any though this is being however, from an early age,
point to kill us. Our bodies threatened with curtailment. and consistently during the
are poisoned by chemicals A rapid growth in information course of my life, fought for
sprayed by aeroplanes, exchange is happening. freedom and against tyranny

and injustice. I have fought

in a variety of ways, alone
and with others, and will
always do so.

I give my alllegiance to
Anonymous on the basis
that I genuinely consider the
movement to be one which
will continue gather enough
force to be instrumental
in steering humanity
away from the future, the
few utterly evil elite, who
have, without any shred of
conscience, deliberately
and systematically planned
in their greed for ultimate

There is still hope before

we all totally zombified,
restrained or wiped out. We
are racing against time ....
but I have faith ....... WE

V for Vendetta and the rise of Anonymous. By Alan Moore

10 February 2012 PREOCCUPATIONS elder Tresham played some
Without wishing to overstate part in the general mix of
On Saturday protests my case, everything in grievances from which the
are planned across the the observable universe reckless scheme ignited.
world against Acta - the definitely has its origins
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade in Northamptonshire, Mastermind
Agreement. The treaty and the adoption of the By the early sixteen-
has become the focus V for Vendetta mask as a hundreds, the bonfires
of activists associated multipurpose icon by the traditionally lit around the
with the Anonymous emerging global protest start of November had been
hacking network movements is no exception. co-opted as trappings for a
because of concerns sort of national anti-Catholic
that it could undermine Back at the crack of the day at which effigies of the
internet privacy and aid 17th century, Rushton Pope would be incinerated.
censorship. Triangular Lodge was a As mastermind behind the
strange architectural folly terrorist outrage du jour,
First published in 1982, constructed to represent however, the plot’s nominal
the comic series V for the Holy Trinity by an leader Guido Fawkes rapidly
Vendetta charted a masked increasingly eccentric Sir replaced the pontiff as hate-
vigilante’s attempt to Thomas Tresham while he mascot of choice on these
bring down a fascist endured decades of house- occasions.
British government and arrest for his outspoken
its complicit media. Many Catholicism. Jump forward 300 years,
of the demonstrators are though, to the battered
expected to wear masks It was also one of the two post-war England of the
based on the book’s locations, both owned 1950s, and the saturnine
central character. by Tresham and both in insurrectionary had taken
Northamptonshire, at which on more ambiguous
Ahead of the protests, the the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 connotations.
BBC asked V for Vendetta’s was formulated by a group
writer, Alan Moore, for of dissident Catholics that When parents explained to
his thoughts on how his included Tresham’s son their offspring about Guy
creation had become an Francis. Fawkes and his attempt to
inspiration and identity to blow up Parliament, there
Anonymous. It would seem likely that the always seemed to be an
treatment afforded to the undertone of admiration in

their voices, or at least there Guy Fawkes masks that you couldn’t keep a good
did in Northampton. were always readily symbol down.
available from mid-autumn,
While that era’s children just to use as convenient If there truly was government
perhaps didn’t see Fawkes reference. unease about the mask and
as a hero, they certainly its associations back in the
didn’t see him as the To our great surprise, 1980s, these concerns had
villainous scapegoat he’d it turned out that this evidently evaporated by
originally been intended as. was the year (perhaps the first decade of the 21st
understandably after such century, when the movie
Revolutionary an incendiary summer) industry apparently decided
At the start of the 1980s when the Guy Fawkes to re-imagine the original
when the ideas that would mask was to be phased out narrative as some sort of
coalesce into V for Vendetta in favour of green plastic parable about the post-
were springing up from a Frankenstein monsters 9/11 rise of American neo-
summer of anti-Thatcher geared to the incoming conservatives, in which the
riots across the UK coupled celebration of an American words “fascism” or “anarchy”
with a worrying surge from Halloween. were nowhere mentioned.
the far-right National Front,
Guy Fawkes’ status as It was also the year in Anarchy and romance
a potential revolutionary which the term “Guy When the film was made
hero seemed to be oddly Fawkes Night” seemingly during the peak period of
confirmed by circumstances disappeared from common anti-terrorist legislation the
surrounding the comic strip’s usage, to be replaced by golden touch of Hollywood
creation: it was the strip’s the less provocative ‘bonfire was, it seemed, sufficiently
artist, David Lloyd, who had night’. persuasive for the authorities
initially suggested using the to permit a massed horde
Guy Fawkes mask as an At the time, we both of extras dressed as the
emblem for our one-man- remarked upon how nation’s most famous
against-a-fascist-state lead interesting it was that terrorist to cavort riotously in
character. we should have taken Parliament Square.
up the image right at
When this notion was the point where it was I don’t think one need
enthusiastically received, he apparently being purged subscribe to any quasi-
decided to buy one of the from the annals of English mystical theories about how
commonplace cardboard iconography. It seemed that the conceptual world of ideas

can affect the substantial medium of seawater. which, as it happens,

world of everyday existence It also seems that our was bloodily concluded in
in order to agree that, in character’s charismatic grin Northamptonshire.
retrospect, this could be has provided a ready-made
seen as practically begging identity for these highly Today’s response to similar
for it. motivated protesters, one oppressions seems to
embodying resonances be one that is intelligent,
After that, it wasn’t long of anarchy, romance, and constantly evolving and
before the character’s theatre that are clearly considerably more humane,
enigmatic Time-Warner well-suited to contemporary and yet our character’s
trademarked leer appeared activism, from Madrid’s borrowed Catholic
masking the faces of Indignados to the Occupy revolutionary visage and
Anonymous protesters Wall Street movement. his incongruously Puritan
barracking Scientologists apparel are perhaps
halfway down Tottenham Neglect a reminder that unjust
Court Road. Our present financial ethos institutions may always be
no longer even resembles haunted by volatile 17th
Shortly thereafter it began conventional capitalism, century spectres, even if
manifesting at anti- which at least implies a today’s uprisings are fuelled
globalisation demonstrations, brutal Darwinian free-for- more by social networks
anti-capitalist protests, all, however one-sided and than by gunpowder.
concerted hacker-attacks unfair. Instead, we have a Some ghosts never go away.
upon those perceived as situation where the banks
enabling state oppression, seem to be an untouchable As for the ideas tentatively
and finally on the front steps monarchy beyond the reach proposed in that dystopian
of St Paul’s. of governmental restraint, fantasy thirty years ago, I’d
much like the profligate court be lying if I didn’t admit that
It would seem that the of Charles I. whatever usefulness they
various tectonic collapses afford modern radicalism is
deep in the structure of Then, a depraved neglect of very satisfying.
our economic and political the poor and the “squeezed
systems have triggered middle” led inexorably In terms of a wildly
waves of kinetic energy to an unanticipated uninformed guess at our
which are rolling through reaction in the horrific political future, it feels
human populations rather form of Oliver Cromwell something like V for
than through their usual and the English Civil War validation.

“ Look, the people

you are after are
the people you
depend on: we
cook your meals,
we haul your trash,
we connect your
calls, we drive your
ambulances. We
guard you while
you sleep. Do not
Tyler Durden, Fight Club. fuck with us.”

Noise is relative
to the silence
preceding it.
The more absolute
the hush, the
more shocking the
Our government
has NOT heard the
people’s voice for

... and it is much,

much, much louder
than they can


Anonymous Hacks U.S. State Department

While you were sleeping dazzlepod.com/ The threat of online secu­ri­ty
last night, Anony­mous stratfor/?emai…That Invest­ is very real, and the result
hacked into the U.S. State ment Bank is linked to of this newest action could
Department’s web­site, Strat­for truly gal­va­nize law­makers
report­ed­ly in the name of and pre­vi­ous­ly unsure
fall­en com­rades Aaron — OpLas­tRe­sort (@ Con­gress­men to sup­port
Swartz and recently arrested OpLastResort) Feb­ru­ary 19, the dan­ger­ous CISPA bill
mem­bers of LulzSec. 2013 and intro­duce even harsh­er
Personal data - includ­ing In that attack, Anonymous Inter­net laws. This kind of
names, email addresses also pub­lished the account over­re­ac­tion could cause
and phone numbers data and trans­ac­tion more dam­age than the
of hundreds of State informa­tion of the bank’s attacks them­selves.
Department staffers - were users. The OpLas­tResort
leaked online to the Zer­oBin Twit­ter account says the With this attack fol­low­ing
web­site. death of Aaron Swartz on the heels of Anonymous
is the rea­son behind the defac­ing sites owned by
Anony­mous hacks US State group’s focus to tar­get MIT, the Unit­ed States
Dept, invest­ment firm in the government with such Sen­tenc­ing Com­mis­sion,
homage to Aaron Swartz, feroci­ty. “This tragedy is the Fed­er­al Reserve and
#Lulzsec rt.com/usa/news/ basis for reform of computer a failed hit on broad­
anony… #OpLastResort crime laws and the casts of the State of the
overzealous prosecutors,” Union speech last week,
— Anony­mous (@ they write on the group’s the wheels for enact­ing
YourAnonNews) Feb­ru­ary Twit­ter bio. Draconian laws may already
20, 2013 be in motion. Anony­mous,
But in an iron­ic twist, which cham­pi­ons Inter­net
The group also alleged­ly hit “Opera­tion Last Resort” free­dom, may have just
the invest­ment firm George may have very unin­tend­ed pushed the Web down a
K. Baum and Company, conse­quences. dark shaft.
which has ties to Stratfor,
the pri­vate intel­li­gence Domi­no Effect Mak­ing mat­ters worse, is
service that worked with the Will this attack final­ly wake what’s still in the arsenal
CIA (anoth­er for­mer tar­get up the sleep­ing giant of the online activist group.
of the group). that is the Unit­ed States Anony­mous claims to
government? possess “warheads,” codes
Did you know this: to unlock encrypt­ed files

said to con­tain sen­si­tive

gov­ern­ment data, allegedly
obtained dur­ing the January
25th hack of the U.S.
Sentenc­ing Com­mis­sion
Under Obama’s new cyber­
law man­date, these actions
are all cyber threats and
pun­ish­able by severe action.
How far is the gov­ern­ment
will­ing to go to stop these
attacks, and what will the
ulti­mate effect on all our civil
lib­er­ties be?

The Basics
Basic Anonymous LOIC - LOIC (Low Orbit Ion V& - Vanned - Getting
Dictionary. Cannon) is an open source caught/arrested by the FBI/
network stress testing and police/other feds.
IRC - Internet Relay Chat DoS attack application.
- a chat system based on
clients, bouncer and IRC Flaming - A general net 1.The Anonymous Truths.
service. Used for real time term for “verbally” attacking A. Anonymous is
chat and transferring files someone. This can be Leaderless.
over the Internet. done via email, bulletin B. Anonymous is not a
board, chat room or any club, political movement
Dox - Personal information medium which involves or Religious sect. It has
about a person on the communication across the no race, colour or creed.
Internet, including real name, web. Anonymous is just an
known aliases, address, idea based on freedoms
phone number, SSN, credit Scanner - A program – freedom of the Internet,
card number, etc. that attempts to find the freedom of speech, freedom
weaknesses of potential of knowledge and freedom
Proxies - A proxy server victim computers by against oppression.
helps cover up your tracks repeatedly requesting C.Their is nothing official
because you connect to information from such about Anonymous. No one
remote computers through computers and probing controls the idea, the idea
the proxy. Think of it as the them for security holes in just is
condom of the Internet. the process. D.You are not expected to
join every Op, go with your
PM - Private message. Use Tango Down - A word used heart, you are an individual.
it to get in contact with other to describe the downing E. Think for yourself, say
people. of a website. Army slang how you feel (see points
that refers to target down, A,B,C,D).
Mirror - An exact copy of a originating from the NATO
web site that is stored on alphabet for the letter “T”. 2.Operating Systems.
a different server. Using Their are 3 main Operating
multiple locations for warez VM - Virtual Machine - systems available, these
sites allows the site to be completely isolated guest are Windows created by
accessed using a different operating system installation Microsoft, Mac OS created
address if the main site is within a normal host by Apple and Linux which is
deleted. operating system. opensource and created by

a community. Most Anons Anons Arsenal Backtrack to the web browser below
would use Linux or at least and BlackBuntu (more on is a list of the most useful to
have linux as a Dual Boot those later). Linux comes an Anon.
(2 operating systems on in many flavours but Ghostery - Alerts users
the same machine) or in a for beginners we would about the web bugs, ad
virtual machine. recommend Ubuntu or Mint. networks and widgets on
Windows – Windows is Linux is a good way to visited web pages.
widespread and used by learn the command line and Adblock - Block all annoying
most business’s worldwide, programming basics. We ads all over the web
it isn’t particularly stable would always recommend ShowIP - Display
and has had security Linux over any other information regarding the
issues in the past, it is operating system. IPv4s and IPv6s about the
also the system most current site in the status bar
prone to virus’s and 3.Web Browsers & Search Hackbar - This toolbar
malware. We recommend Engines. will help you in testing sql
avoiding windows 8 due to There are many web injections, XSS holes and
rumours of backdoors and browsers but we would site security.
killswitches. recommend Firefox, not just Https Everywhere - The
because of its opensource browser extension makes
Mac OS – Created by Apple background but because of it easier to connect to
and only used on their the tools that come with it. encrypted websites.
tech, it is stable and mostly Within Firefox you can set Chatzilla – Chat client (more
secure. Due to recent up private browsing and on chat clients later).
revelations involving child change your IP address, u Cryptocat - An open source
labour and overworked, can also control cookies and web application intended
underpaid staff in Asia we tracking. All these are very to allow secure, encrypted
would avoid. important in staying safe online chatting.
and secure and Anonymous AnonyMox - Hides your true
Linux – Linux is opensource on the web. Firefox is easy Internet identity and makes
so free to download and to download but comes it look as if not you.
used. It is very stable and pre installed on most NoScript - Pre-emptively
secure and is updated Linux Operating Systems blocks malicious scripts and
constantly by a dedicated (Distro’s) allows JavaScript, Java and
community. Linux is also Firefox also provides other potentially dangerous
behind the 2 most important Addons these are handy content only from sites you
operating systems in any tools that can be bolted on trust.

Beef Taco - Sets permanent Their are also web clients revealing messages to a
opt-out cookies to stop such as Thunderbird which third party. LGBTQ activists
behavioral advertising will bring your email to use Cryptocat to keep
Tiny URL - Turns a long URL your desktop rather than private matters private.
into a much shorter one. having it floating around the Journalists use Cryptocat
web. Most Linux Distro’s to keep their stories and
Firefox will connect u to come with Thunderbird or research confidential.
Google, but Google does something similar to it. Cryptocat is made for
track, if u don’t wanna be Some VPN providers (see everyone. Thats what the
tracked we recommend proxies) also offer email advert says and its kinda
DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckGo accounts. true, u can send a link to
is a search engine that other Anons u wish to chat
can be set very much like Other forms of to and in theory its pretty
Firefox, u can set security, communication can include much private. A lot of Anons
tracking and cookies on it some or all of the following - are now doing this. Just
, so coupled with Firefox it IRC – Internet Relay Chat make sure u send the links
can keep u pretty much off – These are (hopefully) securely using Privnote or
the grid if used right. encrypted chat rooms set PM.
up on private servers. IRC
4.Email and is a known communication Jtorchat – Torchat became
Communication. platform for Anonymous Jtorchat, and Jtorchat
As more and more but recently more and more had issues and died for
Governments want to read Anons are moving on due to a while but it has been
your email its getting harder concerns about security and revived and so can be used
to find email clients that logging of conversations. once again which is great
won’t let them. If you wanna Most arrested Anons news. Jtorchat is a p2p IM
keep your emails internet have been shown logs of messenger running through
based then Hushmail is a conversations from IRC’s the TOR proxies. It allows
good choice as you can also by the feds to prove guilt. If for buddy lists where u
encrypt emails if you wish. you are going to use an IRC can share ID’s with trusted
Within Tor (see proxies) you then keep it to general chat Anons. Jtorchat is secure
can also set up a TORmail and no Hacking chat, thats and encrypted and many
account which is also very just our advice. Anons us it, but it can be a
secure but does involve fiddle to set up.
accessing TOR to check or CryptoCat - Friends use
send mail. Cryptocat to talk without Pads – Pads include

Pastebin, AnonPad, For your own protection, there current client is broken
PiratePad and EtherPad. when you have registered and been fixed or if they
The most popular being YOU SHOULD set up a need to relay an important
Pastebin but due to recent VHOST. When connecting message to someone or to a
issues involving censorship to a IRC network of any channel.
by the Pastebin people kind, (Voxanon/Anonset/
(basically rolling over for the Anonops) etc please use 2) Web chat : A web chat
feds) its not used as much common sense and dont system allows users to
as it once was. have nicks which are linked communicate in real time
Pads allow u to write stuff to your real life. Infact when using easily accessible web
like this guide for example connecting to the network(s) interfaces, as its a type of
and then sent it to others please LEAVE everything internet online chat which
across the web, they exist else behind, you name, your is known for its simplicity
purely online. Some pads family, your job etc. this and access to users who
like PiratePad allows information can be used to do not wish to take the
multiple people to work DOX you etc. time to install and learn a
on the same project and specialized chat software.
even chat whilst doing it. 1) Mibbit: is an online chat Again this can be a last
Anonymous uses pads a client, it supports a variety resort same as the Mibbit
lot for all manner of things of platforms including most Client.
from planning, Operation popular web browsers
background, data dumps (Internet Explorer, Firefox, 3) Xchat Xchat is the most
and even defacements. Chrome, Safari, Opera popular client a lot of people
and SeaMonkey etc) Why will use, due how easy it
Chat Clients - Different use Mibbit: for one its one is to use The default view
types of Chat Clients of the most common way for the client window is
that can be used when that people who seek out referred to as “tree view”,
connecting to an IRC Anonymous will use the first but can be configured
network. I have put together time they join any of our for a tabbed interface for
the most propular clients. networks. But it is inportant multiple simultaneous.
And there pros and con’s to move to a more secure Tabs change colour as text
aswell as how you can make form of chat client, as a lot arrives, other users enter or
them more secure. Inportant of Opers (@) etc dislike leave channels, or address
Notice:- IT is advised that Mibbit for many reasons, the user’s nickname.
all new Anon’s/guests use people tend to conintue to The interface can display
at least a VPN and Tor. use Mibbit as a last resort if click-able operator (“op”)

commands and others, x systems. Its not as GUI And how easy it is to set
and be customized for friendly as the other clients, up and customize the
fonts, event sounds, and its a text client with no GUI. settings to personal style.
timestamping and logging Its however fast, stable It contains most general
(Logging is bad and is and powerful, you alter the features of IRC clients,
frowned upon) . XChat appearance of it in the form including connecting to
implements all standard IRC of background colours/ multiple servers at once,
Commands that you would text colours and even put maintaining a built-in list
expect, Xchat is available a background picture if you of standard networks,
to download across many want to. You can make it run searching and sorting of
platforms e.g Windows/ thought the TOR program available channels, chat
Linux/Mac systems. Xchat for added security and logging (which frowned
is suggested for newcomers peace of mine via joining the upon and will result in been
to chat clients, who seek TOR Leaf, you can get the banned) Direct Client -to-
a easy to use, hassle free, OTR plugin in, which only Client (“DCC”) chat and file
easy to configure Client works if the other person transfers,
program. has irssi and the OTR plug-
in installed. You can get There are many Chat
4) mIRC is an IRC client other plugin’s as well but Clients out there that can
for Windows and has been its best to get the basic of be used to connect to any
described as “on of the most the client frist before diving of our networks, some are
popular IRC clients that is into the deep end. I would really user friendly and easy
available for Windows” its not advise to use Irssi for to set up and maintain,
easy to use and alter the new starters but rather use but its down to your own
look and the behaviour another client like Xchat. personal choice, ALL chat
of the client. Its also easy clients have there own pro’s
to set up as well. Another 5) ChatZilla: ChatZilla is and con’s, hopefully this
claimed feature is mIRC’s an IRC client for Mozilla mini guide has/will help you
file sharing abilities, via the a-based browsers such on your way, again I cant
DCC protocol, featuring a as Firefox, It is a cross stress to you how important
built in file server. MIRC is platform, open sourced it is to be protected. With
very similar to Xchat as its software which has been VPNS/VPS and tor etc.
easy to use, hassle free and noted for its consistent when you have joined a
easy to configure. With the appearance across network please head over
right help 5) is a IRC client platforms, CSS appearance to #opnewblood #help
for Linux,Windows, Mac OS customization and scripting. #opnewblood and #help

anon’s will be able to help first it allows you to have the OS type to Linux and the
you set you up and make multiple operating systems version to Ubuntu.
sure you have all important (depending on cpu etc)
programs up and running which can all be used for Step 4. Next you have to
before going ahead with different things, second it decide how much RAM
what ever you have decided allows you to run a hack lab to allocate to the VM.
to do for Anonymous. please within a single environment. Choosing the amount of
listen to the wise words and Rather then having 2 RAM to allocate to the VM
advice of these anons as pcs u can set the virtual while its running depends on
they know what they are machine as the target. how much RAM you have.
talking about. This is a great training tool If you dont know, google
and recommended for all it because im not going
Virtual Machines. Hackers and Pen testers. to explain how to find out.
A virtual machine (VM) is Choose an amount that will
a simulation of a machine Setting up your Virtual still leave some for your
(abstract or real) that is Machine. own computer, if you plan to
usually different from the We will use Ubuntu as the do things on your base OS
target machine (where it OS in this guide. while the VM is running its
is being simulated on). a good idea to keep at least
Virtual machines may be Step 1. Download Ubuntu 4BG if you can.
based on specifications of and Vitualbox. Virtualbox
a hypothetical computer can be found on oracle Step 5. Now its time to
or emulate the computer and Ubuntu can be found allocate some space on
architecture and functions through the power of google. your hard drive to the VM.
of a real world computer. Ubuntu will come in a .iso Select “Create new hard
(Wikipedia) so you will need something disk”. Keep the file type of
Their are to main to mount the image, I myself this hard disk to VDI to keep
VM programs worth use Magicdisk. things simple and choose
downloading both function Fixed size on the next page.
in the same way. The first Step 2. After mounting Then choose the location
is VirtualBox the second is Ubuntu, open Virtualbox and of where you would like to
VMWare. They both pretty select “New” on the top left save your new hard disk
much work in the same way. hand corner. and set how big its going
Having a virtual machine to be. A good size is about
running on your pc or laptop Step 3. Select a name for 4GB, 8GB if you have the
to allows you to do 2 things, your VM and then change space. It will come up with

the settings you have just 1) How are you getting there give your details to the
selected and if you are and back police if you are stopped
happy with it click “create” always be “nice” and just
and it will begin to make 2) Who are you going with say “have you proof of me
your new hard disk. doing something wrong?” if
3) Research in to the ground they do “NO COMMENT”
Step 6. Now, start the VM. Op first as it may not be if they dont have any thing
It will ask if you what media what you think it is against you “No comment” if
sources you want to use, they cant tell you why they
use whatever one your 4) Contact numbers and stopped you then you don’t
image mounter used, for me spare cash (write the have to stop
it was E. numbers on your self this REMEMBER THEY MAYBE
way it can not be removed A DOUCHE BAG TO YOU
Step 7. Congratulations, you off you if arrested) BUT TRY to be as clam and
just got a VM with Ubuntu collected as possible
working, all you need to 5) Make sure you have a
do now is install the OS as Green & Black cross phone What to take with you to
Ubuntu tells you. number written some where Ground Ops
on your body (in case of *take a old phone with a
IMPORTANT: Once you being arrested GBC are law spare sim card with ya save
have set up the VM you advice team that can help what ever numbers on it but
need to go into the VM’s if and when a arrested at a make sure ya have a next
settings, go to System and demo protest ground of kin (ya mum) and GBC
change the boot order to the Ops what ever you want to written some where on ya
hard disk. call these people can help) write it on ya 2-3 times in
case it gets smudged or one
To get USBs recognized by 6) KNOW YOUR AREA set gets rubbed off
the VM, go into Machine --> When at a protest you can
settings --> USB and select be in some cases kettled in, * take a small basic medi
which one you want. if you know the area you pack with you in case it’s
maybe be able to get out of needed by some who knows
said issue and others first aid
Civil Disobedience, Law with you so study the area * take a map (print off the
and Safety. where the Op is taking place section so you know the
PREPARING For a Ground area at all times )
Op 7) Know your rights ! Never * always take spare cash

* always come with ya REALLY isn’t a good idea to when the feds don’t like us
mask / some thing to cover drink when at a ground op getting to close to them they
ya face with like scarf and Many people get god like shot ,they thorough smokes
sunglasses &/or a Guy powers when drinking and and start beating down on
Fawkes Mask think it’s a good idea to us / other...
piss off a police officer (yes
What to wear and No) the police dont like (RED & BLACK)
When at a ground ops drunks and most the people these colors are used
expect any thing and at the ground ops dont really mainly as the front line
every thing from walking to want a drunk to roll with colors people wearing red &/
running to standing on ya them as it causes problems or black are the people who
feet all day ::IF YOU DO DECIDE TO want to hold the front line in
So just remember this when DRINK AT A GROUND OP some cases you would see
thinking what to wear LuLz PLEASE BE REASONABLE red and black move forward
........Comfortable shoes TO THE OTHERS AT THE to hold the police moving up
trainers / boots what ever GROUND OP:: these people in my books
clothes that fit / you can be are the “hero’s” .......(in my
active in. Also just to quickly touch book any ways)
Say just for argument ya on drugs do what ever ya these people will protect
at a op riot quicks off every want but really in a way the the other protester from
one has legged it a safe ABOVE kinda goes to this the police and act as anon
place away from the police as well if you are going to police
yet your pludding along in smoke a bit sniff abit fine
high hills mini skirt and a just dont be a douche bag (GREEN)
G string up ya ass ......YA and cause issue not just for Green is the color most
BUSTED ! so just bare that your self but the others at used for those covering the
in mind personally i wear the same ground ops and media side of the ground
dark urban combats and not every body will be cool Ops posting tweets and
black and red t-shirt with a with so do not get in their facebook messages from
black hoodie and a pair of face if they have an opinion . the ground Op to those back
trainers and boots in my bag Colors at home / over seas who
in case) Colors are used to roughly didn’t know shit was going
work out what role someone down
Drinking & Drugs is willing play if the they also keeps those
NOW i wont lie i like a little ground Ops turns to civil around like “r&b” informed
to drink and smoke but it disobedience. This happens as to whats going on where

they live stream the stuff the Tear Gas Dibenzoxazepine similar to those of CS, but
main stream media dose | CR GAS CRs effects on the individual
not think is worthy of their Chemical weaponry was are more severe. In addition
stations / paid to cover up first used in the United to affecting the eyes and
States in the Civil War at respiratory tract, CR induces
(BLUE) the siege of Charleston. intense skin pain.
Blue is the marshal color / Wood was saturated with
organizer they be the ones sulphur and burned under CR causes eye pain and
who have probably done the parapets around the city excessive tearing. Slight
all the research in to the hoping that favorable winds edema to the eye lids may
reason the ground Ops took would propel huge clouds last for 2 to 6 hours. Skin
place and when it did (i think of choking smoke to drive pain and reddening are CR’s
of them as the calm brain in out the defenders. French two main effects. Although
a mad mans body) law enforcement is reputed burning sensation may last
to have been the first police for 15 to 30 minutes, the
(WHITE) organization to have used reddening may persist for
White is color for medics a chemical lachrymator several hours. Areas of the
and the role should only be (tear-producing) in a hand- skin previously exposed to
filled by those who know thrown device. At the start CR may become painful
first aid / have a medi pack of World War I (1914-1918) again when exposed to
and SERIOUSLY KNOW the French Army had limited water even after 24 hours or
WHAT THEY ARE DOING stocks of hand and rifle longer. CR, when entering
! acting like a medic is BAD grenades, loaded with a the mouth, causes a burning
you could end up doing liquid tear-producing agent sensation, excessive
more damage then good called Ethylbromacetate. salivation, sore throat, and a
and the last thing any one mucous discharge from the
wants is to be blamed for Agent CR nose.
“helping” and in fact cost (Dibenzoxazepine) is a
some Anon to lose their arm potent sensory irritant. CR CR appears to have a
.......BaD TiMeS is the parent compound greater safety ratio than
::EVERY GROUND OP of Loxapine Succinate, an either CN or CS. However,
SHOULD HAVE A MEDIC Anti-Psychotic drug. CR CR is a relatively toxic
EVEN IF THERE IS NO is usually disseminated agent and the mortal dose
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE:: in a liquid solution with a in a human subject is of the
propylene glycol base. CRs same order of magnitude
physical properties are as the other war gases.

