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The Comprehensive
Business English Course

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Excellence in English is the Key to
Career Success!
Excellence in English is an essential part
of any executive’s tool-kit and a must for
those wishing to work for, or with,
international companies. That’s why
developing superior English skills
will set you apart in today’s competitive
society. You’ll be able to seek promotion,
apply for a better job or impress your
clients with your professionalism. You’ll
earn a higher salary, have more benefits
and an improved lifestyle for you and
your family.

English is the most widely spoken language

around the world and the official language
of many major business institutions. And, as Business Training –
Training For Your Future
you know, English is used widely in India.

Therefore, it is easy to see why developing with ease, making your life much less
your English language skills can help your stressful and your job more pleasurable.
career so much. You’ll be looking forward to, rather than
dreading, using written and spoken English.
You improve your standard of spoken You’ll have a ‘can do’ attitude that will
English by using the listen and repeat impress your employer, colleagues or
exercises on the CDs. These will help you to clients – creating new and exciting
understand English when you hear it and opportunities for you!
improve your pronunciation. When your
training is complete you’ll be able to The course we offer you, the personal
speak with fluency, clarity and, most tuition service and your Guarantees are
importantly, confidence. fully explained in the following pages. So,
read on to find out how we can help you
By the end of the course you will be develop your career by improving your
carrying out your work duties quickly and English skills.

Your Course you can hear the correct tone and intonation,
which will help you speak faultless English.
This training is designed to improve your:
Your Comprehensive Business English
home study course is more than just a way • pronunciation
to improve your career prospects – it’s a • vocabulary
course that will improve your whole life! • fluency
So let’s tell you more. • clarity

We’ve assembled a comprehensive, By the end of the course you’ll be able to

professionally written course aimed at deal calmly, quickly and confidently with
developing your English to the full. You’ll any written or spoken tasks required of you.
learn about: Your course materials contain 12 fact-
packed modules, three supplements –
• the eight parts of speech Punctuation, Business Organisation and
• grammar – including tenses, active Coping with Stress – and three CDs. Plus,
and passive verbs and subject/verb there are numerous self-test assessments,
agreement helpful checklists, case histories, real-life
examples of correspondence you may come
• the six Cs of writing across in business and six valuable tutor-
• different types of letters and effective marked assignments.
letter writing
Your studies are very flexible. You can
• writing technical, routine and study wherever you are and you can adapt
special reports your study to suit your timetable. You can
• newsletters, articles and press releases work when it suits you and you can start as
soon as you are ready as there’s no fixed
• preparation of agendas and minutes enrolment date.
of meetings
Your course materials are sent to you as
• structuring of a business plan soon as you enrol and are available
• preparing a CV immediately in the Student Community
Area when you enrol online.
You’ll also receive three CDs containing You send and receive your assignments by
180 listen and repeat exercises, transcripts post or by email – the choice is yours.
and a comprehensive study guide. These
will help you speak English clearly and And, to make your course really effective,
concisely. The recordings are made by you also receive personal guidance and
professional broadcasters and actors so that advice from your tutor. So let’s tell you more.

Your Personal Director of Studies

The most important and valuable part of
your training is your personal tuition.
Under the guidance of an expert tutor
your written English will develop so that
you quickly gain confidence and skill.

The written assignments are designed to

give you plenty of ‘real-life’ practice so that
you get a feel for the kind of tasks you may Mrs Diana Nadin
be expected to complete at work and how to
approach them. Diana Nadin has had over 30 years’
experience in distance learning and is one
Your course is designed and written of the country’s leading experts in this field.
especially for home study, so the materials She has developed a deep insight into
student needs and how to help you with
are easy to understand and include detailed your studies. Diana knows that it is
instructions for you to follow. You work particularly important that you have
your way through the modules and complete competent, conscientious tutors throughout
the self-test exercises when advised to do your course because they have a
so. Once you feel ready, you should significant influence on your progress. She
complete and send in your assignments to makes sure great care is taken when
appointing tutors so our high standards
your tutor for marking. Your tutor will are maintained.
assess the assignment and give you
feedback on where you need to make
improvements. It’s a simple and effective
process that’s worked for thousands of
Move Your Career
students around the world. in the Direction
All our tutors have been specially trained
by us to help you overcome the difficulties YOU Want!
that those who need to develop their
written English may encounter. Your tutor If you want to secure a respected job, work
is there to help you get to grips with the for an international company or be able to
basics quickly and effectively so you can run your family business with confidence
gain excellence in English in just a few and ease, you’re in the right place. The
short months. Comprehensive Business English course

