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Format For All Science Formal Lab Write Ups

Title: a name that reveals the topic of the experiment (5 pts)

Problem: must be stated as a question and end with a question mark (5pts)

Hypothesis: Must be written as an If…then statement (10pts)

If I do…., then I predict…will happen.
A hypothesis must be something that can be tested, thus specific & measurable.

Equipment / Materials:all supplies necessary to perform lab, listed in columns(10pts)

______________ ______________ ______________
______________ ______________ ______________
______________ ______________ ______________

Procedure: sequential list of instructions necessary to perform the experiment(10pts)

 a. ___________________________
 b. ___________________________
 c. ___________________________

Data: You must include a data table and a graph of some kind… (40pts)
Quantitative observations (can be counted or measured) and
Qualitative observations (cannot be easily measured or counted, like color, texture, behavior)

Analysis Questions: write out the questions and the answers (10pts)

a. Q1. ___________________________________________________________
A1: ________________________________________________
b. Q2. ___________________________________________________________
A2: ________________________________________________

a. Reword the hypothesis, determine its degree of accuracy and site specific data examples. (10pts)
b. What are 3 possible sources of errors one may encounter in this lab and their effect on the lab?

Possible Cause of Error Effect It Might Have


c. Explain how this information applies to your life now, outside of the classroom.
Relate the “concept” of this lab and apply it elsewhere in your life.

How to complete a “Formal Lab Write Up”

1. Be proud of your work :

* Neat * Written in blue or black pen
* Complete * Written on one side only
* Accurate (correct) * Follow the format exactly
* Correct spelling * No torn/wrinkled papers
* To make a correction, cross out the word(s) with one line & initial it (first, last)

B. Layout of the lab itself:

* Use the eight steps to a lab write up in order.
* Number, underline, and highlight each step.
* Nothing should be written in the margins (top, left side) or on the back.
* Skip a line between each step.
* Look at the layout for steps like equipment, procedure, questions:
indent, list items separately, use letters for each item.
i.e. 3. Equipment: materials are “listed” in columns
Fish Tank Water Thermometer
Fish Food Fish Measuring Spoon
i.e. 4. Procedure:
a. Get necessary equipment.
b. Assemble the equipment as shown in the picture.
c. Measure one teaspoon of fish food.
* Note: Although you will have the same data as your lab partner(s), to
avoid plagiarism, keep in mind your answers to the analysis
questions and the conclusion should be uniquely yours.