In a poorly ventilated can be sprayed from small first degree burns.

environment an individual hand-held dispensers or If you are exposed to either
can inhale a fatal dose large fire-extinguisher size tear gas or pepper spray,
within minutes. Death tanks. Pepper spray also you may experience:
results from asphyxiation comes in plastic projectiles
associated with the which are fired at the chest Stinging, burning in your
development of pulmonary to knock the wind out of a eyes, nose, mouth and skin
edema. person, who then takes a Excessive tearing,
deep breath of pepper from causing your vision to blur
CR medical treatment is the burst projectile. Tear gas Runny nose
largely palliative (to lessen is most commonly deployed Increased salivation
the severity without cure), via canisters, which are fired Coughing and difficulty
and induces reassurance, into crowds, sometimes breathing
removal of contaminated directly at people. It’s Disorientation, confusion
clothing, and washing important that you know and sometimes panic
of eyes and skin. Eye not to pick up the canisters Intense anger from
pain can be relieved with without gloves as they are pepper spray exposure is
medications. extremely hot. Be aware a common response; this
that the time it takes you to can be useful if you are
Tear Gas throw it will allow you to be prepared for it and are able
The first thing to remember heavily exposed. to focus it towards recovery
about exposure to these and returning to the action.
chemical weapons is that How They Affect Humans: Channel your anger, release
it is not the worst thing that Both tear gas and pepper it from your system, avoid
could happen to you. The spray are skin irritants, holding it in.
hype and fear surrounding causing burning pain and
them is enormous, but in excess drainage from The good news is that the
reality, if you are careful and eyes, nose, mouth and above effects are temporary.
smart, you should survive breathing passages. Pepper Discomfort from tear
it with little problem. This spray is more popular with gas usually disappears
information is the result of authorities as an agent after 5-30 minutes, while
conversations with experts of control because of its the worst pepper spray
and prior experience. immediate pain-causing discomfort may take 20
qualities. It is harder to minutes to 2 hours to
How They Are Deployed: remove from the skin and subside. The effects of
Tear gas and pepper spray has the capacity to cause both diminish sooner with

treatment. Because pepper such as police behavior abortion, or increased risk of

spray penetrates to the can be unpredictable, and birth defects.
nerve endings, its effects avoidance is not always Nursing mothers risk
may last for hours after possible. Those with the passing toxins on to their
removal from the skin. following health conditions infant.
should avoid entering Folks with skin conditions
Avoid Inaccurate & crowds where there is (ie: severe acne, psoriasis,
Dangerous Treatment risk of exposure to these or eczema) and eye
Myths: substances. conditions (i.e.: conjunctivitis
There are many myths or uveitis) risk an intensified
about treatment and Conditions: response.
prevention. Much of this Folks with respiratory People wearing contact
misinformation is potentially diseases, such as asthma, lenses may experience
dangerous. Some of it, emphysema, etc. risk increased eye irritation and
if applied, could greatly exacerbation, or permanent damage due to chemicals
increase or prolong a damage if exposed. being trapped under the
person’s reaction to Vulnerable people such as lenses.
exposure, or at the very infants, the elderly, and the
least provide a false sense immune compromised, risk Protection:
of security. intensified and possibly life- Avoid the use of oils,
threatening responses. lotions and detergents
When to Prevent Anyone with chronic health because they can trap the
Exposure: conditions or those on chemicals and thereby
For most healthy people, medications that weaken prolong exposure. Wash
the effects of tear gas and the immune system, (ie: your clothes, your hair
pepper spray are temporary. chemotherapy, Lupus, and your skin beforehand
However, for some people HIV, radiation, or long- in a detergent-free and
the effects can be long- term corticosteroids unscented soap.
lasting and life-threatening. such as prednisone) risk We recommend using a
exacerbation of illness, water or alcohol-based
People with the conditions intensified response and sunscreen (rather than
listed below should be possible delayed recovery. oil-based). If your choice
aware of these risks and Women who are or could is between oil-based or
may want to try and avoid be pregnant, or who are nothing, we advocate using
exposure. Please be aware trying to get pregnant, may the sunscreen. Getting
that in intense actions be at risk of spontaneous pepper sprayed on top of a

sunburn is not fun. SWALLOWING. it needs to get into the eye

We also recommend If you wear contacts, try to help. This means that if
minimizing skin exposure to remove the lenses or the sprayed person says it’s
by covering up as much get someone to remove okay you should try to open
as possible. This can also them for you, with CLEAN, their eye for them. They
protect you from the sun, as uncontaminated fingers. most likely won’t be able/
can a big hat, baseball cap AVOID WEARING willing to open it themselves,
or bandana. CONTACT LENSES and opening will cause a
Gas masks provide the BEFORE GOING OUT. temporary increase in pain,
best facial protection, if DO NOT RUB IT IN. but the solution does help.
properly fitted and sealed. It works great as a mouth
Alternatively, swimming Remedies rinse too.
goggles (with shatter-proof We have been doing trials
lenses), respirators, even with pepper spray to find For the skin:
a wet bandana soaked in good remedies and have We recommend canola
vinegar over the nose and found some things will oil followed by alcohol.
mouth will help. definitely help minimize the Carefully avoiding the
discomfort. None of these eyes, vigorously wipe the
What to Do When are miracle cures; using skin that was exposed to
Exposed: these remedies will help the chemical with a rag or
STAY CALM. Panicking people to feel better faster, gauze sponge saturated
increases the irritation. but it will still take time. with canola oil. Follow this
Breathe slowly and immediately with a rubbing
remember it is only For the eyes and mouth: of alcohol. Remember that
temporary. Educate yourself We recommend a solution alcohol in the eyes hurts A
prior to going out, to know of half liquid antacid (like LOT. Anyone whose eyes
what to expect, and thereby Maalox) and half water. you get alcohol in will not be
reduce the likelihood of A spray bottle is ideal but your friend.
panicking. a bottle that has a squirt Secondary treatments can
If you see it coming or get a cap works as well. Always include: spitting, blowing
warning, put on protective irrigate from the inside your nose, coughing up
gear, if able, try to move corner of the eye towards mucous (you don’t want to
away or get upwind. the outside, with head tilted swallow these chemicals!),
Blow your nose, rinse back and slightly towards walking around with your
your mouth, cough and the side being rinsed. It arms outstretched, removing
spit repeatedly. AVOID seems from our trials that contaminated clothing and

putting on new clothing, In and tied tightly around the choose will be visually quite
fact, it is essential to shower nose and mouth is a last powerful. Gas masks work
and wash your clothes as resort. It is far better than the best; they also look quite
soon as you are able. nothing, but remember that scary and intimidating and
it is merely a barrier and can be alienating to others.
WARNING: pepper spray not a filter and so won’t They can however also
can dry on your skin, and do much for long-term make you a target of police
then get re-activated when protection. You can keep it violence. Think carefully
you shower due to contact soaking in a plastic bag until about your impact on others
with moisture! See section ready to use. Bring several, when you decide how to
below on how to get rid of as multiple uses will render protect yourself. Aim to
pepper spray before you a bandanna as gassy as the wear the same kind of gear
shower! air around you. as a group, not just you as
an individual. Strength in
These chemicals are For protecting your eyes, numbers.
toxic, and will continually swim goggles work well
contaminate you and as they have a tight seal. We suggest that you trial
everyone around you until Shatter-resistance is your gear at home before
you get rid of it. Until then, another nice quality for you head out, to make
try not to touch your eyes or goggles to have. Most sure you understand your
your face, or other people, goggles have air holes to protective mechanisms
furniture, carpets etc. to prevent fogging–fill these and are familiar with them,
avoid further contamination. with epoxy (glue). prior to entering the heat of
Also rinse your washing action.
machine in highest heat Covering these holes with
after you wash your clothes duct tape can work in a Here’s a tip I got from
in them, to get rid of residue pinch against an initial Palestinian demonstrators:
inside the machine. attack, though not for long Smear lime fruit juice on the
Remember, it is only term protection. Try them inside of any fabric which
temporary, and our bodies on with your respirator or covers your mouth such as
are extremely strong bandana to ensure that they a scarf – anything you use
and have detoxification are compatible and that both to cover your mouth. This is
mechanisms built in will provide a tight seal. claimed to remove all effects
from the CS gas (tear gas)
Essential Protective Gear: You should be aware that although I haven’t really
A bandanna soaked vinegar whatever protection you tried it myself.

Improvised Gas Mask: APPLY WATER! it is very painful, and

Find a bandana, or a rag: When dealing with OC breathing small particles
something to wrap around sprays (Pepper Gas) of it as it disperses can
your head made of strong you will find that they are cause breathing difficulty,
material. activated and reactivated by which serves to discourage
water. In other words, even assailants.
Now find some charcoal. if you have let it dry on your
Smash up the charcoal. skin you are still at risk to It’s not uncommon to feel
Soak the bandana/rag in reactivation, if you were to unable to open your eyes.
water. Line one side of the get it wet again.
bandana/rag with charcoal The safest way to remove When sprayed, I have found
dust. Fold bandana/rag over contamination from the skin the quickest relief is to
and wrap around your nose is to let the skin dry, dab strobe your eyes to get tears
and mouth. with a dry cloth or fan the flowing again. Once you can
skin. Pending availability, open your eyes and tear,
Onions as Protection products like baby shampoo stare for as long as you can
Against Tear Gas: can be applied to a bear letting the tears flow to
If you don’t have any contaminated area around clear your eyes as quickly
vinegar or water-soaked eyes and face (it works even as possible. The longer you
bandanas, or may be better if it is refrigerated keep your eyes shut and
around someone who prior to application) to the longer you strobe your
doesn’t, carry an onion on provide temporary relief eyes the longer you will be
you. If gassed, break it in (also the drying of the contaminated. You want the
half and sniff it, and get shampoo will help remove body fluids in the mouth,
it close to your eyes….it a large amount of the loose nose and eyes to be running
greatly reduces the irritation capsaicin). as much as possible (this is
in the eyes and nasal What is capsaicin? From your bodies’ /body’s natural
cavity. I Learned that from a Wikipedia: Capsaicin is the defense clearing itself out –
photojournalist in Gaza. active ingredient [derived work with it!).
from chilli peppers] in
Get each friend to carry an riot control and personal How to Safely Get Rid of
onion in their pocket before defense pepper spray Tear Gas – DO NOT APPLY
you head out. chemical agents. When WATER!
the spray comes in contact Do NOT wash your face with
How to Safely Get Rid of with skin, especially eyes water if you suffer tear gas.
Pepper Spray – DO NOT or mucous membranes, You should not wet your

skin: it increases the effect as possible because there or something worse, it will
of the tear gas. are chemicals on those feel like you are unable
clothes! to breathe. This is how it
Instead, apply vinegar or works, and is designed
lemon juice to the skin in Remember to eat well and to work. You panic, and
order to get rid of the effect sleep tight before going to a riots stop. The trick is to
of the tear gas. Cloths with protest. If you smoke or take understand that while it
some apple vinegar or pure drugs, stop it before you go. feels like you are unable to
lemon juice are very useful breathe, you are actually
in riots. You can press For your skin, a couple of breathing just fine. Tear gas
some lemon in a plastic boxes of Baking Soda will doesn’t kill people unless
bottle before going to the help in addition to regular they have a severe allergic
protest. So you can wet your soap with skin conditioners. reaction to it or have a
mask with lemon juice (or Remember, the pepper medical condition/weakness
vinegar), and it will decrease spray is going to really get already.
the effect of tear gas. to your mucous membranes.
Under your armpits, Crotch So try and remain calm. If
In case of old teargas (sorry ladies, its going to you can, sit down in a place
No water , yeast dissolved burn like hell). The snot is out of the way and just
in water or cold water and going to pour out of your remind yourself that you are
soup while showering nose like someone turned breathing. Getting rid of the
on a fire hydrant and its panic eliminates a lot of the
How to Handle Tear Gas going to burn the whole effectiveness of the anti-riot
Canisters time. Your eye lids are going gas.
The thick gloves used by to swell up too. Use the
construction workers are Benadryl (Diphenhydramine Conclusion:
good to throw the tear gas hydrochloride ) for that. Educate yourself about the
cans back to the Basiji tear gas and pepper spray
goons. Warning: The tear If you eat tear gas, don’t use challenge
gas cans are too hot to hold water – it makes everything
with bare hands! worse. Use fresh lemon What to if and when
juice or vinegar instead. stopped and searched /
Afterward, Wash Your arrested
Clothes As Soon As You Designed to Induce Panic
Can – Stay Calm: On your body write
Wash your clothes as soon If you get hit by tear gas, Legal Support 07946

541511 plus a solicitor with London or otherwise advise police station. You may find
relevant experience. you by phone on what to do. you are simply released so it
can be worth waiting it out.
You do not need to talk to POLICE PHOTOGRAPH YOU
the police about anything. When you are stopped or You don’t have to make it
If you are arrested, giving searched under any search easy for them to photograph
your name and address will powers, you don’t have to you - they have no power
speed up the process of give the police your details. to force you to comply with
being released. Any other The only time you are legally being photographed or
information may be used required to give your name filmed unless you are being
against you and once you and address is if you are processed at the police
start talking it can be hard to driving a vehicle or involved station.
stop: so don’t say anything, in a road traffic accident. If
it is easier! If they ask you you are suspected of anti-
questions, just say ‘no social behavior (causing
comment’, until you have harassment, alarm or
spoken to a solicitor and distress) or when the cops
don’t sign anything. want to issue you with a
summons with or fixed
DON’T USE THE DUTY penalty notice, then the cops
SOLICITOR can arrest you if you fail to
If you’re arrested you have give them your details.
a right to FREE legal advice.
You can use a ‘duty solicitor’ If you are arrested but
but we STRONGLY advise you think there is no good
against. If you haven’t reason for your arrest, the
been told at the protest of police may be just trying
local solicitors who have it on to get your personal
experience of dealing with details (they have a
protesters, we recommend database to fill). At this point
you use BINDMANS (020 you can still refuse to tell the
7833 4433) who should arresting officer and say that
be able to come to your you will give your details to
interview if you are in the custody officer at the

Dialogues between Anons

Introduction. Part I - Groups with “sec” Young activists are generally
suffix (AND the “crew” or attracted by these “masters”
Many of us feel “cr3w” suffix) and can be easily influenced
disappointed, sad, angry, by them, the risk is they can
depressed or simply Anon 1 We have certainly be “badly” influenced. Public
paralyzed. Will we remain noticed that what causes channels are aggravating
in these states? Or will we us the most troubles is factors for that kind of
react, try to understand, the tendency to build a contacts.
find some solutions and separate small groups of
move on? Anyone can be hackers with “sec” suffix Anonymous has always
Anonymous, it’s a fact, But while they continue to claim claimed that we can be any
Anons also share certain being Anonymous. They normal citizen. These groups
ethics and human values are magnets for secret do not reflect this image.
despite the diversity of agencies, and unfortunately
ideas, thoughts or principles; these agencies manage The other channels tend
often to recruit one or to be democratic and
FreeAnons have organized more informants among consensual, while the small
a dialogue between some these groups, the average hackers groups tend to have
Anons to analyze the is higher than among leaders and/or hierarchical
situation and collect this Anonymous and activist relations When it comes to
diversity of ideas and communities in general. hacking... There are few
thoughts about sensitive Unfortunately, many hackers people who truly have skill.
topics that have played a seek fame, power or wealth, This is why heirarchical
major role in the issues these hackers are definitely relations are formed. Anyone
experienced recently by a good targets to recruit without the knowledge of
our movement and led to informants. The estimated how to program or exploit
increase the number of average of hackers who will typically seek out
arrested anons. accept to collaborate with somebody maintaining
law enforcement entities expertise in the field. Media
Several topics were is about 25%. By allowing tends to highlight the hacker
discussed, we published this kind of small groups aspects of Anonymous
them by topic, but these to create public channels and thus those attracted to
dialogues are not closed, in an Anonymous irc, we the attention whore aspect
you can comment them or face many disadvantages in get absorbed into those
add your opinion any time addition to those mentioned subgroups. Obviously
you wish: above. they get the master that

they deserve... And and Anon 5 Lulz/AntiSec and encouragement +1+1

hence they’ll probably elevated a few individuals Everybody starts from being
get entangled with law to be seen as way more a beginner in any area.
enforcement if they stick imortant than other Anons.
around in those groups. And not because they Anon 2 yup we were all
Anon 2 However ran infrastructure that ops n00bs at one point,everyone
Anonymous is an idea, a were launched from, but was +1.
banner, this is something we because they chose all
as Anons have to face and the targets and operations Anon 7 Also learn to
live with since anyone can themselves. There was recognize the difference
be Anonymous. nothing participatory about between a person who uses
having the biggest room on tools like Havij and someone
Anon 3 I don’t think this the biggest anon irc network using a tool because they
is something that can be devoted to Antisec, and are just learning and don’t
remedied. Also, you have to this a feeder channel to a know any better. Scripts
admit quite a few of these secret group of statusfag & programs are great for
groups have helped the hackers - who were also beginners but skiddies are
cause. misdirecting operational fine just with their scripts,
targets for their own ends - while others learn scripts as
Anon 4 No Anon should be as in #OpMegaupload. Fuck jumping off points to learn
worth more than another. that shit. from.
The skill of every individual
is what makes him/her Anon 6 It is important to Anon 5 It didn’t used to just
interesting and we need remember that all of us be about hacking and *sec
experience in all areas of started at one point or all the time. Remember
human knowledge. +9001 another, and thus it is not in when an operation was
+666 our best interest to turn away participatory and had
newblood just because they all kinds of skills and
Anon 2 hehe yup teamwork are identified as ‘skiddies’ involvement? I don’t know if
teamwork teamwork for or deemed inexperienced. we can ever get back to that
those who come into the PR We should consider the point but once an op used.
chan, we do nothing untill possibility that script kiddies/
the team votes on it and newblood have the potential Anon 8 +100. I rememberrrr....
everyone has a part in it no to achieve great feats if we
matter what. are able to nurture them Anon 2 ( AnonPR is here
through sound advice to change that big plans in

the making- also AnonPr is means they have. Think the Anon 12 Of course small
a non hacking legal anon “6 degress of separation” groups have their role
team). -- they might not be able to and many times they did
contribute directly, but their awesome work, the point
Anon 1 Hackers have a direct connections (and the here is to not confuse them
haughty look on the other connections through their with anons as their structure
anons who don’t have connections, the indirect is different; they are like
technical skills making ones) can reach people that the hacktivists groups that
them feel useless, while the might be a huge asset.+999 we respect but anonymous
most successful operations system is more general
we did were simple ddos Anon 10 every action and include a majority of no
used by simple citizens towards a common goal is hackers.
or activists; This is the a contribution. Operation
reason of our popularity paperstorm was one of Anon13 We are like bounds
and governments fear.+one the most effective ops government backed and
millon turned tactic ever, and quit safe but make small
Anon 9 We need to remind it’s something we have incremental movess
and reinforce the message neglected thus far. Anybody although we did start out
that you don’t need to have can wear a mask and had kicking the smaller groups
hacking skills, run Backtack, out a flyer downtown. (it’s are like stocks they are risky
or DDoS just to participate actually perfect for getting but well worth the lulz and
and that EVERY op requires a newbloods feet wet with probaly should be warmed
a vast array of people with activism) What a terrible to stick together through the
a range of different skills.. loss. We can get it back worst and the best you are
graphics, video, writing, though. +1 apart of your selected team
etc., are HUGE assets thick and thin.
for promoting ops, and Anon 11 Hackers, lulz, “sec”,
even without those skills, can and will profit from the
simply having an intelligent fact you are unprotected. Part II - Is it justifiable to
person that contributes They have their place and collaborate with feds after
to discussions can go function in the ecosystem. being arrested? Is it a
very far. At the very least, You serve them and they fatality or can we prevent it?
anybody can help an op will serve you. Even as they
by spreading the message may look and act dangerous Anon1 Feds can always
on twitter, facebook (ew) security is paramount for find ways to pressure
and whatever other social them. And for you. activists or hackers to turn

them; If we start by find that Feds will lie to you to get Anon5 If we stopped
is normal to turn for one you to cooperate and make putting people up as leaders
reason or another, they will their case solid. The absolute we would have less of a
finally involve a majority... BEST thing you can do is not problem with fed infiltration.
It is not “normal” to turn, it say a word. Not. One. Word.
was always very rare that Not even “fuck you”. [LOVE Anon1 The problem is that
secret services could find YOU +10000000] “leaders” are self proclamed,
activists to work with them, no one follow them LOL
why? because an activist is Anon7 Also remember that
by definition some one who they WILL LIE TO YOU. Anon5 Also with the influx
accept to sacrify his/her own They will rattle off a whole of facebook anons (who are
interests for the cause that list of “charges” and offense normally almost a fanclub)
he/she fights for, furthermore and tell you some ridiculous getting a loic and ddossing
they know by experience and number of years as your a website their is more
from many historic cases maximum sentence with a likelihood of them turning, as
that secret services often huge fine... #1) Remember they are not as commited,
get rid of their informants for that the burden of proof is its about impressing friends,
embarrassing reasons. on THEM, so that means egofagging
they need to PROVE every
Anon10 ^^ Do people not single charge---unlikely if Anon3 loic and facebook
understand that even if you keep your mouth shut. are both horrid tools, but
you cooperate, commuted Just TrueCrypt your drive they have their place. The
sentence still means go to and take basic steps to cover influx of kiddies using loic
jail. Take it from somebody your ass, and that will make during ddos helped a ton
who is VERY experienced that a very big burden. (not that ddos is anything
with jail and the legal more than an attention
system, snitches go to jail Anon10 ^^ Facts. Without grabber) but how many of
too, and they are kept in PC a confession, even the us would have been v& if
because they are snitches. probability of a murder there werent always 10k+
But snitches manage to get charge is lessened unhidden ips tagging along
killed quite often in PC. You extensively. Just watch “the on every operation. loic is a
dont gain anything from first 48” if you dont believe smoke screen.
snitching. Perhaps is it wise me. Unless the evidence is Anon10 Misinformation:
to share the TRUTH about just fkn retardid, they usually If you are going to play
how you should react when need that confession. games with the feds, make
arrested and interrogated. sure you deliberately lie.

To everybody. Often, and “but they had also stated they would take his family
about things that dont this, this, and that conflicting away. That’s right Sabu
matter. The feds are using points as well,’ had a family, and no matter
your information to build a how much I hate him for
profile, and can use even Anon10 Leave fame to his decision. If I was in his
the most mundane details to Lindsay Lohan: When you shoes, I would have made
proximate and identify you. DO manage to accomplish the same choice. However if
One technical slip and they a great hax, don’t tag you have nothing to lose but
can use that information with ur name and flood it on your own freedom it is still a
all they’ve built to heft a nice twitter proclaiming your hard choice to make. People
case. So, the equivelant of victory. This is a surefire always say, “I’d never betray
going everywhere with a way to draw fed attention. Anonymous,” well that is
mask on in public to hide Best to do it, pastebin an until they are facing over
your face is to constantly anonymous explaination 30 years in prison. Getting
feed the feds bad and and fade back into the assraped by a black guy
conflicting information, digital blackness...don’t named Rico! Now I will say
and to remember some of tag ur name on SHIT. Just that if you have a family,
your lies, to repeat them #Anonymous should be and are afraid of them being
later. This tactic has been enough. dragged into it. Then quit
deployed by me for quite now, quit now and don’t look
some time now, and as of Anon7 (or the name of the op) back. If you have no info for
yet, i’ve not been unsatisfied them, they won’t arrest you,
with the results. Anon14 Cooperating with hopefully.
the federal government is
Anon7 ^^^ Yes! something that has to be Anon15 Sabu had a family
Contradictory statements determined on a single of sorts. We all do. So did
(sometimes said at different case basis. I’ll take the most the people he snitched on.
times and in different famous case of Anonymous It is never justifiable and he
places) is a great way of for an example. Sabu, we is beneath contempt. He
misinformation. If there is all have heard of what ruined ops which were more
too much conflicting data or happened. Secret arrest, important than anything
points in your profile, they turned FBI informant, and he has done in his life and
will begin to question the finally betrayed. But what should not be apologised
validity of every piece of it. the majority of Anon’s don’t for. He laughs about his
Using any one point against know, is that if he didn’t actions to this day. Also if
you, in defense can be said cooperate with the feds, people think Sabu had kids

or sth... you’re misinformed. o, etc. Read his indictment arrests was exceedingly
He was not a father to and complaint, which the foolish. Remember, within
anyone except the kids he feds have published. He Anonymous (and indeed on
used for his own ends on was identified, among other the internet as a whole), you
AnonOps. things, because he told must assume every single
Sabu about past incidents in person you meet COULD be
AnotherAnon Sabu’s which he had been arrested, a cop, even if they probably
snitching should have what the alleged offense aren’t one. Don’t tell anyone
been irrelevant. We was, and what if anything anything in PM that you
need to remember not to was the outcome. The FBI wouldn’t be happy telling the
exalt individuals - that is then cross referenced all entire public channel. This
EXACTLY how Anonymous this information in police leads to two possibilities:
falls apart. Let’s go through databases, by a process
what happened. Sabu was of elimination narrowing 1: Anarchaos trusted Sabu
arrested. The feds realized a down the list of potential enough to assume it was
lot of Anons look up to him, suspects until they only ok to give him identifiable
so they could use him to get had one left who matched information
others. He turned snitch. all of the dates and arrests
What happened next? He Anarchaos had told Sabu 2: Anarchaos didn’t realize
went back into the chats. about. They then went to that he could be identified
his house and monitored through the information
The story SHOULD END him for a couple of days to he provided. Both of the
THERE. He shouldn’t make sure they had the right above possibilities could
have succeeded in getting guy before charging him, in have been avoided with
anyone arrested, because secret, with the offenses he proper AnonSec, that is,
no one should have trusted is accused of. teaching Anons about
any other Anon with their personal security and
information in the first His identification and how to avoid exposing
place. I’m going to briefly go arrest could have been themselves to arrest. In
through some of the people COMPLETELY AVOIDED my view, the channel
Sabu got V& and explain had he not told Sabu #AnonSec needs to be
why it shouldn’t have been about his IRL run ins with re-established at both
possible. the police. To imagine AnonOps and VoxAnon,
that the police can’t and an EXTENSIVE
1: Jeremy Hammond, AKA search their databases campaign of informing
Anarchaos, crediblethreat, and find old records of Anons about how to

protect themselves is used these same nicknames someone arrested. However

called for urgently. on other forums which they there was more. Someone
used to talk about unrelated outed him on a blog,
2: Darren Martyn (AKA topics, which could be used presumably someone who
Pwnsauce AKA raepsauce to tie them to their IRL knew him IRL (or perhaps
AFA lolcat) I’m not sure identities. from one of the other
where to start with regard forums in which he used the
to pwnsauce. Pwnsauce At a certain point, pwnsauce nickname ‘hex’, ‘pwnsauce’
is an incredible hacker was absent from IRC for or ‘raepsauce’, all known
and a very smart guy, so about a week. When he IRC handles). After they
the pitfalls which led to his returned, people asked published his alleged name,
arrest genuinely baffle me, him (in a chat room which I did some investigating
however, the fact is that he included Sabu) where he myself to see how accurate
too was caught not through had been. His response was it might be. Out of interest
feds hacing IRC access, that he had been arrested I looked him up on
but through letting things for hacking his college’s Facebook. His Facebook
slip himself. I will give a few email system. And in username included the word
examples: In early 2011, responding, he named that “hexamine”, which straight
pwnsauce and palladium college and the date he was away indicated I was
allegedly hacked into the arrested. His reply literally indeed looking at the same
website of an Irish political looked something like this: guy. But further proof was
party, making national pwnsauce: Oh sorry, I was staring me in the face: His
headlines and even some arrested on Tuesday for Facebook profile was open,
international ones. They hacking ‘s email system and I.E I didn’t have to be friends
leaked a user database spamming people from it with him to see his bio and
from the site and posted photographs. In his selection
an Anonymous deface Once again, the feds can of photo albums were usual
message to the home page. very easily look up their FB albums such as nights
At the bottom of this deface records. “Who did we arrest out, profile pictures, college,
was the text “owned by that week for hacking into etc. But among them was
raepsauce and palladium”. that email server? Ah here also another album called
he is, that’s pwnsauce then “AnonOps”. On clicking into
Now, anyone who had let’s go and investigate him.” this album, I discovered
been on IRC knew who had screenshots of Operation
taken part in that particular That on its own probably Avenge Assange, showing
operation. Worse, they both wouldn’t be enough to get IRC logs and reports from

status checking websites in a second, just so I don’t ask why anyone would put
to say that Mastercard was forget what I’m about to themselves in the position to
offline. write) --Total disconnect be able to be turned over by
between Anon identify someone who was flipped.
Horrified, I closed the and IRL identity with no Anon1 I think it is a kind
window and prayed nobody crossover whatsoever of culture or “moral” that
would read the blog. As it --smoking gun (Topiary). predispose any one to
happens, due to Sabu’s accept that idea or not.
treachery, the blog didn’t Anon16 Mod the ircd to If he find the case of
even matter. But this is have chans w/o nicks: Sabu “justifiable” then he
just another example of i.e. anonymity instead is preparing himself to
shockingly weak AnonSec. of psuedonymity. Then cooperate as there are
Pwnsauce could never have chat logs have plausible always reasons to fall under
been caught if none of the deniability. This can be secret services pressure.
above had taken place. If easily achieved by simply
he hadn’t detailed online not registering a nick, using Anon18 I’m not sure as to
an arrest and which college a randomly generated where to place this but as
he attended, if he hadn’t re- AnonGuest34098 style nick, I promised to contribute to
used a nickname from other or simply changing your nick this discussion I will do so in
websites as an Anon name, regularly like many Anons the manner that follows and
if he hadn’t drawn specific already do moderators can sort through
attention to himself by it and place the individual
signing a deface message Anon25 /NNNC/ contributions where ever
and if he hadn’t mixed somerandomnick> != they please. I would first like
Facebook and Anonymous, anonymity anonymity == to start by saying that I in no
he probably wouldn’t have everyone will use same nick way feel disappointed, sad,
been identified at all. angry, depressive or even
Anon17 AnotherAnon It is paralyzed by the current
Notice to pwnsauce: Hey irrelevant to ask whether or state of the collective. No
man, if you’re reading this I not it is justifiable to work one would argue that they
hope you don’t take offense, with the feds since it will prefer things the way they
you know I love you We all be a reality that those who are now but I, personally,
make mistakes and I’m not are arrested will cooperate believe that the current
in any way singling you out! with the authorities if it state of the collective is
will save them in any way. merely a product of our
Notes (I’ll get rid of these The better question is to own doing and that it

doesn’t necessarily mark Again, I believe, the many our actions and of those who
the undoing of the collective. problems that plague the claim to act in accordance
Today, the collective has collective are but the passing with Anonymous?
been reduced to a fad of of popularity and I also
sorts and like all fads it will believe, today, that it is fair to In response to this question, I
eventually run its course. say that the Anonymous we believe the answer to be very
Many of the problems that once knew is dead. That’s simple: Act anonymously. Act
plague the collective are the not necessarily a bad thing. anonymously and encourage
result of its own popularity. Anonymous has come to others to do so. Change
I, having helped construct a define hacktivism but has your user name often. Do
popular blog, am guilty of this long as there are hacktivists not concern yourself with
as are voxanon, anonops, acting anonymously fame, recognition or a gold
anonsource and any other there will always be an star on the top of some list.
such similar blog, IRC or Anonymous. Further more, do not align
discussion board. In many yourself with or give your
ways these contributions are In responds to Part II of this trust to anyone who does
no different from the crews discussion, and before I these things. Act entirely
or clans mentioned here. continue I must express how anonymously and give all
We can no more give credit disheartened I am that there credit to Anonymous. These
to or take credit from these are only two parts to this types of discourse are
individuals secs than we discussion, it’s easy for one productive and I would be
can ourselves or our own to say that they would not happy to contribute to any
contributions. cooperate with the police. In such discussion in the future.
fact, it means nothing to say I look forward to reading any
Which brings me to an that you would not even if responses to the contribution
important point: It’s okay to you have been arrested, tried I have made here and I do
be quiet. It is better to have and convected for similar hope, sincerely so, that some
no operations at all than crimes before. Our individual good comes of this. Please
to have several operations circumstances are so unique forgive the format.
that conflict with the over all that it makes predicting
goals of the collective. As whether someone would Anon19 We all are so
an anon, I try to discourage cooperate with the police separate from each other
such operations and as a impossible. I believe a better there is a lack of empathy
collective I believe that we question would be, how can for each other. While we
could do more to discourage we as a collective avoid or can feel bad for a face
these types of operations. lessen the consequences of like Topiary its because