will teach you everything you need to
become proficient in English. In turn this Your Guarantees
will give you:
To make your enrolment as risk free as
possible we give you two cast iron
• increased efficiency – as you
guarantees. These state:
become more skilled in
English your writing will take 1. You have the first sections of your
less time and effort and will need course, on trial, for one month. If you do
less correction. not like them, send them back for a
• self-confidence – you’ll impress transfer onto another course of your
everyone with your competence choice or have the money you have paid
and professionalism. refunded in full. This gives you plenty of
opportunity to inspect the course, and
• improved comprehension – satisfy yourself that it is the right training
put an end to embarrassing for you!
misunderstandings and costly
mistakes. 2. If your first assignment indicates that
your English is not good enough to
• pleasure – English will be a joy, benefit from the course we will tell you
rather than a chore, as you so and refund the money you have paid.
tackle even the most difficult This does not happen very often, but
tasks with ease. occasionally it is necessary. You can then
• value – you’ll become a more do some more basic training and come
valued member of staff as your back to us at a later date.
employer realises that the skills These guarantees are your safeguard of a
you’ve learnt can be transferred fair deal and high tuition standards from
to all kinds of writing. Business Training. They are our
• fluency – you’ll be able to say commitment to you.
exactly what you mean and need
never worry that others will
misunderstand you. Your Contribution
We can do a lot to help you, but we cannot
And, with a better job and higher salary do it all for you. In fact the major
you’ll be able to improve your lifestyle and contribution must come from you.
afford those special little extras for you and
your family – something we all would like You’ll need to have a basic command of
to do. English as the course is conducted entirely

in English – if you can understand this hour a day you’ll be surprised how quickly
prospectus you will be able to follow the your English develops meaning you can
course. In addition to this you’ll also need start moving towards the career and lifestyle
dedication and perseverance to see the you want.
course through to the end. Remember, you
are in charge of when you study and how
quickly you send in your assignments for Your Diploma
marking, so it is essential you plan your time
effectively. But don’t worry – we will help A Diploma in Business English – Written
you to do this. and Spoken is awarded by Business
Training at the end of your course. It is
You’ll also benefit from lots of practice. The given to students who have completed all
more you can read English (in magazines, six assignments.
newspapers and online articles), listen to it
(at the cinema, on the radio and TV) and Your Diploma is awarded on a continual
speak it (by practising with colleagues, assessment basis, with a pass mark of 50%.
friends and family) the quicker you’ll gain If you reach 65% you’ll be awarded a
the high level of English competence needed Credit and by attaining 75% you’ll be
to complete the course and get the career awarded a Distinction.
you want.
Once you have your Diploma you’ll be able
to request promotion in your current
So, if you really want to gain excellence in
company, apply for positions with
written and spoken English and you are
international companies or impress your
prepared to put in the time and effort
clients with your knowledge of English and
required, then together we can help make
your professionalism.
your ambitions a reality.

Half an hour each day is all you need!

All too often people don’t make the most

of the talents they possess. Usually it’s
because they don’t know where to start,
claim they haven’t got the time or simply
never get round to it. Don’t let this happen
to you. With our help you will learn where
to begin and how to plan your time. All you
have to do is create a small space in your
life for your study. Even with only half an

The Comprehensive Business
English Course Synopsis
Module 1. Introduction to The Course. Module 8. Presenting Visual Information.
How to proceed with your studies. Supporting your written work with visual information
simple graphs – bar charts – pie charts – pictograms –
Module 2. Writing Style and Techniques I. diagrams – plans – sketch maps – charts – tables – how
The importance of good grammar – the correct use of information can be misrepresented.
nouns, pronouns, participles, conjunctions and
prepositions – using consistent verb tenses – Module 9. Preparting Agendas and the Minutes
subject/verb agreement – active-v-passive verbs. of Meetings.
Module 3. Writing Style and Techniques II. Types of meeting – formal, committee and
The 6 Cs: correctness, conciseness, clarity, coherence, administration meetings – the aim of a meeting – the
completeness and courtesy – write direct to your reader agenda – special vocabulary – the conduct of a
– give all necessary details – avoid repetition, cliché and meeting – how to take down and prepare minutes, style.
slang – the use of idioms and jargon – similes,
metaphors and proverbs – writing sentences and Module 10. Writing Newsletters, Articles and
paragraphs that help your reader. Press Releases.
Writing for newsletters and house journals – style, tone
Module 4. How to Write Effective Letters. and length of articles – planning your article – the
What is a good letter? – planning and focus – deciding importance of facts – how to close the article – revising
content, length, style and tone – checking your work – your work – presenting your manuscript. Press releases
letter layout – vital ingredients. Examples are given of and how to write them – the importance of the title,
over 30 various types of correspondence that you might layout and presentation.
be expected to use in business situations including
writing testimonials and references. Module 11. Preparing a Business Plan.
Reasons why you need a business plan – your strategic
Module 5. Other Methods of Communcation plan – your operational plan – files you need to keep –
Memoranda – using email – using the telephone – dos your mission statement – your outline business plan – a
and don’ts – pauses – tone – emphasis – dealing with 21-point check-list to follow. Looking ahead.
Module 12. How to Prepare Your CV and Get a
Module 6. Writing Sales Letters and Direct Mail.
Better Job.
How to write good sales letters – why people buy – how
The five main sources of jobs – replying to adverts –
to deal with the main benefit – the effective use of a P.S.
preparing your CV – content and layout – useful
– introducing further benefits – how many drafts to
phrases – email applications – attending the interview –
write? – follow-up letters – how many to send? A longer
when you get the job offer.
example explained.