he has been given a face. forget we are legion, if you Anon1 + Anon21 The
So many anons go down take away our comradery, operator system is based
and we just move on like a than we are a bunch of on a heirarchy. It has led to
disposable army. As I have random people. an atmosphere in channels
said in the past Sabu turned where older, or higher
his back on us because Part III : Anons democracy up members feel they no
he did not see legion (this is not and will never be the longer need to bother with
is not justifiable for a anon reflection of the liberal false interacting with prospective
because we are a unit) he democracy; what are the supporters. Gaining op, or
fail to see the true collective ideas you have to achieve even voice, is now seen
for what it is. The collective a real democracy, a true as a badge that must be
is people who give up their equality among anons? acquired before one will be
time and energy to do listened to. And currently,
something. Each anon has Anon1 + Anon21 Issues this attitude is rife through
family and if not should see with an undemocratic IRC anonops. Voxanon ftw! +1
anons as their family.I cant system We are losing the +15
think of anything to do with democratic foundation that
the IRC to fix this I guess Anonymous was built upon. Anon2 +1 here if you want
this problem is mental not When it has become easier we can talk a lil bit more on
software.<3 to lengthen the badwords voxanon and its system and
list than to answer real constitution
Anon20 I think of it like questions, how can we say Anon10 -1 IMHO calling
this. If we spend our time that our operators exist to out anonops and voxanon
mourning every arrested help users? Thousands demeans the value of the
Anon, than we will be of people have been whole sentiment.
weaker. Not to mention joining channels - even
the feds will get a bigger #megaupload alone - but Anon7 Agreed, and it’s also
stranglehold on all of us. why are they not staying? a really big generalization
Those who say that Anon’s These are questions we so somewhat unfair b/c that
don’t matter, are obviously have to ask of ourselves, isn’t true of everyone in
not Anons themselves. Hell and of our network every channel on AnonOps.
if there’s an Anon near me operators.
that needs my help, and I Anon3 I think its essential
can help, than I will help. Anon2 +1 also mention we try and move past taking
That simple, help when and active ops that have low rate sides based on which server
where you can. And never active users +1+1 you link to. We should start

linking channels more, like Anon1 The hierarchical hypocritical to avoid talking
we have with #freeanons. opers system has created about actions in the main
We need multiple servers a kind of discriminative chan where new activists
to house our collective, atmosphere and notable think they are joining
but we are still a goddamn anons who are sop, aop, anonymous actions? I think
collective...Not teams, not and hop in nearly every this rule has lead to an
seperate parties, one damn channel but do nothing influx of trolls and at times
group. to help the respective #voxanon is mirroring the
causes. It also became problems #anonops ran into,
Anon22 Freedom of very important not to bother hot diggity damn! We should
speech is paramount but them with highlights and have a kind of schedule
childish behavior should be PMs for “stupid” questions to be sure there is always
discouraged. Experienced or requests!! wtf? It became an oper who can re-direct
users can help mantain a common to see new discussions to be more
tolerant atmosphere. An opportunists who needed to interesting or less crappy;
anon who has self-esteem is feel themselves important It does’nt mean we should
tolerant and does not make to get oper “status” by not lol and lulz, it means that
others pay the price for his licking the ass of owners empty convos should not
own frustration. and showing some authority take all the space-time.
to the “crowd”; they are
Anon2 +2 hehe so true the powerfags who are Anon2 def needs more work
unfortunately dominating and we agree. a main chat
Anon7 +1 <-- This is exactly anonops presently. was never talked about, we
what channel operator/ made voxanon for the opers
halfop/etc. is intended to do... Anon2 +1 we should re and team to talk and all
maintaining productive and word this a bit to more then ppl found out bout vox
on-topic chat & discussion, clearer without naming any and joined that chan alone
while kicking (or banning, if chan or networks making it by default the main
necessary) spammers and Anon1 Despite the chan. this might change.
trolls. These are necessary huge effort that irc opers
functions and roles for an IRC at voxanon are doing, Anon10 +1 on the contrary,
channel, especially given the some absurde traditions I believe hacking and
mischivous nature of many remain; For example: 1- “ DDOS talk should be
Anons. Unfortunately, it isn’t Hacking/DDoS talk doesn´t ENCOURAGED. Maybe
always how it works and it belong here”, in the main not every DDOS sortie, but
does get abused. channel, Why? Isn’t it a bit the talk and will to action

is all that it takes to drive a be kickbanned except at running an op and an op

talented and genius young last resort, for verifiable chan etc and turn them
person to acheive greater and continued trolling, or loose. They will have an
excellence. Try to convince for causing other problems. OP underway, and nobody
a DDOS newfag to hide his Warnings are supposed to got their feelings hurt. Just
IP and nmap a server. You be issed first. And the one a thought...klnowledge is
can teach him in one hour, thing that is not supposed power.
and he’s happy as hell. to happen is someone
Nobody got hurt and you’ve gets kicked/b& because Anon1 2- “English only in
primed a new anon. a chanop disagrees with this channel” It is one of the
them. There is generally most discriminative rule I
Anon5 = Morpeth If I always an oper on hand but ever saw at anons IRCs;
can respond from a vox establishing the culture here Sure ppl can use google
network perspective: Firstly of the network chanel being translation, but many new
on the ‘Hacking/DDoS a fair and friendly place comers who do not speak
talk doesn’t belong here”, takes time, patience, and English at all are quickly
that’s because we didn’t work - but this iseat ewe are disoriented and disppointed
want operational stuff like aiming for. It’s hard to get by this harsh order “English
target lists and raids to be decent conversations going only here”!! Why do not
actually taking place in all the time also, but we are use the translation function
the main chan,+1 so as to trying to cultivate a cultural in the bots and let our IRC
create some separation difference to prev. existing being really international?
between the network/ networks here. English will be always the
network staff/chan and the main language but why insult
operations going on there. Morpeth+100^10 users from other cultures that
+1, **People can and are do not speak it?
doing pretty much what they Anon10 Perhaps, rather
like on channels outside the than a no hacking DDOS Anon7 If there are bots or
main one. I think the rules talk rule, it should simply something that automatically
are being interpreted too be customary for oldfags translate, I don’t see why
strictly if people are being to suggest to newfags that there would be an issue.
kicked merely for talking after a certain point, it’s Otherwise, really only when
around or about hacking, probably time to move the channels become especially
in general, and will talk op to its own chan. Educate large is when the English-
to chanops about this. In them on twitterstorm, only thing sometimes would
general people should not paperstorm, the basics of be appropriate because it

can be extremely difficult comers who don’t speak they are building inutah,
and confusing when you English or don’t know the maybe the monitoring uav
have many different people rules, kick or ban them for at the olympics (did you
speaking different languages that; I have always tolerate think itodd that they plan on
at the same time. Also, when the multilingualism in my sending in monitoring uavs
there is only one or two channels and never had any while the newswarns that
people who are speaking problems, English still the a “poison uav” attack is the
a specific language, is it dominating language. largest threat to the games
more logical to have every (if it happens, I called it
one else in the channel go Anon7 That’s and the gov did it)) 3. more
to translate.google.com in understandable (and relaybots. maybe we should
order to understand them, shouldn’t result in a kick)- reach out to any of the other
or should the just one or --my usual approach is to servers andget a relay bot
two people do it? I think it’s translate into their language in a few big channels. we
just a matter of courtesy, and explain to them, or need to re-embrace the
not discrimitory (although direct them to channel for community aspect of anon
sometimes it is) that when their language. and stop bickering between
coming to a new “place” that servers
you speak the language that Anon24 from exhaustively
the majority do. reading this pad ive gleaned Anon25 /NNNC/
that we need these things somerandomnick> if you
Anon23 Acknowledge most... 1.translation bot, search solution of the
cultural sensitivities & avoid this will be easy I started problem of government in
ethnocentricism! talking to the opers over at chat then i know solution;
anonops and they seem on solution == virtual ops, but
Anon5 Yeah agreed, will board for it either i’ll have necessary that someone
talk to the chanops and to make one or just have will implement to such, i
perhaps look at a translate someone augment one of implemented only some. It is
bot in there as well given the bots already in place, similar of normal commands
some time - also there are the same canbe done here of opers in irc, but each user
non english chans already in vox 2. a purpose: we he has own view and he is
there that some people can need another grand op to virtual netadmin of his view
be redirected to. +1 draw people in again, we mama> so who can decide
need to make headlines. Im to kick for example? or to
Anon1 My thought was only not sure what would be best change the topic u/NNNC/
about “insulting” the new maybe that cyber bunker somerandomnick> everyone

that he can change the topic Anonymous is important. Anon27 Maybe adding a
in your view if i will /mode It doen’t have to change voteing system on priority
#anonet +o mama, then anything, it only has to exist. operations. But a votting
you are my government, That’s all. Because you’re system would never boat
but obviously that if you the exception to the rule. well with anons. So other
will abuse such then i can / That it will never get better. then that I think we are just
mode #anonet -o mama, Society is rotten. Anonymous about reached the end of
== advantage of netadmin, is the last place where our rope scientology was
if each user he is virtual humanity has a friend. Amid the high point and the fbi
netadmin then each user he the wars and the domination audio was the last of the
has the government that he politics and the sheepleism. lulz everything from here is
wants such the ppl they will This is as good as it gets. I down hill this is a putting it
see eatch other and share love Anonymous. <3 “The blunt but its true the return
the same topic if they will beauty of it smote his heart, of lulzsec was probaly
want see eatch other and as he looked up out of the not real and only to get
share the same topic, and if forsaken land, and courage us moveing agian. There
no then they should not see returned to him. For like a will be one more lulzish
eatch other and share the shaft, clear and cold, the moment before anonymous
same topic. thought pierced him that in becomes dust in the wind
the end, the Shadow was and blows away this event
Anon6t7U Society is only a small and passing will probaly take out the last
rotten. It will never get thing; there was light and hats and the most proactive
better. You are the last high beauty forever beyond amoung us will just be
good thing in the world. its reach.” LET NO LAW BE arrested for nothing. Here
Let all of society crumble THE LAW.IRCs include the is my estimated timeline for
into a vapid wasteland, ignore function for a reason. our downfall. Now-january
but do not let Anonymous Moderation ruin Anonymous. 31,2013
wither and die. Truth, and Nobody should be able to
freedom, and intelligence, ban or kick anyone. PM Anon28- I am all for a
and creativity, and a spirit to join a different channel democratic voting system.
willing to fight the millions if one is getting spammed This new self-implied
of things that are wrong. in. Censorship is evil! Hail, system is getting difficult
Even if it is just a bunch of SRN! to endure. It has become
angry naive teenages on more “for teh lulz” and so
faggoty macbooks, beating Anon26 <-- lulz uhh forgot only the larger ops get
their hearts against a wall. what i was going to say any attention. The smaller

ops may be small yet this have done in the past as a way to increase anon
does not necessarily mean team (indeed, a collective) power. the egos come
thaat they are going to less has and will continue to help to play when there is a
impactive or less important; the People. conflict of opinion on just
the number of Anons in about anything. Perhaps
a movement/OP should NewbAnon: Anonymous, a little standard ettiquette
NOT matter, by any means. as a decentralised colective would make a difference?
There have been small will never become truely elected op leaders or ddos
ops that got no attention democratic. However, coordinators? no flaming
yet had a severe impact on certain steps can be taken or swearing? we need
how things are now. Also, to include all, and to have patience, tolerance and
more people are saying voices be heard. People the spirit of cooperation
that “this is stupid, you’re should be allowed to reasserted. This will make
not helping anything, you promote ops &ect. in main it easier for newbloods to
are only causing drama channels; currently it is very join in.
and bitching about how hard to find active ops that
the world is run.” The fact need help. All experainced Anon 31 Anon power is
is that Anons that don’t users need to cut thier in numbers. Anon is an
agree with the government, ego and start helping the unrivaled sociomedia
that would rather be free newcommers, and we propaganda machine when
from the opression of Big all need to realise that operating at full capacity.
Brother, would rather do Anonymous isn’t just about But, a senseless rabble
something than sit idly hacking: it’s the regular far to often. A common
by while our corporations people of this world standing goal should be set. That
and governments (in our up for freedom, truth, and whenever in doubt we
respective countries, not justice. atleast all know what we aim
only the US) ruin everything to achieve. Making Anon
with SOPA’s and other Anon666 Im gonna send as accessible as safely
bills. The system is failing. you out of space, to find possible should be a priority.
We are Anonymous; we another race.. Those who wake up must
will stand up for what we be able to find the answers
believe. If it means we have Anon30 I have seen egos they so desperately need.
to take down sites, and drive off many newbloods
even if we are just rallying. and we cannot let that Anon32 According to one
Everything we are doing continue. Greater numbers theory you only need to
now, and everything we is the easiest and best convince 10% of a populous

to convince the rest in a sort To be worth anything the this decentralized “structure”
of snowball effect. Thats 700 next step must be a united but perhaps we could make
million people. With the tools front by everyone who calls the weak point stronger and
we have. The skills of anons themsevles Anons. But we create more solidarity and
and enough numbers, that is need to collide 2 worlds, the centralized discussions-
achieveable. real and the cyber.... Good just to touch base with one
lucKK! another and know where
AnoN439 Anonymous has we stand as a collective.
been took over by the feds, We all know that some i think encouraging more
was it started by the feds secret services are among discussions such as this
? Point is there are many us making some plans one could make a huge
Anons in the cyber world, to divide anons and difference.
and many Anons in the real neutralize our actions, xanon: We can develop
world. But I stay int he cyber how do you think they a decentralizated network
world. I sadly can’t find act? what do you propose where anyone can post
time to go out and protest. to thwart their plans and an announcement, idea,
I see how the Government make them fail? have comment, without names.
is fucking us, how were you observed some Then this would be available
all seperated whilst being weird behaviors that you for others to “give kudos” to
forced together. There suspect being the result of that ‘post’, and this would
is an element of control such Social Engineering make it more visible.
beyond the individuals actions?
mind. Anonymous has done Anon11->xanon: That is
much, but look at how much Anon1 our decentralized an excellent Idea, mabye
money is being made from “structure” is both a strength have a certain number of
all the hacks. America has and a weakness imo, names, like 300 and each
generated a lot of wealth strength because it makes session you connect you
and so have many others it hard to locate “leaders” get a different name for the
in the security industry. as there are none and take duration of the session, click
So what is next ? The them down. however it’s refresh and you are given
real focus has to be main also a weakness because a new name randomly out
stream media and onto the it makes dissension very of the hat. As a network
streets action by all. And easy, makes it easy to engineer and systems
that needs leadership, that cause internal struggles. analyst, I take large issue
needs someone to answer obviously we can’t and won’t to the way that the current
and take responsibility. compromise the integrity of IRC networks are operated,

too many serious security next bit you must understand attention to corruption in
breaches, some networks this one, in psychoanalysis the military which the CIA is
(anonops) have even one of the tactics used is heavily tied to financially, 4)
recently been found to be to figure out what really encouraging others to use
keeping logs (full logs for pisses off a specific group other IRC chats, 5) using
over half of a year) (not sure and test it against specific quotes from anti-federalist
if i 100% believe the story, im people to determine their founding fathers which
about 50/50% between that alleigances or memberships. encourage rebellion and the
being a legit story and that For instance feds really murdering of politicians en-
being a coverup for the fact really hate the things the masse (jefferson), 6) Talking
that they are now keeping government has strong about how unbannable you
logs and before they werent propaganda presence are. 7) talking about how
(fabricated story about how against, so speaking un-anon the server is, and
bad the last guys are to about pedophillic things for >>>talking about how gay
distract from the actions instance age 14 while to the nick reggers are because
of the new “caretakers”). average person is usually thats not fucking anon at
Another issue that I have is of disgust or indifference, a all<<< Due to these factors, it
the dependency on bans and federal employee is highly would be advisable to find an
the ability for any moderator likely to detest very strongly. alternative to the moderated
to know exactly what Also in the presence of IRC model, It would be WAY
people’s IP addresses are moderators try bringing up too fucking easy for agents
in order to carry out those the fact that they keep logs, to infiltrate the moderator
bans. I have repeatedly been try bringing up the fact that circles in IRC servers.
ip range banned so I know it you think someone is in
to be true that there is some some sort of a group. See Anon2 How do we know that
form of logging taking place what really gets their blood they want to neutralize our
at the moment in anonops. boiling and you may be able actions? Maybe they want
->Also another MASSIVE to determine that they are to use our actions against
issue that that I have, not who they say are.<- In us. What if they get ugly
the actions of the current my personal experience, things done under the anon
moderators on anonops anonops mods get vicious banner..
(and to a lesser degree when speaking badly about
elsewhere) is that they 1) the current american Anon11->anon2 They quite
portray highly suspicious government, 2) bringing commonly try to get us to
behavior and preferences. attention to the CIA presence hack people at ITC and
In order to understand the in anonops, 3) bringing things like that which could

be catastrophic for anon’s still was purported to be us. troll and have fun, but I’m
repuation and the well being that was an action that was not going to pass up the
of the internet given they are harmful to us as a whole, fact of chance that it is also
the deciders for our freedom it gives the governments the Fed’s trying to pump me
on the internet. sometimes an excuse to treat us as for information and find out
they try really really hard to terrorists. and as far as the locations of our fellow
keep controversial attacks social engineering goes, that bretheren. I say we begin
going long after they is harmful to the new anons watching these people and
should have been stopped, as well as the old, trust is inspecting their behaviours.
things like false-alarm bad obviously not something that
intelligence caused attacks. is taken for granted in Anon Anonskane I think they
but government or feds or whant to class oss (us?)
Anonrage Agree with Anon2, whatever u want to call them as terrorists so they going
we noticed many operations using it to get info or trap to have bigger authority to
that are a kind of traps What Anons is not a good thing. do house raids and seize
I would notice the most awareness of these tactics computers, beacuse thats
is a simple mathematical should be raised. our way to comunicate.
question: Where the millions Look at england the anons
of dollars dedicated to Anon2 Well.. Anon is not who are going to court now
dismantle Anonymous and a good thing to govs with they are not allowed to
prevent our efficient actions inhuman intentions now, is it? use irc and their nickname.
are expended? What is sure Thats their way to stop oss/
is that they are not used to Anon1 if the govs had more theme to comunicate with
find technological solutions perspective and less fear, our fellow anons if we cant
but rather in humans Anon could be a great thing speak to our fellow anons
involvements. for the world. but their ego how can we stand united? If
and fear keep it from its full we cant comunicated thats
Anon4 Perhaps there potential. their we to start devied oss.
should be more focus on Raxa I believe they are Ps sorry about my english
goals, this would circumvent trying to infiltrate in the form hope u can read anyway
the structural problem some. of our IRC channels, I have and understand what i mean
had many weird names and =)
Anon1 also agree with Guests ask me who I work Anon5 Maybe they are
Anon2, take for example with and where I am located. afraid that we will make
the bomb threat that clearly Some of them are most world realise that they are
was NOT anonymous, but likely other Anons trying to the ones who are taking our

freedom and want to make some other key persons others know that if someone
us their slaves and make us making them suspect their offers u money to do these
work their way. fellows. I experienced this things, that goes against the
myself being a target of principles behind anon.<3
Anonrage I don’t think that rumors and also receiving Raxa I feel that if it comes
LEA’s will invest money many PMs that aimed to down to being offered
on random nicks that no make me believe some of money for our services,
one trust and that could be my friends were feds. The any anon would realize it’s
easily trolled; My biggest magical solution I adopted an obvious trap, and as
fear is that I am aware they that helped me and my Anon1 said, we do not live
would prefer influent anons trusted friends was to share by those principles for what
proposing them amounts all these information with we do. Also any one of us
they can not refuse mixed many anons, exposing who even know what social
with some threats if they the rumors spreaders and engineering is should not be
have got any compromised analysing their discourses able to be tricked by such
information on them; For and goals, comparing them a thing. It’s pretty apparent
me it is the most plausible with the information that at times that someone is
description of how they others received from the trying to social engineer with
recruit; Then knowing same gang. This solution certain things they ask or
that and based on Sabu’s prevented me and many of say. All we really need to do
case, we will plunge into a my friends of falling under on that front is pay attention
paranoid state making us such nocive influences or and to never get caught off
suspecting any active anon undergo their effects.<3 guard.
if some fingers are pointed
on him/her. That also Anon1 I have been Anon6 One problem
explain why they disclosed approached by some anons with Anonymous is the
Sabu’s cooperation and who have been asked to difficulty an individual has
they succeed making us “hack” into some sites for in being truely anonymous.
lose the confidence we an immense amount of Consider the following. All
had on known and active money, they asked if this members of anonymous
anons, torturing ourselves was legit. i replied “no” that must never have or use
with the following evidence: is not right. i’m assuming a unique username in
“If Sabu was FBI, so many that it was an attempted any public forum or chat
others could be”. Based trap of those anons. i hope system. If this rule was in
on such a fear, they can that awareness to this tactic place, then government
easily social engineering has been raised and that groups going after

anonymous would have a an arrest. Nothing infuriates Anonrage I think we

close to impossible task in Anons more that when are evolving even it is
connecting an action to a one of us gets taken, but not obvious, we learned
single individual. However is that Anon is turncoat he much from our previous
in real life this would has an alabi, if he is a loyal experiencesn especially
be difficult to control or Anon then hes just fucked. this year, we paid it and
maintain. Various methods Either way when he or she many of us paid it with years
could be developed to limit resurfaces there should be of their lives; but we are
an individuals profiling caution. constructing the future
Anon9 I think that they Anon9 I disagree. The
Anon7 Agreed with anon6, will act by simply trying to same tricks are being played
one of the most dangerous infiltrate. Befriending one out over and over. LEA know
things to do is to be a person in order to use them what to expect from us.
namefag - don’t brag in to connect with others. The They have profiled, collected
public channels, and don’t reson LEA have been so data, watched, listened
trust anyone too much. successful in the past is and reacted. While others
because of namefags. If have continued to operate
Anon8 One of the ways that people are bragging about using the same tactics.
Intel Ops conducts business their activity, stay the fuck The element of surpise is
within decentralized cellular away from those people. in order. And it seem LEA
organizations is to simply THOSE are the ones who always seem to have suprise
“Use” them. “The enemy will get v& quickly and and Anon does not.
of my enemy is my friend.” anyone who is associated
This leads to rapport with an with them, has the potential Anonrage Anons are very
infiltrator and soon after an to get caught up in the different, i agree with you
attempt to turn alligiences. arrest. LEA are evolving and about some ones, but not
Also one of the ways that Anonymous is not. That is about all, I know anons
an infiltrator would attempt a problem. People need to much more aware and
to do so would be to spurn realize that the ones talking smart than the LEAs you are
an op that was basically a the loudest are the feds descripting.
honeypot. Once alligience of or informants. Stay out of
a anon is sucessfully turned, anonops. Another thing, be Anon9 I agree. The ones
there has to be an excuse aware of fake ops. Honeypot that I speak of are generally
for that anon to pop off the ops that will end with a the ones who talk more
radar, an example would be massive v& for all. than act. There are those

who continue to operate in as system is unbreakable that governments around

the shadows and I applaud and indestructible, beyond the world will do a massive
their actions. But, still, same individuals and IRCs. LEAs amount of damage if
tricks are being played out. are stupid to bet on that. people don’t get their shit
However, it is impossible together and realize that
to organize anything due Anon9 The whole concept communication and privacy
to namefags and media of freedom and wanting are the most important thing.
whores who will simply blurt more and all that stuff will
out plans before they are never die. LEA know it Anonrage Agree with you
completed. Unfortunately won’t. There has always completely, but please keep
this has led to paranoia been proests, rallies, and the hope and faith that these
and reclusion among some politcal disagreements. The internet nerds will always
Anons. And it is sad, but real issue that I currently find solutions even they can
necessary. Until people stop have while fuels my current be defeated for a moment.
seeing Anon as a club or a frustration; is that LEA
hang out after school “place are slowly cutting off our Anon9 It is hard to have
to be” it will continune to be means of communication by faith when people are
infiltrated. The problem is monitoring us. Monitoring getting v&. Talented,
peoples mindsets. us to a degree that we motivated people are
will no longer be able to being picked off becuase
Anonrage We had recently organize. THAT is much of others stupidity. It is
an experience like that, a more important than hard to have faith when
name fag opened #opisrael some of the ops that are talking with some highly
as an opportunity to have currently going on. Israel skilled people who say that
media attention and so.. He was necessary, however working for coperations
wanted to kill that op after it seems to have drained makes much more sense
his “flash in pan”; Anons people from the opwcit because children don’t
in a very big number are that is FAR more important seem to graps the severity
continuing it and every than Israel. People can of the issues at hand. It is
where! by twitter, facebook, say it is heartless to think even more difficult to have
alone in their houses! It that way but in reality, faith when others seem to
proves that when there is protesting is only possible have lost it and are walking
a good cause, anons have IF and only if, we are able away from Anonymous as
enough imagination and to communicate. People a whole. I will try not to lose
tools to defend it; This time will realize this when it is it but sometimes when I lie
I could say “Anonymous” too late. Unfortunatly I feel in bed at night I think about

things and the past and I will continue to hope

where all that will end. It is that freedom and the idea
in those moments when I of freedom is something
am replaying certain events people have fought for since
I stop and wonder if it really the beginning of time. And
is worth it. People don’t they have been victorious.
want to listen, they don’t So as dark as the days may
want to learn. They are too get, as full as the prison may
selfish for change. But alas, be; freedom is obtainable.
I am here, typing to people <3
in hopes that perhaps just
maybe, someone will read Anon10 I agree that we
this and recenter their will be victorious that’s for
priorites and we can propell sure. Revolutions never go
forward and be victorious. backwards and even the
FEDS must see we are only
Anonrage OMG!! every fighting for our freedoms
time i thought like you, and futures. We are not
and it arrived to me and terrorists. We are human
many friends this year, I got beings tired of the corrupt
seriously depressed....You criminal ruling class. Failure
are making me cry but I will is not an option. We shall
never loose my hope (( be free.

Anon9 You would be

surprised, I was tearing
up as I typed that last
paragraph. I miss my friends
who got v& and it kills me to
see such thoughtless action
from others. But I will try not
to loose hope. I’m just sad
that things are some what at
a stand still and people can’t
find something or someone
to have hope and faith in.

DDoS... My Love!
Being an activist is a state attacks, December 2010. Mensch ist illegal’ (No
of mind, a human nature Joining the hive, I met one is illegal) called for
I can say. You are either dozens of individuals an online demonstration
born an activist or you are who embody the activist against Lufthansa. With
predisposed to become one. described above; People of special software they
all countries, colors, ages, developed, demonstrators
The activist is a being filled genders, with different were able to automatically
with empathy who suffers political persuasions, but call various Lufthansa
injustice he sees around aware that they have websites in an attempt to
him, and he wants, needs, common enemies and that overload the servers. The
wishes, hopes, dreams it by assembling together and activists did so to protest
ceases by any means. using a simple tool, they can the airline’s participation
tell these enemies that the in deportations [...] the
After trying all existing people of the world are not human rights activists say
methods, known, stupid, they are watching that some 13,000 Internet
conventional or even them, alert, and are ready users took part in the
invented... After finding to act, effectively! I also met protest [...] activists saw
that nothing works and the the LULZ :) their online protest as a
people for whom he fights modern kind of non-violent
disregard or have not even A common belief was sit-in and claimed they
heard of these actions... prevalent among us that were acting within their
Incurring losses of all kind, DDoS was widely accepted basic constitutional right of
he plunges into a state of as a virtual sit-in even by freedom of assembly [...]
bewilderment, sadness, courts; “The collective In the summer of 2005,
waiting, or hopelessness. blockade of a corporate the first-instance court of
website in the context of a Frankfurt found initiator
When I saw the media political event is not violence Andreas-Thomas Vogel
concerned with an unusual or coercion but legitimate guilty and sentenced him to
event, an action that has free expression”, a German a fine of 90 days’ pay. [...]
shaken more than a big Higher Regional Court in The Higher Court found that
company and state, I Frankfurt decided on 22 the online demonstration
suddenly woke up... I saw in May, 2006/[1] did not constitute a show
this event the hope I have of force but was intended
been waiting years for, it A case law... to influence public opinion.
was #OpPayback and it “On 20 June 2001, the This new interpretation left
was a well covered DDoS Groups ‘Libertad’ and ‘Kein no space for charges of

coercion, and the accused students protests sweeping campaign, a petition

was found not guilty.”[2] across many University of signed by 1003 colleagues
California campuses and and fellows expressing a
the US, against students’ total agreement with the
It is the most well known fees in the UC system professor’s action and
precedent, or case law, and the dismantling of project has been sent to
relative to DDoS and one educational support for the university officials[5] in
of the typical virtual sit- K – 12 across California. addition to an online petition
ins involving thousands As result of this operation, and a protest in support,
of activists and citizens Dominguez has been told sponsored by the UC Multi-
reacting to a conscience- that he may face criminal Campus Research Group
based socio-political charges for mounting a in Internationalism and
issue, but the majority of distributed denial of service Performance.[6]
the historical cases that I attack and became under
consulted in preparation of investigation by the FBI It is interesting to notice that
this article have not led to office of Cybercrimes, after all the investigations
any complaint in courts or for which his tenure was were dropped, Dominguez
lawsuits. threatened, following a legal had to agree not to do
investigation few months another virtual sit-in
Tolerated DDoS... ago, for his project, The performance on the UCOP
One of the recent cases Transborder Immigrant Tool. for 4 years, but the day he
involved a known cyber signed the agreement, a
activist, Ricardo Dominguez In one of his interviews, number of supporters across
who had a tenure as Dominguez said he has the nation did a virtual sit-in
associate professor in UC organized or participated in on UCOP again.[7]
San Diego’s Visual Arts at least 16 similar protests
Department. Dominguez, and until that date has never This essay and the cited
who is also a co-founder of been accused of criminal example are opportunities
The Electronic Disturbance hacking. One in 2008 to remind that neither the
Theater[3], organized an protesting the weaponization cyber activism nor the DDoS
operation of DDoS or a of nanotechnology even won are Anonymous invention.
virtual sit-in against the him a fellowship from the
University of California university administrators.[4] Dreamed Internet...
Office of the President Well before the existence
(UCOP) on March 4th, 2010, Nonetheless, this case has of the Internet, when
in solidarity with the mass generated a great solidarity the television was

the most ubiquitous, a residual freedom: the divinity of Technological

instantaneous example of a freedom to read it in Communication our answer
communication medium, in a different way…I am could be: ‘Not Thy, but our
true Jules-Vernian fashion, proposing an action to will be done.”
scrutinizing the future of urge the audience to
communications, Umberto control the message and Since the first nodes of
Eco almost presaged its multiple possibilities of ARPANET, the predecessor
in 1967 a medium that interpretation, [...] [O]ne of the Internet, were
would achieve what the medium can be employed linked together in 1969,
internet has achieved: “[T] to communicate a series of researchers turned it
he constant correction of opinions on another medium against the intentions of its
perspectives, the checking […] [We need] a future creators, the Department
of codes, the ever renewed communications guerilla of Defense’s Advanced
interpretations of mass warfare – a manifestation Research Projects Agency,
messages.” which should complementary to by using that network to
lead to the formation of the manifestations communicate with one
“groups of communications of Technological another and exchange
guerrillas, who would Communication, the opinions. This was the
restore a critical dimension constant correction of single biggest unintended
to passive reception.” perspectives, the checking consequence of ARPANET.
of codes, the ever
We can read in his renewed interpretations “ARPANET’s “network mail,”
influential essay “Towards of mass messages. The a precursor to today’s email,
a Semiological Guerrilla universe of Technological was not exclusively used
Warfare”,[8] which coined Communication would then to discuss research, it also
the influential term be patrolled by groups of helped distribute messages
“semiological guerrilla,” and communications guerillas, against the Vietnam War,
influenced the theorization who would restore a critical hosted discussions about
of guerrilla tactics against dimension to passive the Watergate scandal, and
mainstream mass media reception. The threat ultimately the resignation of
culture, such as guerrilla that the ‘the medium is President Richard Nixon.”[9]
television and culture the message’ could then
jamming: become, for both medium When large numbers of
and message, the return activists and aware citizens
“[T]he receiver of the to individual responsibility. are able to more easily
message seems to have To the anonymous connect to one another,

to send and receive even make a strong case email bombings, culture
original content, and to to completely abandon the jamming, defacements and
coordinate action, they sharp distinction between virtual sit-ins to hacking the
are able to create effective the online and offline worlds, websites of large companies
political movements. since both spheres are or governments...
[10] “The changed nature heavily interdependent.[12]
of cyberspace offers an A mass weapon...
opportunity for those “By means of the open But... But, among all these
campaigning against network of the internet, a above cited online actions,
dominant powers to equalise diverse range of activists, ONLY ONE can be at
the political game.”[11] groups and social the same time a massive
movement organizations mass action and a strong
With its global architecture, could loosely knit together offensive message... It is the
the internet allowed, since and coalesce in coordinated DDoS performed as virtual
its existence, collaboration actions against the WTO sit-in!
and participation beyond summit both offline, in the
time and space constraints. streets, as well as online, in “The case studies I will
As a many-to-many medium cyberspace. Although the discuss later focus on
it stimulates diffusion of precise contribution of the this tactic in particular
ideas and issues on an internet is hard to establish, because, out of the range
unprecedented scale, these examples show that of tactics that could be
significantly reducing the internet has given civil termed disruptive electronic
mobilization costs for groups society new tools to support contention - and in fact out
and activists in collective their claims.”[13] of the whole repertoire of
action. electronic contention - it
Today activist has a wide is only the virtual sit-in
Starting by e-mails range of actions to follow that explicitly requires the
exchange and as a and/or to perform, whether collective simultaneous
communication medium supported by Internet participation of large
for offline actions, Internet in terms of information, numbers of people.”[14]
has become nowadays a mobilization, organization
large battlefront of cyber and transnationalization, The message expressed by
activists using online or based on it as virtual the sit-in says, especially
vanguard actions against activities that may range if applied in the rules of
greedy and oppresive from online petitions, protest art, ie accompagned by
entities. Some scholars websites, alternative media, informative press releases,

flyers and videos: We users in particular and the around, then many, if not
are numerous to see and whole citizens in general most, protest tactics will be
understand your behavior, in order to become the rendered ineffective;”[15]
we are watching you and we obedient herd that consume Those were the arguments
decided to react collectively. whatever companies are of these first digital activists,
You tried to silence us, willing to get them consume, in favor of DDoS actions,
we are silencing you. The without any objection or
goal of a virtual sit-in or dispute, virtual sit-ins are “Since institutions today
blockade in the cyberspace the appropriate collective are no longer localized in
is also to call the media and response to increase public physical structures but exist
public opinion’s attention awareness about such in the decentralized zones
to the protestors and their plans. It is also obvious that of cyberspace, electronic
cause by disrupting normal more than any other action, blockades can cause
operations and blocking DDoS operations are widely financial stress that physical
access to facilities. covered by the mass media, blockades can not.”[16]
thus can play a big role in
information and awareness The Critical Arts Ensemble
It is an action that requires spreading. are known to be the
no skill, any citizen of the Beginning in 1994, The first group who used
world can participate and digital activism pioneers the Electronic Civil
feel himself forceful as long Critical Arts Ensemble has Disobedience concept which
as he knows the issue and infered that: “Elite power, was direct political action,
wants to be a responsible having rid itself of its theory and artform all in one.
individual. In the fierce national and urban bases
struggle opposing internet to wander in absence on Well documented and one
users to governments and the electronic pathways, of the first mass action
corporations who wants can no longer be disrupted hacktivist groups is the
to transform the internet by strategies predicated Electronic Disturbance
from an open space for upon the contestation of Theatre (EDT). Formed in
free speech and world sedentary forces; And if 1998 by four artist-hacker-
wide information spread, it no longer matters if this activists, it retained this
a space where users are road here is blocked or that multidimensional approach
able to get a say on how supermarket site is camped and developed protests in
it should be managed and upon, because place is support of the Zapatista
organized, into a tool to no longer relevant and all struggle by connecting it
control and dominate these blockages can be moved to the early development

of the anti-globalisation “Because it represented automatically connects the

movement. In the attempt capitalism’s role in surfer’s web browser to a
to generate a mass form of globalization utilizing the preselected website and
online protest, it took the techniques of genocide and every seven seconds the
concept of Electronic Civil ethnic cleansing, which is browser’s reload button is
Disobedience a step further. at the root of the Chiapas’ automatically activated by
In 1998, They organized a problems. The people of the software.The Floodnet
series of web sit-ins, first Chiapas should play a key software makes use of the
against Mexican President role in determining their server and bandwidth of
Zedillo’s website and later own fate, instead of having individual participants that
against President Clinton’s it pushed on them through download and activate the
White House website, and their forced relocation (at software on their computers.
those of the Pentagon, the gunpoint), which is currently If thousands of people use
School of the Americas, the financed by western Floodnet on the same day,
Frankfurt Stock Exchange, capital.”[18] the combined effect of such
and the Mexican Stock a large number of activists
Exchange. The purpose was The Electronic Disturbance will disrupt the operations
to demonstrate solidarity Theater estimated that up of a particular site.This
with the Mexican Zapatistas. to 10,000 people from all kind of software is used
According to Brett Stalbaum, countries took part in the to perform a DDoS attack
a member of Electronic demonstration, delivering forcing a website to shut
Disturbance Theater and 600,000 hits to each of the down, a server system to
co-author of the FloodNet three websites per minute. be inoperative, or to leave
software, the Pentagon [19] political messages onto the
was chosen because: server logs.[21]
“We believe that the U.S. DDoS techniques...
military trained the soldiers In order to make these Animal Liberation Front
carrying out the human sit-in operations more activists have also used
rights abuses at the School efficient and less binding, EDT’s FoodNet software to
of the Americas”.[17] The members of the EDT protest against Vivisection’s
Frankfurt Stock Exchange have created a HTML and treatment of animals. Over
was targeted as a symbolic Java based tool called 800 protestors from more
protest against globalization, FloodNet or the Swarm. than 12 countries joined a
which is at the root of the [20] Once downloaded to sit-in against websites in
Chiapas’ problems: an individual’s computer, Sweden on January 1999.
the Floodnet software

“Day of Net Attacking including the Stock The first NetStrike action in
Against Vivisection, Exchange, Barclays and solidarity with the Zapatista
communiqué from the HSBC, were targeted.[23] movement was as well
Animal Liberation Front, performed by this simple
December 31, 1998. The There are many examples of method:
First Ever Animal Liberation mass, online direct actions,
Electronic Civil Disobedience and many techniques in “On Sunday the 18th of
Virtual Sit-In on the SMI order to slow and/or down January 1998 a call for
Lab Web Site in Sweden, selected targets. It is worth NetStriking for Zapata
notice from Tactical Internet to mention here and remind (from Anonymous Digital
Response Network, (http:// the simplest method of Coalition) came in via
freehosting.at.webjump. DDoS: Pushing the reload email with the following
com/fl/floodnet-webjump/ button. instructions: In solidarity with
smi.html) ECD Report—SMI the Zapatista movement we
Shuts Down Their Computer A group calling itself welcome all netsurfers with
Network!!!”[22] Strano Network conducted ideals of justice, freedom,
one of the first such solidarity and liberty within
Thanks to its effectiveness, demonstrations as a protest their hearts, to a virtual
this software has gained against French government sit-in. On January 29,
a broader interest among policies on nuclear and 1998 from 4:00 p.m. GMT
international activist groups. social issues. On December (Greenwich Mean Time) to
On June 18, 1999, FloodNet 21, 1995, they launched a 5:00 p.m. (in the following
was one of the tools one-hour NetStrike attack five web sites, symbols of
used in the anti-capitalist against the websites Mexican neoliberalism):
demonstration coordinated operated by various Bolsa Mexicana de Valores:
by many groups from the government agencies. At the (http://www.bmv.com.mx/)
anti-globalisation movement appointed hour, participants Grupo Financiero Bital:
along with street protests. from all over the world were (http://www.bital.com.
In the months before June instructed to point their mx/) Grupo Financiero
18, activist groups were browsers to the government Bancomer: (http://www.
e-mailed instructions making websites. According to bancomer.com.mx/) Banco
the Floodnet widely available reports, at least some of de Mexico: (http://www.
on the internet under the the sites were effectively banxico.org.mx/) Banamex:
J18 banner. The Sunday knocked out for the period. (http://www.banamex.com/)
Times reported that several [24] Technical instructions:
companies and institutions, Connect with your browser

to the upper mentioned officials continued to The Communication

web sites and push the refuse any negotiation with Workers of America (CWA)
button ‘reload’ several activists, the Electronic union who had decided to
times for an hour (with in Disturbance Theater participate in this action
between an interval of few offered to help the PSLM expressed a big interest for
seconds).”[25] escalate their tactics with this kind of tactics. They
a virtual sit-in in order to collaborated three months
Other simple techniques boost media attention and after that, in May 2001,
have been used to adapt to increase the pressure on with Electronic Disturbance
the virtual sit-ins to different administration officials. As Theater and the Committee
circumstances. In the some students expressed for the Rescue and
spring of 2001, the Harvard their concerns about Development of Vieques
Progressive Student Labor possible repercussions, (Comite Pro Rescate y
Movement (PSLM) have adverse effects and a fear Desarollo de Vieques, or
organized several actions at that the media might label CPRDV) to launch a virtual
Harvard College demanding the virtual action in terms of sit-in in support of civil
higher living wages for the ‘hacking’ or ‘cyberterrorism’, disobedients who were
institution’s janitors and it was decided to target attempting to force a halt to
dining-room workers. This the websites of 8 major US Navy military exercises
movement started with corporations with board on Vieques island. The
the occupation of several members who were also CWA called its 750,000
university administrative on the Harvard Board members to join the strike
offices. PSLM members who of Trustees, instead of and this fight was a victory
were not inside the occupied attacking Harvard University according to Dominguez
offices, together with other servers directly. They used who had received a phone
supportive students and a tool that sends repeated call from the administrator
professors, built a tent requests for nonexistent of (http://www.navy.com/)
city outside the occupied pages called ‘living_wage@ demanding that the action
building that served as Harvard.now’ flooding the be brought to a halt, as the
central management base targeted corporate servers Netstrike had “completely
for rallies, music events, for as long as participants flooded our enlistment
film screenings, and kept their browsers open, database with thousands
media visits. After three slowing access to their sites of messages, and now our
weeks of the action, as and filling server logs with site is starting to crash”.
media attention seemed to ‘living_wage@Harvard.now [27] Upon this, the Navy
stagnate and administration not found’ messages.[26] announced plans to begin

phasing out its operations interest in virtual sit-ins and delegates from entering
in Vieques over a 3 year the increase of participants the conference venue. To
period. The technique of this number and involved groups that end, traditional civil
DDoS used the Navy’s own throughout the 90s until disobedience and direct
online enlistment form, filling the early years of the 21st actions were employed,
required ‘name,’ ‘address,’ century. The successful blocking streets with
and other fields with tactics have of course bodies through mass
complaints that the Navy not gone unnoticed by demonstrations and so on.
cease bombing and honor targeted governments and The virtual direct action was
demands by Viequenses corporations, especially run by the Electrohippies (or
for a public referendum to when they culminated ehippies)[30], it coincided
decide the fate of the US in the most obvious and with the Seattle street
military presence. emblematic ever undertaken protests and operated
DDoS action in order to perfectly in tune with those
This successful operation block the computer networks protests. The ehippies
encouraged afterwards the servicing the World Trade activists claim the action
national office members Organisation (WTO) summit was overall successful,
of CWA to adopt definitely started in Seattle, on 30 with the WTO conference
these tactics and they asked November 1999. Protest networks being constantly
the Electronic Disturbance activity to surround the WTO slowed, brought to a
Theater to help them Ministerial Conference was complete total halt on two
organize a similar Netstrike on similar lines to June18 occasions. They estimate
for a campaign against (J18), of the same year, and that over 452,000 people
Verizon. The operation similar mobilizations, but the swamped the site over five
was nearly ready to be scale of the demonstrations days, and during the action,
launched when the events dwarfed any previous one the group says participants
of September 11th caused in the United States against sent them up to 900 e-mails
CWA to back off from the a world meeting of any each day.[31]
action; The entire campaign organizations associated
was stopped cold by a with economic globalization, “The electrohippies method
drastically changed political even the lowest estimates of operation is also truly
opportunity structure.[28] put the crowd at over distributed since instead of a
40,000.[29] The aim of few servers, there were tens
Times have changed... the streets action was to of thousands of individual
These few examples halt or disrupt the WTO computer users involved
demonstrate the growing conference by preventing in the action. The requests

sent to the target servers two new laws changed to grow that consists
are generated by ordinary significantly the rights of of dozens of activists
Internet users using their British citizens to freely groups, mainly in the anti-
own desktop computer and use the Internet for political globalisation movement,
(usually) a slow dial-up and protest action: The who understood the
link. That means client- Terrorism Act 2000; and The enormous impact that
side distributed actions Regulation of Investigatory these operations can have
require the efforts of real Powers Act 2000. in terms of attracting the
people, taking part in their mass media attention,
thousands simultaneously, “Since early Summer 2000, and thereby increase the
to make the action effective. the electrohippies have potential of reaching the
If there are not enough been rather ‘quiet’. This public opinion increasing by
people supporting then the is because the majority of the same fact the political
action doesn’t work. The fact the e’hippies are based in awarness among this public,
that service on the WTO’s the UK, and during 2000 the snowball effect began to
servers was interrupted on the British government emerge well.
the 30th November and has been developing new
the 1st of December, and laws to ‘police’ British “On February 8, 2000
significantly slowed on the cyberspace. This potentially hackers attacked Yahoo,
2nd and 3rd of December, makes the actions of the Amazon, eBay, CNN and
demonstrated that there electrohippies collective in Bulacom, dosing them for
was significant support for the UK, whilst not illegal, several hours. Through
the electrohippies action. potentially subject to a “denial of service” attacks
(Electrohippies Collective disruptive investigations by originating from hundreds
2000)”[32] the state [...] But these new of independent computers,
laws, rather than enabling the sites were flooded with
Despite this success the free use of the Internet millions of simultaneous
and many other effective by all, are seeking to blur requests [....] Although
operations, either by this the distinction between at present no individuals
group or by others, the public protest, crime, and or groups have officially
Electrohippies collective terrorism, in order to provide claimed responsibility,
decided six months later a ‘safe environment’ for MSNBC reported receipt
to stay “quiet” because of corporations to do their of an 18-page letter
two laws that affected their deals.”[33] claiming responsibility by
activities and those of many Since the DDoS techniques an individual who angrily
other groups in UK. These have found a fertile ground criticized the sites for

their ‘capitalization of the mass mediated reframing possible but also a win
Internet’.”[34] that shifts any talk of could be hoped. This also
‘Hacktivism’ or ‘Electronic proved that despite all the
Rising Repression... Civil Disobedience’ repressive mesures taken
Within the USA, the political into a discussion about by governments, behind
opportunity structure ‘Cyberterrorism.’ which them the corporations,
for disruptive or even delegitimizes these tactics Internet users and activists
conventional cyber activism and consolidates state and can always find the useful
has been reduced severely corporate control over the tricks to circumvent them;
by the national climate in flow of information and As a tool which, by its very
the wake of the September virtual capital. structure, tends to favor
11th attacks. An era of rising freedom, the internet is
repression and police states An ongoing and growing uncontrollable, multiplicable,
began, increasingly. Protest body of government and expandable at will.
action of all kinds has been corporate publications,
muted by the rising tide of conferences, grants, Saying this, it leads me to
nationalism multiplied by the tactics and laws have talk about motivations that
mass media organs, and by been concocted aiming at prompted me to write this
the passage of legislation criminalizing and heavily essay. I joined Anonymous
curtailing civil liberties in penalizing all attempt during a DDoS operation
the name of the ‘War on to balance or challenge widely covered by the mass
Terrorism’. these insatiable entities media of all level. I enjoyed
of economic, political and the information sharing,
The ‘Patriot Act’, whose the social domination. awareness spreading and,
last four-year renewal has of course, the LULZ, factors
been signed by Obama on The Hope... that were dominating the
May 26 2011,[35] includes Doubtless, Anonymous atmosphere prevailing
clauses that could mean system and phenomenon among the thousands
life imprisonment for were the appropriate of citizens of the world
individuals who engage response to such a situation. gathered together for an
in disruptive electronic Anonymous took up the action, a conviction and a
actions against government fight of its elders, carried the hope that strongly cheered
or corporate websites. banner of the cyber activim mine.
[36] It is worth noting that of all sort and proved
perhaps equally as powerful within few months that the The efficiency of
as the legislation is the aimed balance is not only Anonymous actions

exceeded all expected $250,000 fine. Each count facing; a life destruction...
results, especially during of conspiracy carries a These fear mongering
the Arab Spring and the maximum penalty of five campaigns produced some
valuable help offered to years in prison and a obvious effects alongside
Tunisian and Egyptian $250,000 fine.”[37] with direct interventions to
protestors in order to prevent or to stop some
keep using internet as A quick research on the big DDoS operations like
a communication and previous sentences did not #OccupyWallStreet and
organization tool. lead to similar cases but to #OpMegaUpload, by
some DDoS actions carried infiltrated law enforcement
Repression’s arsenal... for commercial purposes for agents.[39]
Even expected, the which the defendants was Should we stop?
repression that started charged of 12 to 30 months
since January 2011 had an in prison and a maximum of My purpose is not to
electroshock effect on the $40,000 fine.[38] Hilarious minimize the danger of long
majority of us, amplified comparaison! years prison that we may
by the arrests of 14 anons all face one day or another,
in USA and the discovery No need to mention in all countries, seen the
that these peaceful activists that the crackdown huge influence and pressure
could face, for the first time was accompanied by a exerted by the USA on
in the history, a combined seemingly astute project that the other governments.
maximum of 15 years in costs and will cost billions Every anon should be and
prison and a $500,000 fine. of dollars to the taxpayers; is in fact alert about this
That is infiltrating our ranks, risk. That this why instead
“The defendants charged monitoring chats and of fleeing the battlefront,
in the San Jose indictment influencing decisions, also many skilled anons are
allegedly conspired with recruiting some mentally working to improve all kind
others to intentionally weak elements. of protection tools and to
damage protected find some more secure
computers at PayPal from And this is how we started ways of communication than
Dec. 6, 2010, to Dec. 10, to hear that DDoS is not a unique, easy to monitor
2010. [...] The charge of useful, a kids on steroids’ and infiltrate, Internet Relay
intentional damage to a action, a gay method and Chat (IRC). Despite these
protected computer carries so on... an unuseful action important efforts, human
a maximum penalty of that furthermore can cause mistakes are inherent to
10 years in prison and a what our fellows are already any human action, also our

enemies could improve their offered upwards of $500,000 boards and other outlets
prevention and repression in cash and stock options. with messages about the
arsenal, but if we continue Since negotiations with the situation. Many investors
our fight and, as usual, artists proved fruitless, the responded by dumping their
attract thousands of world online toy retailer turned eToys stock.
citizens for the most aimed to the courts in the fall of
virtual sit-ins that millions 1999, and got in November Finally, on December 29,
of citizens are dreaming 29 a preliminary injunction eToys announced it was
to see them occuring, will forbidding etoy to use its “moving away” from its
the governments and their domain name, claiming lawsuit in response to public
repressive arsenal manage damage to its trademark. outrage. At first, etoy and
to stop and/or to jail them the activists were delighted,
all? During the subsequent and a formal counterpart to
weeks, activists attacked the statement was expected
What if, despite all attempts eToys by a variety of means, from hour to hour. Then,
to stop us, and instead of a combination of hacktivist when nothing happened
falling into the traps of the and public relations stunts for days and then weeks,
primitive instinct to flee or that have been widely it became clear that eToys’
retreat in order to protect credited with contributing announcement had been an
our own persons, we follow to the 70% decline in the empty verbal concession it
the historical example of the NASDAQ stock value had no intention of making
Etoy campaign in 1999? of eToys, a decline that concrete, a typical corporate
began the same day as the ploy to derail activist
Etoys, one of the biggest protests. momentum. Activists quickly
e-commerce giants in the renewed their campaign to
world, had established its A new community platform, damage eToys.
website in the fall of 1997 http://www.toywar.com/,
and discovered afterwards gathered a “toy army” of “Perhaps startled by the
that another etoy.com exist 1400 activists poised to endurance of its opponents,
belonging to an art group perform “operations” on and nervous about further
formed in 1994 who had command. The December attacks and proof of
registered its domain name 15-25 virtual sit-in crippled instability during the week it
in 1995. Using the pretense the eToys servers, as CNN is to announce its quarterly
that this may confuse its reported. Simultaneously, earnings, eToys today--at
customers, Etoys attempted the “Disinvest!” campaign 15:20 Pacific Standard
first to buy the domain and filled eToys investment Time, to be exact--finally

backed down on paper, successful lawsuit could between the e-commerce

ceding full rights to etoy. even entail eToys losing its companies and internet
com on etoy’s terms, without own trademark, which would activists;
precondition and formally likely mean the end of the
agreed to pay the court company.” To encourage “When thousands of
costs and other expenses lawsuits by investors activists forced Internet toy
incurred as a result of the against eToys for having giant eToys to withdraw its
lawsuit.” seriously mismanaged lawsuit against art site etoy.
its stockholders’ money, com last month, one of their
In a press release, the RTMark has set up a bigger goals was to create
artists celebrated “total page containing links to a chill on all of e-commerce,
victory for the etoy. resources on class action so that companies using
corporation and the Internet lawsuits against corporate the Internet would think
community... which proved managements. twice before trying to steal
that the Net is not yet in the precious bits of online
hands of e-commerce giants “A precedent has now finally public space. This goal
[...] Things on the Internet been set in stone,” said seems to be a few steps
don’t go away, corporations RTMark spokesperson Ray closer to being fulfilled.
do this sort of thing and then Thomas. “eToys thought it Last week a user of http://
bury it, but this will always could act like corporations www.the3dstudio.com/ told
be there when you search typically do, but it had RTMark that Autodesk,
for information on eToys. It no idea how the Internet a company that makes
will always be very visible works. Now e-commerce a product coincidentally
what bastards they were” corporations have a called 3D Studio, was
choice: either obtain a legal attempting to shut down
More interesting is the stranglehold on the Internet, the forum, which is used by
financial analysis by the so that this kind of defensive hundreds of 3D artists to
lawyer and RTMark member reaction is no longer freely trade graphics. [....]
Rita Mae Rakoczi, who possible, or behave decently RTMark informed the parties
said in conclusion: “If towards the humans concerned that it would
eToys stumbled into this who use this medium for help sponsor an eToys-style
through sheer stupidity and purposes other than profit.” attack against Autodesk.
negligence, it could be liable Within hours, Autodesk
to investors for part of the $4 This precedent has been announced that it would
billion in value that’s been immediately fruitful by its relent from its suit, and on
lost as a consequence. A impact on the balance Monday morning Martin M.

Konopken, Senior Corporate They may know some

Counsel for Autodesk, aspects, but do not accept
officially informed Anderson this reality or try to hide it
and RTMark that all threats from the public opinion: We
against The3DStudio.com are simple citizens, aware,
were being withdrawn; a alert, and we discovered
link to The3DStudio.com that cyber activism and its
was even placed on the awesome tool, i.e. DDoS,
Autodesk website.”[40] or Virtual Sit-Ins if you
prefer, is the best weapon
Conclusion... to spread awareness, to
While I was writing this share information and, in
essay, I opened few days final, to create what we all
ago twitter to get some wish... An upheaval of the
news, I immediately saw current economic, political
a tweet posting a link to and social structure for a
an Anonymous statement real change inspired by
entitled “Digital Sit-ins: our function mode; No
DDOS is legitimate civil leaders, no rigid ideologies
disobedience”.[41] It has or even stagnant thoughts,
been a while I haven’t saw independent and free
such a manifest claim in individuals gathering for just
Anonymous literature... causes, working in solidarity.

Yes, Anonymous is a genius

system, a great movement,
an indestructible tool!

Our strength? It is the

obvious fact that neither
governments services, nor
companies researchers,
even reporters visiting our
chat relays almost daily, can
understand what we are or
how we function.


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Anons, the hope.

Long-term plans, occasional Tsarist regime in February extreme leftist parties and
plans, more and more 1917. After brandishing groups.
arrests, plots, harassments, the slogan “All power to Anti-colonialist liberation
pressures, direct attacks, the soviets!” (Vsya vlast movements led to militarized
manipulation, even love! sovyetam!; Вся власть and unpopular regimes,
Methods used to dismantle советам!), Bolsheviks where the ruling class had
and kill our great movement, “stripped the Soviets of established relationships
the only one that has their power while they were based on mutual interests
brought hope to millions still led by Lenin and stole with the major powers to
of world citizens after one their name to dress up in, protect them against their
century of complete despair. whereas it was an anti-Soviet own people. They were
regime” (Hannah Arendt well distributed between
The last great and real 1958), then transformed the two blocs, East and
revolution ended, in October them on tools for its West, who had learned to
1917, with a coup d’etat domination. avoid a third world war by
orchestred by one political carrying their conflicts over
party, the Bolsheviks, Dreams of millions of these countries appointed
who seized the power, workers, activists, peasants for the occasion “Emerging
recuperating actions and and even simple citizens had Countries”.
sacrifices of thousands of been betrayed, Communist The last attempts of
activists and even of the parties in which these revolution of the 1960s
whole country, killing or millions had put their hope and 1970s have been
imprisoning all opposants to turned into propaganda tools checkmated by this heavy
its power, especially in the and behaved defendants and well organized systems,
ranks of the revolutionaries of the interests of a betrayed by well tamed
who led this revolution, growing empire, regardless political parties and trade
Anarchists in majority. of citizens interests or unions.
ideological positions. Those
The Soviets (councils who refused to follow This explains why the
or assemblies) are were liquidated, physically hopelessness and
grassroots organs of direct and / or morally. The powerlessness feelings
democracy, formed since hierarchical and centralized were gradually installed in
1905 to represent workers, organisational system the popular classes from
peasants, towns and replaced all the structures of 1917 to the present day and
villages, their reformation direct democracy up to trade how individual psychology
led to the overthrow of the unions, even in the so called has been more oriented

toward self-protection and random individuals who repression of all sorts, feel
personal interests than to share the same principles threatened and know their
collective interests. and goals, it is a set of skills, power’s end is very near.
increasingly sophisticated, But instead of learning
Anonymous is the ideal which are accumulated and from the History, from an
system to avoid these past spread anonymously, across equation of an unfailing
mistakes and to create all areas of communications equivalence between tax
best conditions for current that internet can provide. and repression increases of
and future revolutions. It Tools, methods and an empire in its decadent
is a decentralized and anti skills that any citizen can phase and its final collapse,
hierarchical movement appropriate and use at any they prefered to repeat
where every individual moment and any place to history and make the same
is supposed to be a free get and spread information, mistakes that the previous
thinker, a responsible continue the previous empires had committed
citizen and a self decider. tasks, organize attacks on without success accelerating
That is why none of these targets making information their fall into hell, throwing
individuals accepts to have about these chosen targets the main players of dirty
leaders who decide for him available to all. roles in the dustbin of
or talk in his name and that It is not fortuitous or History.
is why they extol in majority adventitious that millions
a society that function just of citizens of the world
like their model, without had recovered their hopes
leaders or governements seeing its effective effects,
but sectorial groups caring that continuously thousands
the interests of all and of them decide to learn,
taking decision by direct appropriate and use it to
democratic assemblies. participate in a change that
is no longer an impossible
What makes this system dream or desperate utopia.
even more effective is the
fact that it does not depend And... It is therefore not
on the individuals who surprising that governments
compose it, nor on any and corporations that
of them. Anonymous is a control the world hand in
set of tools and methods hand, stroking lies, cheating
developed over time by accounting, conspiracy and

Whats anonymous for me? For me Anonymous has the wings for the next
been a strange journey. In inspiring OP to appear
Well for me the internet is July 2011 i was was moved before i re-emerge into the
a living thing, its grows, enough by reading daylight.
evolves and lives. Atopiary’s work in the Anonymous you are
Anonymous is like the mainstream media, to get awsome and powerful in a
chemo for the cancer that off my arse and make a very disorganised way. We
threatens the internet. twitter account just to be will always be legion, just
able to voice my opinion on not always be visible.
Ive been in anonymous for the LuLzsec work. I cheered #ExpectUs Nov5th 2013
nearly a decade now, since them on wholeheartedly up
its beginings on 4chan, I until the arrests. I arranged
watched it grow from /b/ some ground support for
(fuck rules 1&2) and spread their court cases. Having
across many mediums. had my eyes opened to one
Its the chaotic nature that thing, i went on to research
keeps me around, every and campaign against many
time I come home from a other issues that i feel are
lame ass job that bores me, wrong. unfortunately IMO
and I open my browser, there will never be another
infomation and the pure LuLzsec time. Anonymous
data love fill my mind to be has changed with time, and
shared, used and saved. is not the same mindset that
the collective once had. This
It’s the freedom that I is not a problem, everything
cherish, to say what the fuck changes. As many of you
I want when ever I want. I know, the sentences have
dont care who’s listening. been passed down by the
system, and jake and the
other arrestees have
accepted their punishment,
and moved on with their
lives. So for me the circle
is complete. I shall allways
support the overall idea of
Anonymous, but i will wait in