Module 7. Report Writing. Looking ahead!

Routine reports – special reports – technical reports –
verbal reports – questions to ask: Why? Who? What? Supplements: Punctuation and Spelling
How? – form and layout – vital ingredients – Business Organisation
construction and presentation of a report – case study – Coping with Stress
further aspects of report writing – FAQs.

Synopsis of the Your Online
Spoken English Course Student Community
Your Spoken English training is on three As soon as your enrolment has been
CDs. There are 21 fascinating conversations processed you will become a member of the
to listen to, which make up a complete story online Student Community which is an easy
in the life of a publishing company – Better way to contact other students and access
Books Limited. your course materials.

You listen to the conversations then practise The Business Training community area
the sounds, words and sentences you have features:
just heard. You have special repetition
exercises and also a lot of fun playing the • Discussion Forums – giving you the
roles of the characters yourself. More chance to chat and network with, or find
advanced work on stress and intonation is support from, other students.
included once your confidence has • Resource Library – to access the latest
increased. course support material.
• Your Course Materials – so you can
Altogether you have 180 exercises and 175 start your course straight away while you
minutes of listening time so that you learn to wait for your course books to arrive.
speak English clearly and distinctly. • Tutor profiles

r th
You se t wi
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C men Chather
u o nts
Doc e

Looking To our hard-earned reputation! So we provide
only the highest quality materials and expert
tuition. You can rest assured that you are

The Future getting exceptional value for money.

After all, training that doesn’t help is
When you have excellence in English you expensive at any price. But, training
can face the future with confidence. You which makes it possible for you to further
will have the respect of your employer, your career, improve your lifestyle and
colleagues and clients. You can be sure that have greater security is surely worth
your new skills will help you further your investing in.
career in the way you want – allowing you
to achieve promotion, get a new job, attract
more clients or simply become more How To Enrol
efficient at your current job. Whatever your
If you want to develop your written and
goals you’ll see that excellent English skills
spoken English there’s no time like the
can open doors for you. If this is something
present to start. It would be a shame to
that appeals to you we can help you to
look back in a few years’ time and say, ‘If
achieve it quickly and easily.
only…’ So, you could take action right now
And, the best thing is, the effort required by enrolling today.
from you is for only a few months. It’s a
Remember, there’s no fixed enrolment
short amount of time considering that the
date so you can start as soon as you are
knowledge and skills you acquire will be
ready, you can study where and when you like
yours for the rest of your life.
– at home, in the library or at work. And by
Everything we have told you so far assumes enrolling online you can be studying in
that you want a better life for yourself and just five minutes. The first sections are
your family. We also assume that you are available as soon as your payment has been
willing to work hard to improve your chances accepted.
of success. So, we’re sure you’ll see your
Your course materials are sent to you by post
training as an investment in your future and
and should arrive within 28 working days.
you’ll soon realise that it is time and money
well spent – you’ll be reaping the benefits So, visit our website, call us or complete the
for years to come. enclosed enrolment form and let’s start
working together to help you earn your
The fees for your training are very
Diploma in Comprehensive Business
reasonable when you consider the benefits
English – Written and Spoken.
you’ll gain. Benefits that you will feel right
from the start of your course. We don’t want
to waste your time nor do we want to risk www.businesstrain.in
Twelve Reasons Why You Can Enrol
With Complete Confidence

1. A specialist course written by Business English professionals.

2. Caring, constructive advice from expert tutors.

3. Six tutor-marked assignments for practice and guidance.

4. Three CDs packed with spoken English exercises.

5. Help and advice when you need it from our experienced Student
Advisory Team.

6. Flexible study programme to suit you.

7. Your Diploma as proof of your training.

8. Thorough, practical course materials for you to keep and refer back to.

9. Instant access to course material when you enrol online.

10. You have two years to complete your studies so you can fit
your course around your lifestyle.

11. You have one month to inspect your course and to make sure it’s the
right training for you.

12. Online Student Community Area for safe contact with other students.

Business Training – Helping you gain control of your career!

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