In 2008, a leaked video Anonymous activists and Besides the live protests, we
of Tom Cruise showed hacktivists are planning new can probably expect some
the actor and prominent protests against the Church online manifestations as
Scientologist energetically of Scientology. well.
enthusing about the Church OpChanology has been
of Scientology. around for five years now,
The Church moved swiftly but Anonymous seems to be “From what I’ve
to have it removed from determined to keep it going. 
seen, most hacking
YouTube, and in doing so
helped inspire a new, as-yet “Five years ago, the first
isn’t people
unknown foe: Anonymous. worldwide Anonymous vs stealing other
Until this point, Anonymous Scientology protest brought people’s money
had been made up of over nine thousand anons but people reacting
mischievous frequenters of to the streets in protest of
with moral outrage
message boards like 4Chan, the abusive practices of this
intent mainly on pranks. cult,” representatives of the
towards the actions
But with Scientology in its movement said. of various
sights, the group embarked governments and
on Project Chanology - a “Project Chanology is the corporations.
co-ordinated effort to use longest-running Anonymous
No wonder the EU
various hacking techniques project ever, marked
to disrupt the Church in any Anonymous’s first major
want to prevent it.
way it could. protest against anything, As far as I’m
Chanology was the first “op” and remains its largest real concerned, the
that mobilised the hacktivists world action. In February hackers are the
in this way, recalls Dr Martin 2013, we mark our fifth
good guys here.”
Poulter from the University anoniversary.”
of Bristol.
“Scientology gave them a A total of 22 protests are
target to organise around, scheduled to take place this
and brought them off the month all over the world,
internet and into real life. including Canada, Belgium,
“You wouldn’t have people France, Germany, Norway,
in streets around the world the United Kingdom, and the
in V for Vendetta masks if it United States.
wasn’t for Scientology.”

ress in tackling
Minister claims prog
online porn
They’ve already tried to Viewing footage or photos of “Despite the absence of
block sites that may contain adults having sex is not evidence, the myth persists
copyright-infringing material going to harm kids at all. that an abundance of sexual
(and failed): how long before There are societies (in the explicit material invariably
those same lobbyists Amazon etc) where the leads to an abundance of
demand that sites that whole family lives in 1 hut, sexual activity and
criticise their products, in and children regularly see eventually rape. Indeed, the
opposition to their own adults having sex. There are data suggests the opposite.”
million-dollar marketing, no known cases of rape or
are blocked too? Gov/Big pedophilia in these ”pornography not only can,
Business just want to turn societies. Most of us grew but does, help to prevent
the internet into one big, up seeing some porn before criminal sex problems”
state-approved, propaganda we were legally allowed to,
channel. and most of us aren’t rapists ”upbringing of
or pedo’s. offenders was usually
sexually repressive”
“Most frequently, ... (in the
US) those who committed “Although a rapist, like any- http://www.sexarchive.info/
sex crimes typically had one else, might find some BIB/DIAM/japan.htm
less exposure to S[exually] pornography stimulating, it
E[xplicit] M[aterial] in their is not sexual arousal but the There are certain things on
background than others and arousal of anger or fear that the internet I don’t
the offenders generally were leads to rape. particularly want to see, so
individuals usually deeply Pornography does not I don’t go looking for them.
religious and socially and cause rape; banning it will But however abhorrent I
politically conservative and not stop rape. In fact, some might find these things,
held rigid conservative studies have shown that even more abhorrent is the
attitudes toward sexuality.” rapists are generally idea that someone else can
exposed to less tell me what I can and can’t
pornography than normal look at, and that I could go
males.” Groth, A. N. (1979). to prison merely for looking.
Men Who Rape:
The Psychology of the

I saw some gay deprived of real news and be what the state run media
real information and once tells us it is.
porn last night,
again the government will We’re digging a hole for the
which turned me be in control - its about future generations...
completely gay. avoiding the european
Thankfully, I was spring. Bad people do bad things,
able to turn and have done since
humans first roamed the
myself back by
This is NOT about porn. planet. But rather than
watching some getting to the root-cause of
straight porn This is solely about your the problem, let’s just ban
immediately government taking control of pictures, books, records,
afterwards. your internet access. videos, computer games
and now the internet.
See how ridiculous
Freedom of information has
their argument is? always been a threat to No image has the power to
Porn doesn't cause government. Until recently turn someone into a rapist
sexual behaviour or our govt criticised China for or paedophile.
preferences. web censorship. I watch loads of pretty
graphic horror movies. I
Criminals will
Pot, meet kettle...and so don’t think I’ve dismembered
commit crime much for democracy! anyone.
whether porn exists If images and videos
or not. It starts with censorship of influence behaviour this
child porn and movie/film much, then why aren’t there
Just an excuse to censor piracy, but once that can of people randomly breaking
the web. Once it starts for worms has been opened out into stand up comedy on
‘web porn’ and ‘extremist’ 20 years down the line we every street corner?
sites it will follow exactly the leave our children with an
same route as the Chinese internet censored by
and North Koreans and corporate interests.
clamp down on everything
and anything the govern- All opposing views will be
ment might consider to be a blocked, no online petitions
problem. Thus we will all be or protests and the truth will

Anonymous Operation Syria -

Press Release
Anonymous has watched Front succeeded in creating a loss as to exactly how
with deep satisfaction the a massive breach of multiple to deal with and properly
recent public disclosure domains and dozens of disclose such a vast trove of
of over 2 million E-Mails servers inside Syria. This important information. But
belonging to the evil team had been working day there is one organization
Assad regime and related and night in shifts for weeks that is supremely well
companies in Syria. to accomplish this feat. So equipped to handle a
Anonymous has been large was the data available disclosure of this magnitude,
assisting the protesters in to be taken, and so great WikiLeaks. Having already
Syria since the first week of was the danger of detection formed a partnership with
their revolution over a year (especially for the members WikiLeaks in the disclosure
ago, and we are grateful of Anonymous Syria, many of the “Stratfor Files”,
to see such a mighty blow of whom are “in country”) it seemed natural and
dealt to the Assad regime. that the downloading of this obvious to continue this
But as we read through the data took several additional historic partnership between
seemingly endless media weeks. Anonymous and WikiLeaks
coverage of this massive with the disclosure of the
and historic disclosure, On March 14, 2012 “Syria Files”. And thus...
there seems to be one very after analyzing the truly
obvious question that no staggering trove of E-Mail On July 5, 2012 - Five
one is asking. Where exactly recovered in this hack, months virtually to the day
did WikiLeaks get all these participants in Anonymous after the brave hackers of
E-Mails? This press release Op Syria isolated the Anonymous and the PLF
is written and addressed to personal E-Mail of the breached the Assad regime
the media and the world to dictator Assad and his wife servers, WikiLeaks released
answer this important un- and publicly released this to the world 2.4 million
asked question. small trove to the world via E-Mail files belonging to the
a press release similar to Syrian regime and various
On Febuary 5, 2012 at this one. This disclosure Syrian companies. And this
approx. 4:00 PM ET USA made headlines around the is just beginning, expect
an Anonymous Op Syria world, but it remained just a many more disclosures of
team consisting of elements tiny fraction of the total data this type in the future as
drawn from Anonymous recovered in the original this wonderful partnership
Syria, AntiSec (now known hack. Anonymous Op Syria, between WikiLeaks and
as the reformed LulzSec) and indeed the entire global Anonymous continues to
and the Peoples Liberation collective - were at a bit of grow stronger and change

human history. And as long as the tyrant

While the United Nations remains defiantly in power,
sat back and theorized Anonymous will continue to
on the situation in Syria, work relentlessly day and
Anonymous took action. night - from every country
Assisting bloggers, and every timezone, to
protesters and activists assist the courageous
in avoiding surveillance, freedom fighters and
disseminating media, activists in Syria.
interfering with regime
communications and
networks, monitoring We Are Anonymous - We
the Syrian internet for Are Everywhere - We Are
disruptions or attempts at Legion - We Never Forget -
surveillance - and waging a We Never Forgive
relentless information and
psychological campaign Bashar Assad, EXPECT US.
against Assad and his
murderous and genocidal Anonymous Operations -
government. When world www.AnonymousGlobal.tk
governments would not
send so much as a single Peoples Liberation
bandaid worth of medical Front - www.
supplies to the protesters PeoplesLiberationFront.net
in Syria, it was a team of
six European Anons who LulzSec - http://bit.ly/Kuduif
donned back-packs and
walked almost 400 pounds
worth of medical supplies
over the border (along with
ten pounds of chocolate
candy for the children) and
into Idib, Syria - risking their
very lives to assist our dear
freedom seeking brothers
and sisters inside Syria.

Anonymous Operations Manual

To the federal agencies, Operator: consistent in your location
plutocrats and whoever else Watches over Ops from the and time. They come to
might be reading this you sky and keeps coms open. Expect you there. Even
need to understand one If a Stream is shut down find if you go out alone it will
thing and understand it well. an alternative. Is someone inspire anyone who sees
We will not be silent, we will is stuck in Utah and cries for you and this is why we exist.
not be moved. assistance network within Never be seen unmasked or
Expect Us the collective and bring allow people to follow you
them home. These are often home. Always check your
GroundOps: cryptologist as well being tail.
These are the eyes and entrusted with
feet of the collective. Don information that is to Anonymity and lack of
a mask (or scarf) and take dangerous for immediate leadership:
to the streets with a sign release and instructing “The police ask to speak
or streaming device in others on how to secure to the leader. We told them
tow. This also includes our their data and that there is no leader. They
medical division. You will not communications. didnt understand.” This is
make up the main body of a why Anonymous can not
larger protest but you will be Hackers: be stopped. The powers
needed. We are not leaders No-one but you can teach that be are after our leaders
but we are the elite. you how to do this so they can arrest them
for terrorism. We still exist
PsyOps: Please note many members because there are none.
Propaganda, Dox and take on multiple task. The Anons you have have
information department. Everyone is Anonymous. seen being hauled off to jail
Gather intelligence or Some more, some less. or worse are nothing but the
produce a video. Make mouth pieces of the moment
a new infographic to aid To gain members: and the most recent wave
protesters around the world. Print out fliers and stickers of martyrs. Many of our
Work within our various sis- and cover the area. Find members are as active on
ter hives such as reddit and a public square and hand the ground as they are in
spread knowledge. out leaflets and encourage cyberspace. It is of vital
Before we made memes, others to do the same. If you importance that their true
now we make fliers and have a worthy cause you identities never be linked
chance perception. can sometimes generate a with their online
local cell if you are personas. This is often a

death sentence for an anon the best we have to reach

as the authorities will often the masses. Do not take
raid their houses. this task lightly. If you fail
hard enough strange things
Anonymity can be attained will happen to you. Hashtag
online by running a VPN format #OpOperation.
from a safe harbor country Further support the
through TOR. Let there be operation with pastebins,
no digital trace of your face videos and websites unless
in existence. you have a local cell ground
ops are usually best left
Remember remember the to national or international
5th of November and always calls to action but 3 anons
go forth this day. outside is better than none.
Facebook is the worlds
largest honey pot and infor- Refuse to support any
mation gathering tool with corporation that seeks to
built in facial limit you whether this be
recognition technology and bandwidth caps, restrictions
a nearly all encompassing on your files and media or
database. This coupled with outright censorship. The
their history of working with Genesis of Anonymous was
various governments has brought about in response
led Anonymous to to an all out assault on
collectively boycott their freedom of information and
service. Stay far away from a free and open internet.
FedBook all it will get you Let it never be forgot.
is v&.

Starting your own operation

and finding others:
Currently the spearhead of
operations are on twitter.
Find others at #Anonymous
and #Anonops. While there
is some censorship it’s really

Iran – Become the judge of your government

Most respectable and human rights, and they of assembly, uncensored
honorable citizens of Iran, know it. They are aware information and unlimited
of our existence, and the access to the Internet;
YOU ARE SPEAKING OUT coming cascade, but know your right to a life without
– AND WE ARE LISTENING that they are powerless. As oppression and fear.
we have been forced to fear
YOU are Legion, and we them, now they will learn We are Anonymous.
expect you. The protesters to fear the Power of the We are Legion.
who are imprisoned and People. We do not forgive.
beaten; the bloggers We do not forget.
who are censored; the Most of all, they fear you; Expect us.
citizens who are executed Which is why they have kept
for speaking against the you in shackles for so long.
regime: you are the ones
truly loyal to your country. This is your time, you can
To those that would now seize it and pave the
remain intimidated into way for your own future.
subdued silence: You have The government of Iran
passively enabled your deliberately portrays dissent
government to make a as disloyalty, unjustly
mockery of your freedom. making “examples” out of
Now is your chance for those who speak against
action, for redemption, and sanctioned actions. This
representation. A new dawn strategy only works if people
is approaching, that will set are intimidated into inaction.
you and your great country The government needs
free from the shackles of to be held accountable
oppression, tyranny and for its crimes against you,
torture. It will let you exhale, its citizens. You were the
and finally take the first victim, but now you are the
breath that will fill your judge. Make your ruling.
lungs with strength, wisdom
and freedom. Anonymous; People of Iran, you will
You, Me, Everybody, and not be denied your right
Nobody. Together we can to free speech and free
nullify any threat to our press; your right to freedom

For me, been anonymous is pillar for the new and right, so we can ALL
like being born again. foundations we are building. work towards a common
goal of a better present
I can be who ever i want We are Anonymous and future. From bloggers
without fear. We are legion to talking heads on TV, to
I can like what ever i want We do not forgive professional activists, we
without been singled out. We do not forget should remember at all
I can that one person that Expect us! times that they too have a
says no without being deeply vested interest in
punished. keeping this false paradigm
i can believe what i want of left v right going. Money,
and fight for my right to be a For anyone who’s been prestige and power have
free thinker. paying attention to American DEFINITELY infected the
politics in the last few years, ranks of grassroots activism
People may or may not one thing is abundantly on the right, and although I
agree with my choices in life clear: The discontent at don’t follow the left nearly as
but its those choices...the our political class, our much, I imagine the same
ones I made! that got me government and their dynamic might exist there
here and made me who i am enablers, is universal. From too.
today. the Tea Party to Occupy But, you see, the opportunity
Wall Street and everything for left and right to come
Its on this subject that i in between, its easy to together exists at every
know there are many people see that so much is badly moment of every day. In my
who think the same and broken, and that those own experience, I’ve had
regardless of where we are tasked with trying to fix it, friends who identify with
in the world, we can stand don’t really seem to give a Anonymous, friends who
together and shout in the damn. identify with the Tea Party,
same voice. Even at the grassroots level, and friends who identify
those who have appointed with conservatism all be
There are a lot of things in themselves “leaders” or able to coexist and actually
this world that need those who have risen up get each other to laugh and
changing and this is a through the ranks to be to think. So the question
chance for that tiny whisper perceived as “leaders”, don’t becomes... How do we
to become a voice heard seem terribly interested relearn how to truly become
around world. Eventually in truly finding a way to We, The People?
that voice will be the first bridge the gap between left  

The thought of movements muddy our concentration on their cause and create a
associated with the right this thought of unifying. We universal following.
and left unifying together at can truly seize the agency
the grassroots level, away of our own lives, right here, I hope that Anonymous
from political control, is right now, and try to save is able to create a new
probably one that terrifies this country before it goes inclusive paradigm which
all those invested in our up in flames. can facilitate a unified
false paradigm. From the front, to inform the masses
politicians to the old media If something like this were of the issues, to create
to the new media, SO to take off, there’s no a movement of informed
MANY benefit from keeping doubt that it will be painful, passions, and to liberate all
us separated, from keeping awkward, and probably so of us from the treacherous
us angry and fearful of each daunting as to make many grasps of ignorance.
other, of keeping each other of us want to quit before
at each other’s throats. it ever gets started. But “Let the Games Begin!”
Have no doubt that if we can something worthwhile like
make this work, we will be this, an effort to get We,
attacked relentlessly. But so The People together and
be it. out in the streets, out in our
communities, out into the
But if it were possible, for world, is going to be painful,
just the breifest moment in hard and frustrating.
time, for the many to come I think it’s worth it.
together and throw off the  
chains of the false paradigm What do you think?
that’s been foisted on us...
something amazing might
happen, no?
I am “NOBODY”. I have
If this idea were to ever truly always wanted to make a
take off, it seems the time is difference, but lacked an
right now. Discontent for all effective means to do so.
parts of the political parties I see that Anonymous has
and their sycophantic great potential to alienate
whores is everywhere we the masses or create a
look. There’s no election to unified front to empower

8 January 2013

Tyler – an overview, and interview

with Anonymous
Tyler is touted as ‘WikiLeaks “Tyler Network communities discuss. Anonymous is
on steroids.’ The current site can be accessed currently building the nest for the
(codenametyler.org) is using only the RetroShare rest of civilization so that it
unimpressive – so client. Access is via a can be safe for citizens to
Infosecurity reached out to number of Master Nodes access.”
Anonymous for an update who can invite new users
on its development. to the network to sync with The problem with and for
Infosecurity talked to other nodes on the Tyler WikiLeaks is that it is a
Winston Smith, who fronts network.” snake with a single head,
the AnonUKIre group. Smith both in spokesperson
joined Anonymous a few When it is fully functional, (Julian Assange) and design
years back after falling foul Tyler will be more than (wikileaks.org) – which
of the UK legal system. By WikiLeaks. The common explains, says Smith, “why
trade he is a systems belief is that Tyler is a Julian has become targeted
architect and financial response to an onerous by corrupt governments.”
engineer, having worked for donation regime introduced
several of the leading banks. by WikiLeaks. But Tyler, by design is
He also served in the British according to Smith, there distributed and encrypted –
Army in Northern Ireland. is much more to it. With more like a hydra. Unlike a
WikiLeaks, he explained, snake, if you attempt to cut
“My role [in Tyler],” he says, “the leaks are rarely read off the head (Julian
“is simple. I propose the by people. A small amount Assange), it will be replaced
designs to the Anonymous of [specialist] journalists or by two more nodes and
Collective and they decide researchers read the leaks Anons.
how it gets implemented. and the rest are traditional
I am the most answerable media and then social “Building a network where
person on the project since networks. We need to share all edges point to you means
I have the most bosses.” It data – but most importantly that you will become the
is his professional expertise we need to socially network target. Tyler has tens of
that he is giving “to assist securely as well. Tyler is the thousands of distribution
Tyler in these critical stages network of encrypted uses centers, where anyone can
until it can support itself of accessed currently by share information
it’s own accord.” But, he RetroShare within anonymously to the rest
warns, “Tyler will not be fully Anonymous who are of the network. On a legal
operational until 2014.” For building channels, forums, point of law Tyler is the very
the moment, he explained, lobbies to leak, share and essence of the human right

to a freedom of expression. months as many people who

Tyler only exists because want to become involved in
that right is being interfered any aspect of it’s evolution
with.” will be able to contribute
anonymously. Until that
So what is being time, I will be answerable to
developed is a complete, Anonymous for its design
secure and anonymous and architecture. It does
distributed social network, not mean it’s my project – it
where individual members means I am the one people
of the public can whistleblow can shout at. Many other
securely, network with Anons are involved –
fellows anonymously, and anonymously.”
feel safe from surveillance:
it is, says Smith, “a fully Update
encrypted social network Winston Smith has informed
owned by its participants Infosecurity that he does not
and not a single organiza- front AnonUKIre. This was
tion.” Features will include the author’s interpretation,
all of the standard social and is incorrect.
network functionality,
including VoIP, Wall,
Forums, Chat, Microblog,
and Blog. Credibility will
be monitored by support
of Whuffie features; and
internal ecommerce through
support for Bitcoin wallets.

“An open source, open

contribution based system
is being developed so that
Tyler will be open to all
for design, development
and implementation – as
it should be. Within a few

In a society that values block Internet we do not forgive, we do not

technology for both its communications in and out forget, expect us,” sends a
potential for good and its of the country. Disturbed, clear message of their
capability for evil, the the Anonymous hactivists intentions towards those
“hactivism” tactics of sprung to action by hacking they deem a threat to
loosely-affiliated hacker the Tunisian government’s society.
group Anonymous has servers and showing the
provided a glimpse into the rebellion how to go around Despite its work against
shifting boundaries of law, the government’s ploy, these enemies, its tactics
ethics and the morals of according to Al Jazeera. are intimidating and
activism. unconventional in that the
More recently, Anonymous group does not wish
The group uses its collective has hacked Israeli govern- physical harm on
expertise to manipulate the ment websites, leaving perpetrators of rights
system in a way that, to its messages saying “Stop violations; only a revelation
followers, is morally right. bombing Gaza!! We Anony- of a hidden truth in need of
mous will not sit back and exposure.
Despite working for human watch a cowardly Zionist
rights, a valiant cause, the State demolish innocent What makes Anonymous
tactics of the group are people’s lives.” strikingly intimidating is that
ethically wrong. Yet they it uses tactics that are
have created important Perhaps its greatest trait, ethically wrong to achieve
dialogue that needs to be Anonymous does not have goals that are morally right.
considered as technology a leader. It does not have a The ethical dilemma of
improves and the borders headquarters and it seems whether or not to condone
of our society change with nearly impossible to know this type of vigilantism begs
further globalization. for sure who is in the group. to question the reasons the
The only thing that connects vigilante acts are conducted.
When Tunisia sparked the the group of hackers is that
Arab Spring movement in they collect intelligence of To just play devil’s
2010, demonstrations and wrongdoing and combine advocate would undermine
protests ensued that their forces to try and the serious consequences
threatened the tenure of eradicate it. that borderline lawlessness
long-time president Zine can create. If the system
El Abidine Ben Ali. The Their adage, “we are of checks and balances
Tunisian government tried to anonymous, we are legion, that Anonymous is trying to

put in place becomes too

strong, it raises the concern
of who would be able to
stand up to the power that
the group gained through
working outside of the law.

There are evils in this world.

For every tragedy and
transgression that
occurs, there is a tendency
to question whether
something could have been
done. Anonymous has
gained our attention in
ousting those who they
believe to be evil and it can
only continue as long as
their “Robin Hood” mentality
does not escalate to
anything more nefarious.

Tips for pulling off a hack and not getting arrested...

Pretty much every shops, etc. Doing this anonymously acquire this
activity you do online leaves narrows suspects down disposable equipment. This
a digital footprint that can be enough to where you will can be done by utilising the
traced back to you. I have eventually be caught. It art of shop-lifting, or
compiled this little list of tips, is even considered best employing a local
mostly to keep hacktivists practice to not hack from homeless person to go
around the world safe and anywhere in or near your make the purchase for you
anonymous. home town or towns you in cash. (If anybody has
frequently visit. The more tips on lifting equipment like
1. Remain Nameless - you can jump around, the this, please share!) If the
The second you start more your hacks appear to purchase can’t be attributed
tagging your name on all be unrelated. It may be a back to you, neither can the
of your hacks, you begin to bit of an inconvenience, but equipment if it is found. As
create an identity that can it definitely beats a prison with tip #2, you should make
be documented, tracked, sentence. this purchase/lift in a city
and ultimately traced back or town separate from both
to you if you ever slip up. 3. Use disposable where you live and where
In hacktivism, it is not your equipment - This is you plan to pull off the hack.
name and notoriety that are something that I think is very The more evidence you can
important, but instead it’s important to do, but can also destroy, the harder it will be
the message you are trying be very difficult to pull off. for them to prosecute you.
to convey. There is no need Ideally, when
to “take credit” for hacks. attempting a hack, you 4. Don’t trust ANYONE -
It might even be better for should do it from a machine If you haven’t heard about
your safety if another group running Linux from a USB the Sabu incident, you
takes credit for what you drive and connects to the should go look it up right
pulled off. They will act as a net through a never before now. Even if you have no
shield when the Feds seek used network card. After the good reason not to trust
to crack down on you. hack is complete, both the somebody, don’t do it!
USB drive and the network Remember that you are
2. Never hack from home card should be disposed of doing your hack for the
- This should be common and never used again. message and the movement
sense. Don’t hack from any and nothing else. The
place you are attributed 3a. Acquiring the more people you trust, the
with, including home, work, equipment - To ensure your more vulnerable you make
frequently visited coffee safety, you must yourself to infiltration attacks

such as the ones performed

by Sabu. Keep it to yourself
and give yourself the credit
you know you deserve.
Don’t seek it from anybody

5. What’s done is done -

After you attempt your hack,
leave it at that. Don’t attempt
to go back for more or try to
hack the same server twice.
Don’t encourage others to
hack your same servers
either. Wipe your chin and
walk away. Don’t be the
criminal who returns to the
scene of the crime.

I hope these tips are

somewhat helpful in keeping
hacktivists from being
arrested. Law enforcement
is cracking down and we
have to be prepared to
adapt our methods as they
adapt theirs. Take it for what
it’s worth.

Live Free.
Question Everything.

Anonymity without crime...

It’s really frustrating that a happen much too frequently thoughts and ideas that get
majority of the people I talk for me to be comfortable suppressed on a daily basis
to about the importance of with. because society tells us that
anonymity immediately go it is inappropriate or bad to
to the argument of, “Well, Another reason, as I think have such thoughts. Morality
if you’re not doing anything I mentioned in a previous aside, anonymity gives a
wrong, why do you need to flog post, has to do with the voice to the voiceless and
be anonymous?” fact that sometimes you allows humans to truly
just have things you want to express themselves without
I still haven’t found the best say that don’t get attributed any fear of retribution.
answer for this question yet. to you in any way. Authors
I supposed it’s sufficient have used pseudonyms for
enough to say, “I don’t generations, so this is not a
want to do anything bad, concept that is exactly new
I just don’t want my every to the Internet Age.
movement being tracked,”
but that comes across as a I guess the all in all here
bit overly paranoid. Perhaps would be that anonymity
that’s just a bullet that I will is a pre-emptive layer of
have to bite. protection. Whether it’s
protection from participating
I think that a more in illegal activities or just
reasonable approach to protection of your name,
why I might want anonymity it gives an added sense
has to do with not wanting of security at the loss of
to be FALSELY accused of personal recognition.
something based on some
faulty Bayesian logic that Furthermore, I think that
said I fit the “profile” of the speaking anonymously
perpetrator. This may sound allows us to see a true
a bit paranoid, but I don’t insight into the state of
think it’s too far away from human nature. It let’s us
reality. I like to think that law know what everybody else
enforcement has enough is actually thinking without
competence to not falsely knowing who thought what.
accuse, but it seems to I feel like there are many

The Hacker Manifesto

by +++The Mentor+++ fifteenth time how to reduce if I’ve never met them, never
Written January 8, 1986 a fraction. I understand talked to them, may never
it. “No, Ms. Smith, I didn’t hear from them again... I
Another one got caught show my work. I did it in my know you all...
today, it’s all over the head...”
papers. “Teenager Arrested Damn kid. Tying up the
in Computer Crime Damn kid. Probably copied phone line again. They’re all
Scandal”, “Hacker Arrested it. They’re all alike. alike...
after Bank Tampering”...
I made a discovery today. You bet your ass we’re all
Damn kids. They’re all alike. I found a computer. Wait a alike... we’ve been spoon-
second, this is cool. It does fed baby food at school
But did you, in your three- what I want it to. If it makes when we hungered for
piece psychology and a mistake, it’s because I steak... the bits of meat that
1950’s technobrain, ever screwed it up. Not because you did let slip through were
take a look behind the eyes it doesn’t like me... Or feels pre-chewed and tasteless.
of the hacker? Did you ever threatened by me.. Or thinks We’ve been dominated by
wonder what made him tick, I’m a smart ass.. Or doesn’t sadists, or ignored by the
what forces shaped him, like teaching and shouldn’t apathetic. The few that had
what may have molded him? be here... something to teach found us
willing pupils, but those few
I am a hacker, enter my Damn kid. All he does is are like drops of water in the
world... play games. They’re all desert.
Mine is a world that begins This is our world now... the
with school... I’m smarter And then it happened... a world of the electron and
than most of the other kids, door opened to a world... the switch, the beauty of
this crap they teach us rushing through the phone the baud. We make use of
bores me... line like heroin through an a service already existing
addict’s veins, an electronic without paying for what
Damn underachiever. pulse is sent out, a refuge could be dirt-cheap if it
They’re all alike. from the day-to-day wasn’t run by profiteering
incompetencies is sought... gluttons, and you call us
I’m in junior high or high a board is found. “This is it... criminals. We explore...
school. I’ve listened to this is where I belong...” I and you call us criminals.
teachers explain for the know everyone here... even We seek after knowledge...
Children as young as 11 years

old are writing malicious

computer code to hack accounts
on gaming sites and social
networks, experts have said. BBC News Feb 8 2013.

and you call us criminals. of The Mentor (born Loyd there is a point to hacking
We exist without skin color, Blankenship). It was written that supersedes selfish
without nationality, without after the author’s arrest, desires to exploit or harm
religious bias... and you and first published in the other people, and that
call us criminals. You build underground hacker ezine technology should be used
atomic bombs, you wage Phrack in Volume One, to expand our horizons and
wars, you murder, cheat, Issue 7, Phile 3 of 10. It can try to keep the world free.
and lie to us and try to be found on many websites,
make us believe it’s for our as well as on t-shirts and in
own good, yet we’re the films.
criminals. I mostly work off my own
It is considered a will, as for ideals? well
Yes, I am a criminal. My cornerstone of hacker idealogy of ideas I suppose,
crime is that of curiosity. culture, and it gives some just watching idea’s evolve
My crime is that of judging insight into the psychology and be past on freely
people by what they say of early hackers. It is said with out restriction. I see
and think, not what they to have shaped the hacker labling ideals as retarded
look like. My crime is that of community’s view of itself and restricting; anarchy,
outsmarting you, something and its motivations. The communism, capitalism,
that you will never forgive Manifesto states that facism... they’re lables to
me for. hackers choose to hack restrict the idealogies within.
because it is a way for them
I am a hacker, and this is to learn, and because they For text that inspire me?
my manifesto. You may stop are often frustrated and Probably the Hackers
this individual, but you can’t bored by the limitations of Manifesto by +++The
stop us all... after all, we’re standard society. It also Mentor+++ as it still rings
all alike. expresses the satori of a true today even though it
hacker realizing his potential was over two decades ago.
in the realm of computers. That probably prompts me
The Conscience of a to act but its mostly only
Hacker (also known as The The Manifesto acts as a because I can... or I’m
Hacker Manifesto) is a small guideline to hackers across bored.
essay written January 8, the globe, especially those
1986 by a computer security new to the field. It serves
hacker who went by the as an ethical foundation for
handle (or pseudonym) hacking, and asserts that

Hi anons as you will know also kept me blind to the Now i am anonymous
this is my first post. I facts about the world we Now i am legion
couldn’t think of a better way live in. Now i do not forgive
to introduce myself so this Now i do not forget
seems perfect. NO MORE......... like many NOW EXPECT US
in the world who question
Its been a long journey get- just what the hell is go-
ting here, one i haven’t been ing on, I started looking
able to explain for a year or at alternative sources for
2 but finally its all making information. Internet news
sence. stations,began using you
tube for more than just odd
Let me tell u a little about music and a giggle. THATS
myself im in my 40’s male where it starts THATS where
from the north of england. you start the journey down
I have never been money the rabbit hole.
motivated, have always had
a outrage inside at injustice Sure theres a load of crap
and unfairness and have out there and there are
been mildly awake for most some way out ppl with some
of my life. way out ideas but the fundi-
mentals are all the same.
I say mildly awake as i am
able to stand back and see The populace exists to
the bigger picture this has serve the few.
led me to NOT watch tv to
NOT blindly follow what is But i see signs that the
pumped from the media and world is shaking its head
to trust what truths are fact and clearing the fog that
not fiction. has been so carefully veiled
about us.
Sadly while this self im-
posed “bubbling” away from I want a better world. How
the coersive forces has kept can anyone want to bring a
me safe from propeganda, child up in this mess.
spin, lies and deceit it has

The Snowden files: why the British

public should be worried about GCHQ
John Lanchester sense felt by many on the computers, with the potential
The Guardian 3 Oct 2013 left that it is always wrong to destroy our infrastructure
for states to have secrets. and, literally, make the lights
When the Guardian offered I’d put it more strongly than go out; we have enemies
John Lanchester access that: democratic states need who want to kill as many
to the GCHQ files, the spies. of us, the more innocent
journalist and novelist was the better, as possible, by
initially unconvinced. But The philosopher Karl any means possible, as
what the papers told him Popper, observing the a deliberate strategy; we
was alarming: that Britain is second world war from have enemies who want to
sliding towards an entirely his academic post in New develop nuclear weapons,
new kind of surveillance Zealand, came up with and thereby vastly raise
society. a great title for his major the stakes for international
work of political thought: diplomacy and the threat
In August, the editor of the The Open Society and Its of terrorism; and we have
Guardian rang me up and Enemies. It is, in its way, common-or-garden serious
asked if I would spend a a shocking phrase – why criminals, who also need
week in New York, reading would the open society have watching and catching.
the GCHQ files whose enemies? (But then, the title
UK copy the Guardian of Charles Repington’s The I get all that. It doesn’t thrill
was forced to destroy. First World War, published me to bits that the state has
His suggestion was that it in 1920, was shocking too, to use the tools of electronic
might be worthwhile to look because it implied that there surveillance to keep us safe,
at the material not from a would be another one.) but it seems clear to me
perspective of making news that it does, and that our
but from that of a novelist We do have enemies, right to privacy needs to be
with an interest in the way though, enemies who are qualified, just as our other
we live now. in deadly earnest; enemies rights are qualified, in the
who wish you reading this interest of general security
I took Alan Rusbridger up dead, whoever you are, for and the common good.
on his invitation, after an no other reason than that
initial reluctance that was you belong to a society like Reassuring read
based on two main reasons. this one. We have enemies My week spent reading
The first of them was that I who are seeking to break things that were never
don’t share the instinctive into our governments’ meant to be read by

outsiders was, from this has specific enemies and video gaming; in short,
point of view, largely knows who they are and the everything digital.
reassuring. Most of what kind of harm they intend, it In the US, the Prism
GCHQ does is exactly the is welcome to target them to programme may have given
kind of thing we all want it make the rest of our polity the NSA access to the
to do. It takes an interest safe. I say again, on the servers of companies such
in places such as the evidence I’ve seen, this is as Google and Facebook; in
Horn of Africa, Iran, and mainly what GCHQ does. I the UK, GCHQ has gained
North Korea; it takes an would add that the Guardian a similar degree of access
interest in energy security, and its partners have gone via its Tempora programme,
nuclear proliferation, and in to a lot of trouble to prevent and the two of them
state-sponsored computer any unnecessarily damaging together have a cable- and
hacking. detail about this work being network-tapping capabilities
published. collectively called Upstream,
There doesn’t seem to be which have the ability to
much in the documents Problems and risks intercept anything that
about serious crime, The problems with GCHQ travels over the internet.
for which GCHQ has a are to be found in the This data is fed into a
surveillance mandate, margins of the material database called XKeyscore,
but it seems that much of – though they are at the which allows analysts to
this activity is covered by centre of the revelations that extract information “in
warrants that belong to other have been extracted from real time”, ie immediately,
branches of the security the Snowden disclosures, from a gigantic amount of
apparatus. Most of this and with good reason. hoovered-up data.
surveillance is individually The problem and the risk
targeted: it concerns specific comes in the area of mass In addition, the NSA has
individuals and specific acts capture of data, or strategic encouraged technology
(or intentions to act), and as surveillance. This is the kind companies to install secret
such, it is not the threat. of intelligence gathering weaknesses or “backdoors”
that sucks in data from into their commercially
Even Julian Assange thinks everyone, everywhere: available, supposedly
that, and said as much in from phones, internet use secure products. They have
his alarming and perceptive from email to website visits, spent a very great deal of
book Cypherpunks: social networking, instant money ($250m a year alone
“Individual targeting is not messaging and video calls, on weakening encryption),
the threat.” When the state and even areas such as on breaking commercially

available security products. To get a rough version Act. That last isn’t too
Other revelations have been of this knowledge, a arduous, because the agent
published in Der Spiegel, state once had to bug can choose the justification
and concern the NSA phones manually, break from a drop-down menu.
exploitation of technology into houses and intercept This is the way we live now.
such as the iPhone. letters, and deploy teams
of trained watchers to British reaction
Access all areas follow your whereabouts. And yet nobody, at least in
What this adds up to is a Even then it was a Britain, seems to care. In
new thing in human history: rough and approximate the UK there has been an
with a couple of clicks of process, vulnerable to extraordinary disconnect
a mouse, an agent of the all sorts of human error between the scale and
state can target your home and countermeasures. It seriousness of what
phone, or your mobile, or can now have something Snowden has revealed, and
your email, or your passport much better than that, a the scale and seriousness
number, or any of your historically of the response. One of
credit card numbers, or your unprecedented panoply the main reasons for that,
address, or any of your log- of surveillance, which it I think, is that while some
ins to a web service. can deploy in a matter of countries are interested in
seconds. rights, in Britain we are more
Using that “selector”, the focused on wrongs.
state can get access to This process is not without
all the content of your supervision, of course. In In Europe and the US, the
communications, via any of order to target you via one lines between the citizen
those channels; can gather of these “selectors” – that’s and the state are based on
information about anyone the technical term – the an abstract conception of
you communicate with, can agent of the state will have the individual’s rights, which
get a full picture of all your to type into a box on his or is then framed in terms of
internet use, can track your her computer screen a what the state needs to do.
location online and offline. It Miranda number, to show
can, in essence, know that the process is taking That’s not the case in
everything about you, place in response to a Britain: although we do have
including – thanks to the specific request for rights, they were arrived at
ability to look at your information, and will also by specific malfeasances
internet searches – what’s need to select a justification and disasters on the part of
on your mind. under the Human Rights the state.

Every right that limits the judicial inspections at GCHQ publication of information
behaviour of the police, from is secret. about this is to the bad
the need for search warrants guys. (Girls too. But mainly
to the (now heavily qualified) So it is a perfectly sealed guys.)
right to silence to habeas mechanism: we aren’t
corpus itself, comes from interested in rights in The answer is evident,
the fact that the authorities the abstract, and we are I think, in the under-
abused their powers. prevented by law from remarked fact that Osama
hearing about any of the bin Laden’s compound in
This helps to explain why specific abuses which might Abbottabad didn’t even have
Snowden’s revelations, start to focus our attention. a telephone line running
perceived as explosive in into it. In other words he
American and Europe by The documents make clear not only didn’t use the net,
both the political right and that GCHQ’s eavesdropping computers or phones in
left, have been greeted abilities are on a scale any way at all, ever, he was
here with a weirdly echoing unmatched anywhere in suspicious of the actual
non-response. In the rights- the free world, and they physical apparatus itself.
based tradition, the flagrant privately boast about the
abuse of individual privacy “more permissive legal This means that the bad
is self-evidently a bad thing, environment” in the UK – guys know very well that
a (literally) warrantless and yet, nobody seems to they have to be careful.
extension of the power of care. It’s tragicomic that the (It should also be noted
the state. surveillance story which that the absence of any
most gripped the public electronic footprint at the
Here in the UK, because imagination concerned Abbottabad compound was
we’ve been given no specific Poole borough council’s – as depicted in the movie
instances of specific wrongs use of the Regulation Zero Dark Thirty – a sign
having been committed, the of Investigatory Powers to the spies that something
story has found it hard to Act 2000 (Ripa) to spy fishy was afoot. Nobody
gain traction. Even if there on a family suspected of innocent has no electronic
were such instances – just cheating in regard to school footprint.)
as there were 2,776 rule catchment areas.
violations by the NSA last Some of the jihadi materials
year alone – we wouldn’t Helping the bad guys I read in the GCHQ
know anything about them, It’s worth taking a moment documents make it clear
because the system of to ask how helpful the that the terrorists are very

well aware of these issues. If hundreds of thousands of realising it had happened. In

There is a stinging jeer in people had access to these effect they’re saying, “your
one jihadi text, apropos secrets, how secure were secrets are safe with us,
a Swedish documentary they? The NSA and GCHQ except when we lose them”.
that made clear certain had no idea that Snowden
bugging capabilities in had this material, and There’s one further
Ericsson’s mobile phones: apparently still don’t know conclusion to draw from
“It is customary in the exactly what is in it – which the fact that so many
Scandinavian countries is one reason they’ve been people had access to this
to publish such helpful panicking and freaking out. material. It means that
materials.” this story would at some
But if they didn’t know that point have come out. A
While the broad details Snowden had copied it, programme of this scale
of general strategic how could they possibly in a modern democracy,
surveillance are shocking be sure that someone else involving hundreds of
and need to be known, the hasn’t also taken a copy thousands of people with
thing that would be helpful and slipped it to the Chinese access to the fact of total
to the bad guys is the or Russians or Iranians or internet surveillance, was an
publication of the specific al-Qaida? It was cheeky unkeepable secret. It may
technical details. These the of Oliver Robbins, deputy be no comfort to Snowden
Guardian and its partners national security adviser as he faces his future, but
have gone to great lengths in the Cabinet Office, to someone somewhere would
to keep secret. harrumph about “very eventually have done what
poor information security he did. Some dams are
The unkeepable secret practices” on the part of fated to burst.
Bear in mind also that David Miranda, the partner
these documents were of Guardian journalist What’s new
widely circulated: out of Glenn Greenwald who was This brings me to my
the 4.9 million Americans detained at Heathrow under second reservation about
with access to classified anti-terror laws. looking at the material:
information, 480,000 the question of whether
private contractors in the Our spooks lost at least it contained anything that
US had the “top-secret” 58,000 pages of classified we didn’t already know.
security clearance issued to documents to a US civilian In the Tony Scott movie
Snowden. sitting at a workstation in Enemy of the State, the
Hawaii, and did so without paranoid former NSA spook

played by Gene Hackman analogous to the manner “Sigint” is signal intelligence,

lays it out with complete in which we all know which is what GCHQ
clarity: “The government’s surveillance is pervasive does. “Development”
been in bed with the entire in police work, and yet means – well, that’s the
communications business police methods are by law crux of it. It means finding
since the 40s,” he says. forbidden from being used out new things, exploring
“They have infected in evidence, or indeed new technologies, and
everything. They can get even mentioned in court. developing new ways of
into your bank statement, The ban on mentioning finding “targets”.
computer files, email, listen police surveillance is there
to your phone calls.” because they don’t want When you look at the
us to realise how much of it documents, it appears to be
That movie came out in there is. We all know that, the case that SD provides
1998, and was a hit, seen and yet it doesn’t seem to the legal basis for mass
by many millions, so even matter much. Perhaps the surveillance of the kind
then, in some sense, GCHQ stuff was the same? revealed in the Tempora
everybody knew about the and Prism programmes. The
work of the NSA/GCHQ. I’ve changed my mind mandate of GCHQ – which
People who kept informed about that. It was changing by the way didn’t have a
on these subjects have for anyway as I thought more legal basis of any kind until
decades been careful about about the meaning of 1994 – is surveillance for
using specific words over Snowden’s exposures, and reasons of “national security,
the phone, especially over it has changed more still economic well being, and
transatlantic phonelines. now that I’ve looked at them serious crime”.
I remember Christopher first-hand.
Hitchens, at the time that The main law concerning its
concern about Salman Broad definitions activities is Ripa. If you read
Rushdie’s welfare was at its I’ve said that the concerns this 2000 act (which, by the
peak, wouldn’t use his name over GCHQ are at the way, I don’t recommend,
over the phone but would margins of what it does: since it’s tortured and
instead refer to “our mutual but those margins are very laborious even by the
friend”. broad. They especially standards of statute-speak),
concern things that are it’s clear that the main focus
So in some sense, perhaps referred to in the documents of its provisions is targeted
it’s true that everybody as “SD”, which means surveillance. It’s about
knew. This would be “sigint development”. what the spies and cops

are allowed to do to catch he’s making drawings of modern living. Digital life
specific bad guys. seabirds, only why has he is central to work: many
accidentally made accurate of us, perhaps most of us,
Ripa is pretty broad in sketches of that nearby spend most of our working
its drafting, and it seems naval base, and why does day using a computer.
apparent that the intention he have a heavy German Digital life is central to our
was to let the authorities do accent … ? leisure: a huge portion of
anything they wanted with our discretionary activity has
phones and email. And yet, The current spying laws a digital component, even
it nowhere explicitly allows continue to lag behind things which look like they
the mass interception of reality, not only because are irreducibly un-digital,
communications by people the spies are less from cycling to cooking.
about whom the state has concerned with mysterious (I once happened to visit
no reason for suspecting birdwatchers, but because Google’s offices in Victoria,
anything – which is what life itself has changed. where there’s a live stream
programmes such as of people’s queries on a
Tempora and Prism permit. Formerly, the activities for huge flat screen. Most of
which the spies were on them were in Japanese. My
Behind the times guard were visible acts of host, who speaks Japanese,
The law always lags wrongdoing and intelligence- glanced at them and looked
behind technology, that’s gathering: enemies making at her watch. “Recipes,”
inevitable. If you look at the maps of naval bases, or she said. “It’s 7pm in Japan,
first version of the modern breaking into offices, or people have just got in from
Official Secrets Act, which bribing civil servants, or work and are thinking about
was made law in 1911 seducing and blackmailing what to cook.”)
and is still the main broad other spies, or any of the
statement of government other ways in which they As for our relationships
secrecy in effect today, its could try to steal secrets. and family lives, that has,
first provisions concern especially for younger
the making of “maps and In the case of modern people, become a digital-
charts”. signals intelligence, this first activity. Take away
is no longer true. Life has Facebook and Twitter,
It is evident that the kind of changed. It has changed instant messaging and
spying on the lawmakers’ because of the centrality Skype and YouTube, and
minds concerns a chap of computers and digital then – it’s hard to imagine,
in plus-fours claiming that activity to every aspect of but try – take away the

mobile phone, and see an electrical socket. From facial recognition software,
the yawning gap where all the GCHQ engineers’ point which already exists and is
human interaction used of view, they would do that improving sharply.
to take place. About the if they could. And there are
only time we don’t use a few people out there on Further add the capacity for
computers is when we’re whom it would be useful to surveillance brought by the
asleep – that’s unless we be able to eavesdrop via “internet of things”, involving
have a gadget that tracks an electrical socket. But the the inclusion of internet-
our sleep, or monitors our price of doing so would be a enabled computer chips in
house temperature, or our society that really did have everything from cars (where
burglar alarm, or whatever. total surveillance. Would it they already are, in high-end
be worth it? Is the risk worth models) to fridges to plants
This is the central point the intrusion? (which will tweet their minders
about what our spies and when they need to be
security services can now That example might sound watered). This might sound
do. They can, for the first far-fetched, but trust me, like science fiction, but the
time, monitor everything it isn’t quite as far fetched current estimate is that there
about us, and they can as all that, and the basic will be 20bn such devices in
do so with a few clicks of intention on the part of the use worldwide by 2020.
a mouse and – to placate GCHQ engineers – to get
the lawyers – a drop-down everything – is there. Add to this the fact that
menu of justifications. a lot of this electronic
Consider the direction in potential gives access not
Surveillance ambitions which we’re moving. Britain just to external real-world
Looking at the GCHQ has more CCTV cameras data – our locations, our
papers, it is clear that than anywhere else in the conversations, our contacts
there is an ambition to get world, by a huge margin. books – but to the inside
access to everything digital. Nobody knows how many of our heads. I call this the
That’s what engineers do: CCTV cameras there are “knowing you’re gay” test.
they seek new capabilities. in the country, but the Most of us know someone
When it applies to the most respectable estimate who has plucked up the
people who wish us harm, seems to be the one courage to reveal their
that’s fair enough. Take a made by Cheshire police homosexuality, only to be
hypothetical, but maybe in 2011, which came up cheerfully told by friends and
not unthinkable, ability to with a number of 1.85m. family, “oh, we’ve known
eavesdrop on any room via Add to this the capacity for that for years”.

Now, though, search everybody’s internet use our everyday convenience,

engines know facts about seems to be a clause in and the continued need
people’s thoughts and Ripa allowing interception for warranted access
fantasies long before of “at least one end foreign” for security and law
anyone else does. To put communications. Whack on enforcement”.
it crudely, Google doesn’t to this a general purpose
just know you’re gay before certificate from the secretary That’s a total non-sequitur:
you tell your mum; it knows of state, and a general Omand seems to think
you’re gay before you do. warrant, and bingo, this that just because we hand
And now GCHQ does too. allows full access to traffic data over to Google and
via companies such as Facebook the government
Google and Facebook – automatically has the right
New society because their servers are to access it. It’s as if, thanks
What this means is that located overseas. I can’t to a global shortage of
we’re moving towards a believe that that was the sticky gum, envelopes can
new kind of society. Britain intention of the people no longer be sealed, so as
is already the most spied who drafted Ripa, who a result the government
on, monitored and surveilled were surely thinking more awards itself a new right to
democratic society there of people taking phone mass-intercept and read
has ever been. This calls from moody bits of everybody’s letters.
doesn’t seem to have been Waziristan, rather than your
discussed or debated, and I nan searching for cheaper Staying within the law
don’t remember ever being tights. All through the GCHQ
asked to vote for it. As for material there is a
how this trend appears There is a revealing moment tremendous emphasis
in the GCHQ documents, in the most recent piece on the legal basis of its
there is something of a gap written for the Guardian by operations, particularly
between how the spies talk Sir David Omand, former in respect of article 8 of
in public and how they can head of GCHQ. He said that the Human Rights Act,
occasionally be found to talk “the real debate we should which grants: “Everyone
in private. be having … is about what has the right to respect
privacy in a cyber-connected for his private and family
It is startling to see, world can realistically life, his home and his
for instance, that the mean given the volumes of correspondence.”
justification for the large- data we hand over to the It is repeatedly stated that
scale interception of private sector in return for “GCHQ operates within

the law” and that “GCHQ which it is legal for the to cover “the prevention of
does it legally” and that state to breach article 8: disorder”, not to mention
surveillance always has “In the interests of national “the protection of health or
to be “justified, necessary security, public safety or the morals”.
and proportionate”. Good economic wellbeing of the
– it would be terrifying if country, for the prevention Extending state power
that weren’t the case. But of disorder or crime, for The totalitarian state in
if GCHQ seldom breaks the protection of health or Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-
the law, it’s because the morals, or for the protection Four would need no broader
law is so broadly drafted of the rights and freedoms legal justification than
and interpreted it’s almost of others.” that: it really does allow a
impossible to break. government to do anything
The notes make the point it likes. It was at this point
Also, in the GCHQ papers that national security, public that I became convinced
there are occasional safety and serious crime are that Snowden’s revelations
glimpses of a different the three current reasons are not just interesting or
attitude, usually to be found for which GCHQ is allowed important but vital, because
in slides which are marked to eavesdrop, but there is a the state is about to get
as “hidden” in PowerPoint chilling addition: “’Just’ 3 at powers that no state has
presentations, or in the the moment. No reason why ever had, and we need to
presenters’ notes to other GCHQ’s remit would not be have a public debate about
slides. (Many of the clearest changed in the future but those powers and what their
documents are internal this is what we are allowed limits are to be.
GCHQ briefings laid out to do at the moment.”
in the form of PowerPoint At a moment of austerity
talks. I was reminded of It’s usually only in books that and with a general sense
Malcolm Gladwell’s great people’s blood runs cold, but that our state’s ability to
joke, in response to whether mine did when I read that. guarantee prosperity for its
he needed audio-visual “Just” three at the moment: citizens is in retreat, that
aids for a lecture: “All power in other words, there are same state is about to make
corrupts, but PowerPoint “just” three reasons why the biggest advance ever
corrupts absolutely.”) GCHQ can violate article in its security powers. In
8, the right to privacy. But public, the state is shrinking;
For instance, a legal briefing that could change. It would in private, it is shrinking until
on the Human Rights be legal in human rights it gets just small enough
Act lists the instances in terms for GCHQ’s mandate to fit into our phones, our

computers, our cars, our communications, metadata Discipline and Punish:

fridges, our bedrooms, our the who and when and
thoughts and intentions. where and how of the “He who is subjected to
communication, but not the a field of visibility, and
Another secret slide content. The idea is that who knows it, assumes
is headed SRA – a the spooks focus on the responsibility for the
mysterious acronym that metadata and ignore the constraints of power;
is not explained. The slide content – so they notice he makes them play
concerns 2P intelligence, your nan logging on to the spontaneously upon
2P meaning second party, net, where and when and for himself; he inscribes in
ie other countries in the how long, but don’t read the himself the power relations
“five eyes” alliance of the actual content of the search. in which he simultaneously
US, UK, Canada, Australia This distinction is written plays both roles; he
and New Zealand. It says into the law in both the US becomes the principle
that an SRA, whatever it is, and the UK. This would of his own subjection.”
“authorises receipt of 2P be reassuring, if the notes
intelligence on UK based didn’t say this: “GCHQ When I first read Foucault’s
targets where GCHQ has no policy is to treat it pretty account of the panopticon,
authorisation”. much all the same whether where the individual at the
it’s content or metadata.” centre can simultaneously
Since GCHQ can spy on Put all these together and it see and judge a whole
any foreign national it wants, is no wonder the documents multitude of other
this can only mean the contain a boast about the individuals, I thought it was
surveillance of people on UK’s “more permissive legal brilliant but overheated.
whom it isn’t legal for GCHQ environment”. Now, it actually seems like
to spy. That looks to me an somebody’s plan. That’s
awful lot like a means of A new panopticon what we risk becoming: a
obtaining permission to spy The prospect this presents society which is in crucial
on people – British citizens? is something like the respects a giant panopticon,
– outside the law. “panopticon” which where the people with
Enlightenment philosophers access to our secrets can
We’ve heard a lot of talk advocated as a design for see, hear, intercept and
about the distinction the ideal prison in the 18th monitor everything.
between content and century, and about which the
metadata – content French philosopher Michel Members of the security
being the stuff inside Foucault wrote in his book establishment always want

more abilities, more tools, people like that, if not by Since 9/11, 53 people have
more powers for themselves permanent, omnipresent, been killed by terrorists in
and fewer rights for us. They ever-increasing the UK. Every one of those
never say “thanks a lot, surveillance? deaths is tragic. So is every
we’re good from here, we one of the 26,805 deaths to
have everything we need”. If we are going to remake have occurred on Britain’s
society in the image of the roads between 2002 and
Public enemies fight against terrorism, and 2012 inclusive, an average
From their point of view – put that secret fight at the of 6.67 deaths a day. Let’s
the point of view of wanting heart of our democratic call that the SDRD, standard
ever more invasive secret order – which is the way daily road deaths. The
powers – al-Qaida and its we’re heading – we need to terrorist toll for 12 years
affiliates are the perfect discuss it, and in public. comes to 0.0121 SDRD.
enemy. Because al-Qaida This means that 12 years of
combines the characteristics Exaggerated risks terrorism has killed as many
of an ideology and a When we do so, it might be people in the UK as eight
network, it is everywhere, it helpful to consider something days on our roads.
is invisible, it is never more called the banana equivalent
dangerous than when you dose (BED). This is a term The security establishment
can’t see it. used in physics to measure will immediately reply that
the amount of radiation this figure leaves out deaths
The new emphasis on emitted by a banana. It is a of terrorism victims abroad
anticipating the actions of number popular with people and the lives saved by its
“lone wolf” terrorists raises who think the dangers of secret actions, none of
this danger even higher: the radiation are exaggerated, which can be made known
risk of terrorism from people and who use it to make the without jeopardising current
who have never been point that almost everything and future operations.
caught committing a crime, is radioactive. A dental x-ray
who have no known terrorist has a BED of 50; serious Is that enough of a
affiliations, who are invisible, radiation poisoning takes a justification for the scale and
who could be anywhere … It BED of 20m; sleeping next to extent of what is happening
is the ultimate version of the someone for one night has a to our privacy? Is the current
scare story that used to be BED of 0.5 and living within supervisory regime – which
called “reds under the bed”. 50 miles of a nuclear power involves senior judges
How can the state every plant for a year has a BED inspecting GCHQ’s actions,
hope to protect us against of 0.9. “within the circle of secrecy”,

and issuing a secret report – strut around in jackboots; it’s are publicly known for their
adequate to the scale of the a country where the police advocacy of human rights
state’s powers? can do anything they like. and government openness.
Similarly, a security state The “circle of secrecy”
I’d repeat the point that as is one in which the security needs to include some
digital technology, and the establishment can do people who are known for
ability to enact surveillance anything it likes. not being all that keen on
through technology, the idea of secrecy.
expands its remit, those We are right on the verge
powers are increasing of being an entirely new My second proposal is for
almost by the day. kind of human society, one a digital bill of rights. The
involving an unprecedented most important proviso on
In the UK we have a strange penetration by the state into the bill would be that digital
sleepy indifference to areas which have always surveillance must meet the
questions of surveillance been regarded as private. same degree of explicit
and privacy. “The innocent Do we agree to that? If we targeting as that used in
have nothing to fear,” don’t, this is the last chance interception of mail and
says William Hague. But to stop it happening. Our landlines. No more “one
who gets to define who is rulers will say what all rulers end overseas” and “sigint
innocent? Who gets to say everywhere have always development” loopholes to
what is contradictory to the said: that their intentions allow the mass interception
“economic wellbeing” of the are good, and we can trust of communications.
UK? If the innocent have them. They want that to be a There can be no default
nothing to fear, why is the sufficient guarantee. assumption that the state is
state reading so many of allowed access to our digital
our emails, and sucking My proposals life.
up so much metadata from There’s no need for us to
our phones and computers, advance any further down As the second most senior
under the umbrella of “sigint this dark road. Here are two judge in the country, Lord
development”? specific proposals. The first Hoffmann, said in 2004
is that the commissioners about a previous version
who supervise GCHQ of our anti-terrorism laws:
Police state include, alongside the “The real threat to the life of
People misunderstand what senior judges who currently the nation, in the sense of a
a police state is. It isn’t a do the work, at least one people living in accordance
country where the police or two public figures who with its traditional laws and

political values, comes not

from terrorism but from laws
like these. That is the true
measure of what terrorism
may achieve.”

Freedom of speech
What is freedom of speech the same. On the internet account posting swastikas
and why is it relevant to you are given the choice to just wanted to offend you
society? choose how you represent and keep you out of their
yourself. In real life you are mentions.
Most people respond that represented by the way
freedom of speech is the you look, by the color of Recently @anon_central
right to say whatever you your skin, by the clothes was suspended for alledgly
want or to voice your own you wear, by your accent, d0xing someone. First off
opinion. While this makes all by your gender and many the person posting most
of you feel better knowing other arbitrary things. On the of that was being an idiot
you wont be murdered internet none of these things but they didn’t d0x anyone.
by your government for matter. What was posted was a
speaking your mind, this link that was in the top
is just a minor point in its Considering this imagine search on google.com.
relevancy to society. Few an account on twitter had They also did not create
people realize that actions images of swastikas and the images posted. Were
are really what enables they said the word “nigger.” they suspended for linking
society to progress through Most people pass by that content that already existed?
freedom of speech. MLK’s I account assuming they Are you going to be happy
have a dream speech was are inherently racist. The when you get suspended
not nearly as important as internet is made up of free for posting a link that you
the simple act of a black speech and symbolism found on google? Did they
man, in those times, walking displayed on a screen. Its cause you to have feels and
up to the podium to speak not made up of anything butthurts? Or did they create
for the oppressed. Freedom tangible. Its 2013 and a platform in which people
of speech is changing your people are still offended discussed other relevant
online habits to avoid NSA by words and symbols on issues about rape that
spying. Freedom of speech a screen. 4chan has used rarely get discussed? Let
is all of the small choices words and symbolism not to us consider what the West
you make daily that you define itself but to keep out Boro Baptist church actually
don’t even think about. the people that have failed did to help the LGBT rights
to understand them in real and communities. Before
In the age of the internet life. People that don’t get the WBC there was no
people still fail to realize that there jokes and fail to grasp way America was ready for
real life and internet, while the simple ideas spread Gay people to marry. The
connected, are not one and around. Maybe the twitter WBC showed the American

population a polar extreme or the words you say on a

on the Gay rights debate. cell phone are be listened
They showed the world a to you will begin to censor
caricture of homophobia. yourself. You start becoming
They showed Americans afraid that the people spying
what their own homophobics may not understand what it
thoughts really looked like. is you are trying to say and
Ironically think you have malicious
the WBC made the world intent. We have seen this
less ignorant on the LGBT happen too many times. We
rights and issues. have the facebook rapper,
the tumblr experiment, the
Even the “negatives” of airport sandwich guy and so
free speech are relevant to on. Spying forces people to
society. Freedom of speech revoke their own freedom of
doesn’t mean you get to expression.
choose who gets to use it.

Recent revelations about

NSA spying have back
the terrible phrase, “If you
have nothing to hide, you
have nothing to fear.” this
is a statement that gets
put out without any real
rebuttal to why or how it is
so detrimental to the growth
of society. We know that
people willing give up liberty
for security in our “Free”
society. I feel they would
be less inclined to if they
knew the harm it caused.
Spying is censorship. If you
believe that everything you
type up on a digital device,

Remember remember the fifth of November.

An unrecognised hero, tortured, dismembered.
Yet his spirit lives on, within each anon.
the ‘sheeple’ are waking, the battle has begun...

The drums they will sound, as gathered is the crowd,

their voices, once silent, will all roar out loud,
a freedom of spirit that shall not be moved,
till the sytem is changed, until things have improved.

Freedom may not seem a dangerous threat,

yet the government fear it, just the thought makes them sweat.
A people who are free, who could think as they please?
Would swiftly and surely bring their world to it’s knees.

Remember remember, the fifth of November,

a million masks and a night to remember,
showing the world the strength of our bond,
through YOU the spirit of Guy Fawkes lives on!

“I don’t believe
in nothing – I
feel like they
ought to burn
down the
world – just let
it burn down

Towards a new Situationist International

1. of this or that unseemly profound inadequacy of
It is a brutal fact that fragment of everyday life, in life has been confusedly
the defining quality of the search for the cool, the expressed, avoided and
proletarian life at the end spiritual or the perfect state recuperated would be
of the first decade of the of wasted oblivion; and in a history of much of the
twenty-first century, the your life and mine, amongst individual and social life of
foundation on which the many others. our epoch. As a corollary,
everyday thought and action the revival of revolutionary
of ordinary people rests, 2. contestation precisely
is a craven acceptance of However, as well as depends on the degree
the separate commodity submission, there is also to which contemporary
economy and the state as a profound but buried dissatisfaction can extricate
unchangeable givens. This discontent with the petty itself from the consumerist,
practical submission exists and idiotic lives that a reformist and escapist
everywhere in the advanced world subordinated to the forms into which it has
capitalist countries. It is production and consumption been diverted and seduced
not just a matter of the of commodities obliges us over the last 30 or more
unthinking obedience of to lead. This misery that years. In place of revolution,
the many good children dares not speak its name, discontent with everyday
(of all ages) who have this festering sense that life has attempted to find
nearly always confined we are utterly wasting our remedies in the new forms
their thoughts, actions and limited time on earth, may of work and consumption
desires to the obviously be evaded, repressed, or held out by a rejuvenated
submissive conventions concealed behind a mask and increasingly
of their times. It is equally of happiness. It may be sophisticated capitalism.
ubiquitous in the endless treated with therapies, The practical negation of
impotent complaints about religions, permitted holidays this misadventure is the
fragments of social life, or forbidden drugs, a new road to social revolution in
in the many varieties of family or a new job, or our times.
contemporary cynicism one of a multitude of other
that sneer as they obey, in changes in our consumption 3.
the swaggering search for of goods and ideologies. As one response to this
status and money of the And yet, after everything, it desperate state of affairs,
urban gang member or the remains. Indeed, a history I propose the formation
petty criminal, in the myriad of the changing means of an international
campaigns for the reform by which our sense of the association of situationist

revolutionaries, a new The new international would a more acute successor to

situationist international. seek to intensify and deepen it. Their efforts have only
Such an association would the theory and practice of its served to demonstrate
in the first instance seek members; and to give them the startling bankruptcy
to catalyze the efforts of a cumulative breadth and of Marxism, anarchism,
its presently scattered power. At the same time, academia, the new social
and isolated members by it would aim to catalyze movements, and the arts. Of
bringing them into intensive dissatisfaction outside course, here and there one
collaboration and discussion its ranks by providing can find small fragments
with each other. The inspiration to dissent, of insight that can be put
efforts of revolutionaries disquiet to obedience, and to good use when torn out
to understand and contest the beginnings of a practical of their original context
the impoverishment theory to individuals who and reintegrated into a
of everyday life under are moving towards the new critique. In general,
contemporary capitalism conclusion that social however, the legacy of
(and first and foremost revolution is the only remedy self-styled revolutionary
the impoverishment of for the poverty of their lives. thought in the last quarter
their own everyday lives) of a century is one of
have proved palpably 4. anachronism, obscurantism
inadequate. Notably, over The emphasis on a and timid reformism. It
the past several decades, situationist international is has not advanced the
revolutionary theory a reflection of the simple revolutionary critique of
has almost completely fact that the thought of the the capitalism that actually
failed to keep abreast first situationist international exists but fled from it.
of developments within provides an unsurpassed
advanced capitalism. In theoretical resource for 5.
particular, it has failed revolutionaries seeking In 1964 the Situationist
to engage with the to engage with capitalism International said of the
devastatingly stultifying under conditions of term ‘situationist’: “For the
notions of consumable commodity abundance. In moment, however ridiculous
happiness and human the twenty five or so years a label may be, ours has
possibility with which since the development of the merit of drawing a sharp
the spectacle has come the situationist project was line between the previous
to secure an uneasy largely abandoned, other incoherence and a new level
acquiescence amongst theoretical lineages have of rigour” (Questionnaire,
much of the working class. had free reign to develop Internationale Situationniste

#9, 1964). One can hardly it will bring these two hostile of alienated work and
say the same today. As forces into open conflict alienated consumption must
situationist thought has been with each other. In this way, find themselves opposed
abandoned by individuals the sophisticated critique of by the proponents of a
with revolutionary intent, modern conditions can be revolutionary solution for
it has been taken up in cleansed of the repellent the interconnected misery of
traduced form by legions taint of academicism and everything that exists. Those
of students, academics, returned to the streets, who would reform social,
architects, artists and where it belongs. At the political and economic
commentators. Its critique of same time, a revivified life so as to prevent our
alienated everyday life has situationist theoretico- uniquely modern discontents
been discarded, attenuated practice must engage with from running out of control
or rendered devoid of the proliferating reformist must be met as enemies
subversive consequences ideologies that address by those who would have
for the everyday lives of the distinctively modern such discontents develop
those who handle it. As maladies of everyday a conscious, coherent and
a result, far from being life without indulging in practical expression.
a badge of rigour, the any overt reference to
adjective ‘situationist’ is situationist theory. As the 6.
now typically to be found more obvious costs and There can be no question
attached to specialised miseries of the expanded of simply reviving the
tools of toothless analysis consumer society of the Situationist International
or justifications for inane past thirty years become that was dissolved in
artistic or leisure activities. flagrant, pseudo-critiques of 1972. It would be absurd
This may seem to make it (and pseudo-remedies for) to think of the practices,
an unpropitious moment ‘consumerism’, ‘affluenza’ organizational form and
to take up again the and stubbornly static theoretical propositions of
situationist label. However, levels of ‘happiness’ and the situationists as providing
revolutionary theory cannot ‘well-being’ increasingly a fixed set of prescriptions
simply ignore or lament clamour for the attention that need only be dusted
its recuperation by the of the spectator and the down and put back into
dominant society; rather, it policy-maker. In response, use. Indeed, it is hardly an
must confront it. One virtue those who believe that the exaggeration to say that
of a revival of an avowedly poverties of everyday life revolutionary theory and
situationist revolutionary are matters of correctable practice stands at present
movement is precisely that excesses within the world in a state of perfectly

scandalous dereliction. critique of work that extends collectivity that serves as

For example, according as far as the well-paid and a cause for the militant, a
to a study by the Kaiser secure employment that shelter for the passive, a
Family Foundation, in remains preponderant in source of vicarious status
2009 American children the advanced western or activity for its members
aged 8-18 spend an economies? It would generally, or a self-
average of 7.38 hours a not be very much of an perpetuating mechanism for
day, seven days a week, exaggeration to answer: organizing the organization.
using the various media nowhere. Inaugurating a As an association of
the society of the spectacle modernized contestation individuals, it would serve to
makes available. The of the advanced, affluent bring together the particular
corresponding statistics capitalism of our era will persons who happen to
for adults are hardly more be at the heart of what be its members at any
encouraging. Where the new international given time for the particular
can one find radical seeks to do. Everything purposes of producing
critiques of the particular must be reconsidered and theory (both individually
ideas of contentment brought up to date so as or in concert with one or
and excitement, or the to ensure we have the more other members) and
general forms of desirable theoretical and practical carrying out actions (both
life, that this torrent of tools that are required individually and in concert
alienated representation today. The lessons of the with other members).
endlessly parades before past (including those of the Theoretical statements
its spectators? Where failure of the Situationist and other practical actions
might the satisfied International) must be would be carried out in the
spectator or the burgeoning learned. The real social individual names of those
malcontent encounter a changes that have occurred who produce them, and on
revolutionary theory that since the heyday of the their responsibility alone.
is sympathetically alive Situationist International Every member would be
to what contemporary (and their consequences expected to participate in
spectacles promise (and to for revolutionary theory the life of the association
some degree deliver) and and practice) must be by using it for one or more
yet is uncompromising in its recognized. of the purposes for which
critique of the lived realities? it was created. Every
Where might workers weary 7. decision that concerns the
of their unhappy dance to The new situationist association should be taken
an unchosen dirge find a international cannot be a by the members as a whole,

either directly or by way of instructions the proletariat reason, although the new
mandated delegates, and need only absorb and act situationist international
in general the association on. It would not consist of will publish its theory,
should be egalitarian in individuals who claim to it must do so solely in
nature. Members would be possess unusual abilities or order to encourage other
free to carry out projects see themselves as having proletarians who wish to
outside the framework of already transcended the understand and suppress
the international and to form sordid, stupid and miserable their misery to pursue an
other associations to do so. lives that everybody autonomous contestation of
else leads. Rather, its their own alienation. In the
8. members would be, and revolutionary army without
The new international would see themselves as officers, drills or uniforms,
must recognize that there being, perfectly ordinary there must only be foot-
are no currents within the proletarians. Their arrival soldiers.
intelligentsia or amongst at the view that social
artists from which an ‘avant- revolution is necessary, 9.
garde’ might be formed. desirable and possible in It might be objected
That is all dead and gone; advance of others is of that a proposal such as
art and the academy are no more significance than this one can avoid an
now wholly integrated the lumps that sometimes abhorrent abstraction
within the dominant society. appear when a sauce only to the extent that
In any event, every last is first stirred; they may it is an immediately
vestige of the unmitigatedly be early but they are not realizable suggestion for
disastrous notion of the special. As can be seen a collaboration between
vanguard party must now from the long history of known individuals. It might
be repudiated. The new failed revolutions (a history also be objected that it is
international would not be “a that has repeatedly seen not obvious whether and
general staff”, not even one revolutionary workers fatally where associates in a new
“that does not want troops” abandon the making of international can at present
(The Counter-Situationist decisions to specialised be found. If I fail to heed
Campaign in Various bodies who claim to these weighty objections, it
Countries, Internationale represent them), social is because I hope that the
Situationniste #8, 1963). revolution depends on public appearance of the
It would not be a separate proletarians acting and notion of a new international
grouping of intellectuals thinking at all stages by will, over time, help to
whose thought and and for themselves. For this crystallize from the currents

of history the forces it needs he or she wishes to have the new international
for its realization. discussed at the conference. might reject anyone who
Individuals who are unable believes that the attacks
10. or unwilling to do this, or of 11th September, 2001
In the event that individuals cannot specify any concrete were orchestrated by the
prepared to create and work steps which they themselves American state. Nothing but
actively within a twenty- would take within the confusion can be expected
first century situationist proposed association, from an individual whose
international do come should be excluded from standards of acceptable
forward, I would suggest the conference. We might evidence and argument are
that the next step should save ourselves a little this low.
be a conference between time by excluding from the
the interested parties. This outset anyone who holds 11.
should preferably be a an academic position or is If an accord can at length be
face-to-face meeting; but if a public practitioner of art. reached as to the terms and
that proves impracticable, it Such assiduous prostration form of a new international,
could be conducted by post before the dominant its inauguration should be
or e-mail. Each participant forms of diminished made contingent on the
should be required to thought and action is successful production of
present beforehand his or necessarily inconsistent a first issue of a journal.
her written views on (a) with participation in an A journal is, of course, not
the minimum definition of association whose only an end in itself. On the
‘situationist’ for the purposes goal is the revolutionary contrary, it is merely one
of the association; (b) transformation of the totality of the means by which
the best organizational of everyday life. At the its writers and readers
structure and procedures same time, it may well be seek to develop firstly a
to be adopted; (c) the necessary to defend the practical understanding of
practical purposes to which incipient association from the constituent elements
the association should be being overwhelmed by that of contemporary alienation
put; (d) the contribution widespread credulousness and the forces of repression,
(theoretical, practical or that seems prepared to mystification, seduction
financial) that he or she believe almost anything, and pseudo-critique that
personally proposes to as long as it places it brings to bear against
make to the association capitalism or the state in dissatisfaction and revolt,
in its initial stages; and (e) an unfavourable light. As a and secondly a practical
any other questions that convenient rule of thumb, communication with

other radically disaffected

individuals and groups. Yet,
an association that cannot
even produce a single
issue of a journal is unlikely
to achieve anything else
of substance. It would be
better if it never was born.

If serious discussions
about the creation of a new
situationist international are
entered into, everything
written above will be open to
debate and alteration.

The Creed
1. Anonymous is an (1) kings. Emperors and tyrants
immaterial idea The will of Anonymous is feared it in obsessive
unclassifiable and therefore paranoia, for they knew
2. Anonymous is a living, is unconquerable. This Anonymous was all around
breathing, entity is the root of its purpose. them, ready to strike with an
For kingdoms and armies infected dagger.
3. Any individual can whose objectives and goals Anonymous is the eater
become Anonymous are obvious are easily of kings. Like a mighty
manipulated and destroyed. serpent without a head that
4. Not all can join the When you know what your still slithers in momentous
collective peers want or need, you accord. Its prey are rodents,
know exactly how to control pack-rats of material
5. Anonymous has no head them. wealth and selfish personal
Anonymous needs nor agendas. They cannot
6. Anonymous speaks for wants anything. It has no remove the head of
itself moral brackets that one Anonymous, for it never had
could use to predict it’s one.
7. No one speaks for behavior. Its transparent Those who claim great
Anonymous unpredictability is an power will never hope to
impenetrable shield which amass enough to not shiver
8. Justice is the will of no manipulative force can when Anonymous’ name is
Anonymous hinder or tame. mentioned in their presence.
Anonymous is the “They are the greatest fools
9. Chaos is justice unconfined will of every of all”, says Anonymous. “All
human being. It is the of the clever manipulation of
10. Lulz empowers and accumulation of the wills of men they pride themselves
justice unites every man on Earth, and in, and yet they do not
all of their desires for know? It is their own
Those who follow the creed knowledge and freedom actions which craft me. It is
are Anonymous. Those from oppressors. their greed and desire for
who make the attaining of control over others which
knowledge their highest breathes power into me.
priority, are of the collective. (2) You desire me gone?” asks
Anonymous has always Anonymous. “Easy. All you
- Anonymous existed. It has toppled both must do is remove yourself.”
mighty nations and militant

(3) everyone. Through as a fool, and expect to

That which you dream most Anonymous, everyone be cast out with words of
personally, Anonymous becomes you. chastening.
dreams of equally. You are Take it not as words of
Anonymous. Others are (4) diminishment, but lessons of
Anonymous. Any locomotive Anonymous speaks his own improvement. Again, for
matter which thinks and language. This language is those of wit who understand
feels is Anonymous. knowledge, learning, and the analogy; many wish to
Anonymous is the extension persistence. be in Anonymous’ presence,
which connects you to He is too cruel for many but few are mentally
billions of others internally. and too intelligent for most. compatible for the
We are a collective of Many misinterpret his Conversation with him.
shared experiences, and astonishing wit for
on the macro scale these something vile and outright (5)
interactions merge into a morally malevolent. Those A tyrant will extinguish you
single entity. who cannot speak his by removing your head. An
Anonymous language or share in his enemy will disperse your
is that which exists in your laughter are useless to him. cause by removing its
brain which feels and knows Many are like acquaintances leader. Anonymous
you better than any human to Anonymous, but few are never had a head. It
ever will. truly his friends. Do not removed it itself for the very
Anonymous is the truth in weep if he ignores you, sake of becoming immortal.
your mind which tells you curses you, or calls you No one knows its face or
when you lie to yourself. a fool. Study and show can recognize it’s
It knows you that well. It yourself approved. Know features, but the lack thereof
equally knows each and Anonymous, his past and is what we remember.
every other man, whom are present, and he will add Controlists vainly swing a
just as intricate and complex your distinctiveness to his blade at Anonymous’ throat.
as you – though they may own. Prove your usefulness. They do not sever flesh, nor
not always portray it. Make proper grammar a draw blood.
When you denounce the habit in his presence. Be Anonymous only laughs
false identity that you and knowledgeable in the at this display of their
others set up for you (the sciences and choose music weakness and lack of
mask of enslavement), of fine taste. These are the understanding.
you become Anonymous. things Anonymous so truly Anonymous becomes more
Through it you become indulges in. Come to him confident, and with that,

more powerful. Therefore, because you yourself have not even Anonymous.
remove your own head and longed their meaning Here are three enemies of
become undefined. in your past. Anonymous who claim its
Remove your own head Anonymous is entitled right to speak: leaders,
and taste of the chalice of to press his opinions representatives, and
immortality. anywhere, unrestricted of officials. Anonymous has
Remove your head, or you the laws of the foolish and none of these for there is
display it to be removed by petty. Those who ask him to no rank but nothing and no
tyrants. Anonymous is a be silent are, themselves, higher authority than
snake with no head, whose silenced. Anonymous. Judge
bite slays kings. Anonymous speaks and his Anonymous by the contents
Do not think that your ego words are his own laws. of his words and never his
or identity will frighten your He knows no bounds in name or appearance, or be
enemy, for it only gives words and knowledge – he exposed as the fool you are.
them something to hate and speaks poems of salvation
devour. Anonymous cannot and poems of hate. He (8)
suffer this fate, for speaks them all at once and Weak and strong – when
Anonymous is but an idea, whenever he so pleases. out of accord, justice is
crafted in the lust of hope. demanded. Compassion for
(7) the feeble is a trait of the
(6) Individuals who speak for evolved. Anonymous is the
When Anonymous speaks, Anonymous or try to vainly embodiment of these cries,
his words ring true. This is define Anonymous are for without the oppressors of
how you know Anonymous’ always wrong. Even if justice, we would not know
voice, for within the fabric of they are right, they are still Anonymous.
every syllable is truth and wrong. Only Anonymous Anonymous is born from the
empowerment. Anonymous can speak for itself, for the actions of the unjust, just
speaks not of oppressing, collective knows itself and as force on an object drives
murdering, or profit. the entity they embody. it forward. Those who craft
Those who think he does Anyone who claims that injustice sign the deed to
have yet to comprehend Anonymous is anything but their own demise, of which
the punch line. When a contradiction is wrong. Anonymous then seals. The
Anonymous speaks, you They are misinformed and eyes of Anonymous cover
will see the message should seek knowledge the globe. There are over
everywhere. You will feel the before speaking. No one nine-thousand in total.
words and understand them speaks for Anonymous, They constantly search for

misconduct without rest or both the destroyer and the Respect is necessary to
distraction. There is no peacemaker. Whatever truly be heard. Justice unites
action Anonymous can carry remains motionless the collective under a single
out which does not bloom becomes a hoard of mold ethical banner.
some form of justice. It is and bacteria. Those who see this
the will of the collective Anonymous seeks out banner are filled with hope
to be treated justly, and stagnant order and stirs life and support for Anonymous.
therefore they radiate justice into it. Wherever new ideas Hope is the tool of change
unto others. and newfound knowledge which ignites false promises
is kept imprisoned, and illuminates minds lost
(9) Anonymous will be there to in the darkness of fear.
The universe is composed make deserts out of cities. Anonymous give individuals
of collision and cohesion. strength to speak out,
High pressure and low (10) and makes their voices
pressure. Chaos is change The collective is a perfect magnified times nine-
and change is life. balance of imperfection. thousand and one. Without
Anonymous is in constant Those whom seek to be justice, Anonymous is
flux. It is the embodiment of portrayed as only good separated and the people,
change. When Anonymous will be seen as weak for truly lost.We are Anonymous
demands justice, it asks associating only with the We are order and chaos.
not for stagnant order, but weak. Those whom wish to What we protect, we also
disarray and destruction. be seen as evil will be seen destroy.
Anonymous seeks to set as strong for driving the We are the snake with no
fire the overgrown fields blade of fear into the soft head, whose bite slays kings
of the social order so that flesh of the frail. We are logic.
their ashes may nutrient the Anonymous is to be loved We are animals.
growth of healthy plants. and feared equally. Openly just and
Anonymous is not subject Without this contradiction, immeasurable in cruelty.
to so-called “moral facts”, for Anonymous is nothing – We are without count.
they are but figments of the neither criminals nor hippies. We are legion.
mind and in constant flux. Lulz is the vital blood We do not forgive.
The compassion of the of Anonymous. Through it, We do not forget.
collective is balanced Anonymous experiences Expect us.
impeccably on the scales empowerment through all
of life with equal quantities of the collective. Fear is
of logic. Anonymous is necessary for respect.

The Fraud of Happiness

In February 2007, the How does one respond become horrifically aware
European Commission to the poverty, stupidity of the emptiness and
published European Social and inanity that afflict an degrading narrowness of
Reality, a report of the everyday life crushed the domains of family life,
results of a survey of 26,755 beneath economic, social friendship, entertainment,
people living in 27 European and political systems study, work, travel, etc, in
countries (the European that are constructed which we are condemned to
Union member states plus out of the powers and pretend to live, but we are
Bulgaria and Romania). work expropriated from surely happy. We may feel
individuals but are nowhere tired, bored, sick in mind
One of the questions asked under individuals’ control? and body because of the
in the survey was: “taking all humiliating garbage we are
things together would you One could admit that required to think, say and do
say you are…very happy, one’s life is wretched and every day, but we are surely
quite happy, not very happy try yet another electronic happy.
or not at all happy?” toy, therapy, drug, guru,
sport, self-help regime, We may rummage with
In the 25 European Union cultural event, holiday, mounting desperation
states, 89% of respondents style, job, crime, etc; and, through the commodified
described themselves as indeed, these measures joy, fun and ecstasy
very or quite happy. This for refurbishing life without offered by a Bacchanalian
is propaganda directed changing any of the basic consumer capitalism, but we
at one’s self. In an era in conditions that made it are surely happy. These are
which the revolutionary lamentable in the first place the lies we tell to keep us
transformation of society remain popular. from cutting our throats.
has largely ceased to be
regarded as a practical But it would seem that
and imperative project for there are few of us who
individuals, the inevitable are prepared to threaten
deficiency of an everyday our shaky self-esteem by
life relentlessly subjected admitting to too great a
to the dictatorship of disappointment with the life
the economy places the we lead. Hence the ubiquity
individual in a quandary. of professed happiness.
We may from time to time

Anonymous. The Hydra with over 9000 heads.

When Anonymous gained its set by governments that Anonymous has this power
moral compass in the early were not made in the best because we are a collective,
days of 2010 it changed the interest of we the people, to we are legion, because
laws of protest, it brought rally around and fight those we are the last boss of the
civil disobediance as a corporations and banking internet and we have unity.
legitimate form of dissent institutions that would To those that doubt this
back to both the real world attempt to ride roughshod power you need only look
and more importantly the over the rights of people for towards Eygpt, Tunisia,
online world. profit. It came with the idea towards Visa, Mastercard,
that Anonymous spoke towards Monsanto and
Since those days of with one voice as a HBGary and many others.
#OpPayback Anonymous collective, we were legion
has taken part in protests and that legion would join Knowledge is power! The
globally both online and off, and help anyone we felt powers that governments
in Tunisia, Eygpt, Bahrain needed our support. weild are presumed power,
and San Francisco. Its power given to them by us
influence has been felt Anonymous is the hydra the people and like all things
worldwide with the with over 9000 heads, given it can be taken away.
Occupy movement and working as one to bring
marches against Monsanto, justice and freedom to a Anonymous has the ability
ACTA, SOPA and world where the average to remove this presumed
Scientology. citizen only thinks they have power with knowledge,
freedom, a freedom that is by making people aware
Anonymous has always measured by property and of our governments, of
stood for the freedom of material wealth. The reality corporations and banks
the people, freedom of is unfortunately different actions, we can create and
information and because the things u own give that power back to the
freedom of speech and it soon begin to own u. very people that should
still does. weild it, the people of the
Anonymous has the power cities, towns and countries
What gave Anonymous its to change laws, to bring of the world.
strength was the idea that down governments to put an
people had the right to stand end to corrupt corporations Anonymous is the voice in
up and control their own and banking methods. the shadows that shows the
destinies, to oppose rules world that the People should

not fear their governments, The privitisation of our removed if we wish to move
but that governments should NHS, the growing debt forward, a unified whole
fear their people. from the funding of banks cannot hope to exist with a
and corporations who have rotten core.
Anonymous UK only thoughts of profit, the
Now the Phoenix must rise increased use of Bailiffs Those within the collective
from the Ashes. Anonymous to push people onto the that would attempt to
is strong within the UK but streets plus many more and seperate, cause conflict,
except for a few the majority not forgetting the constant threaten or disrupt have no
lie dormant. #OpVendetta attempts to create crippling place within the legion, they
showed our strength and Internet laws. should be dealt with harshly
our unity, showed the people and destroyed, we need to
and governments of the UK Anonymous UK needs to show that Anonymous UK
that we are Legion, but what rise up to face these issues, means business and that we
has happened? to unify as a collective are unified.
and either support actions
To an outsider Anonymous against these policies, laws Anonymous is watching and
UK looks fractured and and disruptions or to actively plans are already forming to
non-functional but if we oppose them. deal with those that would
wish to change and hope attempt to destroy us, in the
to change the world around We need to help the people past Anonymous has dealt
us we must rise up like the of the UK to understand that with those attempting to
Phoenix from the ashes. the power resides within remove the hydra’s heads
them and that only they can with total destruction, just
The UK has faced laws change the world around ask Aaron Barr, it will be no
and policies that have them. We need to do this different now. Like when
disrupted and created through civil disobediance, a wasp attacks a beehive
problems in many peoples knowledge and support both Anonymous should as one
lives, bedroom taxes, wars, online and offline. We need body destroy the intruder.
student fees, the increase to show the UK we are
of laws against peaceful legion and not fractured or Hactivism is not just about
protest, infiltrators to disrupt dormant. knowing your nmap or
legitimate demonstrations, your msfconsole, your
the banking poilicies that are Within Anonymous UK we command line or your
affecting our brothers and see infiltration, abuse and bash command, Hactivism
sisters in Ireland. cancer. These need to be encompasses many forms

of civil disobediance from of those we now hold great,

the spiking of trees by Earth Martin Luther King, Ghandi
first, the graffiti of Banksy, and Che Guavara among
the ddos of CDC or the many, those that have
hacking of Stratfor. known that the few outweigh
the many and that good
Hactivism as an action is people sometimes have to
the ability to make one thing do bad things to make the
become another, to make an world a better place.
innocent object, program or
tool become a message of This is a call to arms to
dissent. the people of the UK and
the world, to Activists and
To make a billboard an Hackers, Anarchists
advert of knowledge, to turn and Libertines to stand up
a cctv camera in on itself, to and to change the world, if
make a website a weapon only by one step at a time,
against its owner or a tree a we can be the change we
defense against a chainsaw. wish to see, we can put the
A bag of sugar in a petrol power back into the hands
tank, superglue in a lock, a of the people. Those that
video of knowledge defacing stand for nothing will fall for
a website or a flashmob anything.
disrupting a bank. This is
hactivism, civil disobediance As one collective
at its purest. Anonymous will stand
beside u, watching,
Security is the key, trust disrupting and gathering.
and anonymity is its power.
Understanding that what We are Anonymous.
u say and do can be used We are Legion.
as evidence against u, but We do not forgive.
only if they know who u are! We do not forget.
Recognising that what u do Expect us.
and the reasons u do it, and
that u follow in the footsteps

Work is the blackmail of survival

I’ll get the dirt over with first, It’s a confusing situation to the image a young working
before it’s thrown at me. be in. On the one hand I do man is required to present,
I am an idler. A parasite. want some of the material he is forced to live beyond
Unpatriotic. OK? Now wealth a steady job could his means. So why does he
that I have no secrets, let bring. On the other hand I do it? He’s not a fool, he’s
us begin. I wasn’t made already have some treasure only like all the others on
redundant; I gave up of my own. I have empty that morning train; he’s a
work voluntarily. For me, tennis courts, long walks, coward. The consequences
and people like me, the the library, afternoon kips, of being a non- worker
Protestant work ethic never peace and freedom. I terrify him.
existed. The problem is that thought for a long time that I
to counter this apparently was alone with this attitude I can only feel sorrow for all
simple choice not to work, towards work, success those young school-leavers
we have against us the etc. However, on talking to scouring the boards down
whole of industrialised friends I have discovered at the jobcentre. They think
western society, and what could be a whole new a job will be the answer to
probably the east as well. social movement. There is all their problems. Someone
a swing towards the opinion has been misinforming
“So-and-So is doing well that work is for donkeys and them. Such dreams they
for himself.” That sentence cowards. Only fools work have! The money, the
will always ring ominously voluntarily, all the rest are friends, the clothes, a car,
in my ears. I know then, bribed or black- mailed. As a a flat! I would point out
without a doubt, that I am rough guide I would say that to them the drudgery of
about to be subjected single people are bribed and clerical work, the agony of
to a catalogue of some married people blackmailed. labouring, and the unending
imbecile’s achievements. It’s grind of repetition. Work
usually parents, in this case Let’s look at someone is not the answer to any
my parents, who take a who fits into this world problems, not even financial
sadistic pleasure in gleefully in the way expected of ones.
reciting the exploits of Mrs him. Bob is an accounts
Whatsername’s progeny. assistant. For six years he This may be only sour
They appear to be under the has worked faithfully for his grapes because I am
impression that the result employer, and for what? The unemployable. There isn’t
will be to inspire me to reach commuting is exhausting a job good enough for
the top in the business and he’s always overdrawn me. There isn’t a job good
world. No chance, Ma. at the bank. To live up to enough for anyone. It never

fails to astound me that in

this world where so much is
possible, and where there is
so much to take your breath
away, so many are prepared
to settle for so little.

It makes my day when I

walk down the street on
a hot afternoon. There I
am in shorts and tee-shirt,
and there are the beasts
of burden. The men all
sweaty in their crumpled
suits, and the girls ridiculous
in the latest fashion. Go
on, buy that new car, get a
“nice” home. You’re quite
welcome, but it’s not for me.

Anonymous & The Public

I was talking yesterday to a or will the whole thing turn with disrespect thus losing
friend about the change in into a clusterfuck and we the respect from many
perception of Anonymous disappear into obscurity? more.
that the public has gone I think we need to to tread
through. carefully with #Ops like People understand we
RobinHood as that puts aren’t hurting anyone.
We were talking about how in an uneasy catagory of They understand we are
the effects of OPs such as criminal and could be our hacktivists. But they do
Sony, Chanology or even undoing. not understand why to the
Tunisia affected the public fullest.
opinion. How much did the What i think is that
increased publicity change anonymous became a Starting from the Church of
Anonymous? Good or bad? huge banner for all types of Scientology versus now?
people to come under and Our image has improved
How did people react fight for what they believe tremendously.
when they hear the name in. When anonymous first
Anonymous, 5 years ago, made head lines it was Correct. its our job to start
3 years ago and now? How for protesting. Something fresh with a better image
much did that change? that citizens and people all that will benefit the people
over the world has done and us in good terms.
This is a good question, for ages. However, when
I think perceptions have members under the banner And that is our short-term
changed drastically, to some started creating splinter cells goal, yes? (:
we are the voice of dissent, (smaller group) like LuLzSec I’ve been searching media
freedom fighters and almost and all that has been done outlets and finding incorrect
heroes for equality to others is hacking, doxing, and information and correcting
we are what the media say ddosing gives the media them without malice. No
we are, hackers, kids and a the ability to shit on the matter how ignorant they
phase. I feel the next year anonymous name and claim may be. -.-”
and how we play it will either and term it whatever they
make or break us. want. Anonymous is going Even my 86 year old uncle
My question is how will under due to the arrests is cheering Anonymous
these perceptions change for stupidity and certain irc ops that he reads about in
us, will we end up a political networks and sites where the media lately. PR is of
party, a terrorist organisation anons and ppl are treating tantamount importance to

any movement/revolution.
We MUST have the people
on our side. It is imperative.
Good PR and maintaining
the high ground morally
will achieve this for us.
However, it’s a continual
process. One negative can
wipe out a lot of positive.

You don’t need a mask.

You don’t need a suit.
You don’t need to hack a computer.
You don’t need an account.
You don’t need a membership.
You don’t need a sign.
You don’t need to riot.
You don’t need anything.
You just need one idea.

Divisions of The Spectacle

The mainstream exclusive, and gentrification; carnival, and choruses

spectacle: of prize-winning books, of collective laughter; of
The worlds of high street broadsheet newspapers, raves or nightlife in the
shops, shopping malls, self-help techniques, world regenerated cities. In short,
suburban homes, family music, the theatre, and the whole of the lives and
life, family cars, sport, arthouse films; of spiritual lies of those who regard
gardening, gossip, and retreats, holidays off the themselves as experiencing
holidays spent by the sea beaten track, second life to the full, if only during
or in cities seen through homes, haute cuisine, the evenings and weekends.
the eyes of guide books; artisanal goods, and slow
of newspapers, women’s food; of concern for the third The youth culture
magazines, popular world or eulogies to self- spectacle:
television programmes, reliance and the rewards The world of the ever-
gymnasiums, guides to of enterprise; of straining changing tribes of the young
better sex on DVD, and one’s finances in order to and the gadgets, clothes,
trashy books and films have a large home in a good body shapes, haircuts,
despised by the critics; of area and children capable makeup, music, films,
run-of-the-mill jobs tolerated of passing examinations; of celebrities, slang, attitudes
because they pay quite well careers, work in research and poses that define them.
or provide opportunities to centres, arts administration, In short, the whole of the
meet the public, socialize the creative industries, lives and lies of those who
with colleagues or exercise therapies, or the tattered may be subordinated by
a little power or creativity remnants of the professions. school, dependency on
within the narrow limits In short, the whole of the parents, and the menial
dictated by one’s employer. lives and lies of those who jobs now left to the young
In short, the whole of the regard themselves as just a but who nonetheless regard
lives and lies of people little above the vulgar. themselves as superior to
who regard themselves the old, the uncool, and the
and others like them as just The hedonistic passé.
“ordinary”. spectacle:
The world of sex, drugs and The criminal
The sophisticated rock and roll; of the fast, the spectacle:
spectacle: frenzied and the dangerous; The world of drug-dealing,
The world of design, of drunkenness, madcap burglary and street crime;
elegance, the supposedly escapades, exhibitionism, of respect, revenge, guns,

knives, flash cars, hip talk, in contempt yet find some garde are often to be found.
branded training shoes and measure of contentment in In short, the whole of the
sportswear; of hard men, either acting out the decay lives and lies of those who
bitches and the rap music themselves or watching consider that the separate
about them; of dreams others doing so. world of art is a domain
of movie gangsters, the in which daring, insight,
hope of one day living like The avant-garde subversion, innovation or
a rap star or a millionaire spectacle: new forms of life can still be
sportsman; of predatory The world of conceptual art, practised.
hierarchies amongst artistic manifestoes, small
prisoners. In short, the galleries in fashionable The alternative
whole of the lives and parts of fashionable cities, spectacle:
lies of those who regard corporate-sponsored The world of trade unionism,
themselves as better than major retrospectives of ecological activism,
the sad losers who play the artists declared to be community campaigns,
game. radical or innovative, the culture jamming, the
music covered by The open source movement,
The spectacle of Wire magazine, street exhibitions of radical texts
decomposition: photography, limited edition in state museums and
The world of resigned books and CDs produced university galleries, fair
cynicism and contemptuous by the artists themselves, trade, alternative medicine,
scoffing; of endless news of state-subsidised electro- guerrilla gardening,
real and invented corruption, acoustic experimentation, anarcho-punk, protests
ineptitude, disaster, crime psychogeographical walks, in solidarity with the third
and conspiracy; of images ‘visual culture’, experimental world, protests in general,
of suffering, humiliation, film, critical studies in the children’s rights, the New
disability and decay university, post-graduate Age Movement and other
circulated for entertainment; exhibitions, a horror of any claims of the paranormal,
of hooliganism, vandalism, ‘foreclosure’ except that the World Social Forum,
bad manners, defiant which accepts the basic feminism, reduced
stupidity, proud illiteracy, economic and social forms consumption and other
animal mutilation and other of the commodity society remedies for ‘affluenza’,
inversions of bourgeois as immutable, and the hip welfare rights advocacy,
sensibilities. In short, the clothing, hip bars and hip the anti-war movement,
whole of the lives and lies milieus in which the buyers ‘dumpster diving’, anti-
of those who hold the world and sellers of the avant- globalization, campaigns

against corporate abuses,

and the short-term
suspension of ordinary life
found in rioting. In short, the
whole of the lives and lies
of those who believe that
substantive and desirable
improvements to everyday
life can be brought about,
or revolution approached,
by changing one or more
aspects of the dominant
society and leaving the
appropriation of labour
and life by the commodity
unchanged; of those
satisfied with the display or
repetition of an inadequate

I am anonymous, but also this”? Then i realised the here and made me who i am
I am not anonymous. If pholosaphy i go by that today.
support is asked for that had to do with there beliefe
I agree with, I join the in haveing no leader and Its on this subject that i
collective to show support beimg unkown, as well as know there are many people
for the cause. If I don’t not being forved to change who think the same and
agree, I don’t support the just so they could fit in. The regardless of where we are
cause. Anonymous is the point im laggingly getting to in the world, we can stand
real New World Order as it is is that Aons all around the together and shout in the
a true democracy including globe have made me notice same voice.
the voices of the World, my pholosophy is a good
it does not descriminate one, “You can’t force change There are a lot of things
between religions, it stands on others just so they can in this world that need
on the side of the oppressed be perfect, but you can changing and this is a
and fights for just causes. offer help to inprove people chance for that tiny whisper
Everyman is Anonymous instead”. to become a voice heard
and Anonymous is around world. Eventually
Everyman...but that’s just that voice will be the
my opinion! For me, been anonymous is first pillar for the new
like being born again. foundations we are building.

I can be who ever i want

I became Anon do to a without fear.
reality of leaders, people I can like what ever i want
who want others to be without been singled out.
exactly like them to fit into I can that one person that
society. Then Anons have says no without being
appeard in my life, i was punished.
able to notiece that Anons i can believe what i want
have no leader. They had and fight for my right to be a
understanding, a way to free thinker.
keep off the grid. They
were legion, people who People may or may not
could come and go and not agree with my choices in life
be known. I thought long but its those choices...the
and hard; “ do i want to do ones I made! that got me

The ideal system

Long-term plans, occasional Tsarist regime in February unions, even in the so called
plans, more and more 1917. After brandishing extreme leftist parties and
arrests, plots, harassments, the slogan “All power to groups.
pressures, direct attacks, the soviets!” (Vsya vlast
manipulation, even love! sovyetam!; Вся власть Anti-colonialist liberation
Methods used to dismantle советам!), Bolsheviks movements led to militarized
and kill our great movement, “stripped the Soviets of and unpopular regimes,
the only one that has their power while they where the ruling class had
brought hope to millions were still led by Lenin established relationships
of world citizens after one and stole their name to based on mutual interests
century of complete despair. dress up in, whereas it with the major powers to
was an anti-Soviet regime” protect them against their
The last great and real (Hannah Arendt 1958), then own people. They were
revolution ended, in October transformed them on tools well distributed between
1917, with a coup d’etat for its domination. the two blocs, East and
orchestred by one political West, who had learned to
party, the Bolsheviks, Dreams of millions of avoid a third world war by
who seized the power, workers, activists, peasants carrying their conflicts over
recuperating actions and and even simple citizens these countries appointed
sacrifices of thousands of had been betrayed, for the occasion “Emerging
activists and even of the Communist parties in Countries”.
whole country, killing or which these millions had
imprisoning all opposants to put their hope turned into The last attempts of
its power, especially in the propaganda tools and revolution of the 1960s
ranks of the revolutionaries behaved defendants of and 1970s have been
who led this revolution, the interests of a growing checkmated by this heavy
Anarchists in majority. empire, regardless of and well organized systems,
citizens interests or betrayed by well tamed
The Soviets (councils ideological positions. Those political parties and trade
or assemblies) are who refused to follow unions.
grassroots organs of direct were liquidated, physically
democracy, formed since and / or morally. The This explains why the
1905 to represent workers, hierarchical and centralized hopelessness and
peasants, towns and organisational system powerlessness feelings
villages, their reformation replaced all the structures of were gradually installed in
led to the overthrow of the direct democracy up to trade the popular classes from

1917 to the present day and compose it, nor on any And... It is therefore not
how individual psychology of them. Anonymous is a surprising that governments
has been more oriented set of tools and methods and corporations that
toward self-protection and developed over time by control the world hand in
personal interests than to random individuals who hand, stroking lies, cheating
collective interests. share the same principles accounting, conspiracy and
and goals, it is a set of skills, repression of all sorts, feel
Anonymous is the ideal increasingly sophisticated, threatened and know their
system to avoid these past which are accumulated and power’s end is very near.
mistakes and to create spread anonymously, across But instead of learning
best conditions for current all areas of communications from the History, from an
and future revolutions. It that internet can provide. equation of an unfailing
is a decentralized and anti equivalence between tax
hierarchical movement Tools, methods and and repression increases of
where every individual skills that any citizen can an empire in its decadent
is supposed to be a free appropriate and use at any phase and its final collapse,
thinker, a responsible citizen moment and any place to they prefered to repeat
and a self decider. get and spread information, history and make the same
continue the previous mistakes that the previous
That is why none of these tasks, organize attacks on empires had committed
individuals accepts to have targets making information without success accelerating
leaders who decide for him about these chosen targets their fall into hell, throwing
or talk in his name and that available to all. the main players of dirty
is why they extol in majority roles in the dustbin of
a society that function just It is not fortuitous or History.
like their model, without adventitious that millions
leaders or governements of citizens of the world
but sectorial groups caring had recovered their hopes
the interests of all and seeing its effective effects,
taking decision by direct that continuously thousands
democratic assemblies. of them decide to learn,
appropriate and use it to
What makes this system participate in a change that
even more effective is the is no longer an impossible
fact that it does not depend dream or desperate utopia.
on the individuals who

The Season of Kisses and Sighs: Cuts and Protests

against Cuts in Britain
The Coalition government where they were in 2005,
The stuttering course of and its allies tell us that the but most of us were not
the capitalist economy, cuts are necessary. They poor in 2005. We may not
accompanied as ever by promise us that things will have as much money as we
the alternating tales of eventually get better. They would like, we may worry
disaster and reassurance urge us to acquiesce. It about our debts and the
that make it distortedly has to be said that this is prospects of our children
visible to the spectator, has a course of inaction many and parents, and we may
now, in Britain, reached the of us are tempted to take. have had to cut back a
stage of cuts in government It is what we have done in little here and there. True.
spending. What choices previous economic crises Yet we are far removed
do we have in the face of and we have not done from anything resembling
this turn of events? We much to shake off the profound material poverty.
are told there are just two: habit of resignation since. We do not need to take to
submit to the cuts in order We have also found that the streets to secure bread,
to restore the health of submission has its rewards. for we do not live on bread
the economy or fight them If the past is any guide to alone and such bread as
so as to preserve existing the future, public services we need we can still afford
public services. These are will not be completely to buy at the supermarket.
the choices held out to decimated. Our earnings Besides, it is so very easy
us in newspaper articles, will not plunge relentlessly to go on plodding through
politicians’ speeches, news downwards. Only a small one’s everyday life in
programmes, management minority will be made the way one always has.
pep talks, advertisements unemployed, and most of Families, friends, homes,
and other pronouncements those will eventually secure jobs, cars, holidays, nights
rained down on us by the alternative employment, out, shopping, sport,
dominant society. These albeit at somewhat lower there is always something
are the choices we have wages than they received clamouring for our attention;
taken up in our own thought before. Even those who fail always something to
and conversation. But like to find another job will be swallow up our time and
all the rest of the choices kept alive, after a fashion, draw us down those all-too-
that are made public by by the state. In any event, few (and all-too-deep) ruts
the dominant society, they we are hardly suffering at that define our lives. Our
happen to be false. the moment. Our real wages sense that there is nothing
may have fallen back to we can do to change things

only makes this slide into would like to believe that longer perform that role, we
submissive resignation we are not unfree in our are discarded as surplus to
easier. So too does our work because we exercise their requirements, which
penchant for easing our some choice as to which is what “redundant” means.
isolated bitterness by jobs we apply for and we The fact that our bosses
blaming the whole sorry have some discretion over may be reluctant to impose
mess on immigrants, benefit what we do while we are at redundancies, preferring
claimants, civil servants, work. But a forced choice instead to retain surplus
greedy bankers or some between wretched options staff or introduce part-time
other scapegoat we have is not liberty; and trapped working, takes nothing
found dangled in front of us. as we are between intrusive away from this analysis. We
monitoring by managers, are merely being shown
Perhaps it is true that, if vexing performance targets, the same concern that a
we give those in power a a wider organization of work farmer displays for his prize
free hand, most of us will over which we have no livestock. He will put them
find ourselves in a few say, and a global economy down only when he has to.
years’ time more or less that does our bidding to
back where we were when roughly the same extent The economic crisis also
the recession started. as the weather does, our reveals unhappy truths
After all, the doomsayers prized autonomy in the about other aspects of our
have always been wrong workplace seems the most lives. Perhaps we have
before. But is that enough? threadbare of illusions. grown used to a pleasant
Doesn’t the recession And what does the threat chat with someone who
tell us something rather of redundancy tell us about works at a business or
terrible about our condition? our work? Our position has office we frequent. When
Doesn’t it clearly and cruelly not suddenly changed. bankruptcy, restructuring
demonstrate how very little Despite all those friendly or redundancy strikes, our
control we have over our chats with management, acquaintance vanishes.
lives? The economy within and the team work and We never see or hear
which we work is no more camaraderie, we have all of her again. For all the
under our direction when along been disposable pleasantries that may have
it is growing than when tools of our employers. passed between us, the
it is contracting. During All day and every day, we only real relation we had
good times and bad, we are nothing more than the was that between a supplier
are subordinated to its means by which they realize of goods or services and
dictates. Of course, we their ends. When we can no a buyer. When that was

gone, precisely nothing we cannot separate our isolation, we encourage

was left. We shared no private existences from the children who have been
other activity and decided alienated world in this way. reduced to dependence
nothing else together. It Our families, friendships and falsely to recognize
is the same with the vast leisure are not refuges that themselves in the roles,
majority of our connections somehow exist apart from the values, the pleasures,
with people. They are the dispiriting processes of the activities and ultimately
relations of exchange, capitalism. On the contrary, the jobs the society makes
mediated by commodities. they have been created available. We mould them
As we pass through the by and for capitalism and to accept and adhere to
public world, who do we share the same alienation imposed and domineering
encounter but strangers that bleeds through every collectives, starting with the
hurrying by in separated other aspect of the capitalist family itself. For ourselves,
indifference and the self- world. We are creatures of we strive to find our greatest
effaced, masquerading for capitalism. Our domestic fulfilment within the small
wages? How often do we do worlds, our intimate lives web of social relations and
anything more with those we and our free time have all the tiny resources to which
meet than discuss and pay been adapted to the needs the family gives rise. None
for commodities? of capitalism. All have been of it goes smoothly, for it is
shrivelled and shrunken never easy to force the living
But perhaps you will say down to the desperately into shallow graves. But we
that all that may be true narrow dimensions that the do our best. We temper our
about the wider world, system permits. The family, expectations of happiness.
but the real meaning and for instance, is merely the We create family occasions
richness of our lives lies domestic unit that happens over and over again in
in our private worlds? We best to serve a society that which the unstated rule is
know that work is shit. isolates individuals from that we profess our mutual
We know that politics, each other, separates them love and contentment
the economy and the from the management of the and convincingly play the
environment are all going society, and requires them happy family. We fiercely
to the dogs. Nonetheless, to submit to the world order embrace a transcendental
you say, we can find it presents to them. In the notion of love that hovers
some real happiness soothing name of privacy, in disembodied abstraction
and fulfilment with our the family abandons history above the resentment,
families, our friends and to its capitalist masters. division, abuse, punishment,
our leisure. Unfortunately, In this jealously-defended incomprehension, blackmail,

mediocrity and confinement with and for our desires. We then too. Yet the records
that make up the actual end up going on vacation. show that we were entirely
lived experience of family of the time. No matter how
life. In these and so many In public and private, we absurd the fashions and
other ways, we would are colonized. We live by tastes may have been, our
have ourselves believe occupying the ideas of hairstyles, clothes, houses,
that the image of familial happiness, normality and cars, reading habits, musical
contentment we have been the cool the commodity tastes, and ideas in general
given by our society is the society brings to us, duly reflected them. When
defining reality of our lives. haunting its promises like this comes to our attention,
ghosts roaming the corridors we laugh, perhaps, and
Our friendships and leisure of a ruined mansion in feel a little embarrassed.
are hardly better. Of search of a long dead love. But we learn nothing and
course, there are pleasures We deny it, of course. take no action. We blame
and adventures in our We are our own men and it all on the follies and
friendships, but they are women, we say. We pride gullibility of youth. We waive
much too small. We share ourselves on not believing away the staggering truth
so little with our friends. the stupid claims of the that everything about us
We have too little at our adverts and the politicians, has been dominated from
disposal. Through the work even as we spend each afar without giving more
that we all do, we create and every day living out than a moment’s thought
the very world we live in. the fundamental notion of as to how this state of
Everything around us is consumable happiness that abjection came to be. We
put there by us. But we do each advertisement and retreat into that amnesia
not create it for ourselves. each politician conveys. and indifference which
We do not create it with our We are sure that we each seems to be necessary
friends. When we come have our own individual if we are to go on as we
together, all we have are styles, even as those are. We sift nostalgically
the paltry time and money styles uncannily coalesce through the snapshots of
left to us by work and the around a bare handful of carefully-staged displays of
alien world our work has models in each era. We are spontaneous contentment
produced. We are reduced mistaken. We can see this we have taken at the many
to chasing desultory quite clearly when we look occasions that seem to
diversions amongst the back at old photographs of have no other purpose than
ruins. Our games are petty. ourselves. We insisted on to allow such photographs
We could build a very world our irreducible individuality to be taken. We create

the ground for the next Merely enduring the cuts a pest and a nuisance to
disaster by forgetting what is not the only option we society; it is necessary to
is essential about the ones are given. We are also render the great body of the
that have gone before. presented with clamorous working class governable by
calls to defend our jobs reason.”
Is this really enough? Is this and public services against
all that we desire? Are we the cuts. We are given to When speaking in the
content to sit tight under the understand that something House of Commons on 17
insults of government and valuable is being taken from February 1870 in favour of
economy in the hope that us. We are even sometimes the Elementary Education
we may one day return to told that the victories of Bill 1870, W. E. Foster
the slightly-more-affluent past generations of working argued that “the speedy
alienations of yesteryear? people are under threat. provision of elementary
Are we too scared, too timid, All this, I would suggest, is education” would allow
to take on the society whose quite preposterous. the state to secure “our
very intimidating immobility industrial prosperity” and
testifies to how little it is ours The rulers of society and remove “that ignorance
and how little we are? If the their supporters were once which we are all aware is
answer is yes, well so be it. quite candid about the pregnant with crime and
But do not be surprised if ends they hoped to obtain misery, with misfortune to
you struggle to remember from good conditions and individuals and danger to
what you have been doing services. In 1837, Leonard the community”. Moreover,
during all these years, as Horner, a factory inspector, “if we are to hold our
you drift with scant attention said: position among men of our
behind the disappointing own race or among the
person and disagreeable “Independently of all higher nations of the world we must
habits you have become. Do considerations, and to put make up the smallness of
not be surprised if you one the necessity of educating our numbers by increasing
day find yourself staring at the children of the working the intellectual force of the
the exhaust pipe you have classes on its lowest footing, individual.”
fed through the passenger it is loudly called for as a
window, wondering where matter of police, to prevent A more modern note was
it all went wrong. It always a multitude of immoral and struck in Winston Churchill’s
goes wrong, my friends, vicious beings, the offspring explanation of the idea
when it is rotten from the of ignorance, from growing behind the introduction of
start. up and around us, to be unemployment insurance

(one of the forerunners consumer culture to the vast and “the ability to work
of modern social security majority of the population by oneself”) that modern
benefits), as reported by has also become a key service industries and high
the Daily Mail in 1909. In motor of its growth and its value businesses demand.
Churchill’s view, the purpose sole claim to legitimacy. It must now, by means
aimed at by the reform was: The roles performed by of its organs of “higher”
public services have education, produce the
“to increase the stability of changed accordingly. New specialised workers and the
our institutions by giving the environments, new abilities, specialist knowledge that
mass of industrial workers a new attitudes, and new allow the dominant society
direct interest in maintaining levels of public health are to produce its technological
them. […] [This] scheme now created, not just directly and cultural commodities,
[…] will help to remove to meet the new needs of to shape its world and the
the dangerous element business and government individuals who serve it,
of uncertainty from the but also as new incentives and to mystify everything.
existence of the industrial and new rewards for our And, to bring all this about,
worker. It will give him an submission. For example, it it must help foster the
assurance that his home, is no longer enough to give misunderstanding that the
got together through long the mass of the population new education and the work
years and with affectionate an elementary education to which it leads constitute
sacrifice, will not be broken that merely instils “order, desirable opportunities for
up, sent bit by bit to the discipline, cleanliness, individuals and welcome
pawnshop, just because […] deference to authority, and progress for the society. No
he falls out of work. It will the tolerance of boredom more noble purposes are
make him a better citizen, a at work” (in the words served by contemporary
more efficient worker, [and] of one historian). These education. Indeed, no
a happier man.” remain important goals of very different purpose is
the education system, but served by any of the public
The ends aimed at by today’s education must go services. Without exception,
modern public spending beyond them. It must now they are mechanisms for
include similar objectives. manufacture people who reproducing an alienated
But since these statements have the personalities, skills society. They seek to
were made, the capitalist and willingness to do what integrate the majority into a
economy has grown in size is required of them without life of alienated labour and
and sophistication. The being told (deceptively abundant consumption and
extension of a relentless referred to as “initiative” disarm the minority left to

a more meagre survival on But I come back to the a worthwhile life through
the margins of society. They question of whether this commodity consumption?
are an unrelenting assault is enough for us. Are we Need I go on?
on the possibility of authentic content with libraries that
and self-controlled life. They allow us to while away our The call to defend jobs,
always and everywhere free time with a novel about education and public
damage or destroy us as a missing swimsuit model services is, in effect,
individuals. There is nothing or the autobiography of propaganda in favour of
victorious in this. In the an entertainer (the most the existing way of life,
very few instances where a commonly borrowed fiction one of many eulogies of
public service or a legal right and non-fiction library the dominant society that
arose out of our struggles, books)? Do we want know take the guise of dissent.
it represented the defeat more than an opportunity There is no qualitative
and not the victory of those to grind our way through 16 difference between life as
struggles, the moment when years of submissive study it was before the cuts and
the goal we pursued slipped of falsified knowledge and life as it will be afterwards,
out of our hands and became emerge with a degree and a between public services
one more uncontrollable, job in property development, and private services, or
external process pressing renting, business, research, between employment
down on us. education, health or social and unemployment,
work (the most common even if one is a slightly
This is not to say that graduate employments)? more comfortable form of
public services do not Can we think of nothing eviscerated life than the
provide us with facilities better than to have strangers other. We are not obliged
that are valuable within to whom we are inevitably to confine ourselves to
the context of the existing just another job of paid work the false choices and
society. Without doubt, dress and wash us so that tiny distinctions that the
central government, local we can spend the rest of the dominant society magnifies
authorities and the bodies day staring at the television into fundamental conflicts
they fund can and do or gossiping about ever and real progress. No
supply services that allow less? Would it be cause for matter how urgent and
separated individuals who jubilation to have a social profound the crisis for
have surrendered their security system that paid which they claim to be the
powers of world-creation to enough to allow its recipients remedy, pseudo-critiques
persist more easily in that to participate fully in the time- that take for granted the
separation and surrender. wasting futility of seeking fundamental features of our

alienated world (such as Margaret Thatcher deposed. is a revolution like those in

alienated labour, alienated But the Poll Tax was merely Tunisia and Egypt? But they
consumption and the state) replaced by the Council Tax, are only words. We avow in
serve only to dissipate our another remote bureaucratic easy abstraction the need
discontents, refine this and legal procedure devised for revolution yet we do
society’s depredations, and by central government, precisely nothing about it.
trap us just where we are. If administered by local We can barely conceive of
we are ever to escape our authorities, enforced by an autonomous project on
already-insufficient lives, the courts and bailiffs, such a scale. Our capacity
we must, I think, point-blank and completely out of the to think and act by and for
refuse them. hands of ordinary people. ourselves, to step beyond
Margaret Thatcher was also this society’s cowering
Those who sincerely replaced, with John Major norms, is undernourished to
participate in the anti- becoming the new leader of the point of starvation. Well,
cuts movement out of a the Conservative Party. He we shall just have to create
genuine disgust at what the proved more palatable to what we need. We might
government is doing may voters than the hopelessly begin by bringing to the
wish to consider the fate of unpopular Thatcher and practical project of revolution
one of its precursors, the led the party to victory in at least as much time, effort
anti-Poll Tax movement. The the General Election of and passion as we have
movement was successful. 1992. The Conservatives been want to lavish on our
But what were the practical remained in power until jobs, families, pastimes and
consequences? The 1997. Capitalism has, alas, vacations. We might also
movement itself, having persisted for far longer. develop the habit of viewing
obtained the only objective The fact that one of its and treating our enemies
it had set itself and removed governments was forced as enemies. No part of this
the only misery it had to develop a fairer and society is for our benefit,
objected to, lost everything therefore more acceptable no part of it serves our best
that held it together and form of local taxation has interests. Indeed, everything
disintegrated. Its participants probably only helped it to that this society allows
returned to the isolation endure. might usefully be taken
and alienation of a daily life as a personal attack upon
that was very little changed. How often have we said of us. Its goods, its services,
Everything they won drifted late (and how often have its visions of the good life,
away from them. The Poll we heard others say) that its models of deviance,
Tax was abolished and what we need in this country its cities, its politics, its

protests, its moralities, its and consumers. Equally, our own unhappiness and
high culture and cheap for the teacher, such a our own subordination,
thrills, its gaudy fashions meeting is not part of an of overthrowing a social
for young women and its authentic vocation but is arrangement that is unfit
drab uniforms for middle- simply a facet of a process for us as individuals and
aged men, its good jobs of alienation in which all creating a better one by
and shit work, everything of his or her time, thought and for ourselves. We
that its media, its politicians, and effort as a teacher is must develop a theory
its domesticated critics, its sucked into procedures and and practice that precisely
teachers, its researches, its a curriculum imposed from prevents the emergence
manuals, its managers, its above. Here and elsewhere of ideas, procedures and
celebrities extol to us, all of across everyday life, the leaders that dominate us.
it, quite without exception, question is: what can we
always and everywhere (parent, teacher, child) do to The Coalition’s cuts are
tends to confine and stop this expense of spirit in shrouded in a lying ideology
disfigure us, to make us into a waste of shame? of liberation. According to
the kind of people that the David Cameron’s speech
separate economy and the Perhaps we can see nothing at the 2010 Conservative
separate power of that state we can do today. If so, Party conference, his “big
needs in order to survive. the question renews itself society” will bring about a
tomorrow and the day after shift “from state power to
So, a parent-teacher as a fresh challenge to people power”. This is arrant
meeting, for example, is our cunning and ingenuity, nonsense. For the past forty
not an opportunity to help our ability to publicize our years or so, the Right has
your child develop his or discontent and seek out secured its political power
her knowledge, maturity potential partners in the by offering us a mirage of
and independence but an dance of revolution. Does personal transformation,
invitation to collaborate in this sound like a dreary life a twisted reflection of our
the destructive process of unbroken militancy in the confused desire for freedom
of implanting the falsified service of a political cause and change. In point of
and tamed knowledge, the or party? If it does, think fact, the abridgement of the
limited aspirations, and the again. There is no cause. state the Right has brought
acceptance of established There is no party. There is about is minimal and its
authority and mores which only the creative, enriching neglect of the power held
contemporary capitalism and entirely practical task over us by employers and
expects of its producers of defeating by ourselves the economy has been total.

But even the suggestion absurdity of our world is not

of an attack on the state worthy of us; and neither are
terrifies the Left. We need the lives of loud satisfaction
not be so concerned. The and quiet desperation we
state is not a friend. The lead within it.
problem is not that the
state is being attacked but
that some part of it will be
left standing. The problem
is not that the Coalition is
too bold but that its project
of the emancipation of the
individual is a pathetically
timid and incomplete farce
that fails to embrace the
totality of alienated life and
is conducted by the very
state it purports to savage.

Perhaps it is time to talk

less about opposing the
cuts and more about
accelerating and extending
them beyond any control but
our own. Perhaps now is the
moment to wrest the project
of individual and social
emancipation away from
our masters and set it loose
for real in our homes and
places of work, our schools
and universities, our minds
and bodies, and all the rest
of our public and private
worlds. What do we really
have to lose? The careering